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Traveling Safety – 16 Tips

Traveling should be fun. Staying safe takes little effort – so follow these 16 tips:

1. Travel with a friend or group. The saying, “there is safety in numbers,” is certainly true.

2. Get good directions and have an excellent map. One of the bigger print ones is my favorite.

3. Make sure your map is new. Old maps carry outdated information.

4. Plan your route and let your friends/family at home know where you are going.

5. Check in frequently by phone. If you don’t have a cell phone – then purchase a pay as you go phone to carry. They are around $ 30 and well worth the money.

6. Do not discuss your route with strangers. And be very cautious around strangers who seem overly friendly.

7. If you feel suspicious (about anyone or anything), then go with your gut instinct – get away from the situation as fast as you.

8. If you get lost, then stop at an open business and get directions. Do not ask just anyone you meet on a street. Do not appear lost.

9. Stay on main streets (when you can) that are well lit.

10. Carry traveler’s checks or credit cards. Try to carry as little cash as possible.

11. Keep important papers at home. Carry only copies when you can. If you must carry these papers, keep them locked up in the hotel/motel safe.

12. After you check into your room, find the most direct escape routes in case of fire (or other major disasters).

13. Always keep your door locked in your motel/hotel room.

14. Take a small tissue and stuff it into the peephole. You can remove it if you wish to see out, and it will keep others from looking in.

15. If someone is outside your door and you do not know who they are – do not open your door. If they persist outside your door – call motel/hotel security.

16. Do not stay on the ground floor. Especially if you are alone.

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Choosing the Right Bed Sheet for Your Families – Tips and Ideas

Bed sheet sets not just drape your bedding with a palette of colors and textures but also enliven the space of your bed rooms. Bed sheet sets are available in single, double and family sizes with matching pillow cases. Tag along a few tips to make sure that you are decking up your bed room in style.

For kid’s bedrooms you can choose bed sheet sets of cartoon figurines, TV icons or sports events. There is a bevy of choice to make your pick from in a range of colors and patterns. Bright and flashy colored bed sheets are well suited for kids’ rooms. Interesting while girls tend to have fascination for shades of pink and Barbie dolls and other characters the boys might place their bets on blue or red and for them, you can pick up something bold and brawny for instance racing car designs or superman imprints in their bed sheet sets. Patterns like polka dots, stripes, geometric designs and patchworks are also equally popular among kids.

Apart from the designs and the colors, the textures are also equally important. It is better to go for natural fibers like cotton bed sheets that are easy to maintain and are safe for the sensitive and tender skin of kids. Satin and silk bed sheets add an iota of exuberance to your bedrooms though these could be hot during summer season. It is better to use these more as bed spreads than bed sheet sets. Flannel bed sheets are well suited for winter season as these ensure warmth and comfort. Make sure to pick up shades and patterns that match your other items of décor including rugs, curtains, carpets or furniture to make your room color coordinated and well balanced.

There are round bed sheets, bunk bed sheets and kids’ bed sheets among others. There are bed sheets with elastic fasteners at one end to ensure a snug and tight fitting unlike the conventional sheets that might slip off or crumble when one uses it. More than just functional items, pillows too have become fashionable accessories to notch up the style factor of your interiors.

Bed rooms offer ample scope to show off your decorative style and themes and accessories like bolsters, linen, bed skirts and decorative pillow cases will help you to transform your bedrooms into something extra ordinary.


Online shopping will take you on a quick prance through some of the latest models and trends in  href http://www.coveryourbed.com bed sheet sets and  href http://www.coveryourbed.com/pillows_cases/pillow cases . Happy shopping!

Tips For Americans Traveling Abroad

If you are planning a trip abroad, there are a few things that you should do that will ensure a safe trip and make your traveling safer and easier.

You should be sure to register your travel itinerary with the State Department. This is be done easily through their website. You will be contacted in case of a family emergency in the United States or in the case of other types of crisis. Your information will not be released to others unless you give authorization.
Be sure that you sign your passport and fill in the emergency contact information. This is to ensure that if something should happen to you, your next of kin will be immediately notified. Also, be sure to leave a copy of your passport with someone in the US in the case that you lose the original while traveling. This expedites the replacement.

Be sure that your medical insurance coverage includes traveling overseas. If your plan does not cover you for expenses outside the United States, look into getting an additional policy that does. You certainly do not want to be stuck with a large hospital bill in another country if you should take ill.

When traveling to another country, it is important that you do a bit of homework concerning the various laws and regulations in that country. The US State Department’s website is a great reference to use to find safety and other important information on foreign countries.

