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Five Ways to Avoid Bad Wireless Internet While Traveling in Dallas and Houston

When it comes to travel, there are plenty of small details that can turn a trip upside down. Whether it’s a delayed flight causing everything else to not synch up quite right or dealing with the stress of getting lost in an unfamiliar city like Dallas for those from New England, sometimes travel can really be more trouble than it happens to be worth. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to avoid some of the smaller stresses associated with time on the road.


As far as connecting to the world wide web goes, there are certainly a specific niche of troubles related to trying to make it work from Dallas to Houston. The facts are that travelers who need access to the world wide web have a whole lot more options these days than simply relying on a hotel’s wireless internet connection to work. But even so, there are still often a number of problems that befall travelers. Whether it’s about trying to send something off for work at the last minute or simply wanting to update one’s Facebook status, here are five ways to avoid bad Wi-Fi experiences while on the road.


#1 – Figure out if there happens to be a college campus in town. While sometimes the network might be password-protected, plenty of colleges and universities actually offer free Wi-Fi not just to their students, but to the community at large. And while networks often do lag under the weight of considerable use, the fact is that wireless internet on campus has to be strong enough to handle signals. So it might actually be a good idea for anyone who simply needs to hop online for a second.


#2 – Remember the local library. When it comes to free or cheap wireless internet, many people might focus on the fact that there are countless Starbucks and Panera locations that offer the chance to surf the web for a reasonable price. But sometimes, libraries are a better option. While anyone who is just in town for a few hours won’t feel compelled to search out the local library, those who are in town for a weekend or who have a bit more sleuthing capabilities will see it’s a viable way to get online.


#3 – Head to the big chains. From typical coffee places to sandwich shops, plenty of well-known chains out there offer the chance to get online for free or cheap. And there’s no reason to not take advantage of affordable and reliable wireless internet while picking something up on vacation, either.


#4 – Check with the hotel. Sure, sometimes it is going to be a sub-par connectivity, but these days, plenty of hotels understand that Wi-Fi is part of what makes people choose (or not choose) a property. So be sure to actually look into what is offered, and maybe consider a fashion-forward boutique over a more curmudgeonly chain, as the young bucks are more likely to have tech-savvy rewards.


#5 – Ditch Wi-Fi for WiMax. Because for a true worry-free vacation, whether it’s business or leisure-related, it makes more sense to get online from anywhere. And with this innovative, national approach to connecting, there’s no worrying about how to make it work in the least.


With clearinternetdallas.net, getting online from anywhere in Texas is possible. Use clearinternethouston.net for easier online possibilities while traveling, too.

Keeping in Touch With Home While Traveling Abroad With Seven Ways

Due to the progress of techonology, internet has brought us many advantages and become simpler to communicate inexpensively with anyone in any part of the world. Certainly, it is lucky and useful for travelers and expats living abroad. This article will share you seven main ways of keeping in touch with family and friends at home while traveling abroad.


In the 1970s my only method of reaching my wife in Florida from India was by telephone. Just getting the connections set up between the two countries could take hours. By the early 1990s it was easier to make international connections but still slow and inconvenient. I still use landlines and cell phones but making international calls with either is not the best use of your time and money. So how do I communicate with home while abroad?


Cards and letters. This is the only method I presently use that does not in some way depend on the internet. I still find that friends and relatives get a kick out of receiving a picture postcard from overseas. The underdeveloped nature of the postal system or even the lack of one in some countries limits this method.

Email. Ten years ago having email was less common. Today it is rare to find anyone without email. Almost everyone today not only has email but checks it at least once a day. If your message does not require an immediate response, email is a good means of communication.

Internet VOIP Services. VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is most commonly known as internet telephone service. I know of at least a dozen providers. My favorites in the last few years have been MagicJack and Vonage. Both provide a “back home” telephone number which allows you to make internet calls to family members as if the calls were local calls. Skype in some cases is cheaper, but only when making calls to other Skype members.

AIM, Yahoo, & MSN Online Instant Messaging. Each of these can be used when your established friends and relatives are online. The messages are instantaneous but has the limitation of only having the capability of messaging while both parties are online. These message systems are particularly appealing to the youth of today, and many adults are being converted to their use.

Facebook & Other Social Network Sites. You can also instant message with Facebook and some people do. But Facebook’s advantage over Yahoo & similar sites is that you can leave comments or messages that can be responded to at a later time. Posting regularly on Facebook can give your friends a running account of your activities at any frequency you desire.

