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Traveling With Trade Show Displays: How To Find The Unit Most Suited To Your Method Of Travel

All sizes and styles of trade show displays have different levels of portability, and different requirements for shipping and handling. While your method of transport may often be dictated by the type of trade show exhibits you’re bringing along, deciding how you want to ship (or if you want to ship) before you buy can help you streamline the process. Learning which types of trade show exhibits are best for each type of travel will help you make an educated choice at the beginning, saving you a headache later.

If You Travel By Car

Cars are a great way to get around, particularly on the East coast where many important cities are within driving distance. If you have a small company, or just starting out in your industry, or simply want to save a bit of cash, moving your trade show booths in your car could be a great choice.

The major drawback of car travel is that you can’t fit a very large unit inside a small trunk. If you have a sport utility vehicle you are in a slightly better position, but you are still pressed for space. In general, you want a tabletop unit if you intend to transport it in a car, and perhaps a small floor unit if you’re using an SUV. If you have a large unit like a custom stand, you don’t want to try putting it in the car.

If You Travel By Van Or Truck

Trucks and vans have the same advantage as a car, but offer slightly more space. You can usually rent these if your company doesn’t have them, and they are typically big enough to fit your average trade show displays. Because they can be rented, you may choose to use them on the occasion that you have a local show within driving distance, shipping commercially when it’s more convenient.

If You Travel By Airplane

Airplanes are possibly the most common method of transportation for serious convention presenters. If your company uses trade show exhibits as a backbone of your marketing program, you’re going to be traveling to both coasts and probably to other countries as part of your plan. If your units will be going on a plane, they need to be small enough that they’ll fit easily in cargo, or as a carryon. It is rare to see anything larger than a banner stand or pop up unit fit into carryon, as the size restrictions are very harsh.

Placing trade show booths in checked luggage is not a problem, provided they are adequately protected. Checked luggage is notoriously mistreated by the baggage handlers, so you’ll need a hard-sided case in order to keep your stand safe.

If You Are Planning To Ship

For some oversized stands, shipping is the best (or only) option. Shipping can be a hassle, but sometimes the unit is just too large to be realistically transported any other way. Try to avoid using a typical shipping company, and instead seek out one with experience transporting convention materials. If possible, find one with a national network of shipping hubs, so that it travels purely in the hands of experienced professionals.

Chris Harmen writes about Philadelphia trade show displays for Atlantic Exhibits, a leading designer and builder of trade show exhibits in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

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Most famous political families in Japan and the U.S.

In a political family, several members are involved in politics. The Kennedy and the Bush are among famous political families in the U.S. whereas Japan has the Koizumi, Hatoyama, and so on. Below is the list of well-known political clans in Japan and the U.S.


The Clinton

Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. His wife Hillary Clinton used to be a United States Senator for New York. Now she is the U.S Secretary of State serving in the administration of President Barack Obama.


Bill Clinton is considered to be the third youngest president in the American history


As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, became the first former First Lady to serve in a president\’s cabinet



The Bush

George H. W. Bush was the 41st President of the United States between 1989 and 1993. Bush is the father of George W. Bush, the 43rd U.S. President and Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida. George W. Bush moved to the White House in 2001 and served in two terms till 2009.


Like father, like son


George H. W. Bush is the last president to have been a World War II veteran


The Kennedy

John F. Kennedy served as the 35th President of the United States from 1961 until he was assassinated in 1963. His younger brother U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy was killed by Sirhan in 1968. Edward Kennedy, another younger brother of John F. Kennedy, was a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and the member of the Democratic Party.


John F. Kennedy (1917 – 1963)



John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Edward Kennedy


The Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was elected the 26th President of the United States (1901 – 1909). Theodore’s distant relative was Franklin D. Roosevelt who was voted to become the 32nd U.S. President. Franklin was in office from 1936 to 1945.


Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919)


Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882 –1945)


The Adams

John Adams took over the 2nd President of the United States between 1797 and 1801. His son John Quincy Adams then became the 6th U.S. President from March 4th, 1825 to March 4th, 1829.


