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Safety Traveling Tips While Touring Barbados

When it is your first time to go to a different country, everything is new to you; the culture, food, and language. You want to experience all of these and in a country like Barbados there are so many things to do, food to eat, places to go to and other fun filled activities. I am sure that the moment you leave your apartment hotel, Barbados will surely take your breath away because of the country’s beautiful sceneries. However, visitors beware because tourists and travelers are the perfect prey for crimes. Even though the crime rate is relatively low, it still advisable for tourists, to be cautious while visiting the Caribbean island.

The most prevalent offense against tourists that is reported is robbery, which accounts for 50 percent of all crimes in this group. According to a survey, out of the 1.2 million persons that visited the country last 2008, a total of 242 crime incidents were reported. The crimes range from robberies, home burglary and car theft. Tourists are warned to keep a watchful eye on suspicious characters when they are traveling. This is to avoid being victimized by the culprits. Here are some things to remember to be safe while traveling in this tropic country.

Upon arriving in the airport keep a watchful eye on your belongings. Allow only authorized airport porters to carry your baggage and belongings from customs terminal to the street outside. Suggested tipping is USD$ 1 per bag. Do not bulk store your money. Keep in mind to distribute your money among family members you are traveling with. This will help you just in case you lost your wallet or be victimized by pick pockets. If you are traveling alone and have a small budget, ZRs, yellow Mini buses and Blue transport board buses is the cheapest way to travel. A ride from any of these vehicles just cost BBD$ 1.50. Remember ZRs and the yellow minibuses can give change but the government operated Barbados transport board system cannot, so make sure you have smaller bills and coins with you before you take a ride on these transportations. ZRs or route taxis take the most scenic routes on the island; however, tourists beware since these minibuses are often crowded. Drivers do not turn down any passenger, despite the minibus’ full capacity. They will still pick up passengers along the way even if you think there’s no possible way a person can fit anymore. If you still insist on riding ZRs, keep an eye on your wallets and pockets. With crowded places like these, anyone can be easily be victimized by pick pockets.

Property and home burglary is the next highest crime in this Caribbean country, most burglars study tourists and picks the one who stays in a low security inns or lodges. Before checking in a hotel, better check if there are areas which can be an easy access to thieves, a hotel with built in security cameras is an advisable place to stay at. When leaving your hotel, make sure all passages are tightly locked and this includes windows too. Make sure your valuables are safely stored before you leave. Double check if you have locked everything before leaving the hotel. Carefully choose your apartment hotel, Barbados is a very nice place to spend your vacation but always be cautious so that you won’t be a victim of any crime during your stay.

The author is fascinated by things that are simple and minimal. He likes minimalist art, lives a simple lifestyle and writes things that are light and easy to read.

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The Square Scarf and Traveling Around the World!

The beautiful square scarf!  Most people are unaware on how to dress up whenever they travel. They don’t know whether they should dress up or dress down, given the place where they have to go. However, this problem can be solved with the help of smart accessorizing. This is where the most versatile accessory comes in – the scarf. A scarf adds the right amount of style which makes you look casual and formal at the same time.

Traveling is one past time that is purely fun, even if you’re doing it for business. You’ll always find something exciting and enjoyable whenever you go to a new place. While you travel there are things that can be unexpected and sometimes stressful to deal with. While there are always going to be things that are out of your hands, there are still some things you can control.

Your wardrobe is one thing you can have a good hold on. Of course you should always bring your quintessential items with you, like socks, underwear, coat, pants, etc. However, people forget to bring one of the most important things to the trip, scarfs. And yes, you do need to bring more than one to your trip. This accessory’s diversity has become a favorite item to bring among travelers.

Different kinds of scarfs can be one of the most essential things you pack for your travel wardrobe, whether it is for the holidays or for a business trip. It doesn’t give off the effect that you are a tourist and it actually gives off a sophisticated appearance. This is a favorite because it’s so easy to bring around due to its lightness and attraction.

A lot of waiting is done when you travel, any person who has traveled to any place will tell you that. Once you enter the airport/docks there is a security check, when you check in your luggage in the baggage counter, and boarding for the plane or boat, they all require you to wait for a long period of time.