Online Diaries Or Blogs. The terms are not mutually exclusive. Any blog can be used as an online diary. There are however specific online diary services designed specifically for the traveler. By simply giving your friends the URLS of these diaries or blogs, they can keep up with your activities.

Family Websites. The free Google Apps, for example is designed for families or organizations and provides a customized gmail account specific to your domain name. However, unless you get the paid premier edition (still a bargain at $ 50/year), you are limited to only 50 user accounts. I have one, but have to admit that I have only used it very infrequently.


Keeping in touch with home once meant writing a diary or letter and having it sent by ship or air in a process that could take weeks or even months. Today, instantaneous communication is not only possible but with the internet, has become the norm. Being able to communicate with family and friends daily if desired makes traveling or even living abroad much more enjoyable.


Dr. Lamar Ross, a cultural anthropologist by training, has a special interest in training individuals for expatriate living and providing information on unique travel destinations. He is an author, educator, photographer, internet entrepreneur, and international traveler. He has lived in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and India and has traveled extensively in 29 different countries. His pensionado visa for Panama has been approved and he will be spending more time in Panama in the near future. For more information on expatriate living, check out the blog Expatriate Traveler Notes. Check out also his Everything Travel Blog.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Traveling Fatigue

Vacations are always long-awaited. Whether you are traveling to some foreign or domestic destination, there has to be a preparation and planning earlier on. It can be a bit of hassle, but with Juicy Couture replica handbags by your side you can easily stuff many small items. It can be your passport, or perhaps your mother’s medication, or any other item that you need during traveling. For carrying all such things Christian Dior replica handbags or Hermes replica handbags are ideal. However, most travelers will agree that such trips can easily sap your energy, especially when you are on an extended trip. You can avoid fatigue on long excursions. All you need to do is follow some instructions.

* Organize a flawless trip. Surely you do not want any unpleasant surprises greeting you on the way. With poor planning, you can face problems like missing a flight or even the lack of decent lodging. This can result in the buildup of shear stress which will dissipate your energy faster than you can imagine.

* Try to be as fast as possible. You can do this especially when you hit the road. This will buy you some time and you relax before finally catching the flight. It can be of great essence especially after a long flight.

* It is best to get a regular and timed dose of sleep. For this you will have to ask for the quietest room possible when you are making hotel reservations. You can ensure a nice and cozy sleep if your room is away from noisy places like the parking lot or elevator.

* Also try to eat healthy. It is easy to fall for fast food rut on the road side. Although a meal of this nature will satiate your appetite, it would not be a boost to your energy level in the long run. With low energy levels you will get tired soon and won’t enjoy your trip. For some reason if you cannot find healthy food around then better opt for some lighter meal as opposed to those greasy burgers and fries.

* When your trip comprises of a long drive, make sure you keep yourself alert. Perhaps an energy drink or a coffee is all you need to remain awake. At times, facial wipes can also be a help when you start feeling sleepy.

* Do not get any break in your exercise routine instead try sticking with it. Contrary to the conventional belief, exercise can really elevate your energy levels. The only way some people get fatigued in exercising is when they overdo it.

* Another big boost to your energy levels comes from mental stimulation. This can be done with some soft music, a good read, or even with some intriguing conversation. When your mind is not fresh, there is no way you can have maximum energy levels.

* Moreover, depression is the root cause of fatigue. Even if you had some problems during the trip, you can still remain positive and upbeat during your journey. In case, it is the homesickness that is bothering you, then call someone back home. Chatting with some loved one can be a big pick-me-up.

Stewart Wrighter recently purchased two Christian Dior replica handbags for his wife and daughter. His daughter loved the Hermes replica handbags she found online.