John Adams (1735 – 1826)


The Hatoyama

Yukio Hatoyama, the Prime Minister of Japan (2009 – 2010), was born in a political family. His great grandfather Kazuo Hatoyama was speaker of the House of Representatives from 1896 to 1897 and then served as the president of Waseda University. Yukio’s grandfather was elected to be Prime Minister three times. Yukio’s father Iichiro Hatoyama was former Foreign Minister.


Yukio Hatoyama was born in “Japan\’s Kennedy family”


The Koizumi

Matajiro Koizumi used to serve as the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications in Japan. His grandson Junichiro Koizumi was in charge of Prime Minister of Japan from 2001 to 2006. Junichiro’s second son, Shinjiro Koizumi, is also a Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party.


Junichiro Koizumi is the only Prime Minister to have served more than five years in office since 1972


Shinjiro Koizumi is the second son of former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi


The Fukuda

Takeo Fukuda was a Japanese politician and the 42nd Prime Minister of Japan between 1976 and 1978. His son Yasuo Fukuda served as the 58th Prime Minister of Japan from 1007 to 2008.


Takeo Fukuda retired from politics in 1990 and died in 1995


Yasuo Fukuda was the first son of a former Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda


The Abe

Shinzo Abe served as Prime Minister for twelve months before resigning in 2007. His grandfather Nobusuke Kishi was a Japanese politician and the 56th and 57th Prime Minister of Japan. Kishi is the elder brother of Eisaku Sato, Prime Minister of Japan (1964-1972). Sato was the longest continual serving prime minister in the history of Japan.


Shinzo Abe was the 57th Prime Minister of Japan


The Aso

Taro Aso was the 59th Prime Minister of Japan from 2008 to 2009. His ancestor Toshimichi Okubo is regarded to be one of the main founders of modern Japan.


Taro Aso has served in the House of Representatives since 1979


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The Most Sought After Careers

Certain professions are so inspirational that people aspire to be part of them. These jobs are most respected careers amongst all fields and demand respect from time to time. They are essential part of society and can’t do without them. These alluring vocations require lot of dedication and they impact on the day-to-day lives of citizens.


Being a doctor has its share of honor and pride. The service that doctors provide help in improving quality of live and thus is highly revered jobs of all. This profession commands respect from all the corners of the globe. Career as a doctor is one of the best service-oriented professions but it involves high level of responsibility, therefore it serves Job satisfaction in return as well. Doctors have a direct impact on our lives as they provide advice about our health and save our lives. In addition, it is a rewarding career offers good monetary benefits.


Career as a scientist is one of the most prestigious professions. They are considered to be at the forefront of medical and technological progress. They do research on interesting subjects and pave the way for new discoveries and explorations; in a way work for the enhancement of human lives. Scientific jobs are often performed as part of a team. One of the best benefits of being a scientist is that you make an impact people’s life.  Scientists are high on the list of respected careers. Being a scientist brings the satisfaction of making a difference in the world.


Engineering is fundamental for economic growth. It is a satisfying, fulfilling profession that appeals to many people. Engineers work for technological advancements and are treated with respect by all. An education in engineering not just exercises your brain but also develops your ability to think logically rationally.


Education is very important for any nation’s growth and teachers are providers of education. They are a vital source for imparting education to the students. Thus, teachers and educators lead the way for the development. Teachers’ affect the society and the future economic growth of a nation; make teaching one of the most respected positions to hold.

Education in India like any other country is the backbone of national growth. Thus, there is ever dire need of good teachers and educators. One of such academies that can provide extraordinary teacher training is ‘The Knowledge Tree’. It is an academy for transformation in education that trains to become best of the professionals in the field of education. So, if you have a strong desire to teach then join the league of this truly honorable profession

The Knowledge Tree is academy for transformation in education which provides extraordinary training to those who seek a career in education. Its various courses train you in teaching, school management and business management. It is part of the Marvel Group which is behind the chain of Presidium Senior Secondary Schools and Mother’s Pride Pre-schools.

