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On The Lookout For The Best Prepaid Cell Phones For Seniors

On The Lookout For the Best Prepaid Cell Phones for Seniors

Cell phones are probably mankind’s greatest invention. With this tool, we are able to connect with anyone where ever they may be. It doesn’t matter if they are half-way around the globe since we can easily contact them and we have the option to either call or send them an SMS.

The High-Tech Gadget

With the advancement in technology, cellular phones are coming in with more and more functions. A couple of years back, cell phones were big and bulky and could only make calls. The screen could only show the names and numbers of our contacts and they were quite expensive as well.
However, nowadays, cell phones are part of a person’s basic needs; you will hardly see anyone without a mobile phone in their hands. Today’s modern cell phones are so technologically advanced that some of them are like laptops or mini computers: they have the capability to connect online using Wi-Fi and can open web pages easily. They can act as an organizer as well since you can store important events in their calendars and set an alarm for them to remind you of an upcoming event. They can now even act as an MP3 player, mini movie player, and as a gaming console. Some even have touch screen capabilities!

The High-tech Problem for Seniors

This is a remarkable thing for the younger generations since they have all the tools they would need in one small item. However, senior citizens find themselves displaced with these hi tech and very complicated gadgets. Using the newer models can be quite a task for the elderly and they find it hard to handle, much more operate these things. That is the reason why the very old cell phone models are the ones that end up as cell phones for senior citizens – simply because these are the only types that they can easily use.

The best cell phones for seniors are those that are straightforward and easy to use and without tons of applications and features. Another concern that seniors have about mobile phones is that the screen is too small and the prints on the buttons are hardly visible. With their poor and oftentimes failing eyesight, cell phones for seniors should be equipped with bigger screens and buttons so that they can easily see what they are dialing or texting.

The High-tech Solution

Fortunately, there are now prepaid cell phones for seniors that address these concerns. These modern but senior friendly phones imitate the usability of older models but have the power of the latest kinds of cell phones. These mobile phones boast of ease of use with big keypads and screens so that even senior citizens or people with poor eyesight will find them easy to use and operate. It also has the basic functions such as calling and sending an SMS and goes away with all the high-tech mumbo-jumbo that the senior will not find any use for.

The Personal Emergency Response System

However, what truly makes the cell phone for seniors really amazing is its personal emergency response system. As we all know, the elderly is more susceptible to falls and other medical emergencies and this is one of the reasons that their loved ones give them mobile phones. These emergency cell phones for seniors, allow the user to immediately notify their loved ones just in case something happens to them. This is perfect for the elderly since they might find themselves in a situation wherein they need urgent help and there is no one nearby who can assist them. This is one feature that most of the high-tech phones do not have, but is extremely useful for senior citizens. It gives them their freedom and independence back!
So if you are on the lookout for cell phones for seniors with no contract, look for one that is easy to use and has the functions that the person does need. High tech does not always mean it’s the best.

http://www.just5.com Founded in 2007, Just5 is one of the fastest grooving European cell phone companies, a global provider of mobile phones that are designed for optimal ease of use, reliability and emergency response, offering basic features that are ideal for people who love things to be simple. Features include large buttons, a high-volume speaker for amplified sound, a long-lasting battery for reliability, and a Personal Emergency Response System.

Personal Alarms for Seniors Product Review: The Keychain Alarm

In the past I’ve written about several ways that senior citizens can help defend themselves from an attack and the one that will always make the most sense to me is a personal alarm. The reason that personal alarms make so much sense to me and why I have no problem whatsoever in recommending their use to anyone is because they are appropriate for just that, anyone. There are some senior citizens, even the majority I would say, to whom I would have no reservations about  recommending a stun device or defensive spray but not all. Stun guns and pepper spray can be very dangerous and these devices wouldn’t be effective if it weren’t for the fact that they are dangerous. They are supposed to be dangerous for the attacker though and if a senior is not in relatively decent shape they run a much higher risk of having such a device taken from them and potentially used against them! For these reasons I will not recommend stun devices or pepper sprays as a blanket recommendation for all seniors would be foolish and irresponsible on my part. Don’t get me wrong, a reasonably fit and alert senior could definitely benefit from having a can of pepper spray in their purse or pocket but if I’m going to recommend a non-lethal self-defense device for all seniors it will be a personal alarm like the keychain alarm. I suppose the keychain alarm could potentially cause hearing damage with its 130 decibel alarm but that is extremely unlikely and aside from that it is impossible to inflict bodily harm on anyone with a personal alarm. Because of this I feel as though a personal alarm may not be as entirely effective as the more dangerous options you have with pepper spray or a stun gun but they can still be amazingly effective for a simple keychain alarm.

