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The Secret to Safely Traveling With Birds

Traveling with your bird can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your bird. Traveling with your bird can also be easy if you follow the guidelines set out in this article.

Traveling In an Automobile

Who wants to go for a ride? If your bird is anything like mine, she loves to hear that question. Going for a ride can be fun and safe if you follow the guidelines of this article. Without making the process sound too technical, there are three distinct stages of travel that you should consider. Those three stages are the Preparation Stage, Travel Stage, and Arrival Stage.

Preparing to Travel With Your Bird by Automobile

You may have a hundred things to plan for before your journey especially on a long trip. However, adding a couple more considerations to allow your bird to go with you will be well worth your time and your bird will thank you.

There are three simple things to consider when preparing for your journey – Food, Water, and Shelter. Simple enough right?

Taking enough food to last the journey is obviously a major consideration. If you are running down to the grocery store then you can forget about this consideration. For longer trips, it is a good idea to make sure your bird has food PRIOR to your journey because your bird probably will not be interested in eating during any short trip. It most likely won’t be interested in eating because it’ll be distracted and/or afraid because of its new surroundings. Providing nutrition prior to travel will also help the bird’s body cope with any travel related stress.

However, if there is a possibility of the trip being extended or the possibility of being stranded away from home (snow, car malfunction, etc) you will still want to make contingency plans. Just take a couple days supply of food, and place it in a Tupperware bowl, or a sealed baggie depending on how much food will be required. Toss it in the automobile and you’ll have it just in case of emergency. The type of food that you take depends mostly on your bird’s normal diet. If your bird will eat pellet food then your food preparation is very simple. If your bird’s diet consists only of fruit and vegetables then your preparation time may take longer. Fruit will generally last a couple days if you wait until feeding time to cut/chop/dice it and most vegetables will also last a couple days. Taking the time to prepare food for your bird will be very beneficial to your mental well being and your bird’s physical well being just in case something goes wrong.

Water is another important thing to consider when preparing for your journey. Much like food, it may or may not be needed depending on the length of your journey. However, just like preparing food in case of an emergency, carrying in a little water is simple and may be very beneficial if something goes wrong which unexpectedly extends your journey. Usually a small bottle of water is all that is required for most journeys. Adding another bottle for longer journeys or in case of an unexpected emergency is easy and may turn out to be beneficial to you and your bird. Fruits and vegetables high in water content provide another means to keep your bird hydrated during travel. Depending on your bird, sometimes they’re more likely to eat an apple slice, grape, orange slice or other food which will provide them with the water necessary to keep them hydrated.

It is a good idea to make sure your bird has water PRIOR to your journey because most likely, your bird will not be interested in drinking during a short trip anyway. It most likely won’t be interesting in drinking because it will be distracted and/or afraid because of its new surroundings. Providing water prior to travel will also help the bird’s body cope with any travel related stress.

Food and Water preparation usually are very simple because we provide our birds with food and water several times a day. Providing for shelter during travel isn’t as common but it can also be very simple. Commercially available carriers for birds are everywhere (online, local pet stores, etc). It is also very simple to convert a small cat or dog carrier into a bird carrier. These can be found at garage and yard sales and usually at very reasonable prices. It is very simple to add a perch to a dog or cat carrier. For plastic rigid carriers, a wooden dowel can be screwed into the carrier using two screws through the side of the carrier into the wooden dowel. For metal carriers, a perch from the bird’s cage can be attached inside the carrier just like it is attached to the bird’s cage.

Whether you’re purchasing a carrier or converting one, there are a couple things to consider. The traveling container should be;

Large enough for the bird to stretch its wings but it isn’t necessary for it to be large enough to fly inside.
It should have openings in it large enough to provide good ventilation. Having ventilation on at least two (2) sides should be sufficient. Ideally, the holes should be large enough for you to stick your fingers inside the cage to give your bird reassuring neck rubs.
It should have openings in it for you to see inside to periodically check to make sure that your bird is ok.
It should have containers inside it to place food and water.
It should have a perch inside it for the bird to stand on.
It should have a handle on it or another means to carry it and to strap it into your automobile seat belts.

