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Safety Traveling Tips While Touring Barbados

When it is your first time to go to a different country, everything is new to you; the culture, food, and language. You want to experience all of these and in a country like Barbados there are so many things to do, food to eat, places to go to and other fun filled activities. I am sure that the moment you leave your apartment hotel, Barbados will surely take your breath away because of the country’s beautiful sceneries. However, visitors beware because tourists and travelers are the perfect prey for crimes. Even though the crime rate is relatively low, it still advisable for tourists, to be cautious while visiting the Caribbean island.

The most prevalent offense against tourists that is reported is robbery, which accounts for 50 percent of all crimes in this group. According to a survey, out of the 1.2 million persons that visited the country last 2008, a total of 242 crime incidents were reported. The crimes range from robberies, home burglary and car theft. Tourists are warned to keep a watchful eye on suspicious characters when they are traveling. This is to avoid being victimized by the culprits. Here are some things to remember to be safe while traveling in this tropic country.

Upon arriving in the airport keep a watchful eye on your belongings. Allow only authorized airport porters to carry your baggage and belongings from customs terminal to the street outside. Suggested tipping is USD$ 1 per bag. Do not bulk store your money. Keep in mind to distribute your money among family members you are traveling with. This will help you just in case you lost your wallet or be victimized by pick pockets. If you are traveling alone and have a small budget, ZRs, yellow Mini buses and Blue transport board buses is the cheapest way to travel. A ride from any of these vehicles just cost BBD$ 1.50. Remember ZRs and the yellow minibuses can give change but the government operated Barbados transport board system cannot, so make sure you have smaller bills and coins with you before you take a ride on these transportations. ZRs or route taxis take the most scenic routes on the island; however, tourists beware since these minibuses are often crowded. Drivers do not turn down any passenger, despite the minibus’ full capacity. They will still pick up passengers along the way even if you think there’s no possible way a person can fit anymore. If you still insist on riding ZRs, keep an eye on your wallets and pockets. With crowded places like these, anyone can be easily be victimized by pick pockets.

Property and home burglary is the next highest crime in this Caribbean country, most burglars study tourists and picks the one who stays in a low security inns or lodges. Before checking in a hotel, better check if there are areas which can be an easy access to thieves, a hotel with built in security cameras is an advisable place to stay at. When leaving your hotel, make sure all passages are tightly locked and this includes windows too. Make sure your valuables are safely stored before you leave. Double check if you have locked everything before leaving the hotel. Carefully choose your apartment hotel, Barbados is a very nice place to spend your vacation but always be cautious so that you won’t be a victim of any crime during your stay.

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Traveling With Children – Five Quick Tips to Help Your Vacation Run Smooth

Go where YOU want to go
When choosing a place to vacation, think of a place that you yourself would want to go and find interesting and enjoyable. Don’t change your mindset of places that you would enjoy now that you have kids. For young children, your kids will be fascinated in what fascinates you. If you find a place interesting, your interest will interest your kids. You can explain what makes a place special and they will find it special. So ask yourself, where do I want to go, not what places would best occupy the kids.
Your children are your travel partners.
Travel with your kids and have them engaged in the trip instead of either having their activities central to the planning or letting them simply tag along with your plans. Discuss with your kids the itinerary and let them feel involved in the decision making or at least give them some options from which to choose. They will anticipate the trip more and become more engaged when they feel that they have helped to choose what to do. Even a child as young as eighteen months can express anticipation for a trip and have interest in the place they are visiting.
Stick to a plan.
Don’t expect to be spontaneous and makes plans at the last moment. Be content with a well thought out and predictable itinerary. Children are less stressed when they know what to expect. However, don’t think that making good plans will lead to boredom. Having kids with you always has its surprises and unexpected episodes. When you are with your kids, nothing will seem boring. Even places that you’ve visited many times in the past will seem new and fresh again. With kids, you can’t go with the flow or live in the moment like you did before them, but they will keep you thinking on your feet and give you a different perspective on the places you go.
Understand the needs of your children. 
When you are not away from home and spend the day with your kids, how many hours in the day do you spend attending to them? How much time during the day are you not either preparing their meals, feeding them, cleaning up after them, running errands, or getting them ready for bed. When on vacation, you will still be looking after all of their daily needs. Therefore, you will need to take that time into consideration into your plans for each day.
Don’t get overwhelmed.
If being the sole caregiver of your children seems overwhelming and will not leave enough time to unwind and relax in what should be your vacation and your best chance to relax, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Ask you spouse to share responsibilities, or a more elaborate plan would be to find a resort that offers child care during the day. Don’t let the demands of having your children with you take too much away from replenishing yourself and recharging your batteries.