The simple fact of the matter is that criminals do not want to be caught and hence your average criminal (the ones with at least one brain cell still working) are not going to like it when attention is drawn their way when they attempt to mug a senior citizen. Having the senior citizen set off a 130 decibel alarm that can be heard up to a quarter mile away is going to draw a fair amount of this unwanted attention and because of that reason i think the vast majority of muggers will turn tail and run and look for someone else to mug.

So if you are a senior citizen or have a loved one who is a senior citizen that you’d like to help be safe please consider a personal keychain alarm.


Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer


To see more personal alarms for seniors like the keychain alarm please visit us online.

Carl Vouer is a proud distributor of non-lethal self defense products and home security systems.

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Choices For Seniors That Want To Live Independently

Most seniors desire to live independently and in their own homes for as long as possible. However, if this is going to be the case, these folks also understand they are going to need some assistance with several aspects of their lives.

Factors to consider include:

– Will they need help preparing food, cleaning their house, shopping and running errands?
– Will they need help with hygiene (bathing, shaving and using the toilet)?
– Do they have a medical condition or conditions that must be monitored?
– How mobile are they? Will they have access to transportation for doctor appointments?
– What is the seniors overall physical condition?
– Can an independent senior afford a full or part-time caregiver if necessary?

If They can Afford it …

If the senior managed to do fairly well in their life financially, there will be more options available to them. Long-term private nursing care in the seniors home is very expensive; just how expensive is determined by how extensive the care needs to be. Factors coming into play include: Ailments the senior is suffering from, whether any family or friends live close enough to provide assistance and the mobility of the person needing care.

If a senior desires to stay in their home and can afford it, private-duty nursing care or round-the-clock assisted living is usually the preferred way to go.


Medicare is very conditional and limited in regard to what it may provide for in-home care for seniors. Medicaid rarely pays for anything other than care within a Medicaid-approved facility. The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is an option under Medicare/Medicaid. But stringent standards must be met before qualifying for any kind of in-home care under PACE.

Another Alternative

One of the best scenarios for an elderly individual that doesnt want to leave the comforts of their home is to have family or friends nearby who are willing and able to help out. The conditions have to be right for things to work smoothly in this situation. Friends or loved ones will have to be available at certain times to provide the senior with transportation to and from medical appointments as well as other duties a private caregiver would typically perform. These duties include occasional cooking, grocery shopping, helping with medications and providing attention to any medical condition the senior might be suffering from.

If the above situation is going to be the route taken, it would be a good idea to equip the household with a home medical monitoring system. Senior medical alert systems are becoming very popular among the growing senior population and their families. A home medical alarm system provides peace of mind during those times when friends and loved ones are not around. For a relatively small monthly fee, they provide round-the-clock monitoring through a two-way intercom-type of system that plugs right into a phone jack. A medical alert necklace or bracelet is worn by the senior, and at the press of a button they can trigger an emergency response in the event of a fall, illness or other problem.

A home medical alert system provides a safety net for an elderly friend or family member living alone in their home. In many cases, these systems help eliminate the need for a round-the-clock caregiver.

Rhonda is a team member at Alert1 and is the author of this article about seniors who desire to live independently, and how home medical monitoring and medical alert devices can contribute. Life-Response offers protection during a personal emergency through 24-hour emergency medical help available at the press of a button.

