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Traveling To The Beautiful City Of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a lovely city of India which has a rich history and culture. It is rapidly developing and becoming a major hub of information technology in the country. You will like the friendly people you can find here. This city has something to offer for people of all ages.

It is best to know about public holidays before visiting any city. This will help you avoid the disappointment of landing in the city only to find most of the bazaars and places closed down due to holiday.

The thing that visitors most love about Hyderabad is its delicious food. This place is called as ‘The Land of Biryani’ and is famous worldwide for its rich variety of cuisine. The amazing thing is that, when compared to other places, the food here is very cheap. So you can try out many different dishes without hurting your wallet too much.

Other than food, Hyderabad is also famous for shopping. It is well-known for pearls, bangles and handicraft. There are many bazaars here like the Laad Bazaar, Monda Market, Sultan Bazaar etc. Then there are famous historical places to visit here like the Charminar, Golconda fort, Falaknuma Palace and Salar Jung Museum.

When you visit any market for shopping, be sure to haggle a lot for prices as most of the shopkeepers will quote exorbitant price for their goods when they see a foreigner. So you should be prepared to bargain a lot in order to get a fair deal.

Traveling to Hyderabad:
It is super-easy to reach Hyderabad as it is very nicely connected with all other cities of India. You can reach here by rail, bus or flight. Hyderabad is well-connected even with international cities, specially Gulf countries.

Almost all major airlines of the world have flights to Hyderabad. Recently, a new international airport opened up here called ‘Rajiv Gandhi International Airport’. It is located at Shamshabad which is nearly 25 kms from the heart of the city. This new airport has replaced Begumpet Airport which was in use from several years.

If you are in some part of India and want to reach Hyderabad, then the best option is to travel by train. It will be much cheaper than flights and you can see some amazing sights of rural India along the way. You will be able to enjoy scenic beauty of India and see some places which you will not be able to see otherwise.

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IT Jobs in Hyderabad

Technology is the term, which has changed the entire world and the lifestyle of people these days. This has made Hyderabad a huge hub of IT, which is now called as Cyberabad or Hitech City. Which has made the youngsters to rethink about their future?

Being the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is often called as Silicon Valley of India.  Earlier people had no choice but the IT industry has changed the entire world, which has made the top most IT companies to establish their headquarters in the Pearl City, Hyderabad.

Nowadays, large numbers of students are opting careers in IT field depending on their qualification and experience. IT jobs in Hyderabad are expected to increase more in the coming years. Fresher’s can get various jobs in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Few of the SEO jobs in Hyderabad, are:

Link Builder
SEO Analyst
Internet marketers
Content Writers
SEO Fresher’s

It always depends on the companies to hire them depending on their abilities and the candidates should perform each and every task assigned by them. Students should always choose the right company which is reputed and promises a good future to them. Hyderabad Jobs are easier to find because of its developed infrastructure. There are many job portals where one can find these kinds of jobs, some of them are:


These are few best job portals in India, which maintain world class standards in providing services to their clients. The employees who are seeking job placements in the IT field or any other sectors can upload their resume, also workout on your skills and highlight them on your resume and wait still the right opportunity that knocks their door.

There are many classifieds sites also where; people can find part time jobs or jobs like work from home. Students need to work hard to get jobs these days as the competition is much tougher when compared in the past few years.


Our vision is to ensure everybody enjoys and achieve their goals, see Hyderabad jobs to make many dreams come true. We are busy guiding youngsters to find their suitable jobs by searching in Hyderabad Classifieds.

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Jobs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, also known as Cyberabad, or the silicon valley of India, is the hub of IT and Software industry in the country. The city is known for its infrastructure and the technological developments it has gifted to the whole world.

Most of the top IT companies have their headquarters based in the city of Hyderabad. It is also the pearl city of India and the capital of Andhra Pradesh. All these factors, makes it a very attractive job destination. IT, Software, networking are few of the fields, in which a candidate can easily find a job in Hyderabad. The presence of numerous IT and software companies makes it all the more easy to find a Job in Hyderabad. The interests of the youngsters have increased towards the IT field, which is because of the development of the IT sector in India. Technology is the term, which has overpowered the whole lifestyle of the human beings these days. This leads to the demand of more of engineers and IT experts in India, which is proportional to the increase in the number of IT Jobs in India.

Networking is an important sector, which enables the proper functioning of the IT sector and a large number of students can be seen opting it as a career. Hardware and Networking jobs are easily available in Hyderabad, because of the web the IT companies have formed in the city. For grabbing a good networking job, the candidate must have a qualified degree from a renowned college in India. The courses and the career options in Hardware and Networking field have increased with time. Depending on the qualification and experience, a candidate can get various jobs in Networking. Few of the Networking jobs in Hyderabad, are:

Job as a Network Administrator
Job as a Network (Systems) Engineer
Job as a Network (Service) Technician
Job as a Network Programmer/Analyst
Job as a Network/Information Systems Manager

The roles and responsibilities of these people are different, depending on the level of the job they are working on. The candidates must see that they perform each and every task assigned to them with full dedication and that they are very fair to the responsibilities handed to them. The candidate should always opt for job in a company, which is reputed in the market and which promises a good growth to its employees. Few of the top IT and telecom companies in India, where candidates can apply for networking jobs, are:

HCL Technologies
Reliance Infocom

All these companies maintain world class standards in providing services to its customers; therefore, they expect the same from their employees. The employees working in these IT companies are required to be highly dedicated towards their work and they should know how to perform their job without any errors. The salaries and the remunerations paid to the employees in IT companies of India are according to their work experience and the level on which they are working. There are frequent hikes provided by many IT and Software companies, to not let its employees move to other organisations. The work timings and the days of work depends on the work pressure and the field in which the employees are working. Also, the job timings in many IT companies of India are flexible, which is a very attractive perk for the engineers, because they are able to work according to their convenience. Shifts are also a practise followed in many software and networking companies, due to the requirement of 24 hours service to its customers. All these factors, makes IT and networking jobs all the more exciting and interesting to opt for a youngster.

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