Ways To Get The Christmas Costumes To Your Families

Ways to get the Christmas Costumes to your families
The Chrismas is on the conner. Oh, we all lack of the Christmas

Costume. We may think about purchasing them in the local stores first. But most of time we may find it difficult to find the Christmas

Costume suitable for every members of you family. Well, the online store may help you here.
You can find whichever you want online, from the kids to the elderly.
The Santa’s Helper Elf Costume and Shepherd Costumes are the most popular in the market.
Santa’s Helper Elf Costume
These little Christmas costumes consist of red and green tunic, pointed jester collar, matching pants with elastic waist, Elf hat with bells,

Elf shoes, and Gold tie belt. The one that is meant for toddlers generally have a dress with faux rabbit fur trim, holly appliqu, black belt

with gold buckle, santa hat with holly appliqu and stretch boot tops with faux fur trim. They are perfectly all right for Christmas parties

and school plays too.
Adult Christmas Costume Elf
Looking at the number of persons Santa has to visit, he surely needs some helpers! And if you are prepared to be one, just go for a trendy

Elf Costume this Christmas. These Adult Christmas Costume

generally include a pointy striped hat, green jacket with furry collar, and striped red and white leggings. Elf shoes (mostly purchased

separately and rarely included in the set) gives that perfect look. Woman Elf Dress Costume comes with a dress, sash and hat. Sometimes it

includes a top and a mini skirt too with matching striped stalkings. These days, unisex velour red and green tunic with red and gold braided

belt cord finished with gold bells, separate collar with gold bells, elf hat with bells, plush fur lined elf shoes with gold and red braided

ties, bells and pom poms are also very popular.
Shepherd Costumes
If your inclination is more towards nativity costumes, there are various Shepherd costumes available in the market.
The Adult Shepherd Costume generally consists of the multicolor headpiece, matching robe with attached belt cord and braided trim. More

detail about the Adult Shepherd Christmas Costume below. The perfect costume for Christmas Dress-up activity days.This Adult Shepherd Christmas Costume consists of the following

4.Tie for head-wrap
5.Over Tunic
there are many high quality workship Adult Shepherd Costume which are not cheaply produced costume. you will find one which can

satisfy you.
1.All seams are finished
2.All edges are hemmed
3.New item, never been worn
4.Made in the U.S.A. and China
5.From a Non-smoking environment
The Child Shepherd Costumes for boys too contain the same items. They are available in all colors from blue, black, silver and even with

gold trim.
So if you are patient enough, you can find all things you want online. Take the Christmas Costumes for example. You can find it easy to find

the childrens, womens, Men’s Christmas Costume and so on meet your needs online.


Ways Communities Can Help Childhood Cancer Victims and Their Families

“Cancer” is a word few people like to hear. It is even more of a devastating term when it is said to a child and his or her parent. Adults in a community look to protect and nurture children, so when they hear of a child facing any type of cancer, they want to help that child and the affected family. Because the cost of medical treatment is so high, communities impacted by a child with cancer will look to help in a financial way.

Organized benefits are a common approach. Local communities often respond well to straightforward benefits. Communities like to participate in local benefits because they understand the money raised is going directly to the child affected and their family. These benefits can be auctions, or eating events, or athletic contest, or combinations of the three. In a city like Tempe, with strong communities, localized benefits are a good approach to helping a child with cancer. These benefits might lead an outsider to question which brings more happiness – the thrill of a great benefit or Tempe air conditioning?

There also thrilling events to help larger organizations who look to help many children with cancer. Humanitarian Organizations like the St. Baldrick’s Day Foundation look to help fund research to fight cancer. People who step out of Glendale air conditioning find themselves in a city that wants to help. People wanting to participate in a St. Baldick’s Day event can find sponsors to pledge money to shave their heads. Money is raised for research; the idea of not having a lot of hair because of chemotherapy may not be as traumatic for the child, and people have a good time.

A community may want to look to help a larger organization to bring joy to an ill child. The people enjoying Scottsdale air conditioning understand the idea of having wishes come true. Fun organizations, like the Make a Wish Foundation, try to comfort with joy and happiness. The Make a Wish Foundation specifically helps grant children one wish. So, if a sick child wants to meet his or her football hero, the foundation arranges a fun day for the child and the athlete. This worthwhile organization sends families and their children to super fun places like Disney World or Universal Studios. Communities often respond to an organization like the Make a Wish Foundation because they can see the happiness in a child’s eyes.

AC by Jay recognizes the need to help communities, families, and children affected by cancer. AC by Jay works hard to install efficient units to all the family homes they serve. This helps promote comfort and wellness within a home. We invite all people in need of a comfortably air conditioned home to visit us on the internet. Our easy to navigate website has specific information on Tempe air conditioning, Scottsdale air conditioning and Glendale air conditioning.

