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Presses Deep Peasant Families On False Invoices Over 80,000 Copies Printed – Printing Press, Sham

Gate containing the probe, open house chamber, the Chamber of Secrets in the machine Lian Zhouzhuan, average daily production of 80 thousand copies of false invoices. 24, Xuanwu Public Security Bureau notified, police destroyed a large group fake invoices, collection of 37 thousand copies of false invoices, arresting 11 suspects.

Clues from last June, police arrested a man selling fake invoices 3 groups, a small detail led investigators to pay attention to? This group of people selling fake invoices cheaper. “Most fake invoices were entered from the field of logistics through the city, more consistent price, this group each false invoice cheap 2-3 yuan is likely to produce in the surrounding city.” After six months of Mo Pai police finally Fengtai District South Garden Township found a suspicious dens.

Suspected hideout located in the rural areas is a sizable area of peasant families. Investigators at a distance of 2 km outside the hideout of a guest house of the Monitor found: a black flag every morning are open to the courtyard door car, which was the weight, not light a few cardboard boxes into the car’s trunk, followed by vehicle Lize Bridge bound for the area. Little courtyard out the people during the day.

Mastered the cases committed by law, the Chenzhaoyese, dozens of police quietly close to the yard. One caught by a special police, over the walls, gently drawing the bars, the police rushed to ambush outside the house, “Freeze!” Eight suspects were immediately controlled by the police.

, However, something wrong with that house them the only two double beds and a cupboard full of debris, and no sign of the invoice. When police opened the bed against the wall, they found a body can only huddle drill into the secret passages. Enter secret passages, is an 8-square-meter chamber, which arrayed Print Machine and paper cutter, there are a bundle of false invoices, false invoices, including Car Repair invoices, construction invoices, invoices and other commercial enterprises, variety, variety, also red paint to write on the wall gang slogan “quality to survive, to plunder and development.” In the corner of the room and there is a monitor, along the line, the police found the door sensor installed in the courtyard of a small hole, to monitor the door about 3 meters away, police heart called “good risks”, but for the fast Let the group found.

Suspects accountable, Lize Bridge, a nearby residential areas is that they store goods in warehouses, printed invoices are placed there, there are 3 people care. Eventually, the police detained 11 suspects and confiscated 370,000 copies of fake invoices, seized printing presses, paper cutter each one, and a variety of invoice templates 164. Mr. Han

suspect confessed to the cost of each false invoice 3 yuan, sold “under the Family” 10 dollars “under the home” and then hands, able to “rise” to 50, one day they will produce almost 8 million fake invoices.

“Zhen Xing Cup” 2009 China Top Ten selection screen printing special voting hot in … …

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If you think this kind of ride might be too frightening for your children, you can take them to Looney Tunes Seaport where they can meet their favorite Looney Tunes characters and go on fun rides! Koala Canyon is another interactive area for kids, filled with plenty of fun attractions and games. Children under twelve years of age usually get in for free. If you have any kids older than twelve, you can get some Six Flags Great Adventure coupons online that will help you save some money.

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The Recession is Over, Technically

The recession is over? Really? Well, according to Wall Street and the last few record breaking days, the recession is ‘technically’ over. But, can you tell? Probably not so much.

According to Newsweek, home sales have been on the rise for the past three months, which I entirely believe. We were outbid on three houses during our recent search, during this recession. Before we actually found one that didn’t put us in a heated bidding war, we thought that we would never get one. Housing prices may be down, but first time home buyers are eating up the market in the $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 range, and let me tell you, the competition is tough and growing out there for that perfect first time home. The extra $ 8,000 is a great incentive, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting my check come tax season!

Though the recession is over based on a technicality, the pain and heartache is going to endure for much longer. Right now, the unemployment rate stands at 9.5%, but by the end of this year experts are predicting it to rise about 10%. How can this be if the recession has ended?

Technically, whether we are in a recession or not is dependent upon many things. The stock market has been on the rise since March, and the economy is technically more active than it has been in over a year. In June, seven of the 10 indicators in the Conference Board Leading Economic Index pointed upward, according to Newsweek. These are the factors that are considered when determining recession.

Consumers will continue to struggle through this year, and perhaps some of next year, until they notice things are turning around and their able to find work. While the stock market may be turning around, and the recession may be over, jobs and the demand for supplies are going to be slow to follow.

Consumers are spending less, whether because they are strapped for cash, or because they are afraid they might be soon. The “save you money under your mattress” syndrome is still in effect, and many are taking it to heart by not pumping their money into the market. Until jobs start to pick up, and until consumer confidence rises again, things are going to be tough.

Consumer confidence is at the same place it was back in March, even though the recession is over and home sales are up, consumers are still afraid to spend, according to Forbes. While the stimulus plan is beginning to actively take effect and infrastructure and green jobs are beginning to come back, consumers are not seeing the results. Banks are still withholding loans and still refusing to let go of the reins a bit.

According to Slate, it will literally take the “next big thing” to pull us completely out of these tough economic times. Prolonged periods of high growth have always been spurred by a game-changing megatrend that ultimately touched every segment of the economy: the steam engine, electricity, railroads, the availability of credit, the microchip, and most recently, the Internet, globalization, and cheap money. Finally, when you’re dealing with an economy the size of the United States, you need a pretty powerful lever to create meaningful growth. Having a boom in a few sectors likely won’t be enough, said Slate.com.