Depending on how familiar your bird is with the carrier, you may need to prepare your bird for the carrier. Ideally, you should start this process a couple weeks prior to your departure date. This will allow sufficient time for your bird to get used to the carrier. You can start by letting your bird explore the outside of the carrier with the door open. Eventually your bird will explore the inside of the carrier. You may entice it with a favorite toy or treat. Eventually and gradually, your bird will feel more at ease around and in the carrier. This procedure should be done as far in advance as possible to your departure date in order to give your bird plenty time to get acquainted with the carrier.

To prepare the carrier for travel, all you have to do to the carrier is to put some bedding in the bottom of it such as paper, paper-towels or other suitable bedding and it’s ready to go. On long flights, a favorite toy may be added to the carrier to help distract and amuse your bird during the trip.

One final consideration for your trip should be to include a basic first-aid kit. Though some might find that this is going too far, it is a simple precaution and it takes very little space but may be very rewarding if it is needed.

Here is a short-list summary of the preparation need to take your bird on a journey with you in your automobile.

Feed & water your bird prior to traveling.
Purchase or make a suitable carrier and place bedding into it.
Take enough food & water with you in case of emergency.
Pack a simple first-aid kit.

It’s that simple. This literally takes minutes to prepare for and your bird will thank you for it in the long run.

Traveling With Your Bird in an Automobile

So you’ve spent the time to prepare for the journey and now it’s time to go. What do you do now? There’s really not much to do at this point. Just place your bird in the carrier and put it in the car. The most important thing to do is to strap the carrier into your seatbelt system. This will be critical in the case of an emergency but more importantly it will stabilize the carrier and create a much smoother ride for your bird. This will prevent the carrier from rolling, slipping, and sliding as you start, turn and stop the automobile. It is critical that you disable the air-bag if strapping the carrier into a seat with an airbag. Most automobiles either automatically disable the airbag or you can do it manually. If disabling the airbag isn’t an option, place the carrier in the back seat where there aren’t airbags.

Arriving at Your Destination in an Automobile

So you’ve spent the time preparing for the journey, you’ve finally finished your journey and you arrive at your destination. Now what? Hopefully you’ve read this article and prepared for your arrival because this part of the process is often overlooked. We are usually so excited and/or worried about preparing and traveling that we forget to think ahead to our actual arrival. Here are some thoughts and tips about your destination that you should consider before arriving.

Does your destination allow birds? You should call ahead to verify.
Can your bird get out of the carrier to stretch when you arrive?
Do you have a larger cage to put it into when you arrive?
Can you ship a cage, supplies, food, toy to your destination?
Do you have a harness to let it safely get out of the carrier?
If visiting a friend, will they allow it to get out of the carrier in their home?
Do special precautions need to be taken for its safety at the destination? Are there birds, dogs, or cats around that may harm it?

Summary & Concluding Remarks

Traveling with your pet bird can be a fun experience for you and your bird if your plan for your trip. Spending the time planning will reduce your stress levels and your bird’s stress levels. So plan your trip, grab your bird, go for a ride or a flight and most importantly have some safe fun.

The Author is the creator of the InfoSuperFlyway.com. It’s a web page dedicated to Kibibi a Congo African Grey Parrot with parrot recordings, funny parrot videos, top ten lists, parrot jokes, clicker training info and a large database of parrot articles.

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The Secret of Marketing in a Recession

Though it seems to make sense to cut expenditures in lean economic times, 80 years of data proves that cutting marketing to save money is a losing proposition.

Way back in 1927, the Harvard Business Review published a report tracking 200 companies from the 1923 recession on. The results were clear. The companies that didn’t cut back on marketing – those that advertised the most during that period – enjoyed the biggest sales increases.

Another later study measuring the effects of business-to-business advertising looked closely at the recessions of 1949, 1954, 1958 and 1961. In these tough times, sales and profits dropped for companies that reduced their advertising. In addition, when the recovery came about (as it always will) those same companies lagged behind those that did NOT cut back.

That was proven again by McGraw-Hill Research when examining the financial performance of 600 companies in 16 industries during the recession of 1981-1982. The report, published in Laboratory of Advertising Report 5262, showed that sales for companies which aggressively marketed during the recession rose 256% over those that cut back – and stayed growing for up to three years AFTER the economic downturn.