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Tips For Traveling To Orange County, California

Orange County, California is a well-known destination for tourists year round. People come here to enjoy the beachside areas in southern California and the sunny, beautiful weather. OC has two servicing airports, including LAX and John Wayne airport. The Los Angeles airport is a bit of a longer drive, and the John Wayne airport is smaller and closer, right in Orange County. When you arrive to Orange County you can use Orange County airport transfers or a Orange County airport taxi service to get to your hotel that you have decided to stay in from the airport.


There are a lot of things to do and see while visiting the OC. There are some popular attractions that many people enjoy visiting and some are quite historical as well. The Mission San Juan Capistrano is considered the birthplace of the OC and is over 200 years old. It is a monument to how multi-cultural California is and it’s history. Another historical site to see is the Richard Nixon Library and birthplace of the former President of the United States. This is a great place for history and political buffs to see.


There are many other attractions to see while visiting Orange County. A popular one is the Flight deck Air Combat Center which is great for those people that are interested in all things related to aviation. This is a fun attraction for people traveling with kids too. If you prefer boats to planes, then be sure to take one of the several boat charters that go out to see the dolphins and the whales. Depending on the time of the year, you can see quite a few of these beautiful mammals of the ocean in their natural setting.


There are several different places to go visit and one of them is right off the coast of Orange County called Santa Catalina. It is a cluster of channel islands in a row off the coast and is a fun thing to do on a day trip. Another must see area is the sophisticated and beautiful ocean side town of Newport Beach. It has a lot of fun things to do such a great al fresco dining, yachting, and a lot of great shopping at several upscale boutiques. Newport Beach emulates what the OC is all about, the beach setting and the opulent lifestyles of the wealthy who live here.


Beaches are what really define Orange County and these areas have become better known to those that enjoyed the TV show The OC or the reality show called Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach does not have extensive beach areas due to the large cliffs that offer unbelievable views for the homeowners in their multi-million dollar homes. One beach that does offer extensive large beaches is the town of Huntington Beach, California. This also has a great city park system connected to it offering a lot of great outdoor activities for the more active visitors such as equestrian areas, golf, tennis, a marina and a wildlife preserve.


Tips For Budget and Free Travel – How to Enjoy Traveling in Third World Countries

Budget travelers will often choose third world countries as their destinations because of the radically different experiences they offer and the lower costs involved. It will be useful for the new traveler to take these suggestions into consideration:

1. Don’t always try to spend the least amount of money

Even if you are traveling on a low budget, it can be quite aggravating to obsess about saving every dime and penny. Not only is it a perfect way to take the fun out of your travel experience it also is a great way to demean the locals.

We’re not suggesting that you fall prey to tourist price traps or never negotiate for deals. Instead, recognize that arguing over a price difference that means little in your home currency is not often worth it. You can hold your own in good humor when faced with unscrupulous behaviors from vendors.

It feels good to pay the full price in appropriate circumstances (such as encouraging a local economy not run by multinationals).

2. Don’t show off your fortunes

Clothes and bags tell a lot about a traveler. In third world countries where large segments of the population are poor or very poor, even your less than best clothes may make you appear rich.

Lessen the gap between you and others by wearing modest clothes and carrying average bags. It will make you less intimidating to locals, less of a target for robbers and you will feel much less ridiculous.

3. Learn how to deal constructively with the poor

While it may be appropriate in some circumstances to not give so much as a glance to swarms of begging people it will significantly improve the quality of your travel if you do offer yourself the chance to connect to people in need.

