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Visit Shiraz Atiq Jame’ Mosque during Your Traveling in Iran

Atiq Jame’ Mosque dates back to the reign of Saffarid Amr bin Leys and its grandeur has been described in great detail by Ibn Batuta and Madame Dieulafoy in their writings while traveling in Iran. The Saffarids hailed from the province of Sistan in Iran. They ruled from 867 AD to 903 AD and have been responsible for the construction of many public buildings among which this mosque is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the country.

This structure was built in 894 AD to commemorate the win over Abbassid Caliph al-Movaffaq by Amr Leys. In fact, he was involved in many wars which led to the destruction of the mosque several times. But each time, the structure was rebuilt and its beauty was restored. Some beautiful Saffavid restoration is outstanding with dark blue colors.

The Inside of the Mosque

You will be impressed by the good condition of Atiq Jame’ Mosque even today. The reconstruction work was carried on by the succeeding rulers including the Pahlavi kings. The Department of Archaeology and the local people of Fars province have also contributed to preserving the dignity of this grand building.

When you visit Shiraz, you will see that this mosque had six portals and many huge Shabestans. Most of them are in ruins now. Originally, the courtyard or the Sahn had marble flooring. The vestibules which opened to the courtyard had stone basins where the people washed their feet before entering.

Khuda Khane or House of God is a cubic building situated in the middle of the courtyard. The presence of this element in this mosque in unique as you don’t often see such structure inside the courtyard of the mosques.

The Main Portal of Atiq Jame’ Mosque

The most important portal was on the northern side and was known as The Twelve Imams. While traveling in Iran, you can admire the stone work on the piers and borders of the portal. Brick work has also been done on the structure with the finishing touch being provided by glazed mosaic tiles. When you visit Shiraz, you can read the verses from Quran written on the portal with arabesque designs in the background.

In Atiq Jame’ Mosque, a vestibule connects the portal with the entrance, with numerous blind arches around it. Stalactites cover the ceiling, which is again decorated with verses of Quran on all the sides. Besides this, you can also see many inscriptions belonging to Safavid era.

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Visit Qazvin Atiq Jame’ Mosque during Your traveling in Iran

Atiq Jame’ Mosque in Qazvin is used for large congregations and is one of the best structures to see while traveling in Iran. Located in Qazvin province, it is one of the oldest mosques in the country and still stands tall in the city despite being ravaged by the atrocities of time.

Harun-al-Rashid is said to have started the construction of this mosque in 807CE. The building was reconstructed and many additions were made to it by the succeeding rulers. The last trace of work seems to have been done during the rule of the Safavids.

History of the Building

When you visit Qazvin, you can notice there are 2 layers in the main dome of Atiq Jame’ Mosque. Research shows that this dome was built by the Seljuks. It holds some fine relief calligraphy of the days gone by. Most parts of the building were ruined and efforts are on to reconstruct and conserve as much of the precious architecture and artwork as possible. Studies point to the fact that the mosque has been built on a Zoroastrian fire temple.

Need to Safeguard It

While traveling in Iran, you will hear many anecdotes of the Mongol invasion. But despite attempts to destroy the structure, it is still in a reasonably good condition even today. People who visit Qazvin also make a trip to this beautiful Atiq Jame’ Mosque.

A great part of the building has now been converted into a public library. There is still a Shabestan and Ab anbar (water reservoir) in the mosque, which are protected by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization to maintain the honor and dignity of the structure.

Pride of Qazvin

Like all the grand mosques you will see while traveling in Iran, Atiq Jame’ Mosque also has 2 attractive minarets and you can almost feel that an ivan should have been near it. The style of architecture resembles the Central Asian mosques and it is believed that many people gathered in the building to offer their prayers in the olden days. The building occupies an important place in the history of Qazvin, which served as the capital city of the Safavid dynasty in 1548.

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