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Afraid That Fumes from Defective Drywalls are Sickening Your Families and Ruining your Investments, Chinese Drywall Remediation is a Solution for it!

Chinese Drywall is being blamed  for significant property damage, including damage to HVAC systems, smoke detectors, electrical wiring, metal plumbing components, and other household appliances. The gases from defective drywall produce a sulfurous odor that permeates homes, and cause metals, including air conditioning coils and even jewelry, to corrode.

Chinese drywall also known as defective drywall or Reactive Drywall is an open eye  incubus, that is a danger to not only ones property but also to ones health. This nightmare  began in early 2001 and peaked when the domestic supply could not keep up with the demand caused by the housing boom and Hurricane Katrina. It is estimated that in 2006, more than 550 million pounds of drywall were imported from China from which identifying Chinese drywall was found  in seventeen to twenty different markings or stamps identifying. This defective drywall emits highly reactive gases that are absorbed by porous materials. This means most construction materials used in building your home including personal belongings such as furniture are saturated with these gases.

The number of homes affected varies widely according to the information source. A range from 100,000 to 500,000 was estimated of affected homes. The greatest amount of defective drywall was installed in Florida and Louisiana with upwards of 75% of the reactive drywall used in Florida alone. Problematic drywall has also been reported in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, Wisconsin and Wyoming as of this writing. More states are likely to join this list in the future.

But fortunately a way out has been found out  to stop this disasters from ruining your houses and appliances, i.e. Chinese Drywall Remediation. Surely it seems quite painful method but it can save you from a lot more. Not knowing the status of your home may cost you big money, not to mention potential safety and health hazards. Thus,  Chinese drywall remediation is a good option.

Remember, a true remediation process must remove the contaminating source and remove all absorbent materials of these toxic elements. Homeowners also need to understand that the Chinese drywall  remediation protocol by BESI  is an interim guidance as it was developed with no clear standards. Actually the work group Defective Drywall in America and the Building Envelope Science Institute – BESI embarked on a mission to produce a cost effective and certifiable process that was scientifically sound that would implement enough controls to properly re-mediate buildings with defective drywall thus, there are many items that were not addressed by the CPSC which may need to be replaced, such as air conditioners, in built microwave ovens etc to provide you with the best ChineseDrywallAdvisors.com have studied all aspects of Chinese Drywall and for this reason only as per to meet your needs we have been certified by the institute to perform Chinese Drywall remediation. If you are a homeowners, commercial building owner, investor or lender seeking remediation we would welcome the opportunity to show you the innovative techniques and exclusive products that make our remediation so effective. Our expertise in construction and BESI’s protocol makes us your best choice when its time to remediate your property.

Chinese Drywall Advisors provides services to assist in the accurate diagnosis and remediation of defective drywall. Defective drywall problem is not so far unreachable! The proper solution in against of the victims of Chinese drywall. ChineseDrywallAdvisors.com has an ability to protect you from the issues involving health and safety of defective drywall. Apply for chinese drywall testing and inspection now so that you get rid of chinese drywall problem – ChineseDrywallAdvisors.com”

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Women Are the Solution to the Recession

The global financial crisis was generated by greed and fear. Women can heal the corporation and the whole financial system with honesty and courage.

Our fear is based on the perception of being independent, having the need to have more and being afraid of the enemy. We are afraid of the boss, of the neighbors, of our partner and most importantly, of ourselves. We are prisoners of this nightmare fear cloud. Fear does not allow us to cooperate, as in fear it is not possible to trust the other. In fact, fear also drives us to dishonesty and fraud. Have you noticed how people lie to meet the target? And how this is an “undiscussable”? In this fear framework, all outcomes tend to end in lose-lose outcomes. Does Enron ring a bell? Leehman Brothers maybe?

In the current context our identity is defined by what we have and what we do. We are our cars, houses, titles, professions, spouses…. No wonder why we buy, buy, buy… No wonder why we work, work, work… No matter why we marry, divorce, marry, divorce, marry, divorce…. We derive our worth as individuals from what we have and what we do. In this context, it is not enough just to be. Greed is the name of the game. In this context, being is not satisfactory. No wonder the high number of suicides around the financial crisis: people who lost their job, their title, their (company) car, feel that they have lost themselves. They lost the reason to live. They lost themselves.