When you are traveling in a foreign country it is a good practice to learn where the US Embassy is located or have that phone number handy. The US Embassy is available to help Americans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By taking these few simple steps, your travels abroad should be pleasant and hassle-free. It is always best to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when traveling outside of the country.

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Tips for Big Families in Cruise Planning

Are you ready to bring all the kids and go on the cruise that you’ve always dreamed about? It is not necessary to be reluctant. As you know, it can be a fantasic experience for crusing with the whole clan when it’s done in right way, and fortunately, there are a lot of cruise lines satisfying all your family needs. Following are some cruise planning tips for big families.


Nearly all cruise lines now offer a wide variety of fun options for kids of all ages. Babies will be treated like the princes and princesses they are when you select a Royal Caribbean International cruise featuring the Royal Babies program. Your six-to18-month old will delight in all the fun activities specially created by the child development experts at Fisher Price. Even those stoic teens will cut loose and grin from ear to ear with all the fun they’ll experience onboard a cruise. Video games, karaoke, rock climbing, water slides… the list goes on. Cruise ships are a kid’s paradise.


These inside tips about the different cruise lines should make planning your family vacation a breeze:


Celebrity Cruises

For a fantastic family journey, you can’t go wrong with Celebrity’s top notch Family Program for children 3-17 years of age. It’s important to check with your travel agent or the cruise line ahead of time, as the program isn’t available on all cruises. Big bonus: there’s no charge for participation in the program.


Upon boarding, kids receive special wristbands to identify them. When children are picked up from the youth center, parents must present their Celebrity-issued identification cards. Youth directors receive intensive training in child development, education and/or recreation, and must have previous experience working with children on cruise lines.


Celebrity’s impeccably-trained staff of counselors surrounds your children with fun, safe, caring energy. You can feel completely comfortable knowing your kids are in an environment just as nurturing and protective as you provide at home. Program activities are both whimsical and educational, including games, parties, drama classes, magic lessons and movie time.


Costa Cruise Lines

This is Carnival’s Italian cousin. The Costa Kids program is not only a blast, but esoteric, as well. Kids can take cooking lessons and even learn to speak Italian in one of the language classes. How incredible is that? They also offer all the things that kids love, including pizza and ice cream parties, treasure hunts, masquerade bashes and karaoke contests. This is a great way for kids to meet and socialize with children from other countries.


Holland America Line

This line’s Club HAL program is a fantastic program for kids 5-17. Tons of fun daily activities, and even a shore excursion limited to kids only. Onboard fun includes stories, arts and crafts, miniature golf, swimming and pizza parties. The shore excursion is a fun jaunt around Half Moon Cay in the Caribbean. Some Alaska trips offer shore excursions for kids, as well. Your children will delight in Alaskan canoe rides, nature hikes and culture lessons. Naturally, all jaunts are supervised by highly trained youth counselors.


One of the things kids love most about HAL: the menu. We all know kids have their own meal preferences, that’s why HAL offers them hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza and more. Now that’s quality dining, kid-style.


Princess Cruises

Widely considered to be among the best cruise lines in the world, the kids program for children 3-17 at Princess is bar none. All the comforts of home, including movies and video games on big-screen TVs, as well as fascinating hands-on activities that teach kids about science and wildlife conservation.


The youth centers are the hub of the fun on these cruise lines, and are complete with arts and crafts stations, pools, jukeboxes and game centers. There’s even a private deck for kids, featuring the grand, Whale’s Tail Splash Pool. Because teens aren’t fond of feeling like kids, there’s a special, reserved deck area and pool for them.


Royal Caribbean International

This is paradise for active kids. Rock-climbing, surfing, even ice skating. Yes, ice skating. RCI’s youth program, Adventure Ocean is reserved for kids age 3-17, but it’s so incredible, adults will be clamoring to join, as well.


Youth workers for this free program are degreed professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your family’s dream vacation goes without a hitch. Kids receive specialized meals, have their own theme parties, party in their own nightclub, and even have a unique television station with all their favorite programs.


Now that you know about how much fun awaits your children on a cruise, don’t you think it’s time to book the trip? With so many fun, exciting programs available, it’s quite possible your kids will enjoy the cruise even more than you will!


Kathy Mcnally is a freelance writer who writes about several topics including cruise deals.