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Used Equipment and Other Ways to Cut Costs in a Recession

Saving money essentially makes money, especially during times of recession. Maximizing your bottom line means minimizing your costs to deliver the optimum potential of each dollar earned as well as spent. Often, these costs can often be shaved through simple cost-saving methods. Recessions help us make our businesses smarter. Whether that means buying used industrial equipment at an auction or conducting your own in-house check printing, there are literally hundreds of ways your business can save money and maximize its profit sheet. You’d be surprised just how much you can save buying used equipment, rather than buying new.

Buy It Cheap
In recessions, prices naturally drop. It’s a law of supply and demand. Certain raw materials and supplies will hit bottom dollar prices, so stock up now. The market is the law of the land. Consider alternate pricing on any regular supply you use, including used industrial equipment.

Haggle with Vendors
Prices are never written in stone, especially in an economy in the midst of a recession. Talk to all your vendors for a potential bargain. Use the law of competition against them. There is serious demand for the limited customers out there, and you can often get contractors to bid against each other. The dollar is the law of the land. Use it to your advantage. Pretend everything is on the auction block, not just used semiconductor equipment.

Hire Quality
The job market is a hiring market. Far more people need jobs than there are jobs available, which means you should be able to pick the cream of the crop. Be particular in interviews. Don’t worry. The position will be filled in due time, but take time to ensure the right person is picked for the job. In this job market, you have the right to demand excellence.

Customer Worship
In recession, the customer rules with an iron fist. Suck it up and get used to it. Even used industrial equipment sellers need to work with the public, so learn to anticipate and accommodate the needs of your consuming audience. As we all know, used equipment doesn’t sell itself. You still need salesmanship.

Buy Used
Unless you’re buying semiconductors for the Queen, always buy used equipment so you don’t zap your budget. It works just as well, but costs half as much. Be smart. In this recession, every penny counts. You can get quality used industrial equipment for the fraction of a new model.

Cody Ross wrote this fine article on used industrial equipment such as semiconductor equipment.

Five Free Ways to While Away the Recession

We are in the midst of a recession, and we continue to receive mixed messages about our future.  Is the recession worsening? Is the economy improving?  To buy or not to buy?  That is the question.  What should we do?

The current research reports that 80% of the population is stressed by the economy.  Other research also indicates that chronic stress leads to increased medical costs.  Yes, another expense!  You have probably heard that the economy needs you to stimulate it by making purchases.  No!  Wait!  You are suppose to save and pay off any debt!  These mixed messages are enough to confuse even the most stalwart. Is the economy improving or are we approaching a depression.  Certainly listening to the news and all the mixed messages can result in clinical depression  if not a financial depression. 

Where can you take control?  If you don’t want to spend money  or you want to save in case of a lay-off or increased costs, then what are the activities that you can do to have fun?  You need to have periods of relaxation and fun in order to recharge your mind and body.  Even if you want to continue spending money, these suggestions might help you find alternative ways to have relaxation.

One: Instead of watching television, go to the library and check out a movie or book.  The library is free and entertaining.  If you can walk to the library, you can save money on gas and gym membership.  Or you can visit an art gallery or museum.  Many have free admission days.  You can challenge your mind by learning.  Challenging your mind is purported to improve memory and other cognitive functions.  In the long run you could be warding off dementia!

Two: Exercise!  Large muscle movement helps reduce the body’s stress responses.  Improving your health can be free.  Taking walks in the park or around the neighborhood, or riding a bicycle help you release stress and tone your muscles. Even if you want to spend money at a fitness center, your attendance can still be cost effective as you will be reducing the possibility of future medical costs.

Three:  Sit on the porch, deck or patio and talk with friends and family.  Play music in the background.  In summer play croquet or badminton.  Enjoy a slower pace.  The paradox of this is that you will have more time and improved focus when you slow your pace.

Four:  Meditate.  Meditation is another free activity that can improve your health by lowering blood pressure and other functions.  If you don’t know how, find free classes in your local papers.

Five:  Volunteer.  Helping others is free, and you develop a sense of community.  Choose a charity or cause which is of value to you. If they don’t have volunteer program, ask what you can do to help.  Helping others can make you feel good.

These are ways to ignore the mixed messages that distress us. As a bonus, the suggestions in this article help us thrive emotionally and physically.  Start a group at work, church or online, such as yahoo groups, to discuss other free or inexpensive ways to have fun and stay healthy.  As the economy improves, you might choose to continue your new lifestyle instead of returning to a more costly lifestyle. 