Thus, having a growth in green technology or infrastructure might not be the end all solution. When the stimulus money began going out, sectors like education couldn’t use the money to create jobs, it had to use the stimulus money to save jobs and avoid cutbacks. Installing green technologies such as solar panels and wind farms will create jobs for the installers, but, while all of that is going to help us out in the long-long-long-run, it’s a short term fix because after installation it doesn’t take an army of workers to keep that stuff running.

Perhaps health care is our next big adventure. Or, perhaps you have the “next big thing” to turn it all around.

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Whether The Recession is Over Or Not

In stead of looking at crystal ball, let’s see what happen around the global recession. Some people say that it ended but some say that it has not hit the bottom.


I know a guy who gets it right every time. A year and a half ago he correctly predicted that the markets were in for a hammering. He got that right. Then 11 months later, at the height of the crisis, he chirpily predicted that investors could make a killing in stocks. Yet again he had it right – equities promptly staged a remarkable rally.


I called him yesterday. His cheer has evaporated. He’s predicting a violent pullback because the gains of the last few months weren’t based on economic facts, he says. They were fueled by nothing at all. Only time will tell if he is right, but to judge the wisdom of his instincts, I took another look at his earlier forecasts.


Back in January 2008, he predicted that “things are on the way down. The U.S. is trying to stimulate private consumption artificially, but it won’t help. Even in Russia there are plenty of risks because a huge proportion of its GDP is associated with oil.”


In November 2008, my man became optimistic. The crisis was raging in world markets but by and large, he was predicting an upturn – acute crises have to peak at some point, he explained. The acute stage doesn’t last more than a year or two. He didn’t think this crisis was very much different from any other, though he acknowledged that the entire world economy would fall sick, including India, China, Brazil and Russia, all having been infected by America.


“Things will get worse, but not much worse,” he predicted. His conclusion was that it was time to buy stocks, because the potential for gains was greater than the potential for more losses.


Today in August 2009 he’s downbeat again. “The gains this year aren’t based on any real economic developments. Even if the economy was showing clear signs of recovery, even then I’d say stock market prices are too high. Share prices have become bloated, and back in the broad economy, the signs of recovery are weak.”


He predicts that the market is going to screech to a halt because its recovery wasn’t based on solid economic foundations. At these levels, share prices present more risk than potential reward.


The downturn will start with the institutional investors and snowball. “The big players, the institutions, are afraid that the market will get away from them. Their nightmare is to miss the rally. They’d only get out when they were sure a bubble had developed, and that’s exactly what happening. Economists are saying that the recession is over. The problem is that people are captive to their own concepts, because they’d rather get it wrong together with everybody else. Nobody buys a sweater in the summer, even though they know that winter will come.”


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Promising Careers Over Voice

Voice acting is popular thanks to the advent of Internet, digital voice networks and television commercials. However, it can not be denied that voice career is promising work in current time.


Animated Films and TV

Animated features and television series are biggest place for voice actors. Although there will be no make up, no dress up, no traveling to other locations to shoot live-movie, voice acting; the voice actors are not less important than their animated characters. Since animated movies have experienced a steady rise in recent years, there are numerous jobs over voice. The voice career opportunity is equal to both men and women.


The voicing of Scar from “The Lion King” is the most impact character in Jeremy Irons’ career.


Television Commercials

Television commercials or advertisements offer lots of work for voice acting. As a matter of fact, advertisements and commercials cover a larger area of TV broadcast. As a result, the demand for established actors in commercials is rising over time.

John Corbett from “Northern Exposure”


Internet Voice Acting

In the Internet era, voice acting is a potential job thanks to the flood of commercials and advertisements on websites. The career includes software tutorials, audiobooks, advertisements’ narration and Flash presentations.

Software tutorials for learning English online


Video Games

While Internet has become the fastest industry of all time, video game online is also the most earning field with $ 18 billion per year in the United States. Voice actor’s service is a must for video games and audiobooks.

Video game online



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Recession Over?

Depending upon what you read and who you listen to, the economic recession is over or close to over or on the upswing. I am certainly no economic guru so I’ll stay out of the debate but my observations and the businesspeople I talk to regularly tell me that the landscape is far different today from what it was a year ago. Many people have told me that they have had to change quickly to meet the needs of their marketplace and, in many instances, it has worked.

These days many businesses are reporting lower customer counts, lower average sales, or both. So the challenge is to discover ways of attracting more people by offering more of what they want. After typing that last sentence, I realized that is always the challenge – in good times and bad, but today it is even more critical. Doing the same old thing just doesn’t cut it.

Some are offering less expensive products and services. A wine merchant has adjusted the inventory mix with a greater selection of lower priced wines with less space devoted to high priced bottles on the shelves. Seems the vintage wines are gathering dust while having greater variety and deeper inventory of lower priced bottles is actually increasing sales.

A custom jeweler known for beautiful gold and platinum designs has introduced silver into her creations, lowering the price points yet keeping customers who desire her level of design creativity and craftsmanship.

A restaurant offers customers a choice of lower priced “for the not-so-hungry” portions at a reduced price rather than encouraging larger portions that end up in “doggie bags” as they previously had. These lower-cost options keep customers coming instead of staying away.

A distributor has lowered the minimum order requirement and is offering free freight on larger orders. They are finding that many customers who start with small minimum orders are increasing their purchases to take advantage of the freight promotion.

Whether the recession is over or not, don’t wait. Change to become more attractive now!

Larry Galler coaches and consults with high-performance executives, professionals, and small businesses since 1993. He is the writer of the long-running (every Sunday since November 2001) business column, “Front Lines with Larry Galler” For a free coaching session, email Larry for an appointment – Larry@larrygaller.com. Sign up for his free newsletter at http://www.larrygaller.com