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Cromer, Norfolk is an Excellent Choice When Traveling With Or Without Children

Cromer, Norfolk is known is a seaside resort town. You will find fantastic cliffs and beautiful beaches, which are very popular. Cromer is known for its crab fishing, and you will notice fishermen bringing in their Catch on a daily basis.

Cromer boating lake is a great place to take the kids. Here you will find canoes, paddleboats, and trampolines, as well as a putting green and miniature golf. This is sure to be a great time for the entire family.

Amazona zoo is a lovely 10 acre wild animal park. Here you will have the opportunity to see many wild animals from around the world as they go about their daily routine. There is also a children’s play area, café and gift shop. They offer discounts for groups, so if you are traveling with a large party be sure to keep this in mind. This is close to the towns center, which makes it easy to get here whether you are traveling by car, train, on bicycle or walking.

Just half an hour away you will find “Bewilderwood the curious treehouse adventure”. This is a spectacular children’s theme park filled with adventure an exploration. Here you will find gnomes and fairies, as well as other enchanting creatures. This is sure to be a fun filled and memorable day for the children. You’ll also find many hands on it activities and events at this “green” park.

Here in Cromer there are many lovely places to stay over night. You will find an array of hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts. There are also many wonderful places to eat. Be sure to watch for the catch of the day, as you are certain to be delighted with the freshness of your meal.

Cromer is a fantastic choice for anyone, even when traveling with small children. Be sure to add this to your must see list. You will be glad you did.

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Number Of Families On The Streets Without Homes Increases

The number of families on the streets and without homes has increased. The recent recession has driven families into shelters for the homeless in 2009 according to a report by the federal government. In 2008 there were 159,000 shelter seeking families but in 2009 the number went up to 170,000 according to HUD. In all the families comprised of 535,000 individuals.
The number has slightly fallen since the last one year from 1.6 million to 1.56 million. It calculates to 1:200 Americans being without homes.

In 2009 in a single night of January there were more than 643,000 persons across the nation in this plight. But the number actually out under the skies and on the streets is less. Over 60% availed of emergency shelters or temporary housing programmes. 37% were living on the streets or in other locales not meant for human habitation. In 2008 nearly 42% were on the streets.
HUD secretary Shaun Donovan said, “As a nation we appear to doing a better job sheltering those who might otherwise be living on our streets, but clearly homelessness is impacting a greater share of families with children”.
It is the economic fallout that has triggered this swelling of numbers of homeless households. In 2007 the number was a modest 131,000. Increase in job losses have led to increase in loss of homes said assistant secretary of HUD Mercedes Marquez. The figures available right now do not present the total picture as many are camping with friends and relations; but later they will land up in the homeless shelters. 29.4% of the adults in the families living in shelters said that previously they had been living with others. In 2007 the number was 24.2%.

The feds have stepped up help for those on the streets chronically. On one night in January 2009 there were 111,000 habitual homeless wandering the streets. It has gone down by 10% from the previous year and 30% from 2006. Marquez commented that this was because of the building extra permanent housing. About 42,000 beds were increased from 2006 to 2009.

In 2009 more families stayed longer in the shelters. The average number of nights increased to 36 from 30 of the previous year. Most of the heads of the families were women below 31 years of age. Most of the children in the shelters were below 6 years. But a greater number of families comprising of two adults headed by a father only also succumbed to homelessness – all victims of the recession.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs – Without Damaging Your Families Health

Discovering that you have itchy welts all over your body when you get out of bed is far from pleasant and neither is discovering that you have bed bugs.

How do you get rid of bed bugs? There are a number of things you can do, fast action will prevent the infestation from getting worse.

The first course of action is to ensure that the room is stripped of all bedding, soft furnishings and any clothing, shoes etc which could be infected. Before removing these to another location within the house seal them in plastic bags to prevent the infestation spreading through other rooms.

Wash bed linen and other washable items on a hot setting in the washing machine. There may be items which cannot be washed,these can be either put in a hot tumble dryer for about 10 minutes or placed in the sun whilst in the plastic bags – for a couple of days or until the bugs are dead. Bed bugs cannot withstand cold either so if it is cold you could still put these items outside.

Always clean down any work surfaces with which these items have come into contact. Be sure to use disinfectant.

Once everything is washed and dried place them into clean plastic bags and reseal them for protection.

Now it is time to tackle the room. The first thing to do is get rid of any newspapers, magazines etc. which are lying about – remember to seal them in plastic bags whilst in the infected room.

The simplest way to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs and larvae is to use a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the mattress, the furniture, curtains – everything. This will not only get rid of the bed bugs themselves but also their eggs and droppings. Using a carpet cleaning machine with some disinfectant in it is probably the best way to eliminate any bugs from the carpet.

Steam cleaners are an excellent tool in the fight to get rid of bed bugs when used after a vacuum cleaner.

The next step to get rid of the bed bugs is to treat all the infected areas to kill any remaining bugs.

Insecticide sprays are widely available, the problem is that whilst some are effective the bed bugs have built up resistance to others. The biggest concern however is the safety of these chemicals. They pose danger to the health of humans and animals alike and should ideally only be used by professionals.

The good news is that there is now quite a few non toxic sprays available which will get rid of bed bugs. These are safe around children and pets and can be applied safely by following the manufacturers instructions. Some are more effective than others but one which is 100% natural and has proven to be very effective is a product called Bed Bug Bully. This product also has EPA approval. Find out how you can get rid of a bed bug problem without the need for professionals at Treatment for Bed Bugs.Com.