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5 Tips For Traveling With a Baby

Children are a blessing. This is always good when you have to travel with a baby. There are many tips which can help you focus more on your driving instead of having to constantly stop and feed, burp, or change your baby. Traveling alone can be stressful on any traveling family. There are 5 tips for traveling with a baby that are very helpful for the untrained parent. These 5 tips include:

1. Bring plenty of formula/baby food/juice- This is a known tip for traveling with a baby because you never always have a chance to breast feed your child. Depending on the age of your baby, you are going to have to need more snacks and food. There are always areas in the 5 tips for traveling with a baby that are needed. Juice or water is important to keep your child hydrated.

2. Bring enough diapers- Every parent has had that Atom Bomb of dirty diapers. There is never a knowledge of the type of mess one dirty diaper can create. Always be sure to bring enough diapers and cream. To avoid the worst case scenario, using rubber pants to help contain the blast. All diapers leak. This is a known area at times. The rubber pants will save you a good deal of hassle.

3. Bring plenty of toys- These are toys which will entertain your baby through the many hours of many hours of your trip. Many people have found that toys which have bright lights and soothing sounds and fuzzy and crinkling toys, will keep your babies interest. Always use travel toys because this is new for your baby. 5 tips for traveling with a baby are that it is not a toy they always play with and it is new to them.

4. Bring change of clothes- Messes happen more often in cases with babies. Unless you are a brand new parent, this is a normal thing for you. Part of 5 tips for traveling with a baby is always having the change of clothes in case of weather changes, Atom Bomb diapers, or simply spilling food, a change of clothes is always a must of traveling with a baby.

5. Bring plenty of diaper wipes- Along with the many messes that are going to happen on your travels with your baby, one of the final 5 tips for traveling with a baby is that bringing of plenty of diaper wipes. Diaper wipes are not only good for the bottom of your baby. They also are good for sanitizing your hands, toys, and other things. Having them around is the best you can do for your baby.

Now that you understand the basics of the 5 tips for traveling with a baby, you are more ready to actually put them into practice. Being a parent is tough enough. Having the added pressure of travel can be very stressful. Be calm always and remember the pacifier and the back up pacifier or you will not be able to enjoy that little vacation with baby. 5 tips for traveling with a baby are easy to follow. Happy Trails!

Dr. Barry Lycka is president of http://www.LesTout.com the number one source of internet guidance.

Safety Tips For Traveling in a Car

Traveling in a car can be great fun. Remaining safe should be a number one priority. Use these tips to be safe:

• Before making any trip, have your car checked by a mechanic. A breakdown can ruin your trip.
• Never let your car run out of gas.
• Always keep your doors locked and windows up.
• Plan you route in advance. Do not allow yourself to get lost.
• Do not drive alone (if you can) – especially in unfamiliar territory or at night.
• Never ever pick up hitchhikers.
• If suspect that you are being followed – go to a well lit open business and call 911. Under no circumstances should you go home.
• Always keep purses (and other valuables) out of view. Do not keep them on the passenger’s seat. Keep your valuables in the trunk or on the floorboard on the passenger’s side.
• If you feel threatened, call attention to yourself. Honk your horn. Flash your emergency lights.
• Get out of car and walk for at least 10 minutes every 2 hours. (This reduces your chances of getting a blood clot.)
• Park only in well lit populated areas.
• Do not park near large trucks or dumpsters. These vehicles will obstruct your visibility. They may provide hiding places for criminals.
• Check to be sure no one is in your car before you get in.
• Look around before you get out of your car. Make sure no one is hiding.
• Always lock your car. Take your keys with you.
• Approach your car with your keys in your hand. Be ready to get into your vehicle quickly and lock the doors behind you.
• If you use valet parking, do not leave the keys to home on the same chain as your car keys. Also – do not leave your garage door opener in your car.
• Take your insurance cards, registration, and other important vital information with you. Never leave anything in the car that has your name or address on it.
• If you stop to help someone in a car accident, stay in your car. Call 911 and report the situation.
• If your car breaks down, pull off the road as much as possible. Raise the hood and call for help. Stay in your vehicle until help arrives.
• Hide maps when getting out of the car. You do not want to advertise that you are a tourist.
• Cover your valuables with a blanket if you cannot put them in the trunk or take them with you.
• If you worker later than normal, ask a co-worker or security guard to accompany you to your car.
• If you encounter a carjacker, let them have your car. Your life is worth much more than your car.
• Take note of where you parked. Walk straight to your car with purpose. Remain alert.
• Find other outlets for your anger if you experience road rage. Do not allow it to escalate to where someone is hurt (or dead).

