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How to Protect Your Laptop Hard Drive While Traveling

You know when you purchase a laptop it will probably take at least a few trips with you. Whether you are a businessperson on the go or lucky enough to be going on vacation, sooner or later you’ll be bringing your computer with you. It’s important to realize how much you stand to lose if someone walks off with it. Everything from your address, possibly your social security number, bank account information, corporate information, and more can fall into the hands of a nefarious person. The following steps will aid in protecting you if your computer is stolen:

Use a BIOS or hard drive password
Use Bitlocker Drive Encryption or Windows file encryption
Choose a strong password

Many laptops these days come with built in hard drive encryption on the BIOS. The Basic Input/Output System is the first little piece of software that starts when you press the power button on your computer. If you go into its settings and look under security, you will see something to the effect of hard drive security, protect this hard drive with a password. This basically tells the drive not to accept any command other than the enter password command and will render it completely useless without the correct response.

If you find your computer doesn’t have the previous type of protection you should consider using some type of  Windows encryption. This can come in a couple of different flavors depending upon which operating system you are using. If you have XP Pro, your only option is to use file encryption. Pick the folders you want to protect such as your My Documents folder and right-click it. Go to properties, advanced, and check encrypt contents to secure data. Make sure you apply it to the folder and subfolders. This will prevent anyone from being able to read or copy your sensitive data without knowing your user password. The next option is newer and only applies to Vista or Windows 7. It’s called BitLocker Drive Encryption and encrypts your entire hard drive. Unfortunately, it’s only available with Ultimate and Enterprise versions.

The final line of defense if your computer is stolen is to pick a good, strong user password. That way if someone pulls your hard drive and runs a password cracking tool on it it will be exponentially tougher for the program to decipher your password. A strong password should be a bare minimum of eight characters and consist of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters.

In addition to the above-mentioned tactics, something as simple as using a cable lock while you are not around your laptop and having some type of locating software installed on your system will prevent or help locate your computer if it’s stolen. You can imagine how important it is to protect your data on your laptop. If nothing else, it provides piece-of-mind if you discover your computer has decided to take a ‘vacation’ on its own.

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Organizing Cords When Traveling With Laptop

When you travel with your laptop, you will find that this device will be very useful that allows you to stay in touch with your business partners. You can download documents, receive and send email. But, bringing laptop with its accessories that include cords and other peripherals can be very annoying. However, you should organize them well if you want to bring your laptop so that your travel will be a nice experience. Additionally, you should make sure that it is fully charged. This will make the device is always ready to use especially when you travel with plane.

Power cords
You will find that laptop power cord is difficult to store since it has a bulky AC adapter. With its shape and weight, you should store the cord separately. When you want to store the power cord, you should disconnect it from the adapter. After that, you should fold it in the same length so that it will be easy to store. You can use a twist tie to make it neat then you can tape it to the adapter. Additionally, you should do the same way to the thicker power cord with larger metal twist or zip tie. Then, store those power cords in your laptop bag.

If you travel with more than one laptop, you should mark which cord that goes to which laptop. You put labels on them so that you will get the easiness in finding the cord that you will need. Also, you can do it by storing the cord in a plastic Ziploc bag before you mark it.

Multiple Cords
Some of you might bring other peripherals for your laptop. If you have this condition, you will have to store multiple cords for printer, mouse or modem. As storing your power cords, you should coil with tape or zip tie for each cord for the peripherals and make labels for them. In making labels for those cords, you can use abbreviation. Another way is to store each cord in its bag so that with a mark on it.

Those are easy ways to store cords for your laptop when you are traveling. By storing them well, you will get the easiness when you want to use them. As the result, you will have a nice traveling.

Traveling with laptop will require you to have special bag to keep this device. If you have 17-inch laptop, you might need one of 17 inch laptop cases for your laptop. To find out more about the briefcases, you can click laptop briefcases.

Tips to protect your laptop when traveling

When you are traveling, you will find that the safety of your laptop is an important thing that you should pay attention. In your destination, this will be very bad if you find your laptop is damaged or missed. You will be stress of losing the data in the laptop. Thus, you should do proactive action to avoid this condition.

You should make sure that safety of your laptop when you are about to leave your house. You should make a good plan so that you will have a nice travel. There are some procedures that you can follow to ensure that your laptop is secured well. So, you will not lose any information inside it.

1st procedure: make label on your laptop
You should make a certain label for your laptop. Write any information about you ion the label and put it on the bottom or on the top of your laptop. You should make sure that you do not put it over any air vents on the laptop. You will find that this will be hard to find if the airport is busy.

2nd procedure: make a copies of important data in your laptop
Before leaving home, make sure that you have to back up of the data that you will need before the travel. You can copy your data on a flash drive and keep it separately with the laptop. This will be very useful just in case of losing your laptop during the travel.