Company Contact Information
The Knowledge Tree
11/77, West Punjabi Bagh
New Delhi 110058
phone: +91 78388 38800/11

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Careers That Make The Most Money

So, as you also are a part of this modern vortex, you probably want to get some information about the top careers that make the most money. Even though these days the unemployment rate is high, a few career options still present some great advantages. Of course, these advantages do not only refer to the fact that the persons who occupy these jobs are paid very well but also to the fact that these positions ensure safe career opportunities. By switching to the safest and highest paying jobs field, you can actually protect yourself and your family.

The Highest Paid Careers

In case that you are wondering which is the safest and highest paid niche, you should know that the answer lies in the medical field. In order to give you information that is even more detailed, the following lines provide the top 10 money making jobs within the healthcare niche.

Maxillofacial Surgeon
Healthcare Manager
Healthcare Chief Financial Officer

Finding Solutions

Becoming one of the specialists who can occupy any of the top eight positions requires you to complete years of education and accumulate a vast experience within this field. In case that it is a little bit too late to go back to school and accumulate the necessary experience to occupy such a position, you can look into the last two alternatives. Of course, maybe you still have to complete some courses, but these usually require less time and effort.

If you already practice a job that belongs to any related fields, which ensure an easy transfer to the aforementioned positions, you can start this process by finding out the specific requirements in your area. In addition, you should know that this field offers some other careers that pay well. In order to get a better paying job, you can look into options such as nutritionist, dietitian, psychiatric and nursing aids, laboratory technologist, phlebotomist and x-ray technician.

Top Things to Consider

If you are a little bit worried about the evolution of the medical field, you should definitely put your worries to rest. The healthcare systems provide some of the most reliable jobs, which ensurecareers that make the most money. Some top elements that can easily show you that your worries about the safety of healthcare jobs are not founded remember us the facts that the population is aging; healthcare system is essential even during bad economic times; and healthcare services are impossible to outsource. All these things can convince even the most skeptical persons that the healthcare systems will always be here, to provide the best job opportunities and healthcare services.

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Banking Jobs – Most Demanding Jobs

Banking Jobs has become a coveted career choice not only for students from commerce and economic background but for students with any academic background. Two of the major career options most coveted by people are Bank Clerks and Bank PO. Posts of Bank PO and Bank Clerks are high in demand, because of the good job profiles that these posts hold. They provide a steady income with flexible working hours which makes them highly coveted. Therefore, difficult exams are conducted to recruit candidates for these two posts, as these posts demand high responsibility.

Every year Bank Clerk and Bank PO exams are held, and based on their result many deserving candidates are recruited in the banks. Bank Clerk and Bank PO exam are being conducted by IBPS from this year (2011). The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) will organize the common written exam (CWE) for Probationary Officers / Management Trainees and Common Written Exam for Clerical Cadre in the Public Sector Banks (19 participating banks) to recruit candidates in 19 Public Sector Banks.

The questions asked in bank exams depend on the posts for which the exam is conducted. However, general knowledge questions cover one of the major portions of the bank exam questions. Therefore, one has to have good knowledge about the current affairs especially in the field of banking, trading and finance.  One can read newspapers and underline new words, later one can look up for them in the dictionary. Reading newspapers also helps increasing general knowledge which is an important section of the question papers of IBPS Bank PO and IBPS Bank Clerk Exam. There are model question papers available on the internet, which are very helpful. They help you get a gist of the kind of questions asked and the marking scheme of the question paper. The syllabus is vast and each subject needs to be given equal importance. You also need to work on your vocabulary as a separate section consists of vocabulary.

Many students end up failing in the bank exams even after through practice and study. One of the reasons for this might be that they are misguided about the preparation method or are uninformed about the exam pattern and marking schemes. Either of the mentioned reasons is a product of unawareness on the candidates part. You need to search for information related to the exam pattern and the kind of questions asked which would give you a gist of the pattern followed. Supplementary notes are very important which are easily accessible on the internet. In addition, it is important to be updated with the current changes in the syllabus if any


Download list of bank recruitment , list of Ibps recruitment and get tips for CWE then visit jagranjosh.com .