But amidst all this sitting and waiting, you can still be at ease and feel comfortable. If the waiting area is too cold, take out two scarfs and wrap it around your neck. If it gets a bit warm, you can use the other one as a hair wrap. You’ll feel and look comfortable and gorgeous while waiting to board your means of transportation.

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Experience Traveling in a Different Light – Backpack, Volunteer, Work

If you have a passion for international travel that exists outside the “tourist” box, the possibilities are endless. You don’t need an excessive budget to travel the world nor do you need to do what is typical when on vacation. There are ways to not only see and experience a country, but a chance to immerse yourself to be a part of a place that is initially foreign to you.

Growing up in the United States has limited myself and fellow Americans from having the convenience of traveling abroad. First off, our country is diverse enough in climates and subcultures to keep domestic travel exciting. Secondly, we only border Canada and Mexico, which leaves little room to understand the extent of our world. And lastly, the thought of any overseas travel is just expensive, especially flights departing from the U.S.

The above are examples that hinder us to break out of our comfort zones and experience what the world has to offer. Traveling should be more than the destination, the photo of the famous landmark, and the overpriced souvenirs that we bring home. It should open our eyes to things we can’t understand by remaining in our comfortable lifestyles.

The following are three ways to explore a variation to the standard vacation:

Backpack: The most affordable way to visit other countries is to break out of the typical style of vacation and do things a little bit differently. An easy way to do that is to get a Lonely Planet book specific to your destination. Lonely Planet is a travel guidebook that offers information on everything that will help you enjoy your experience to the fullest while keeping money in your pocket. Instead of booking a hotel online, look under ‘Accommodations’ and read about some hostels or guesthouses that are much more affordable and a great way to meet other travelers to pick up even more tips. Find some great hole-in-the-wall cafes that offer authentic, cheap and usually the most delicious cuisines. There are even excellent maps to help you navigate the city and all different means of transportation to do so. The greatest way to really get a good feel for a place is to watch the locals, talk to the locals and make friends with the locals. Locals are a great insight to step away from being the tourist and truly experience the culture.

Volunteer: Volunteering in a third world country is an incredible opportunity to learn about a lifestyle we could never imagine by simply reading about. It is a chance to give back to the less fortunate and acquire immense personal growth. There are many online volunteer programs, although some of which are quite expensive. A more affordable way to volunteer is to look into a Lonely Planet book specific to your chosen country.

Work: Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is one of the largest international industries available to Native English Speakers. Depending on which country you look for work in, the prerequisites will vary. Bachelor’s Degree, TESL Certificate, and teaching experience are a few things you may need to have in some countries, but others you will just need to be a Native English Speaker. Dave’s ESL Cafe is a large international job board that lists work opportunities all over the world. http://www.daveseslcafe.com

The world is a playground full of opportunities you never thought possible. Knowledge is extremely helpful in experiencing the world, but a passion for travel will take you anywhere you desire to go.


Traveling With Children – Five Quick Tips to Help Your Vacation Run Smooth

Go where YOU want to go
When choosing a place to vacation, think of a place that you yourself would want to go and find interesting and enjoyable. Don’t change your mindset of places that you would enjoy now that you have kids. For young children, your kids will be fascinated in what fascinates you. If you find a place interesting, your interest will interest your kids. You can explain what makes a place special and they will find it special. So ask yourself, where do I want to go, not what places would best occupy the kids.
Your children are your travel partners.
Travel with your kids and have them engaged in the trip instead of either having their activities central to the planning or letting them simply tag along with your plans. Discuss with your kids the itinerary and let them feel involved in the decision making or at least give them some options from which to choose. They will anticipate the trip more and become more engaged when they feel that they have helped to choose what to do. Even a child as young as eighteen months can express anticipation for a trip and have interest in the place they are visiting.
Stick to a plan.
Don’t expect to be spontaneous and makes plans at the last moment. Be content with a well thought out and predictable itinerary. Children are less stressed when they know what to expect. However, don’t think that making good plans will lead to boredom. Having kids with you always has its surprises and unexpected episodes. When you are with your kids, nothing will seem boring. Even places that you’ve visited many times in the past will seem new and fresh again. With kids, you can’t go with the flow or live in the moment like you did before them, but they will keep you thinking on your feet and give you a different perspective on the places you go.
Understand the needs of your children. 
When you are not away from home and spend the day with your kids, how many hours in the day do you spend attending to them? How much time during the day are you not either preparing their meals, feeding them, cleaning up after them, running errands, or getting them ready for bed. When on vacation, you will still be looking after all of their daily needs. Therefore, you will need to take that time into consideration into your plans for each day.
Don’t get overwhelmed.
If being the sole caregiver of your children seems overwhelming and will not leave enough time to unwind and relax in what should be your vacation and your best chance to relax, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Ask you spouse to share responsibilities, or a more elaborate plan would be to find a resort that offers child care during the day. Don’t let the demands of having your children with you take too much away from replenishing yourself and recharging your batteries.