The leadership challenges of this historical moment are paramount and can be better met by women. The best leaders to guide us out of this crisis are women. The age of disregarding female perspectives and feminine success attributes needs to be over. The age of promoting/hiring women because it is politically correct needs to be over. The age of promoting/hiring women through quotas needs to be over.

We need to understand that there is a strong business case behind it. It is a win-win-win deal! The woman benefits, the company benefits, the community benefits, the staff benefits, the customers benefit and yes indeed men benefit as well. Study after study, it has been demonstrated the clear correlation between women in the corporate world and corporate performance: financial performance, corporate governance, staff retention etc. What is the cause of this overwhelming reality? The leadership challenges of this historical moment can be better met by women.

Women’s aspirations are one of the core answers why they are the solution to the crisis and the best leaders of this age. According to the Women on the Verge of the 21st Century, a white paper from Grey Advertising, women’s aspirations that received an importance higher the 80% are:

• Make the world a better place

• See kids become really successful

• Having enough time to do what I want

Women’s aspirations are reflected in their behavior. This way it is very easy to understand their business choices, particularly when they contradict the old power based paradigms. This way it is very easy to understand why a woman would more easily turn down an unethical contract, even if it generates short term profit. Interestingly enough, there are more and more men who are also choosing for these “feminine” aspirations.

The behavior and views of women defer from those of men. Understanding the main differences can help us to appreciate how women do business, how women lead. Empathy, creativity, intuition, connectedness, meaning and play are very strong in women. Women are best suited to deal with living systems. A corporation is a living system. Our financial system is a living system.

Women can become powerful in business (and everywhere actually!) when they learn to appreciate and embrace these innate characteristics that for a long time have not been regarded as world changing. Women need to wake up to the fact that these characteristics are necessary for humanity at this point in history. Building community, carrying culture, healing relationships are by no means unimportant. They are crucial and indeed what we need now the most.

It is easy to blame men for many things: from not helping with the children to the financial collapse. Blaming is not going to take us anywhere. Now women have to take on the challenge and step in the leadership shoes.

Leave your comfort zone to become a “She-Leader”!

Our current challenging business and social environment needs the active contribution of all women. The urgency and importance of this is highlighted in my Special Report “Women Work Wonders, transformational manual for 21st century women”. Moreover, it gives you practical steps to transform your potential into tangible significant growth and contribution.

Recession Solution? Auto Dialer!

Rising unemployment rates and sinking consumer confidence affects business to business companies, just like any other. In these slouching economic times, all businesses have to look at new ways to reach their targeted audiences.

An inefficient business can still turn a profit in a good economy, but a recession can painfully highlight all the failing areas in a company. One such area is manually dialing sales leads instead of automating the process using an auto dialer.

An inside sales call center who’s sales professionals manually dial all numbers can at times perform reasonably well when a greater percentage of contacts convert into clients. In a typical well-run B2B call center a sales professional, whose primary responsibility is lead generation, can be expected to make 40 or 50 calls each work day. That’s if he was dialing manually. Once that same sales professional switches to using an auto dialer he can expect to be making 170 to 350 calls each workday.

An autodialer works like this: First the dialer has a contact list of leads loaded into the database. The auto dialer will then automatically place a call to each number on that list. Once dialed, the call is routed through to an available sales agent who takes the call as the number is ringing. If the call is busy or not answered, the dialer system can be used to send fax, voicemail, or email. By doing all this, auto dialers not only reduce the wasted time spent manually dialing, but also eliminate much of the wasted time spent dealing with busy signals and voice messaging systems.

A hosted auto dialer solution adds even more value to this system. By contracting with a hosted autodialer provider the maintenance, development, and set up of the dialer is completed by the host company. Also, no software needs to be downloaded on company computers. Instead the dialer software is accessed through the internet. This allows sales professionals to work from any location with a telephone and a PC connected to the internet. A hosted dialer solution works with whatever hardware a call center may currently be using.

Inside sales operations can continue to grow in a difficult financial recession, but only when smart telephony technology is used. An auto dialer is such a solution that eliminates much of the wasted time in call centers.

David Harlow is an SEO consultant for InsideSales.com, a leading provider of auto dialer technology As a firm believer that people should know the facts, Harlow’s blog Inside Sales Adventures seeks to inform new comers to the industry about important terminology in insides sales, as well as to give tips on what to look for when shopping for industry software.

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