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Medicare Supplement Insurance

An experienced agent can simplify the process of obtaining one of the 12 Modernized Medicare Supplement plans most appropriate for your needs. We will find you the least expensive premium available to you with one of our highly rated insurance companies.

Medicare Part D

We believe the Medicare Part D prescription program has provided seniors substantial savings since its introduction in 2006. Allow us to help you find the best plan for you based on the medications you take.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is another available option for Medicare beneficiaries and it comes in many forms. It is more complicated than Original Medicare and traditional Medicare Supplements. Although we feel it has its place as an insurance alternative, it is not for everyone. Our agents are well versed in all phases of Medicare Health Insurance and can help you choose the program most appropriate for your needs.

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Extended Care Insurance

The importance of Long-Term Care insurance cannot be overstated. Chronic illness or debilitating injury can and will happen to many of us. A financial plan must include insurance to protect you and your family from the devastating costs of a long term illness or injury.

Final Expense Planning

There are many expenses associated with dying unexpectedly. Medical bills, funeral costs, outstanding debts, probate, house payments, and taxes are just some of them. Infinitus can provide you with a simple way to free your family from worry over final expenses. Our final expense plans make it possible to have money available when it is needed most and best of all they are easy to get.


Annuities provide a safe way to accumulate assets at competitive interest rates. It is an excellent retirement tool as it can provide you with a steady income which you cannot outlive. Consult with one our annuity experts to help you plan your savings strategy for retirement.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer risks are very high. There are many indirect expenses associated with cancer not covered by other types of insurance. These include experimental treatments, transportation to treatments, lodging, clothing and many more. Once cancer is first diagnosed, our cancer policy will pay up to $25,000, in a lump sum benefit, directly to you.

Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

Your teeth, eyesight and hearing support and increase your quality of life. There are now affordable and well designed dental, vision and hearing insurance policies available to help cover the expenses associated with maintaining a healthy quality of life.

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