If you have trouble having fun, ask a professional for help.  While that won’t be free, it will be cost effective in the long run.  Stress, depression and anxiety all lower immune system functions which in turn lead to increased physical ailments and a shorter life. 

So, during this time before the next economic boom, work on yourself and your relationships – it’s a lot more fun and cost effective  than ruminating about the recession!

Dr. Deb, or Debra Taylor-McGee, Ed.D., HSPP, is a licensed psychologist in private practice in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. She enjoys working with individuals and couples from all professions; however, she is especially fond of working with attorneys. Attorneys are highly verbal, information driven, and sometimes opinionated. Working with this group is challenging and rewarding. Once the attorney channels his or her drive into therapy, his or her transformation is tremendous!

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Ways of Minimizing Expenses During Recession – Family Amusement And Fishing

Fishing is not only just one of the helpful stress-reduction management techniques and pertaining to survival. Since economic depression deepens, several lost their own careers. Therefore, several People in the U.S found the need in order to minimize charges on which may possibly seem to be as purposeless hobbies and prioritize basic goods. People in the U.S therefore really need to momentarily stop amusement hobbies in order to go after a lot more enjoyable and monetarily earning activities not having sacrificing leisure time by any means. In order to battle the results regarding economic depression, lots of people resort to less expensive and much more enjoyable family members hobbies for example doing some fishing rather than allowing every day pass at parks, leisure centers, purchasing splurges or maybe having trips in foreign countries where by a big amount of cash is definitely invested.

Recreational fishing continues to be on the increase lately because the pastime is definitely replacement for more costly friends and family outing and visiting the malls. Accordingly, the U.S is known to have a $ 2. 2 billion leisure fishing sector excluding fishing tourism, clothes and also fishing training. In the previous economic depression, a 12 % increase from the past economic depression appeared to be documented. Moreover training and also hobbies performed and also triggered by dependable course instructors in addition have considerably risen in popularity. What makes this particular hobby a good replacement for some other interests? A bucketful of baits that may continue for an entire day normally charges about $ 6 when compared with in relation to 100 bucks of just simply skiing around excluding meals and transport charge. With fishing, one just requires to fund gasoline. In the course of wintertime, individuals discover the hobby beneficial as ponds are usually freezing when compared with deeply lake-fishing using row watercraft. Moreover, timber shacks from camps are usually far more inexpensive when compared with family vacation lodging in foreign countries.

Fishing is actually hassle-free. In the event you had been granted a permission to fish, slicing a ditch over a frosty river is definitely as hassle-free as dispensing a cup of coffee from a vending machine. One won’t endure the rigors of boarding an airplane or maybe train. A river neighborhood will give you the amusement that many U.S citizens have to have not having dispensing an incredible amount of money. Rods along with other tools with this hobby are usually essential and also non-disposable. In the event fishing is definitely off-season, anybody can continually store these kinds of tools in the storage area and also be removed when fishing period begins. Fishing is a way to obtain meals. Considering the mounting charges of essential goods, a bountiful fishing hobby could be a way to obtain healthful meal. An extra could be creating an alive or maybe clean species of fish. Right now, it really is hardly ever to discover live species of fish because many of it was inside its frosty condition after it actually gets to our own house.

Fishing is one of the great recreation for family might do because its free and more challenging. There are a lot of alternatives you can choose to spend time with your family whether fishing or camping or you can bring your family in golf recreation and family fun Phoenix if you happen to be looking a great spot for recreation.

Ten Ways to Stay Healthy During the Recession

Whether recession is hitting you and your career badly or not, it is affecting your health drastically without your awareness. The more you are worried about the economy and stressed out over the condition the greater will be the affect to your healthy body. Therefore, it is not possible for you to control the recession, I know you will be wishing for it but you can control something else, it’s your lifestyle.

Your change in lifestyle positively can bring good health condition. Let us go through some of the ways to live healthily and happily during recession.

1. Meditation can kill your stress. When I said meditation please do not think hard of it. I am not advising you to take hourly classes (it is good actually) but you can sit in your room silently, focusing on happiness just for 15 minutes. Try to avoid unnecessary things while meditating.

2. Start exercising right now. Start to move your body right now. There are many possible chances of falling sick and getting diseases if you never exercise at least for 10 minutes. Just doing some light exercise while at work can help you a lot. Try to do jogging at least for 10 minutes. You do not have to push yourself harder but you do some light push ups. Try it out.