A Cahners Publishing Company study in 1980 and a Center for Research and Development study in 1990 both concluded that those companies which maintain or increase their advertising during recessionary times stand to gain the most market share during that period (an average of 1.5 points.)
Coopers & Lybrand and Business Science International put it this way in their joint report published by Penton Media in 1993: “Businesses that maintain aggressive marketing programs during a recession, outperform companies that rely more on cost cutting measures. A strong marketing program enables a firm to solidify its customer base, take business away from less aggressive competitors, and position itself for future growth during the recovery.”

There is a book of such research findings entitled Advertising in a Recession by Bernard Ryan, Jr., published in 1999. But these examples will probably suffice to tell the story.

The word “recession” has its origins in the Latin for “move backward.” In an economic recession, when those around them “move backward,” smart marketers do just the opposite. They STEP FORWARD.

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Secret Shopper Jobs

With the growing importance of customer care and service, companies are hiring more Secret Shoppers and evaluators. The Secret Shopping industry has also become a convenient way of making extra money and there are numerous Jobs available to Secret Shopping aspirants in business setups such as restaurants, convenience stores, movie theaters, financial institutions etc.

Before applying for any Secret Shopper Job, make sure that the hiring company is a genuine Secret Shopper Company. Keep in mind that legitimate hiring companies for Secret Shoppers don’t charge any fee for registration, application or training. Most applications are available online. Once you have submitted yours, all you have to do is wait for the company to contact you by phone or email.

Do a little research before applying for a Secret Shopper Job by going through advertisements on the internet or your local paper. After you have registered with a company, make a phone call or send a tidy, short email explaining why you can be an effective Secret Shopper. It would also be advisable to mention a few of your stronger qualities that can be helpful to the industry.

If you are connected to the internet, a good place to start would be websites like http://www.secretshopnet.com which serves a number of clients from US and Canadian consumer oriented organizations. Also check out other companies like National Shopping Service (www.nationalshoppingservice.com), Mystery Shopping Providers’ Association (www.mysteryshop.org), the secret Shopper Company (www.secretshoppercompany.com) and International Mystery Shopping Alliance (www.imsa.org).

After you have decided upon a company that you’d like to register with, all you have to do is fill the application form on the website and submit it. After your application has been reviewed, it will be stored in their database and you will be notified once there is an assignment in your area.


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Dan Kennedy’s Depression-Proofing Secret

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the LAST recession.

It was the 2002 fiasco that followed 9/11, and I had just subscribed to Dan Kennedy’s “NO BS Marketing Newsletter” at the time. And in my first issue, I learned something that changed my entire life.

In fact, this particular lesson has been my constant companion. A “friend” that’s guided me through some pretty scary times. And has kept me out of a LOT of trouble.

Anyway, what was the lesson?

The life-or-death importance of having the ability to produce.

The idea is that, if you cultivate your ability to produce, you will never have to worry about money. Never have lasting financial anxieties. And that you will, in fact, be part of a VERY small group who makes things happen — even if you have to drag the rest of the economy along with you to success.

It was (and still is) extremely inspiring to think about it.

And it was then when I really got SERIOUS about learning to sell.

I started writing out ads in my own hand every day — regardless of how boring the task, or how tired I was.
I made it a habit to read and re-read (at LEAST 10 times) high ticket products I bought.
And, even more importantly, I stopped worrying so much.

Because I just KNEW that by developing my ability to produce (in my case, to sell) everything would come out okay in the wash.

Yes, things would be bumpy and I’d have setbacks.

But I knew everything would take care of itself in the end.

And guess what?

Now that we’re hip deep in an even WORSE recession, I got this bug to pass this life-changing lesson on to you.

To reassure you that, no matter how “hairy” things get, if you hone your ability to produce, you have nothing to worry about.

Your ability to produce is the most valuable skill you can have.

The ultimate asset and investment.

Treat it like a proverbial “money tree” — water it, care for it, and let it GROW — and you’ll inoculate yourself (like a vaccine) against all the poop about to hit the fan.

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