Understanding The Roles Of Respite Caregivers For Seniors

Caregivers for seniors are typically paid providers but they may also be volunteers from a government or nonprofit organization. Where care is being provided in the home there is often a mix of formal and informal care provided. And the trend is towards using more formal care since, unlike the past, more informal respite caregivers are employed. They choose to remain employed but must juggle limited time between caregiving and maintaining a household and a job. These added responsibilities often make it necessary to hire non-medical home care aides to provide supervision and help when the primary caregiver cannot be present. Or as adult day services become more common, caregivers may pay for this form of formal caregiving to get rest or to allow for maintaining some employment. When care is no longer possible in the home, then formal caregivers come into play on a full-time basis.

This may be in the form of a congregate living arrangement, assisted living, home nursing agency, a continuing care retirement community or a nursing home. It is at this point that long term care can have a significant impact on the finances of the care recipient and a healthy spouse living at home. Care facilities are quite expensive and the cost for maintaining a spouse in such a living arrangement may rob a healthy spouse at home of an adequate standard of living. It’s quite possible the healthy spouse may end up with food stamps and subsidized housing where, before the need for a care facility, this may not have been the case.Or it is more often the case that the couple recognizes this dilemma of splitting living arrangements in two locations and an attempt will be made to keep the spouse needing care at home as long as possible. This may help with the finances but often results in destroying the physical and emotional health of the caregiver by creating a situation where the caregiver has difficulty coping with the responsibilities and physical demands.

Another reality of providing informal care services in the home is the increasing need for physical and emotional support that often goes unrecognized until too late. As care needs increase, both in the number of hours required and in the number or intensity of activities requiring help, there is a greater need for the services of formal caregivers. Unfortunately, many informal caregivers become so focused on their task they don’t realize they are getting in over their heads and they have reached the point where some or complete formal caregiving is necessary. Or the informal caregiver may recognize the need for paid, professional help but does not know where to get the money to pay for it. Other members of the family should be aware of this burden and be prepared to step in and help their loved one who is providing care recognize the possibility of becoming overloaded. It is also the job of a care manager or a financial adviser or an attorney to recognize this need with the client caregiver and provide the necessary counsel to protect the caregiver from overload. The advisor can also likely find a source for paying for formal care that the caregiver may not be aware of. An overloaded caregiver is likely to develop depression and/or physical ailments and could end up needing long term care as well. The consequences of not being able to cope with the burden of caregiving might even result in an early death for the caregiver.

Bob Fischer covers topics related to caregivers for seniors, as well as information on selecting the right home nursing agency.

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Hearing Products – Make Life Easier for Seniors

One of the most public issues amid seniors is bad earshot. You can view more details here http://introductiontoliterature.com. This is caused by many different reasons, but regardless of the root, bad earshot can interfere using their everyday life. To thwart this from episode, there are earshot products your loved ones can use to make life easier. The most normally worn invention for this job involves the handset. Not being able to gather the handset tinkle can root a lot of stress and unease on other family members because they might think anything bad happened. There are phones that have augmented ringers and/or visual light so seniors forever will be able to gather or see the illumine on them.Another one of the earshot products that make life easier for seniors is an focused dread timer. Some have light, loud ringers, and even one that shakes the bed. This way they will not skip appointments because their dread timer did not rouse them up. There also are amplifiers that can be close to a headset, which makes earshot the guise on the other line greatly easier. There is no detail receiving a loud ringer for a headset if they cannot gather what is being told to them. In mixing, there are amplifiers they can use to gather every day sounds. They can be worn to gather the television better or even family members who come to break.One of the most important earshot products to have is a smoke dread using augmented sound. This is wanted for wellbeing. Just because you think the traditional dread is loud enough for your loved one to gather does not mean they actually can gather it. To be on the harmless part, it is best to get this. You do not want to have to attempt them being regarding to gather a normal one. Any way you can make them safer, it forever is appeal the money. You forever want to be doubly constant they are harmless than desire that they will gather it.Not being able to gather as well as they onetime could puts a lot of stress on your loved one. They do not want to bondage other people using mood they must to scream in order to be heard. with folksy earshot products can make your loved ones life greatly easier excluding being grueling to use or challenging to learn. If you or a loved one suffers from meager earshot, there are a lot of great products unfilled nowadays to help out and make life easier.Ceadigh Miller works to Introduction to Literature. You can obtain extra details here http://www.introductiontoliterature.com.

