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Hong Kong’s Low-income Families With Their Children To School On Time And So Earn Toys – Toys –

“See Toy Of course, want to buy, but saw his mother take out the water bills in the mailbox will be frowned and cried all day, did not dare to buy. “In today’s generation of children, toys at your fingertips, from low income families Daino Yin, with little understanding of the parents have to understand, last August to participate in YMCA (YMCA) Tung Chung Centre’s” Toy Bank “program, to practice personal objectives, such as volunteer work, time to go to school, etc., to earn a monthly toy as “interest”, You Dewan, also learned to cherish.

YMCA, said Tung Chung only 150 families join the program, but donations of toys over the past year had received thousands of cases, plan 6 months be extended to the Cheung Sha Wan, so that more low-income children by practicing, earn have a good heart.

For low-income families, toys can be a luxury. A family of four living in Tung Chung Yat Tung Estate, mother wearing too that the family income of only about 1 million, very tight, so the family expenses “to provinces on the province” will only birthday, so winning the “big day” , will buy toys, “one year up to buy some.” 12-year-old eldest son of promise yin, from small to large, each line had toy stores, toys not want to see the requirement to buy, sometimes even if the parents willing, will bring opportunities to sister, “I am big one, can not have to buy toys all day long, even to buy both for my sister to buy. “

Wearing too much last year in August at a friend’s introduction, the Tung Chung and children participated in YMCA center’s “Toy Bank” program, did not expect programs to help children grow up, because their children to complete their monthly targets, such as son agreed to do volunteer work per month, on time and attend school, while the daughter must eat vegetables, “was the previous one food dish to vomit, and now it does not eat vegetables as long as there is no toys, food dishes as soon as obedient.”

The past six months, Snow Li Yin and sister wore through his own efforts to save pieces of their favorite toys, like dolls, marbles machine, my mother praised their treasure, “toys neat row of well, each comes to an end all will certainly put away toys. “

Responsible for the YMCA of Tung Chung, a senior program officer Kanehide Lai, said the scheme was launched last February, has been a total of 220 families of 150 children registered, “Toy Bank” open once a month, recognized by parents to complete target children, may in the bank for a toy choice awards, has sent thousands of toys, “the most important to encourage children to grow up and let them work.”

YMCA Senior Marketing and Communications Director, Tan Weiyi said the public has donated thousands of boxes of toys had to have 10 per case basis, there are over 10,000, plan works well, next month is expected to be extended to Changsha Bay Center, is expected to be 30 families before the summer vacation benefit, to the end of the year to 60 families.

Hotline: 0775 – 33,331,166

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What Are Sylvanian Families Toys?

Sylvanian Families are a range of small animal figures that live in a forest known as Sylvania. The word “Silvan” means “of the forest”and so the original name, The Sylvanian Family, underscores this toy line’s connections to the natural world.

The toy range is know in the US and Canada as Calico Critters and Shirubania famirii in Japan where it first began life in 1985, created by Japanese toy company Epoch. After a few changes in suppliers, today the range is available worldwide. In 2010 Sylvanian Families is receiving more and more interest from children and adults in countries such as Australia and Canada. The range also goes under the same name in the UK where it has enjoyed continued success for the last few decades.

The line is based around small anthropomorphic animals made of a hard plastic material but covered in flocking and so are soft to the touch. The figures have minimal articulation but can more their heads form side to side and their limbs up and down. The figures are dressed in human-like clothing, are grouped into families and generally come with personal biographies to give a level of personality and back-story to the figure.

There are a number of playsets including houses, furniture and vehicle sets available for the figures to interact with and the range is known for their attention to detail and durability. As the figures are only a few inches tall (approximately 4-9 cm) their accessories are made roughly to scale so can be very small. Young girls love the detail involved but babies and toddlers should be kept away as the toys present a choking hazard.

The Sylvanian Families line has been the subject of a cartoon television series, a comic and many other franchise elements aimed at children. The line promotes a wholesome, simple way of life with an emphasis on families and nature and is an asset in today’s consumer driven toy market.

Inger loves stories and loves to write. As a librarian in a previous life she also has an insatiable thirst for general knowledge. You can visit her latest website which takes a look at the Calico Critters range of toys including the best Calico Critters House models.