Professional Skin Care Without Traveling

The high vulnerability of skin cell to the sun and other elements in the environment makes itself rapidly deteriorate and die. This may not be something to really worry about since new cells can immediate develop and replace those that died. However, it is a fact that it is not easy for the dead cells to drop off from your outer skin. Your skin, including that on your face may lose its natural glow and suppleness because of this fact. In order to keep beautiful facial skin, it is necessary for you to use a home microdermabrasion machine.  This devicehelps you easily peel off those unwanted dead skin cells and remove acne blemishes and blackheads while unclogging pores of dirt and grime. Therefore, you will be able to always have a soft and glowing facial skin.


Before the home microdermabrasion machine was invented, most women and even some men have to visit a dermatologist’s clinic to have their skin taken cared of. Of course, if you had been doing this before, then you must have experienced the inconvenience of going to the clinic very often. Aside from this, the professional fees you had to pay must have cost you a lot also. Fortunately, machines have been developed to allow individuals like you to do home microdermabrasion. Obviously, this means that you do not have to seek the assistance of a skin care professional. After all, you already have the machine needed to complete the task.


The device to be used in home microdermabrasion is a smaller version of the ones you often get to use in a dermatologist’s clinic. However, in terms of function and effect, there is actually no difference. This can peel the dead skin cells from your facial skin just as well as the machines in the clinic can. This comes with a manual, which does not only inform you on how to operate it but also teaches you on the correct techniques in removing dead skin cells, dirt, and grim from your skin. Since you are operating the machine yourself, there is definitely no need of any professional fee. You only pay for the machine once when you buy it. Therefore, in the long run, your home skin care method is far cheaper.


You can enjoy the optimum benefits of home microdermabrasion when you get yourself a home microdermabrasion machine. Check on the links provided for more information.

Recession and Mexico – Living Without So Many “Needs”

So here we are in a global recession, with the United States having led the way. This isn’t a trickle-down effect, it’s a tsunami. I moved to Mexico in June 2004, and have lived here comfortably and frugally. What does it take to ride out an economic recession? Well, many are suffering the loss of jobs and homes. Layoffs are rampant. We’ve all been there before if we are old enough to remember. Recessions come and go and the last big one was in the 80’s. Worst economy since the Depression? We don’t know that yet as this is just beginning.

Life here in Mexico is going on pretty much the same as always. People here work hard for what little they earn, most have no credit cards and the ones that do pay astronomical interest rates. Mexico is by no means a cashless society, nor have they fallen prey to the “bigger, faster, more more more” mentality.

I do say this in general, since there are Mexican nationals that have adopted the American lifestyle in some places. In Mexico, there is a definite caste system in some places. The wealthier people employ their not so fortunate counterparts, thus building a loyal relationship between employer and employee in an often long-term position. Some domestic workers have been with one Mexican family for over 20 years and have become a fixture in the household. To me, the entire idea of having household staff was a shock, probably due to the subconscious guilt over the issue of slavery. But the household help are not slaves. The employers and employees have an acculturated understanding that is not often broken. The boundaries are clear. The employees are there to help the homeowners/family and they do. In doing so, the homeowners don’t need all the fancy technological trappings that we as Americans think we can’t live without.

Mexico, especially Mexico City, is an example of human endurance and adaptability. It is an amazing place of extremes and a global microcosm. And people there continually adapt. It’s a part of life, and they just do it. This does not mean there aren’t protests and outcries. Those are definitely present, but the way of getting things done is very different, very complex and so outside of the average American’s way of getting things done that unless a traveler or expat is very open to learning, it can be an awful experience.

There are things that Mexican nationals know about living. They won’t tell you what to do, but they will tell you what not to do. Let’s take the green Volkswagen taxis in Mexico City. They are aplenty, all over the place. Cute and charming and potentially dangerous, because you never know who is driving and those vehicles are often used for kidnappings. Something as innocent looking as a green VW Beetle can be dangerous. Those in the know use private cab companies that value their reputations. One calls the cab and gets where they need to go.

In the town of Ensenada Baja CA, where I live, life is simpler. That is the way I like it. Most people live within their means, they take more time, they do with their hands what we do with convenience items. The people here don’t have any use for time-saving devices because they prefer to invest their time differently. They don’t like efficiency. They use time-honored methods, outstanding balance and their senses to get the job done. Many Americans can’t handle that because getting anything done here takes days, weeks or months where back home it would take mere hours.

Recessions are good for us. They help us put things in perspective. They are opportunities to use hindsight and see where we went wrong. They are times when we can, if we have the wherewithal, pause and see how we ourselves have been consumed by something.

In many places in Mexico, equality is better than in the U.S. Ensenada is one such place. I have lovely conversations with the locals about everything under the sun, and I learn how they think. With such a tumultuous history, Mexico seems to have an attitude of, “the more you have, the more you are afraid to lose.” And Mexico has lost an awful lot. It lost half of its territory to the U.S. not so long ago. The Mexican American war is a fresh wound still, and having visited some of the battlegrounds of that war, I can feel the sadness. Perhaps none of us will ever know the true story. The way we Americans learned about that war is very different to the way Mexican schoolchildren learn about it.

Recession? It’s a product of greed. That is obvious. Greed is the grand consumer of souls and lives. Many people saw this recession coming. Our government, in its infinite wisdom, denied it right up until the market crashed. And we “lead the world” in preparedness? I think it’s time to say, “Whew! I won’t do THAT again!” But we won’t. So, as my host country says, “ni modo.” That’s just the way it is, get on with life, and let’s go get a taco. Nothing is forever. We had our day in the sun, now it’s time to have a siesta. It’s all about attitude. And Mexico is, statistically, the home of some of the happiest people in the world, while the United States is somewhere around the 19th.