Seniors Life Insurance – 4 Reasons To Get Insured

With the world going into a financial hardship, it’s hard for people to see past the curves ahead. The sheer amount of people that are dealing with losing their jobs, 401K’s, and savings is astronomical. So many are dealing with the hardships associated with a recession that getting through these modern times seems quite hard to manage. When you’re looking at seniors’ life insurance, there are a variety of different things that can become the reasons to get insured today. The following 5 reasons can help push anyone that is thinking about getting peace of mind with a quality policy.

Tragedy – No one knows where life is going to take us. We can try to navigate our plans and make sure we are doing things on our terms, but many times tragedy strikes when we least expect it. If you’re dealing with a hard situation in life, you can start to think about how good you have it, but what if you were to lose your life in an accident? Who would take care of your bills, spouse, children, and other things? That’s the type of questioning that should be asked when dealing with looking at Seniors Life Insurance. When tragedy strikes, a policy pays out so that peace of mind is held with a little more dignity.

Funeral Expenses – It is quite expensive to die these days. The rising costs associated with death care have been documented by a lot of people, and moving forward can be quite hard to deal with. The costs have many going with cremation, but with this trend, funeral homes are also starting to raise the price to meet demand. Face it, it’s expensive to die, which is why a good policy is important to have in place.

Set It And Forget It – Once you have a plan set, you simply pay your premium and you don’t have to worry about the policy until you pass on. When you pass on and the insurance company is contacted, a full payout is given to the beneficiary and they get to handle the estate of the deceased and make sure that all financial matters are taken care of.

Many Companies – The consumer has a great amount of power here. There are a lot of companies that are throwing themselves at people to get policies signed. If you’re lucky, you can get upwards of six figure payouts for low premiums.

Today’s financial lookout is quite difficult to cope with. No one is having a good time trying to figure out what they are going to do tomorrow, as today has a lot of things to deal with. Seniors Life Insurance is difficult to talk about, but it can give peace of mind to families and loved ones that are going to have to face the tragic passing of a policyholder. Don’t neglect to shop around and make sure you’re getting the right plan for your needs. Never let your loved ones pay for your debts or expenses; you can help them after death, with a good insurance policy.


Why worry about your future? All you need is a seniors life insurance to take care of your daily needs. Visit us at www.affordableseniorlifeinsurance.com for more information on available insurances!

The Facility: Providing Utmost Care And Attention To Our Seniors.

Many of the people today assisted living communities will do a great job in helping the elderly and old peoples in maintaining an independent lifestyle along with aiding them with some sort of specific and everyday activities such as grooming or shopping. In this way very importantly they provide a community in where there residents can enjoy a full social life of their own. Several brain and body activities also happen which helps them sustain the sense of companionship and belongingness. There are lot of senior houses available which are providing the house and give information that will assist in searching for housing and care. When it comes to the question of considering various available options for the elderly and their care, it is very important to know about the available funds which are used to invest in different types of care settings.

The estimated or assisted living cost will also vary every time and it totally depends upon several factors which mainly includes the geographic location, the size and location of the apartment within the community and most important the level of the care required at any particular time during a residents stay. Senior Facility will help in assisting living trends in a way that living communities have become increasingly dedicated to innovation and their emphasis is totally on hospitality in order to remain competitive in times of challenging economy. By getting the total understanding of the living trends, it will be very helpful to the families that are in the process of exploring the various options available for aging loved ones. Although the alternatives such as nursing homes, assisted living and continuing care retirement communities are there but these always have a lesser focus on the aspects of communal living along with independent living style. Organized activities as group dining and other group-oriented services though may be at reasonable cost but sure to provide an amicable environment to the elderly

For a senior person it is very normal that moving to a place other than home can be complicated than the normal, but there are different ways to avoid this. Senior Facility will help in preparing mentally the entire family and belonging with time for the move which will help in facilitating everything greatly. It will guide and prepare the seniors for the move, by analyzing all the appropriate options and select the best one. Also take care of arranging the resources which are going to help while moving. Life has many destinations, many opportunities and lot of great places to live, relocation can be one of the most difficult and emotionally trying aspect of this journey, but it will always doesnt have to be, if you have hired a good company than this work will be very easy.