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Texas BBQ ? Most Popular Texas Cousin

The people of Texaslove to cook and you will definitely find a wide variety of food in this part of the country. In the recent past, the population of the state has increased significantly. This is mostly due to the fact that Houston, Texasis home to many of the fortune 500 companies and these companies are generating thousands of jobs of every year even in these hard economic times. Many people are moving to Houstonand Texasfor these jobs and they are adding more flavors to already multicultural state. This means that you will find more varieties of food here than anywhere else in the country. You will very easily find cousins from all over the world. Cultural influences from all over Europe, Mexico South America, and more importantly from Asiaare shaping the culinary traditions of the state. There are some cousins that remain in the minds of people like chili, steak, barbecue, fried chicken but the traditional dishes like Texas BBQ are the most popular and many people who move here like to taste it. These traditional cousins are the most vital part of culinary tradition of the state ofTexas.

Winter inTexascan be very harsh and people ofTexaslike to keep themselves warm in these frigid conditions. This is the reason that Chili is the most popular food of the state. It is also the state’s official food and it is an essential part ofTexaswinter foods. Chili is traditionally made with meat, which has been either cut into bite sized chunks or ground. Well made Chili also includes a lot of spices including chili powder. Tomatoes are essential with this dish but beans are not necessarily to be included with traditional chili. Chili is usually served in bowl with onions and cheese on the top and crackers on the side.

The most loved food in the state and especially in the city of Houstonis still the barbeque. BBQ Houston is usually prepared on wood on charcoal. This is to be expected from the world leader in beef production thatTexas is renowned for tasty steaks. Many people like to cook BBQ on gas or electric grills but the wood and charcoal grills are most widely used to prepare the dish. The preferred types of wood used in the preparation of barbeque are hickory, mesquite, maple or apple. The type of wood is the reason for the difference in tastes of the dish. The flavor of the cousin can only be achieved by using the appropriate type of wood in the grill. The other reason for the good taste ofTexas style BBQ is the fact that it prepared on low temperatures for longer periods of time. Low temperatures means that the meat will cook perfectly. This helps to achieve perfect tenderness even to the most inner parts of the meat cuts. Cooking on low heat also means that the fats melts on the meat and add to the taste of the cousin. One precaution has always to be taken that flame of fire should never touch meat because it will burn and taste awful. 

Read more about the best texas bbq in houston. I have written some more daily life facts about houston plumbers, houston auto repair and best houston realtors.

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Most Hated Jobs by CareerBliss

CareerBliss has conducted a survey of hundreds of thousands of employees and compile the list of most hated jobs in 2011.


Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is in charge of advertising and promotion of the company. The job involves practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities. In other words, a marketing manager must work on developing strategies to meet sales objectives which are based on market behavior and customer surveys. According to survey by CareerBliss, the most dissatisfaction of this job is lack of direction. Most respondent said about the job as “tolerable” or “It is a job”.

Marketing Manager


Technical Support Analyst

Technical support analyst helps people with computer issues as well as panicked customers. They work in various environments and have a travel bit even when on weekends or holiday


Electronics Technician

Electronics technicians are persons who are in charge of troubleshooting and collecting data for electronic systems. The technicians have constant contacts with customers and must solve the problems under intense pressure


Senior Web Developer

They design, develop and maintain applications for the Internet. They are expected to understand both client-side and server-side contexts


Director of Sales and Marketing

A director of sales and marketing is responsible of making plans and carrying out the efforts to promote companies and business. In addition, they are also in charge of budget management, public relations and employee training


CNC Machinist

CNC machinists are responsible for operating computer numerical control machines. Due to advance technology, these machinists do nothing than push buttons and perform equipment inspections


Law Clerk

Law clerk, who has always been the top position in law school, helps judges to write opinions


Technical Specialist

A technical specialist must have knowledge of engineering and Linux. However, the CareerBliss cites about this job as “lack of communication from upper management” and “input was not taken seriously”


