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Group health insurance for employee benefits

Find the best for your business

Finding the best group health insurance plan for your employees is a huge and sometimes overwhelming responsibility. If you don’t find an appropriate plan within a specific timeframe, you can get fined, pay higher rates, and, most importantly, have problems with employee morale.

You want your employees to know just how much you value them as individuals and professionals, and one of the most meaningful ways to do so is with an insurance plan that meets their needs.

At Infinitus, we are here to help employers navigate the difficulties in finding the perfect plan for their employees. We provide all our employer clients with the support of knowledgeable professionals who will help them understand each plan’s intricacies to ensure their employees get the benefits they deserve. We’ll analyze your risk profile and business analytics to make sure we can tailor our advice and solutions to your unique organization.

Our solutions

With Infinitus, you’ll receive support with:

  • Underwriting and Insurance Analytics
  • Managing and Negotiation Plan Costs
  • HR Services
  • Administration platforms, call centers, and service calendars
  • Population Health Management
  • Plan Design, Disease Management Analysis, Aligned Incentives
  • Compliance/Healthcare Reform
  • Expert Guidance and Policymaking
  • Cost Management
  • Maximizing and Optimizing Care Without Sacrificing Quality
  • Pharmacy Benefit Consulting
  • Increasing Transparency and Minimizing Pharmacy Costs
  • Ancillary Benefit Consulting
  • Competitive Marketing and Scoring

The bottom line

We work closely with employers to develop tailored insurance plans that are affordable and generous, ensuring you retain your awesome employees while attracting new talent to keep your business ahead of the competition.

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