It does not necessarily mean that you should offer money directly to those you encounter. But consider making a donation to a local charity or organism that works with them This money will most likely be used in a more constructive manner than if you give it directly to beggars. If you have no money to spare, volunteering with such organisms can be just as valuable.

To the people you meet directly in the street, you can offer some of your time. Talk to them, ask them questions, exchange words in your respective languages, play with kids, play with your camera, share a meal with them… there are many ways to have a positive exchange.

Tom Pattingson is interested in budget and free travel opportunities. He writes for his travel for free blog where you can find lots of free travel info.

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Travel Tips – How To Have A Great Time Traveling By Train

Many people who find themselves on tighter budgets these days due to the economy probably feel like they can’t take their yearly vacation. Even flying within the United States can end up costing you a lot of money and renting a car to go to your destination might be out of the question as well with the cost of fuel as it is. But, you still can enjoy that vacation with the right planning and traveling by train.

If you’ve never done travel in a train you’ll be happy to discover that traveling by train is a lot more relaxing than if you were flying or driving your own car. You can eat, drink, enjoy the view and sleep during your trip all without hassle and without ever stepping out of the train while traveling to your destination.

Traveling by train can even be more fun if you are including family members as well since you’ll be able to spend stress free time with everyone unlike the cramped confinements of a plane or a car. However; if it is your first time it might be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. Here are a few pointers for you to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

Since trains tend to get a little nippy in the evenings you should bring your own blankets and pillows because this is one thing that you are not provided when traveling by train. When it is time to get something to eat in the car for dining make sure you get there early and want a particular seat. Also, if it’s crowded you need to prepare yourself for sitting with strangers. If you don’t like that idea, they do allow you to bring your own food. If you like to drink alcoholic drinks, they are OK with that as long as you don’t over do it.

When you first get on the train, make sure that you check the hours of operation of their dining car so you are aware of when they open and when they close. The last thing you want to do is find yourself hungry only to find out that not only did you not bring your own food but the car is closed for the night.

Make sure that you bring a long a lot of different things to keep you busy, especially if you are traveling with kids. Bring books, a laptop if you have one, music, hand held games, travel games, whatever you can think of that you might want to do while you are traveling.

Make sure that when you are up walking around that you don’t leave anything valuable in your seat. Always take your valuables with you or make sure to stow them away when you are not using them so that you don’t end up ruining your vacation by someone stealing something of value from you.

Before booking your trip on the train make sure to contact Amtrak first and ask them if they have any of their own tips on how to enjoy your journey a lot better while traveling on one of their trains. They will be more than happy to send you free information.

Amtrak also offers a planner that you can use and it comes with all the descriptions of what the train offers and all of it’s route information. It will also notate the different services available on the particular train you are planning on traveling on.

If you are hesitant to ride coach, don’t worry, coach on a train is far different than coach on a plane. The seats are bigger, far more comfortable and there is a lot more room between them than on a plane. If you are traveling for quite a ways you might consider reserving one of their sleeper cars. Not only are they private but usually coffee and meals will be included with those who book sleeper cars.

Like with any other trip always make sure to plan a head and do your research on what to expect and what you might be seeing along the route that your train will be traveling. But most of all enjoy the opportunity to relax, get to know new people and especially enjoy the scenery in a different way than you would be able to on a plane or in a car.

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Traveling to Africa ? 3 Important Travel Tips

Africa is more than just an exotic travel destination. Its a world apart and one of the most unique and special travel experiences you will ever have. The continent has so much to offer and with the rich and diverse natural beauty you are bound to end up in some rural parts that is not always as safe as what you may be used to in a first world country. There are a lot of things you need to be careful of when traveling to Africa and although there is no need to be paranoid, being cautious is very important to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Here are 3 things that you must pay particular attention to.

1. Medical Precautions

Before you travel to any part of Africa you need to check which pills you need to drink before you leave. Malaria is a very real and present danger all through the continent and if you are traveling to certain parts you are required to finish certain courses of prescription pills well in advance of your travel. This is crucial to keep you safe from the treat of diseases that can be life threatening.

