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Top 10 List of Consideration When Traveling to Third World Destinations

Because of there are many differences betwen two countries like custom, food, missing your own comforts, so it is not easy to travel to a foreign country. In particular, travelling to a third world country with some limitation  or non- existent in basic human elements such as shelter, water, food, transportation, and security. So what should we do if wanting to travel to the places like this . And the answer is: please prepare well before you travel.


Here is a top 10 list of what to be careful of when traveling to a 3rd world country:

1) Don’t accept food or drinks offered to you: They can be spiked or contain dangerous chemicals. You wouldn’t accept a drink from someone you didn’t know in your own country, so why start now.


2) Never use currency exchange people off the street or at a questionable establishment: These are often scams. Be wary of anyone wanting to offer you a good rate; either the currency is fake or he may be ripping you off. Stick to the airports, although you will be paying more in exchange fees, you know you will be getting the true currency


3) Be careful of fake policemen: This is one of the most common tourist traps. A policeman (dressed in all the attire) will ask to search your luggage or car and force you to pay a fine on the spot for something you probably didn’t do.


4) Avoid crowds: Crowds are targets for pickpockets. Be careful when a group of people surround you or try to “sell” you something. More often then not this is just a distraction to get what they are really after: your wallet or purse


5) Don’t wear expensive clothes or jewelry: If you look like a tourist, you probably are one. Try to blend in as much as possible and don’t wear anything flashy. You become an instant target if you do.


6) Never respond to strangers: If someone comes up and asks for directions or wants to engage in conversation, simply say “I don’t know” and proceed swiftly to your destination. Don’t look like a tourist who is lost, helpless and desperate. If you are lost, don’t pull out the map and start looking at it. Get to a safe area before taking out any of you personal belongings or maps.


7) Bring sanitizing hand products: Water facilities are often inadequate or broken. Hand sanitizers are light, easy, and good to have when water isn’t there or dirty.


8) Use a disposable camera: Do you really want to pull out that flashy $ 300 digital camera? It is much easier to replace a $ 5 disposable one should it be stolen.


9) Pack High Protein Snacks: Again, food can often be an adventure if not downright not your taste. It always helps to pack a snack to tide you over until you get some food you are more accostmend to.


10) Bring your own medication: Pharmacies are virtually non-existent in 3rd world countries. Be sure to have all the supplies you need.


As you can see, if you follow these simple rules of the road you can travel almost anywhere. While they don’t cover every aspect of travel, the old adage of use common sense can go a long way.


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Tips For Budget and Free Travel – How to Enjoy Traveling in Third World Countries

Budget travelers will often choose third world countries as their destinations because of the radically different experiences they offer and the lower costs involved. It will be useful for the new traveler to take these suggestions into consideration:

1. Don’t always try to spend the least amount of money

Even if you are traveling on a low budget, it can be quite aggravating to obsess about saving every dime and penny. Not only is it a perfect way to take the fun out of your travel experience it also is a great way to demean the locals.

We’re not suggesting that you fall prey to tourist price traps or never negotiate for deals. Instead, recognize that arguing over a price difference that means little in your home currency is not often worth it. You can hold your own in good humor when faced with unscrupulous behaviors from vendors.

It feels good to pay the full price in appropriate circumstances (such as encouraging a local economy not run by multinationals).

2. Don’t show off your fortunes

Clothes and bags tell a lot about a traveler. In third world countries where large segments of the population are poor or very poor, even your less than best clothes may make you appear rich.

Lessen the gap between you and others by wearing modest clothes and carrying average bags. It will make you less intimidating to locals, less of a target for robbers and you will feel much less ridiculous.

3. Learn how to deal constructively with the poor

While it may be appropriate in some circumstances to not give so much as a glance to swarms of begging people it will significantly improve the quality of your travel if you do offer yourself the chance to connect to people in need.

It does not necessarily mean that you should offer money directly to those you encounter. But consider making a donation to a local charity or organism that works with them This money will most likely be used in a more constructive manner than if you give it directly to beggars. If you have no money to spare, volunteering with such organisms can be just as valuable.

To the people you meet directly in the street, you can offer some of your time. Talk to them, ask them questions, exchange words in your respective languages, play with kids, play with your camera, share a meal with them… there are many ways to have a positive exchange.

Tom Pattingson is interested in budget and free travel opportunities. He writes for his travel for free blog where you can find lots of free travel info.

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