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Obtaining A Lost U S Passport Replacement While Traveling Overseas

When traveling abroad in a foreign country, even the simplest tasks can be more complicated. When there is a language barrier, things become even more difficult. You can imagine how a normally difficult task in your home country, such as lost passports replacement, can be a stressful thing to deal with while traveling. In order to make the process run as smoothly as possible, it is best to be prepared ahead of time.

Most people would never leave on a vacation without first packing their bags, making reservations at a hostel or hotel and saving up a little bit of spending money. So why would you leave on vacation without taking all the necessary precautions to deal with a lost passport? A little bit of planning can help tremendously in a complicated situation like applying for a replacement Emergency American Passport in a foreign country.

Before leaving your home country, you should make copies of everything. You should pack your passport, credit cards and ID in a different bag than the copies you made. If your backpack with all of your important documents gets stolen, you will still have the copies to prove to the embassy that you are who you claim to be.

Another thing you should do before leaving on your trip is set money aside for such a situation. Many people have an emergency fund in case of a medical accident or stolen travelers checks. Prepare for a situation where your passport and credit cards are lost or stolen by talking with a friend about the possibility of them lending you money to replace the passport.

If you are already traveling and you notice your passport missing, you should immediately call local authorities to report it. If it was stolen they can begin searching for the person who stole it. Often times you cannot get a new passport until you have officially reported your original one missing.

If you have computer access, you should log onto the American embassy’s website and download a DS-11 form. Fill out the form and bring it with you to the embassy. This form, along with identification and a fee will allow you to get a new passport. Original identification cards such as a driver’s license will work best, but if you only have photocopied versions, bring those.

You will be required to pay a fee for the passport. Without paying this fee you cannot receive the document. If your money was stolen or lost with the passport, you should contact family and friends to see if they can wire you money.

Losing your passport should not mean that you have to miss or delay flights. Furthermore, lost passport replacement can be a speedy process if you are adequately prepared ahead of time to deal with the situation. Expedite the process with Emergency Pass Port services. This way, you’ll get a temporary passport in time to make it onto your flight.

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Expedited, Lost, Or Stolen Passport – How to Get One While Traveling

Keeping a copy of your original passport and spare passport sized photos are the best precautions you can take in case you need an expedited lost or stolen passport replaced. In the event that you are traveling outside your country, it may be unlikely that you would have proof of citizenship, like a birth certificate handy. It is also very easy to get emotionally distraught when you lose your passport while traveling. However, most countries have a procedure to replace your documents. If you calmly follow the steps, you can acquire a replacement.

Before you freak out, take a few moments to search your luggage and any bags you may have inadvertently put your passport in. Ask your traveling companions to check their purses or knapsacks as well. Often, a passport that is thought to be lost can turn up in a pocket or tucked into a guidebook. Search systematically and without panicking.

If you determine that your passport is really lost or has been stolen, contact the local authorities and file a report. The copy of this report may help you when you are applying for a replacement and when you are talking to airlines about changing tickets. It is unlikely, but possible, that your passport will be found and turned in. So, it is a good idea if the local authorities know where you are located to return it to you or to call you to pick it up.

After you have gotten a report from local police, it is time to go to the embassy or consulate of your own country. Find out the steps that you need to follow to get a temporary passport. Record the address, phone number and hours that the consulate is open for future reference.

When you are out of the country, it is unlikely that you will be issued a full passport. The emergency document is a temporary stand in until you can get home and replace your passport through regular channels. Replacement passports are a way that you can complete your travel or travel on short notice, such as cases of a lost or stolen passport.

One nice feature of having email access is that it can give you access to a copy of your passport, if you take the precaution of scanning the documents and emailing them to yourself before departure. This removes the possibility of hard copies being lost or misplaced. It is a good idea to carry additional passport photos with you, however.

A passport photo must have some specific qualities. Their size is two inches by two inches with a clear view of your face. Do not wear hats, sunglasses or anything that blocks your face in a passport photo. They are taken against a light colored background. Having the passport photos ready can speed up processing of your emergency documentation.

Using these steps many assist you in getting an expedited lost or stolen passport replaced in time to get to your flight. Once you have returned to your home country, you can follow the regular procedure to apply for a replacement. There are some companies that specialize in passport expediting that may be available if you require additional assistance.

Has America really lost its Study Charm after recession

The number of Indian students applying to American universities dropped for the first time last year but experts say this is only a temporary phenomenon. If the latest report of the US Council of Graduate Schools is any indication, then the American dream seems to have lost its magnetic charm for Indian students.

The report has recorded a decline of 14 per cent in admission offers to prospective students, in addition to a 16 per cent drop in first-time enrollments and a 12 percent reduction in the number of applications for graduate studies from India. It is based on a survey conducted between February and October last year.

Are Indian students finally beginning to look beyond the US? The jury appears to be out on the issue, as is clear from the views expressed by top educationists and educational consultants interviewed by this writer.

It is a clear trend. The number of Indian students going to the US is on the decline. An important factor responsible for the decline is that the Indians now have a wider choice of Study Abroad. Earlier, Indian students looked only at the US, UK and Australia as higher education destinations but these days, they are casting their net wide and exploring countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore for higher education.

Besides, India is also emerging as a competitor in the international education market because of some very fine management schools in the country. But, despite the decline, the US will always remain the number one destination because of the quality of education its universities offer. It is true that the global economic crisis has dented the image of the US as a higher education destination, but an American degree gives a definite advantage. For example, a person with a Ph.D. from an American university can get a job as faculty member anywhere without any difficulty.

Indian students may just like to join low cost, high quality programmes in India, instead of shelling out up to Rs 30 lakh for an American degree. The global economic recession, which hit the US harder than India, has made Indian students a bit wary of pursuing higher studies in America because job prospects there are drying up.

Some education experts say, It is true that there was a drop in the number of Indian candidates applying in the US last year but this is a short-term phenomenon. American universities continue to ensure qualified international students feel welcome on campus and receive admission and financial aid..

An overwhelming 92 per cent of Indian students, it reported, rated the US as the top higher education destination, followed by the UK and Canada. The study also shows that over the past decade, the number of Indian students in the US had gone up by more than 175 per cent, from under 37,500 in 1998- 99 to over 1,03,000 in 2008- 09. India has been the leading source of international students in the US since 2002, when it surpassed China. Since 2008, Indians have comprised over 15 per cent of all international students in the US. The drop last year may have been a flash in the pan.


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