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Tips For Traveling To Orange County, California

Orange County, California is a well-known destination for tourists year round. People come here to enjoy the beachside areas in southern California and the sunny, beautiful weather. OC has two servicing airports, including LAX and John Wayne airport. The Los Angeles airport is a bit of a longer drive, and the John Wayne airport is smaller and closer, right in Orange County. When you arrive to Orange County you can use Orange County airport transfers or a Orange County airport taxi service to get to your hotel that you have decided to stay in from the airport.


There are a lot of things to do and see while visiting the OC. There are some popular attractions that many people enjoy visiting and some are quite historical as well. The Mission San Juan Capistrano is considered the birthplace of the OC and is over 200 years old. It is a monument to how multi-cultural California is and it’s history. Another historical site to see is the Richard Nixon Library and birthplace of the former President of the United States. This is a great place for history and political buffs to see.


There are many other attractions to see while visiting Orange County. A popular one is the Flight deck Air Combat Center which is great for those people that are interested in all things related to aviation. This is a fun attraction for people traveling with kids too. If you prefer boats to planes, then be sure to take one of the several boat charters that go out to see the dolphins and the whales. Depending on the time of the year, you can see quite a few of these beautiful mammals of the ocean in their natural setting.


There are several different places to go visit and one of them is right off the coast of Orange County called Santa Catalina. It is a cluster of channel islands in a row off the coast and is a fun thing to do on a day trip. Another must see area is the sophisticated and beautiful ocean side town of Newport Beach. It has a lot of fun things to do such a great al fresco dining, yachting, and a lot of great shopping at several upscale boutiques. Newport Beach emulates what the OC is all about, the beach setting and the opulent lifestyles of the wealthy who live here.


Beaches are what really define Orange County and these areas have become better known to those that enjoyed the TV show The OC or the reality show called Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach does not have extensive beach areas due to the large cliffs that offer unbelievable views for the homeowners in their multi-million dollar homes. One beach that does offer extensive large beaches is the town of Huntington Beach, California. This also has a great city park system connected to it offering a lot of great outdoor activities for the more active visitors such as equestrian areas, golf, tennis, a marina and a wildlife preserve.


A General Guide to Traveling to Italy and the Italian Lakes District


It is never a good idea to carry a lot of money while in Italy or Europe. While the Italian Lakes district is a very safe area, pick pocketing is a common problem in all areas of Europe. Don’t carry lots of cash at a time, and make sure it is not easily accessible to pick pockets (the wallet in the back pocket is an easy target).

Traveler’s checks are somewhat outdated these days, and a lot of places no longer accept them. Use a credit card; they are accepted in most places and have the best exchange rate. To pull out Euros you can go to Italian ATM machines, known as BANCOMATS. They accept all major debit cards.

Don’t forget to alert your local bank that you are traveling to Italy so they don’t freeze your account by mistake.


Communication to countries outside of Italy is fairly easy these days. Internet cafes exist in all towns and are not very expensive; usually not more than 12 Euros per hour. A lot of them also have phones to make international calls, paying by the minute.

Another option is to sign up with Skype, where international calls are extremely cheap and you only need an Internet connection to use it.


Italy is not as convenient as the US in terms of hours of operation for many establishments. Most places are closed in the early afternoon for two to three hours, and also tend to close earlier at night as well. This includes restaurants.


In Italy, it is not the norm to leave a tip. Usually people will leave the change and maybe an extra Euro. The same is true for taxis; don’t leave a tip unless you really want to.

Just remember that the customs in Italy and the Italian Lake district are different from those in America. This is just another reason Italian lakes holidays are so interesting and fun!

For even more information about Italian Lakes Holidays, go to Italian Lakes Holidays. This site has information related to travel tips, the lakes, Italian culture, villa purchasing information, and more!