3rd procedure: pack your laptop perfectly
When you want to pack your laptop, make sure that you keep it in the bag that is designed for this purpose. You will find that there are many options that you can find in the market. The laptop bag will ensure the safety of your laptop since this will protect the device bumping other luggage compartments in the airport. But, you have to make sure that you choose the right measurement so that the bag will give maximum protection for the laptop.

When you are about to purchase laptop bag for your laptop, you can choose one of wheeled laptop cases or laptop briefcases. This will give you the easiness in carrying the laptop.

Many Families Report Christmas Day Laptop Theft

Industry leader Snuko, P.L.C. offers the perfect accompaniment to new laptop: fulltime anti-theft security. Laptops have been highly touted was one of the most exciting holiday gifts to receive. Teenagers, parents and grandparents alike are overjoyed upon opening a brand new iMac or netbook. Christmastime crooks are overjoyed as well. As many families travel to and fro on the holiday, thieves are prepared to quickly and expeditiously enter your home and make off with your newly acquired electronics. While it may seem like an extremely heinous gesture, law enforcement reports incidents of theft every year on Christmas Day, and this year was no exception.


Crooks in Swindon, Wiltshire county U.K., gained entry through an insecure window and completely wreaked havoc on their unsuspecting victims. As the family slept, the crooks made off with videogames, a brand new laptop and, unbelievably, a new puppy. The fraudsters were long gone before the children and parents realized what had happened. With Snuko’s GPS-enabled software, the family could have easily and swiftly located the missing laptop, the thief and hopefully the rare-breed bulldog stolen from underneath their Christmas tree.


California burglars spread holiday cheer by breaking in to steal Christmas gifts while families are gathered at church. In an alarming attack, burglars stole a Sacramento-area family’s laptop computer, its attached printer and all the children’s Christmas presents. Had the laptop been enabled with BlackBox technology, Snuko could have remotely disabled it from use. Even on Christmas Day.


Many would think that a joyous occasion would bring about the best in everyone. Quite the contrary as law enforcement reports nearly 50 burglaries every Christmas. Crooks know homes are filled with gifts and gadgets and are eager to get their hands on all the latest technology. As the Sacramento county sheriff’s department reports: “Christmas day is definitely a target.”


On everyone’s Christmas list for next year should be a copy of the strongest anti-laptop-theft software money can buy: Snuko’s BlackBox.


View original article here: http://snukoantitheft.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/many-families-report-christmas-day-laptop-theft/


Traveling With Your Laptop

Today many people find that taking a trip without their laptop is almost impossible. If you are a writer or researcher then you laptop is a vital tool for your profession.

If you are traveling for your business then being able to say in touch via email is just as crucial.

If you are just going on a vacation then before you leave you need to give some thought to your itinerary and decide if you will really have time to use the laptop before you make the decision to lug it along. If you plan to just check and respond to your email then you may want to just work at an internet café from time to time. If you think you will need to reference some of your files then take them along with you on an external USB storage device.

The odds are higher that your laptop will be stolen while you are traveling than when it is at home or in your office.

So, before and during your trip you need to take some precautions. 

Make a full backup of your laptop’s hard drive.
Affix a business card with your cell phone number on it to the bottom of your laptop. Be sure and include your area code.
Consider putting a bright or unique label on your laptop and bag so that you can easily spot it.
Watch closely your laptop (and other items) as they come out of the x-ray belt. Do not get distracted with your own activity of going through the security machine.
Never leave your laptop unattended.
Put your laptop in a different case. One that does not look like a normal laptop case.
Make sure you have secured the laptop before taking a nap in a public place such as an airport terminal, bus or train waiting areas. Place the laptop between your feet or in the chair with you between you and the chair arm. You may want to go so far as to cuff it to your wrist.  There are special laptop locks made for this purpose. These locks can also be used to lock the laptop to a table or bed in the hotel rooms while you are out.
Consider taking an extra battery and an extension cord. 

One method of backing up your data is a software product named Lojack. This software can help secure your documents and also help recover your computer if it is stolen.

Another option is to consider Spiye.com. This software runs in the background and with your computers webcam takes pictures ever few minutes. This way you can see the person using your computer and they also show their IP address to help you or law enforcement track down your computer.

If traveling by airplane, you need to know that most airlines consider your laptop as your one personal item that you can carry-on during your flight. So, your laptop may have to take the place of your purse, a diaper bag or your one piece of carry-on luggage that is allowed. 

A lot of this is just common sense, but when we are in the middle of packing and making all the other arrangements so we can travel, we just don’t take time to stop and think so our common sense can kick in. 

Hopefully this has given you some friendly reminders and you will have a safe and hassle free trip.

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