3. Self development can help you a lot. This is the time where you must stay focused with positive and encouraging thoughts. Read a lot of self development books and personal growth knowledge can help you a lot. Surf the web for more personal development articles. 

4. Be a member of any laughing clubs near your living place. Laughter is the best medicine. Every time you laugh you are giving off positive energy. The more you give the more you shall receive. Every time you are giving out happiness through laughter, you will get more of it. Join right now and if there is no such club near your place start now in your family or at your workplace.

5. Sweat it off at a gym. Be a member of any gymnasium and try to get as fit as you can. It can be so much of fun rather than spending time in clubs. Remember not to push yourself hard. Light workouts would be fine.

6. Time to learn how to cook. If you have been spending dimes and time to eat fast foods then this is the right time for you to learn how to cooking. Cooking is healthy and fun. The more you cut on fast foods, the more you can stay long on this earth. You know the facts well.

7. Get along with your friends. Spend some holidays or your spare time with you friends. Have a lot of fun with them which brings happiness to your life. This would be another source for your mental health. Your mental health affects your physical therefore, learn to stay healthy by doing the things that you love to do.

8. Love your family. Giving love is magnificent. This is what human beings give without any expectation. Give and show love excitingly. Spend your Sundays with your family. See health and Love in every one’s eyes. Share your thoughts about health with your spouse and tell how much you love them. Sharing is caring….Share your Love.

9. Do what you love. Do whatever things that you really wished to do even in your childhood. Simple things can bring lots of changes. Staying happy is very important to maintain your health. Start your list now. Enjoy.

10. Last but not least, Love yourself. Love yourself more than anything else. Love yourself for all the successes and failures that you faced in your life. Feel happy and lucky for the relationship and friends that you have. The best gift that you ever got in your life….see in the mirror you would know the answer.

Live and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Wish you Happiness and Health.

MySweetLuck- A Personal Growth Blog Inspired by the Message of a Master covering everything from Wealth, Health, Meditation, Life and Success. Take control over your life. It’s Time. Let’s DO IT.

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5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Job

The recession has most people worried about their jobs lately but there are some ways you can make yourself indispensable as an employee. Here are 5 ways you can make your boss appreciate you more and as an additional bonus, you will like your job better, too.

1) Go the extra mile to stand out. In order to recession-proof your job, find something that you are good at that other employees don’t often do. This is often something that is considered a chore or “not part of my job description”. Simple things like making coffee when the pot is empty, making sure the copier is filled with paper, or greeting customers and making them feel welcome all give the impression that you are a team player and that your are willing to make an extra effort to go the extra mile. Become indispensable.

2) Be positive, kind, and thoughtful. Just being a nice person can help you recession-proof your job. Upbeat workers are twice as likely to keep their jobs in this economy as negative ones. Politeness impresses your boss even more than your intelligence or skills. Positive people boost morale and more importantly, your optimism can be contagious and cause other co-workers to be more positive also. Greeting your co-workers each morning, responding to requests promptly, and sending thank-you notes can go a long way in your success.

3) Take the extra time to make yourself look good. When you look good, you feel more confident. Studies show that women who wear makeup to work are promoted more often than those who don’t, earn more money and are treated better by employers and co-workers. Taking the time to look good gives the impression that you care about your job and pay attention to detail. When you care about how you are perceived, you pay attention to other matters concerning your job as well.

4) “Just say no” to multitasking. Multitasking makes you less productive than doing one thing at a time. Performing two different mental tasks simultaneously reduces the amount of brain power needed for each single task. Multitasking makes you more stressed, less productive, and ultimately results in sloppy work or mistakes. Recession-proof your job by doing one thing at a time.

5) Do you have an “elevator speech”? An elevator speech consists of prepared comments that grab a person’s attention in a short amount of time and says a lot in a few words. You should be able to convey your message in the amount of time it takes to ride in an elevator. If your boss steps into the elevator with you unexpectedly, have a comment in mind so you won’t get flustered trying to find something to say or even worse, be unable to say anything at all. Polite conversation makes you appear self-assured and intelligent. Employers will view you as someone that they would like to be around in the future – a perfect way to recession-proof your job.

The most important things to remember in these tough economic times are to stay positive, focused, productive, and make yourself indispensable. You will be a better and more successful employee because of it.

If these tips helped you in any way or if you have additional tips, visit the blog at http://JobPrepCenter.com and leave your comments.