2. Personal Security

In Africa, local police and security is not at all what it is elsewhere in the world. There is a lot of issues with tourists being targeted for petty crimes and sometimes even more serious attacks. In most cities you will be fine, but when you go off the beaten track into more rural areas you need to pay particular attention to never walk alone – especially in deserted areas. Always check with your local embassy on the current political climate of any region you are traveling to and make sure that you avoid areas where there is conflict.

3. Insurance

When it comes to security at airports and hotels, then you’d be surprised at some of the stories. At certain airports and in certain countries airport personal routinely raid passenger’s luggage and help themselves to whatever they feel like. Its really important that you have adequate insurance – especially for stuff like cameras, laptops and other valuables. Its also good practice to keep your travel documents on you at all times and try and carry as little cash on you as possible. Keep valuable jewelery at home as it will only attract pick pockets.

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Travel Tips And Accommodations When Traveling To Amsterdam

If you are lucky enough to be traveling to Amsterdam, you need to know a bit about the city. First, it is the capital and the largest city in the Netherlands. The metropolitan population is about two million people. Dutch is spoken in the city, but most everyone speaks English as well, so tourist have no problem getting around and speaking to natives.

Accommodations: When you are booking your flight, you may be tempted to book a hotel room, but why? You do have other options and that is booking a vacation apartment in Amsterdam, which is private, furnished, and much cozier than a hotel room.

Obviously, you want to make the most of your vacation and if you are traveling as a group, it will definitely be cheaper to rent an apartment because everyone can stay under the same roof and split the costs. Many people have found the apartments for vacationing in Amsterdam are lovely and makes their trip more enjoyable.

Architecture in Amsterdam: You will find a lot of Art Deco in the city, such as the Tuschinski Theater; it is one of the loveliest theaters you will ever see.

When you enter the building, you will see literally thousands of small electric lamps, stained glass windows, marble and exotic art objects. It has been opened since 1921, and most people when they enter feel it is a fairy tale because the decorations when you enter and massive wall paintings.

Attractions: The Bridge with a View is seen in the old center of the city and when looking out from the bridge you can see numerous bridges that is thrilling to see so many in one spot. You will find many unique museums in the city including Van Gogh Museum, which is the largest in the world and truly a beautiful display.

You will also want to visit the Anne Frank House, where the young girl hid during World War II and wrote her infamous diary. Other museums include Hermitage Amsterdam, NEMO, The Rembrandt House, and the Amsterdam Historical Museum, all of which have something spectacular to offer.

Dining: Many people assume that when they get into Amsterdam, all they will find is Dutch cuisine, and while you will find some of the best, the city is very diversified. You can find Indian, Thai, and Argentinean, to name a few. Whatever you have a taste for, you are sure to find it in Amsterdam.

Final Thoughts: Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, combining both modern architecture with older designs. It is charming and offers a lot of sightseeing and touring, which is why you will want to have your own private vacation apartment because you will be more comfortable and be able to truly rest to prepare for each day that you are visiting the city.

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Travel Video ? Best Traveling Tips Before Your Next Holiday

Before most people leap well then, I’ll talk about which I not likely to deal with the conventional working surface journey hint. On the other hand we are moving take care of these basic principle journey guidelines and ascertain what approach is actually required to get the very best encounter anywhere you go. Some of these take a trip hints will likely be difficult to be able to employ nevertheless soon after 8 several years of traveling the entire world I’ve discovered these kinds of five holiday ideas to help turn into a slogan as well as standard to me.


Tip 1 – Do not Preplan Everything, Most Probably to Fresh Activities


“Do it all with all the people.” This kind of is actually a huge trip idea to follow along with when you are traveling. You’ll be able to never do better than the particular understanding of any local and I would certainly extremely highly recommend preventing resting in your personal computer and also attempting to figure every little thing out and about. It’s highly significant to obtain a few tour ideas concerning the region. Step 2 would be to investigate my own Facebook friends or maybe ask several local tech in that area and get him or her what exactly is trendy in addition to should you can meet up to get each day or perhaps 2 to acquire many nearby fun with them. Most residents may love this particular opportunity as well as the happenings you might have with that are precious.