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15 Traveling Tips You Must Know Before Traveling Overseas

Traveling could be excited or frustrated depending on traveling journey you’ve experienced. However, if you are fully prepared for your traveling, then everything should be more enjoyable than miserable. Here are 15 useful traveling tips you must know before traveling overseas. I advice you to go over all of them before you plan your traveling journey. You’ll be surprised how easy to neglect some of these traveling tips, and how important they are for ensuring a successful and enjoyable journey.

Avoid wearing anything that contains metal when traveling through the security checkpoint. Things such as clothing, jewelry, or other accessories that contain metal should be avoided.  
A valid passport is recognized internationally as a travel document. Some countries requires a visa to access. If you need a visa, apply two months ahead of time to avoid paying high-fees for emergency situation.  
If you travel with a child who has your custody, make sure you have a passport for that child as well. If the child is not yours, make sure you bring along a signed, notarized document from the parent(s).  
Be familiarized yourself with the destination. Find out its culture, food, laws, and mostly avoid known dangers.  
Take precautions to avoid being a target of crime. If you become a victim of crime, contact consular officer to solve the problem.  
Avoid to travel to the country that your own country has no diplomatic relation with.  
Be familiarized yourself with conditions at destination that might affect your health. Make sure you check your overseas medical insurance coverage. It may not cover you overseas. If you plan to stay long, you may consider to buy a short-term policy to cover you there.  
Consult your doctor before you bring medications or fill prescriptions. Carry a letter from your physician if necessary. Always put your medications in your carry-on bag for easy access.  
For people who wear glasses/contact lens, it is advice to take an extra pair of glasses or take disposable contact lens with you. Always put your glasses or contact lens in your easy-access bag.  
Make sure you have a photocopy of your passport, credit cards, or any other import items with you while traveling. Keep one set of these copies at home.  
If you travel with your pet, find out ahead of time to see whether you are allowed to take your pet with you. If you are allowed, get some tips of traveling with your pet from your vet.  
Disabled travelers have to find out the standards of accessibility in certain countries. When making reservations, inform the travel agent about your disability and may request a wheelchair be brought to the gate upon your arrival.  
For people who adopt a child oversea, you need to obtain an immigration visa for that child in the country of adoption.  
Don’t carry too much cash with you for your trip, but make sure you have enough money in case of an emergency. Avoid putting all your money in one place.  
Find out what items you can or cannot bring back with you upon returning to your home country.

In short, one must plan well for traveling overseas. Knowing the above 15 traveling tips before traveling overseas may have saved you tons of headaches. Your traveling journey may bring you more memorial joys than unpleasing experience.

About The Author:   Lanna Wuthenow is an online marketer who develops a couple of websites. For more information related to traveling tips or other tips, visit http://www.airlineticketswithus.com This article of traveling tips may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.  

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International Travel Tips – Before Traveling

Look into the site’s history, culture, natural environment, customs, legends, advisory notices and more. UNESCO’s World Heritage Center or Wiki Travel is a great starting point.


Buy your vacation package from a business you have confidence in. Ask family and friends to recommend a company with a good track record. Think twice if you can’t get a person on the phone to answer your questions or if the ad doesn’t give the company’s street address. Contact the state Attorney General, consumer protection agency and Better Business Bureau where you live and where the company is based to see if there is a history of complaints on file.


Learn a few words in the local language. Making an effort to speak the local language allows you to interact with the people who know the site best. People appreciate your efforts and your interest in learning. Simple words like “Hello,” “Please” and “Thank you” can go a long way.



While Traveling Engage in local culture. The saying, “While in Rome do as the Romans” still applies today. Your trip provides a unique opportunity to explore a new culture and to see the world through a different perspective. Remember that eating local foods, shopping in local markets, and attending local festivals are all part of experiencing the culture. Hire local guides. Enrich your experience by choosing local guides who are knowledgeable about the destination. Ask local tour operators and hotels for good recommendations.



Get the details of your vacation in writing. Get a copy of the company’s cancellation and refund policies, and ask “What if…?” Consider whether some form of travel cancellation insurance may be appropriate. Use a credit card to make your purchase. If you don’t get what you paid for, you may be able to dispute the charges with your credit card company. However, don’t give your account number to any business until you’ve verified that it is reputable.


To enrich the experience take a InternationalSIM Card, a local service here in US at the wholesale rates to save up-to 85% on international roaming. International SIM Cardincludes FREE incoming calls with service across International plus lowest call charges back to US.