John Smith

If you are looking out for independent living place along with community style for the elderly then Senior Facility is the right place for you. Just simply fill your details in the form available at Senior Facility website and it will take care of everything.

Paid Surveys – How Seniors Can to Earn Extra Income

Both retirees and seniors alike find themselves on  fixed incomes, and leaving them constantly searching for ways to supplement their incomes by earning extra cash.  It is hard enough to find a good part-time job, and in a struggling economy, it becomes increasingly difficult for seniors to find any kind of job at all.  Paid surveys are a great opportunity to consider when you need extra cash. 

Can you really get paid for just sharing your opinion? Yes!  Not only that but you can receive products to test for free, get paid for your opinion on them and keep them too.  Big business needs our opinions for their market research.  Surveys and market research are how they learn to cater to the particular needs of their consumers, and how they figure out what products to make and boost their sales and profit.  Here are some ways seniors can benefit:

1.  Money – of course, this is the primary reason most people get into survey taking, to earn extra cash.  You can get paid anywhere from $ 1-15 dollars or more per survey you take and they usually take 15 minutes or less to complete.  You may also qualify for an occasional focus group that can pay up to $ 175.

2.  Free Products – I am not talking about the “survey opportunities” where you use your credit card for a free trial, take a survey, and have to remember to cancel during the trial period.  I am talking about actual free products.  Things you use or eat everyday.  The research panel sends it to you cost free, you evaluate it, usually get to keep it, and they pay you for it, too!  This is actually earning  two-fold…  earn the money and get a product you probably would have paid for anyway.

3.  Prizes and Sweepstakes – Some survey companies only offer sweepstakes of prizes for points you have collected.  Depends on how much you want to put into it and how lucky you are, but if you have time on your hands, this is a great way to potentially earn larger cash prizes.  Many research panels also enter you into sweepstakes in addition to your payment.

All you have to do to participate in these research panels is register for them. If you register for as many as possible, you have a greater chance of having a consistent amount of survey opportunities delivered to your inbox. It should always be free to register for the actual survey companies, but beware of websites offering to sell you their survey company list.  You should not have to pay for a list, there are plenty of them out there available for free. 

One more tip:  Set up a separate email account just for surveys.  You will be getting a lot of email and it will make it easier to filter through the surveys you do and do not want to complete.

If you would like to earn some extra cash, you can get your Free Paid Surveys List and complimentary money-making e-courses, by clicking here.

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Advice for College Seniors: How to Negotiate Your Salary

If you’re fresh out of college and preparing to enter the job market, I’ve bet you’ve got a brand-new power suit, a meticulously-edited resume, and the perfect elevator pitch. But how prepared are you to negotiate your salary?

If you’ve never been through the offer and negotiation process before, it can be a little tricky. It takes most people are few times to get the hang of it, but fear not. Here’s a little cheat sheet for you so you’ll have the information, skills and confidence to ask for what you deserve the first time around.

Do Your Research
One of the most important parts of negotiating your salary is knowing your industry. But if you’re entering the professional world for the very first time, you may not have a good reference point for what brand-new elementary teachers or fledgling web designers are supposed to make.

First off, you need to find out what the average salary is for professionals in your industry. These statistics tend to provide the whole salary range, from entry level to the top positions in the field, so you can see where everyone falls.

From there, you need to figure out where you fit into the picture. Are you just graduating college and have little to no work experience? Did you work in your chosen field while you were in school, allowing you to build your resume? Do you have an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree? All of these factors—level of work experience and level of education—can affect the final offer. Use the salary range, or the salary calculators on sites like payscale.com, to determine what your offer should be.

Build Your Budget
In addition to knowing the average salary for your profession, you also need to know how much you personally need to live on for one year. That $ 23,000 salary offer may sound great—until you realize that with your student loans, credit card debt, and living expenses, you need to make a minimum of $ 28,000 (and that’s if you eat Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Start off by figuring your monthly budget for rent, utilities, loans, groceries, car payments, renter’s insurance, and entertainment. Then multiply that by 12. Then add between $ 3,000 – $ 5,000 for emergencies, travel, doctor’s visits, dental cleanings, birthday gifts, or anything else you’ll need to spend money on during the year. Then add how much you want to contribute to your personal savings account each year. That should give you an idea of what your annual salary should be.