Tip 2 – Submerge throughout Customs


Every single day you must always be attempting something innovative although much more notable you must continually always be walking out of your comfort zone. One of the most effective tour recommendations I can give you is niagra “Give yourself all the happenings you may h.” Goes through are generally specifically connect with ones disposition and finally a quality associated with life you’re planning to have got. Here’s a number of fascinating data. While you’re from a comfy section you actually fall under what is considered called your dissonance.


Tip 3- Correctly Decided on The Friends


That journey tip is a brand adjacent rule in your life. There is grow to be noticeable during these last few many touring that this good quality associated with existence plus our own pleasure along with happiness is significantly outcome by the service along with romantic relationships around united states. I’ve witnessed to many vacationers lose for a process by using a person that will stocks this very same aspiration traveling although entirely diverse way of life and it also messing up the actual visit for them. A pathetic component is basically that you find these people in incredible place completely involved with this kind of dilemma world rather than becoming engaged within the charm along with traditions.


Tip 4 – Preplan Every thing and also Fail to remember Pertaining to Ones Household

in a

Technologies have been designed to give us flexibility in addition to as an alternative it provides began to operate us all. Many people can’t move a lot more then three nights without the need of checking e-mail or perhaps its exclusive internet site, five moments without having responding to a message and a few times without having selecting in with their own peeps. The point to catch here is everywhere you might be in physical form in in your daily course. Anything that’s in never provides for example home, previous friends, family unit, ancient routines can be a reminiscence along with more prominently a assumed. There is a famous quotation I love to reflect regarding: You can clutch way back when which means that properly for a pectoral it leaves behind your current arms at the same time complete to be able to adopt the present.


Tip five – Focus on the Superb Holiday Encounter


This unique journey some words of advice ties into travel tip #4. Things I normally obtain fascinating will be the quantity for people who are released vacationing simply to acquire pictures and demonstrate to Travel Video them on her buddies back property. Pictures are fantastic regarding representation also to keep your memory traditional bank rich in excellent soudain together with they’re certainly not good as soon as the idea grows into level of competition in addition to disruptions from the time.


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DC Maintenance Tips when you go traveling

National Day Golden Week Outlook, without doubt, it will definitely be a good time to travel. Apart from the break, bring friends and family, to travel about the motherland’s great rivers and mountains, experience the simplicity of the text of popular style, but also a very meaningful thing. At the same time, you photography enthusiasts will also take this this opportunity, about a bunch of colors on the faithful, to the northwest in the country ran out folk songs Gao Chuangzuo mining, development, and improve your own hobbies. Some people are so-called travel and photography, some people photography tours.

Whether to go sightseeing, or friends to create folk songs, in their journey necessary to bring the camera. With the improvement of the quality of daily life and the increasing popularity of digital cameras, in both human being equipped with SANYO db-l20 battery digital cameras will become more and more friends and even started to become a mainstream trend, especially for the tourist’s friends who look at the way the film that is more convenient to them to ensure that every photo shoot is useful, but do not shoot each spot leakage by more and more friends, the great welcome. But having said that, the camera is a precision optical equipment, digital cameras, camera is a need to elaborate and meticulous care to preserve and maximize its effect. And because digital cameras fully electronic reasons, the body on the use of electronic components within the environment of a higher demand, if the half-way failure not only have photos taken before all of the risk of being deleted, but also for you add great displeasure journey. Moreover, the tourism of the daily meals, a lot of special circumstances it is difficult to expect, how to get our digital camera on a trip into our good helper, not a way? This requires us to master certain DC maintenance skills.