Top Four Things to Do When Traveling in Italy

One of the best places in the world to visit is Italy. Planning a trip there can seem daunting because there is so much to see and do. So once a traveler has arrived, checked into their hotel, freshened up at a local Florence salon for nails and a Florence hair salon it’s time to start exploring the shopping, food, local culture and historical sites that Italy has to offer. By concentrating on these four things, a visitor will feel like they have truly experienced the many wonderful aspects of this amazing country.

There is world renown shopping throughout the entire country of Italy. Whether it’s the fine pottery, paper goods, leather or clothing, there is something for everyone to browse, buy and cherish. People should go into the local shops and outdoor markets to see all the cultural elements that have been made for centuries. Buying merchandise like this will give people constant reminders of the places they discovered on their trip. It also continues to boost the economy for the local Italian people. Shopping and spending is truly a win-win for both the traveler and the local merchants.

While in Italy, a visitor cannot miss out on the glorious food experiences that the entire country has to offer. It has some of the best fresh food cooking establishments in the world. Italy also boasts some of the greatest wineries as well. To truly experience the cuisine, a traveler needs to go to the small local restaurants that have been run by the same family forever. They should ask to have the house specials and try to be as adventurous as their palate with allow. Travelers should also indulge at the small delicatessens and markets. It is here where fine cheeses, salami, bread and Italian pastries are made. Grab a bottle of vintage wine, a couple small chunks of cheese, a baguette and salty meats and head to a park or fountain for a picnic. This is the way a traveler will have a true Italian food experience.

When in the local markets and shops, a traveler should take time to have conversations with the local people. They will start to pick up some of the language and begin to understand how they interact with each other, both verbally and physically. The language barrier will begin to feel smaller with increased exposure to the Italian people. Also, there are words and phrases, just like in the English language, that are spoken differently throughout the country. For instance people in the North may sound different than people in southern Italy, just like the difference between a dialect in Maine versus Oklahoma. Communicating with locals gives traveler a glimpse into the everyday interactions of the local Italian culture.

Lastly, but just as important, a traveler should plan to see all of the main tourist attractions throughout the country. From the museums and churches to the gardens and statues, the sightseeing in this country is limitless. Prior to arriving, a visitor should either meet with a travel agent or explore great travel guides to map out their trip. Being well planned, traveler will get the most out of their trip to this beautiful country.

Connor R. Sullivan has a teenage daughter who uses the services of a Florence salon while she is away at college. Many of her friends go to services of a Florence hair salon to get their hair done.

How to Increase the Value of Your Money While Traveling

Few people seem to realize that traveling can actually increase the value of their money. But not just any sort of travel will accomplish this aim, one must have a carefully planned itinerary of where one wants to travel. Most of the widely accepted currencies allow one to increase his or her assets with little difficulty.

When you take a currency like the British Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR) or U.S. Dollar (USD) to certain countries and exchange it into the local currency, it can increase in worth by one, three, even five times or more from its previous value. This kind of increase makes world travel very possible — simply by crossing the borders of some countries your bankroll instantly increases in value.

Traveling for short vacations can be expensive due to the high costs of plane tickets and getting temporarily settled into a new location. However, traveling for extended periods of time (for one month to a couple or years) actually saves money through the decrease of major transportation costs and getting settled into a foreign place. So when taking a trip it is often best to think one big vacation (saves money) rather than a few short vacations (costs more).

When planning a budget trip aim for countries that offer a good exchange rate against your currency. You can find currency exchange rates at http://www.xe.com. Using this as a guide you can make a list of the countries with good exchange rates that you would like to visit. You can also check travel websites for recommendations on cheap countries to visit, and the average cost a day for traveling within.

You can choose one cheap country to stay in for your entire vacation, or choose several to travel to. If you are going to several countries you can plan an itinerary where cheap countries are adjoined; for instance, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

If the countries are not neighbors you can buy an Round-the-World ticket. These tickets allow you to travel from country to country as planned within a certain period of time. Round-the-World tickets are usually available for very reasonable prices and may be found by doing an internet search.

With an itinerary to visit cheap countries extended travel becomes very possible as your money substantially increases. You can take $ 1,000, travel to select countries, and have that $ 1,000 swell to the equivalent of $ 3,000, $ 5,000, or more. So save up, make a simple plan, and you’re on your way.