Product Manager

While in some companies, product manager requires simply evaluating what products are best suited to a company’s business model, the job requires also marketing, resource management in some other companies


Director of Information Technology

The most hated job by CareerBliss is IT director. As information technology becomes a necessary part of business, IT director works like a CEO


Marketing Managers Job Description


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Most Popular Jobs in 2010

Many job hunters welcome 2010 with an eagerness that the job market will be recovered after the serious economic recession. In accounting and finance, salaries are actually expected to increase by an average of .5 percent in 2010. Thus, let’s take an in-dept look at the list of the most popular jobs in 2010 as follows:


Executive assistant

Executive assistants are supposed to support multiple managers and take on a wide range of duties. Moreover, their average salary is ranged from $ 37,010 to $ 52,042.


Executive assistants


Medical record clerk

Hospitals are going digital, so they need workers who can help them scan and process patient data, and the average hourly salary are from $ 9.58 to $ 12.83.


Medical record clerk


Senior financial analyst

Senior financial analysts are responsible for evaluating financial plans, budgets and figure out way to increase profits with the average salary at from $ 44,212 to $ 60,938.


Senior financial analyst


Customer service representative

Customer service needs to be gentle and polite with customers under any circumstances, and the average hourly salary is from $ 10.60 to $ 14.19.


Customer service representative


Network administrator

Network administrator is considered the most in demand position of any Information Technology job and is supposed to speak cloud computing, Voice over IP, and software. Of course, this job can earn average salary at from $ 41,620 to $ 60,459.


Network administrator


Credit manager/supervisor

Credit manager or supervisor has to keep cash flowing by evaluating credit risk and getting delinquent accounts to pay up, and the average income for this job are from $ 39,317 to $ 64,892.


Credit manager/supervisor


Tax accountant

Tax accountants are in charge of helping companies save money by managing their tax bills, so their average salary comes from $ 42,135 to $ 55,564.


Tax accountant



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Various Jobs That Have Been Named As the Most Recession Proof Careers

Thousands of Americans have lost their jobs during this recession and many of them are trying to figure out what type of career should they go into now and what ones are considered to be recession proof. Recently Time magazine listed the top 150 careers that are considered to be strong to have during a recession and hope to lead to some job security in tough economic times. Some of those jobs include several in the health and medical fields such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and veterinarians. Some of the others are Nashville accounting by a Nashville accountant, computer systems careers, and environmental scientists and other environmental related careers.

During a recession, the one thing that does not change even when the economy does is the need for medical care and health care. Actually, that need may increase as people have increased stress that can lead to additional health related problems. Because of this reason, most of the jobs related to medical and health care are secure and strong during a recession. Doctors, especially surgeons are in great need and will continue to be so and there is also currently a shortage of nurses in the country so not only is that a recession proof job but one that you can pick and choose the best job offer to take.

Other medical or health related jobs that are strong in economically hard times are various therapist jobs like a physical therapist and a occupational therapist. People that are injured or suffering from some kind of neurological or developmental problem continue to need the services of these therapists to improve their symptoms or to get rid of them altogether. A physical therapist helps to get the patient back on the feet after surgery or an injury and to rehabilitate their body physically. An occupational therapist helps other types of patients regain their independence by working on their daily tasks that are needed to get through a day on their own.

The same thing holds true for animals as it does for people in that they will continue to need medical care and that is why all of the jobs related to the medical care of animals like a vet or a vet tech that can help animals when they are sick or injured. One of the unfortunate things that has happened during the recession is many owners can not afford the cost of care for their pets and are bringing them to shelters at an alarming rate.

Other jobs that have been considered recession proof are ones that involve computer systems as that area of technology is continually growing and in high demand and need. Another area that is growing due to changes with people and the government encouraging these changes are all careers related to the environment like environmental scientists for example. As we are encouraged to help be more environmentally conscious, these scientists are needed to help keep track of the data pertaining to our environment.

Connor R. Sullivan recently asked an expert for help with Nashville accounting for a business venture he is planning. He found a Nashville accountant that was perfect for the job.

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