So what if your salary offers and your annual budget don’t match up? Then it’s time to do some prioritizing. Cut down your entertainment budget, sell your car and start using public transportation, or find a roommate for the early years of your career. As you get more experience and establish a salary history, you’ll be able to increase your compensation and adjust your budget accordingly.

Consider All Your Options
One of the key elements of salary negotiating is factoring all the options into the equation. It’s easy to forget about the many benefits employers have to offer, and only focus on the cold, hard cash.

So consider exactly what is on the table–are they offering you health insurance (and what kind of insurance; is dental or optical included)? Vacation time? Sick time? Flex time? Relaxed dress code? These benefits don’t always have a set dollar sign affixed to them, but can be worth a lot throughout the year. You have to figure these items in to the annual compensation when you’re contemplating an offer.

The benefits listed above can also be used as a bargaining tool or decision maker. If you can’t quite get the salary you want, for example, see if you can get some extra vacation time instead. If you’ve got two companies presenting you with two enticing financial offers, see which benefit/vacation package works better for you. If one job is offering you more money, take their dress code into account: having a full business wardrobe adds up quickly, so it might not be that much extra after all.

By taking all parts of a job offer into account, you’ll be able to decide which company’s compensation, vacation and insurance policy works best for your lifestyle.

Just Do It
Yes, negotiating your salary can be tricky and intimidating, but don’t let that keep you from learning how to do it. It will be an important skill you’ll need throughout your career, and most companies expect it during the offer process. By showing that you know your field and by asking the right questions, you’re telling future employers that you’ve done the necessary preparation and research, and that makes you that much more desirable as a candidate and as a future employee.

Noel Rozny writes myPathfinder, the bi-weekly career blog for the myFootpath website. myFootpath is a resource to help you in your search for a college, degree program, career, graduate school, and non-traditional experiences. Visit myFootpath to start your college or degree program search.

Sugar Poses Multiple Risks For Seniors

The average American consumes about 3 pounds of sugar weekly. Natural sugars, such as those found in fruit and some vegetables are not as detrimental to health as processed sugar, but their consumption should be controlled. This includes items like bananas and sweet potatoes. Processed sugar is found in foods such as candy, white flour, cookies, French fries, soda, syrup, frosting and pudding, and should be avoided. It is also found in items that are not as obvious, such as mayonnaise, ketchup, peanut butter and many types of breakfast cereals. For seniors that do not have someone to help them with meals, such as elder care services, they may develop or aggravate health problems in many different ways.

Sugar consumption is a leading cause of tooth decay and gum disease. Sugar, saliva and mouth bacteria combine to create cavities. Teeth should always be brushed after consuming sugary foods to minimize its effects. This is difficult for those that do not have the ability to brush their teeth well or at all. A toothbrush can be difficult to grip; toothpaste hard to squeeze. Those with mobility issues may not be able to successfully stand over a sink for the three minutes it takes to brush.

High Cholesterol
Many times, seniors looking to lower their cholesterol levels look for foods low in sodium. While this is a good idea, they sometimes forget to check the label to see how much sugar is in it. Many manufacturers of processed foods lower the salt content and add sugar to make them taste better. While this is good for relieving some health problems, it only creates others.

One of the reasons people are overweight is they eat too many calories compared to their rate of exercise and burning off calories. It is difficult for many seniors to remain active, but very easy to be tempted by high-calorie foods. Many of these contain sugar. Eating a well-balanced diet and having someone provide at home senior care to assist with meal preparation and food choices will help control weight and sugar intake. This can be done by a friend or family member. When this is not an option, seniors and their family members should consider using a home care agency that will assist with these issues.

Diabetes occurs when the body cannot properly process the amount of complex sugars in the body. It can lead to stroke, blindness, poor circulation in the extremities, heart attack and increase of infection. Regulating food intake with a diet low in sugar, combined with a daily exercise routine and sometimes medication will help control diabetes.

Author is a freelance writer. For more information on home healthcare agencies please visit http://www.interimhealthcare.com/