Don’t have a Unlocked Cell , struck with your present US carrier rent a International – compatible cell phone from RebelFone, renting a International Cell Phoneat $ 1 a day.

Traveling Tips To Izmir

Izmir is a great tourist destination in Turkey famous for its local cuisine. Here you will discover many fine restaurants where you can try some traditional dishes such as tarhana, a sort of soup made with yogurt, tomatoes, and meatballs. Seafood is also very popular in Izmir, so if this is the kind of food you like to eat do not hesitate to try some of their very popular dishes. Sword fish is the main ingredient of their seafood dishes as the fish is abundant in the nearby waters . Fried figs are also something you may like to try, but if you do not want to upset your stomach with foods it is not accustomed to you can always have a kebab, a pizza, or some fries. Another good thing about food in Izmir is that it is very cheap and makes traveling on a budget much easier. However, if you want to try some fancy cocktails be prepared to take some money out of your pocket as they can be quite expensive.

Another activity, besides eating delicious meals, is shopping. There are so many shops that you will have great difficulty leaving one for the next. Here you can buy handcrafted objects, traditional rugs, or an evil eye talisman which is very popular in countries such as Turkey and Greece. If you are aiming for a modern type of shopping, try Kanak Pier which caters to international tourists while still selling souvenirs. Bazaars are the traditional shops in Izmir and you can haggle for a better price as this is the local custom.

The sandy beaches in Izmir are very appealing to tourists and they offer plenty of opportunities to engage in some exciting water sports. You can try parasailing, jet skiing, or simply hop in a banana boat and enjoy the ride.

Nightlife is very active in Izmir and you can go to any of the popular clubs to see belly dancing performed by traditional Turkish dancers. Other entertainment options include a cinema and a theater where you can go with your family. Nightly entertainment is of course readily available for the younger crowd.

You can also use your trip to Izmir as the ideal opportunity for exploration. Pergamum is situated about one hundred kilometers from Izmir and here you can trace back civilizations that once ruled over the land. The city was erected in the honor of local deities and the ruins Roman and Byzantine are still standing. You will also find many monuments and temples as well as other historical sites. If you do not want to travel that far you can indulge in some local exploration by paying a visit to the Velvet Fortress erected on Mount Pagos during the third century. Izmir is also the place where you will be able to discover the legendary seven churches from the Book of Revelations.

Traveling Tips to Izmir is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do, places to see and places to eat in Izmir.

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Dining Tips For Healthy Families

If you and your partner get used to sitting down to have steak dinners, at least one of you need to change your ways. You are supposed to let your family members realize that you are serious about following a new diet. Why not let them join you?Why not ask them to do this with you together?

If you and your spouse are used to sitting together to weekly fast-food meals, and then at least one of you have to change your ways. You are supposed to let your family members realize that you are serious about following a new diet. Why not let them join you?Why not ask them to do this with you together? Remember, you are going to form the same habit that eating well and exercising regularly and it will be good for everybody.
1. Have meals with your family members together. Experts find that if the family member always sit together and have meals together, families will reap enormous emotional benefits. Family communication is much better, people can eat more nutritiously, and the act of the kids is better in general. All of these can make your families away from the stress and in a harmonious cirmustance.
2. Make you own healthful choices at the supermarket. If you do not always shop for your family, you should better to ask your spouse to go supermarket with you and make sure that your shopping cart includes foods that you like and also is proper for your eating plan. This can increase the chances that the cooked meal can appeal you and help you get your goals for losing weight and blood sugar control. It will also lower the odds of arguments cropping over menu selection.
3. Make the junk food in your cupboard downsized-do not eliminate. Unless you do all of food shopping, you might feel just as you do not have much control over whether those tempting food step into your house. What is more, you may also be unwilling to ban all the junk foods and punish your family members, especially your kids. You can do this way: Ask your family shopper to purchase those attractive foods in smaller size such as half of cake instead of a whole one. If you end with addicting in these things, you will at least have control in the portion.
4. Make a playbook of healthy recipe favorites. Ask each person in your household to look for the healthful recipes on the internet. Find them out and write them in your recipe file. Teach each family member how to make these meals so the daily cooking duties will not just fall on one person. The more do your families join the cooking group, the more fun healthy eating will be.
5. When the schedules conflict, adjust your eating. Say your kid will play his big clarinet in a big show at noon, right when you need to eat lunch. Why not pack your meal in a lunch bag? Hold it during the performance, eat half of your sandwich when you are on the way to the show, and eat the rest as soon as it is over.

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