Digital Camera How to moisture:

Divided into internal and external moisture moisture moisture in two parts, first introduced internal. Daily at home, I believe that every photo enthusiasts will love to your own machine is equipped with electronic Humidity Cabinets, and Electronic Cabinets stored in the camera to the inside (what? You do not? Get out of a hundred dollars that serve your the value of thousands of dollars of camera, it is not too much), but away from home, can not it also put the box close at hand, the one heavy, and secondly, CANON np-e3 battery electronic Cabinets this “elec” how to solve it? So the most practical is to use disposable desiccant. These look just like everyone desiccant inside to open certain food preservatives, like a bag looks like a teabag, you can find inside the store or in the commodity. Each backpack out to have put a few packs of cells (as the lattice of the size of the backpack, put a little more for large and small to put a little less), you can keep your backpack in your entire trip is is dry, to solve the moisture of the “internal” problem.

But to the external aspects, the trip will unavoidably sometimes rain, waterproof backpack if you good enough, then it really “moisten things silently”, and unknowingly let the rain infiltrated the backpack but to make equipment for moisture , will make you suffer irreparable damage. Therefore, the external moisture mentioned here, refers to all other forms of anti-rain and water splash, with three anti-enabled handsets in the market is rare, if your backpack into the water, all the measures of internal moisture will be evaporated . Therefore, the choice of travel when traveling with a backpack, you may wish to put the waterproof bag in the first place, particularly for the weather and rain areas can be used daily fresh home store camera bags and bags tied mouth, do a double protection. If you are traveling for the photography enthusiast, may wish to buy a used high-quality waterproof nylon backpack photography as the main fabric, and the water capacity of at least should be able to 600D, some foreign brands such as Lowepro OLYMPUS sp-700 battery camera bags, etc. and even camera bag design for the built-in raincoat, so as to maximize the expensive equipment to ensure you will not be rain and water splashing outside the impact, you can go on the road in peace heart heart.

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8 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Just because you’ve a dog does not mean you’ve to remain house all the time. Should you plan ahead and get just a little care, it is simple and enjoyable to journey together with your dog.

Here are some suggestions to create the trip simpler on both you as well as your pet:

1. Get your dog utilized to riding in the automobile by taking him on brief trips. Go to enjoyable locations such as the dog park, the fast food drive through (where you are able to feed him bits of meat from your burger), or to visit pals. You want him to think that trips in the automobile are enjoyable. You don’t want your dog to think that all automobile trips end up at the vet’s workplace.

2. If your dog tends to get carsick, don’t feed him the morning of the trip. Getting your dog journey with the empty stomach will assist to prevent any automobile illness.

3. Bring plenty of water and a water dish along. You will require to offer your dog periodic drinks of water whenever you stop to get a rest. It will be simpler to get your dog to drink if it is familiar water from house. H2o in various locations often smells or tastes differently, as well as your dog may not want to drink it.

4. Be sure to pack your dog’s food, treats, favorite bed, toys, and leash.

5. If your dog makes use of a crate, deliver that along as well. Should you don’t possess a large automobile, you are able to buy crates that fold up. When you get for your destination, you are able to put your dog in his crate although you go somewhere that you cannot deliver him along.

6. How should your dog journey in the automobile? Some dogs like to sit or lay on the seat, so deliver a blanket to safeguard the upholstery. Other dogs may need to be kept inside a crate in the automobile. Be sure the crate cannot slide about and scare the dog although you are driving. You are able to also purchase dog seat belts to maintain your dog secure although sitting in the automobile.

7. Make a stop each and every couple of hrs to walk your dog and give him some water. Some dogs are frightened by the noisy trucks driving by, so try to walk inside a peaceful area. Be a good citizen and deliver plastic bags along to choose up the mess.

8. If your dog is anxious about staying inside a hotel or unusual house at your destination, he might not eat or drink. You don’t want him to get dehydrated, so be sure to get him to drink, a minimum of. You are able to combine chicken broth or gravy in to the dog’s water. Which will usually get him to lap it right up. You are able to combine chicken broth or gravy in to the food as well.

The first trip will be the hardest, because your dog won’t realize that you are coming back. Using the first trip behind you, should you have taken the time to create sure it is nice for the dog, future traveling together with your dog ought to be a breeze.

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