Thomas Carroll was born in California and now lives in Lima, Peru. He enjoys making money while traveling and shows others how to do it too on his website http://www.lonewolfadventure.net

What’s the weather like when traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta is located on the west central coast of Mexico by the Bay of Banderas. It is a popular tourist destination for its marina, whale watching, golf and very pleasant climate during the winter. Hurricanes are a rarity with the last major one in October 2002 when hurricane Kenna made landfall just to the north of Puerto Vallarta. Most tropical storms and hurricanes move to the west of bringing only fringe effects.


Rainfall Puerto Vallarta has a short but intense wet season. Most of the year is dry with many months not receiving any or very little rainfall. The wet season begins in June and continues through mid October. During the months of July, August, and September, ten or more inches of rainfall may occur. The rain is the result of thundershowers building over the Mexican mountains, many times during the evening or overnight. Occasionally, a tropical storm or hurricane may be close enough to the coast to bring rain also.


Temperatures Puerto Vallarta has mild to warm temperatures much of the year with its tropical climate. Average highs during the summer top out in the low 90’s. The lows drop only the mid 70’s. The winter has comfortable conditions with highs near 80 each day on average. The overnight lows typically are in the low 60’s.


Travel Weather Summary Puerto Vallarta has a dry climate most of the year. Winter is especially pleasant. Vacationers wanting to minimize their chances of seeing rain should travel outside of the 4 ½ month wet season which starts in June and continues through mid October. Although hurricanes are rare, travelers are advised to stay updated with latest tropical weather information if traveling during the eastern Pacific hurricane season.


Rich is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with over 25 years of weather forecasting and television experience. Visit his website for more on expert hurricane forecasts and travel resources.


Guadalajara Weather Averages – Hurricane & Travel Message Boards – Hurricane Forecasts & Travel

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Traveling With Trade Show Displays: How To Find The Unit Most Suited To Your Method Of Travel

All sizes and styles of trade show displays have different levels of portability, and different requirements for shipping and handling. While your method of transport may often be dictated by the type of trade show exhibits you’re bringing along, deciding how you want to ship (or if you want to ship) before you buy can help you streamline the process. Learning which types of trade show exhibits are best for each type of travel will help you make an educated choice at the beginning, saving you a headache later.

If You Travel By Car

Cars are a great way to get around, particularly on the East coast where many important cities are within driving distance. If you have a small company, or just starting out in your industry, or simply want to save a bit of cash, moving your trade show booths in your car could be a great choice.

The major drawback of car travel is that you can’t fit a very large unit inside a small trunk. If you have a sport utility vehicle you are in a slightly better position, but you are still pressed for space. In general, you want a tabletop unit if you intend to transport it in a car, and perhaps a small floor unit if you’re using an SUV. If you have a large unit like a custom stand, you don’t want to try putting it in the car.

If You Travel By Van Or Truck

Trucks and vans have the same advantage as a car, but offer slightly more space. You can usually rent these if your company doesn’t have them, and they are typically big enough to fit your average trade show displays. Because they can be rented, you may choose to use them on the occasion that you have a local show within driving distance, shipping commercially when it’s more convenient.

If You Travel By Airplane

Airplanes are possibly the most common method of transportation for serious convention presenters. If your company uses trade show exhibits as a backbone of your marketing program, you’re going to be traveling to both coasts and probably to other countries as part of your plan. If your units will be going on a plane, they need to be small enough that they’ll fit easily in cargo, or as a carryon. It is rare to see anything larger than a banner stand or pop up unit fit into carryon, as the size restrictions are very harsh.

Placing trade show booths in checked luggage is not a problem, provided they are adequately protected. Checked luggage is notoriously mistreated by the baggage handlers, so you’ll need a hard-sided case in order to keep your stand safe.

If You Are Planning To Ship

For some oversized stands, shipping is the best (or only) option. Shipping can be a hassle, but sometimes the unit is just too large to be realistically transported any other way. Try to avoid using a typical shipping company, and instead seek out one with experience transporting convention materials. If possible, find one with a national network of shipping hubs, so that it travels purely in the hands of experienced professionals.

Chris Harmen writes about Philadelphia trade show displays for Atlantic Exhibits, a leading designer and builder of trade show exhibits in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

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