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Whether you’re a retired VP of a Large Corporate Entity ,  a retiree from a School District, or a former non-profit organization clerical administrative assistant. We are all the same at one point in life, when you are Medicare recipients and researching your options. Truthfully,  Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B) goes only so far. Sure, Original Medicare makes a big difference in the lives of many seniors, but for those wanting the sort of comprehensive coverage that can see them through a health crisis, Original Medicare may not be enough".

People who want to be prepared for whatever might come their way often choose Medicare Advantage plans.

These are commonly known as  Medicare Part C plans; Medicare Advantage plans are offered by Medicare-approved private companies to seniors all around the United States.

Amazing programs are offered throughout TEXAS, your Counties, in addition to other states. If you’re already enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you have the option of replacing your Original Medicare Part A and Part B coverage with similar coverage provided by your Part C plan, called Medicare Advantage. You never "lose MEDICARE or your rights", you just have more choices than in years past. But that’s not all. One great thing about Medicare Advantage is that it can cover a wide range of services like dental, vision, hearing, and prescription drugs to name just a few, that Original Medicare cannot.

Another great thing about Medicare Advantage is affordability. Plain and simple.

We may even be able to help you find a Medicare Advantage plan that doesn’t require you to pay a monthly premium!

Weather you are enjoying quality time with your family, cheering on your favorite sports team and savoring every moment, or closing a chapter in your professional life and ready to RELAX and enjoy your retirement dream(s); You also want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve chosen wisely from the array of Medicare Part C coverage plans. Infinitus' portfolio includes specifically designed Part C plans to fit your personal needs.  It's a simple as contacting one of our state licensed agents in your area to guide you through the options.

Countless people find the family, sports, outings, are a lot more fun when they don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be able to afford medically-necessary health care that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Infinitus, LLC is a proud Managing Agency Partner of the #1 FMO in Texas & #2 National Marketing Alliance  to bring you the latest proven responsive Medicare Advantage Plans with the highest of standards and star ratings from CMS to bring you that comfort!

Infinitus serves seniors and other Medicare-eligible people in San Antonio, Laredo, Rio Grande Valley, Corpus Christi,  and across the country who don’t want to take their chances with Original Medicare coverage, and our licensed, bonded professionals. Our highly trained Senior Insurance professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Medicare Advantage or any other aspect of senior health care. Even if you’re planning ahead and aren’t eligible for Medicare yet. Infinitus will be happy to answer your questions at any time.

Although some seniors prefer the greater flexibility that Medicare Supplement Plans offer, Medicare Advantage may be exactly what you’re looking for if you intend to depend primarily on network doctors in your area for cost effective service you deserve.

If you’re unsure which Medicare Advantage plan is the best choice for you, contact Infinitus now and we’ll help you with CMS Star Rated Plans that perform in the Medicare Advantage arena right where you live. For Infinitus, it's about coverage to suit your needs and budget without compromising on low rated plans. We are committed to providing exceptional service and we are not a Carrier quota driven company, we are a client advocate dedicated YOU!

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