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Number Of Families On The Streets Without Homes Increases

The number of families on the streets and without homes has increased. The recent recession has driven families into shelters for the homeless in 2009 according to a report by the federal government. In 2008 there were 159,000 shelter seeking families but in 2009 the number went up to 170,000 according to HUD. In all the families comprised of 535,000 individuals.
The number has slightly fallen since the last one year from 1.6 million to 1.56 million. It calculates to 1:200 Americans being without homes.

In 2009 in a single night of January there were more than 643,000 persons across the nation in this plight. But the number actually out under the skies and on the streets is less. Over 60% availed of emergency shelters or temporary housing programmes. 37% were living on the streets or in other locales not meant for human habitation. In 2008 nearly 42% were on the streets.
HUD secretary Shaun Donovan said, “As a nation we appear to doing a better job sheltering those who might otherwise be living on our streets, but clearly homelessness is impacting a greater share of families with children”.
It is the economic fallout that has triggered this swelling of numbers of homeless households. In 2007 the number was a modest 131,000. Increase in job losses have led to increase in loss of homes said assistant secretary of HUD Mercedes Marquez. The figures available right now do not present the total picture as many are camping with friends and relations; but later they will land up in the homeless shelters. 29.4% of the adults in the families living in shelters said that previously they had been living with others. In 2007 the number was 24.2%.

The feds have stepped up help for those on the streets chronically. On one night in January 2009 there were 111,000 habitual homeless wandering the streets. It has gone down by 10% from the previous year and 30% from 2006. Marquez commented that this was because of the building extra permanent housing. About 42,000 beds were increased from 2006 to 2009.

In 2009 more families stayed longer in the shelters. The average number of nights increased to 36 from 30 of the previous year. Most of the heads of the families were women below 31 years of age. Most of the children in the shelters were below 6 years. But a greater number of families comprising of two adults headed by a father only also succumbed to homelessness – all victims of the recession.

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Downsizing Homes – An Option For Struggling Families

With home foreclosures occurring at alarming rates, it’s clear that many American homeowners got in over their heads with their home purchase. While it’s obvious that many made bad purchases or took out loans with bad terms, there are also many homeowners that simply bought more house than they needed. While that may not be a bad thing, it becomes a bad thing if you can’t afford the house. If you could have drawn up cottage house plans and been just fine, but instead opted for a 6-bedroom McMansion, there might be a reason that you’re going through the foreclosure process. For those that haven’t lost their home, however, there can still be options.

If you’re looking to pay less on your mortgage, down to something you can afford a little easier, downsizing might be the way to go. Of course, that means you’ll have to sell your current house, which may be a dicey proposition if you’re underwater on your mortgage or if you’re in an extremely tough real estate market. But let’s say you’re able to sell your house that was built with French country house plans. What next? There are several ways to downsize while still giving you and your family a sturdy and comfortable home to live in. What you’ll likely have to do is make some concessions. You can downgrade all sorts of things, from lot size to the maturity of landscaping and trees. It all depends on what is important to you-and what isn’t.

The first thing you should do is make a list of what you love about your current home, and what you could easily live without. You might see some convergence in those two lists. For instance, you might love your workout room, but realize that having such a space is a luxury that you really don’t need. Or your theater room, which is so great to watch movies in, really only gets used once or twice a month. Is that really necessary to have another room added to the ranch style house plans just to have this type of room? For some people the answer may be yes, but for most of us, having a home we can afford is worth more than all the movies in the world. That’s why downsizing-at least smart downsizing-is becoming a more attractive option for some. As an added bonus, when you learn to live without the things you don’t really need, your life becomes less complex.

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Building Homes During Recession

English humorist Jerome K Jerome exasperatedly remarked, “I don’t want a house that has got over all its troubles; I don’t want to spend the rest of my life bringing up a young and inexperienced house.”  Since the concessions of the Government on acquiring housing loans and other provisions on energy efficiency subsidies, the efforts generated enough benefits from the public sector as well as the property and business sectors.  It yielded a moderate home-building boom in Australia.  This is thanks to the First-Home Owners Grant which Australian homeowners welcomed and threw themselves in a residential building frenzy.  The first-time owners are even willing to get additional cash loans to add to their construction funds since every dollar helps in providing a modest house.

But before digging the first shovel of dirt for the house, first-time homeowners should seriously think of answers to certain important questions such as these: How much would building a house cost?  Who will draw the plans?  Should I try pre-fabricated houses or build from scratch?  Where do I start fleshing out the details?  All these questions and others can be answered through meticulous research that comes with planning a house.  House building experts advise first-time homeowners to look for and talk to these important persons: the architect, the builder, the plumber, and even the electrician.  Of course it would help if the owner knows something about house building or at least one or two things about it.

For people who were fortunate enough to get grants from the Government or even those without grants but are planning to build their own house, there are major things to consider from start to finish.  Like in establishing a good business, choosing a good location for the house is the number one priority.  The location should match the lifestyle of the owner.  Should the house be near the office or school?  Should it be near the beach or a park for the kids?  It is also wise to look into new development areas because there may be added benefits in living there.

The next important thing to research on is the house developer.  In choosing one, look for developers with years of experience, including the quality of businesses they have built and the land packages they have sold.  House experts recommend first-time homeowners to ask for references from the developers’ clients.  After choosing a suitable location and a good developer, the next thing to do is to look at display homes of the developers or builders, including their plans.  Inspect the quality of the finished houses and make a comparison between several designs and costs.  Most importantly, first-time homeowners should carefully study all the details regarding the materials to be used as well as the services to be rendered.  Still, even if owners exceed their budgets, they could always rely on fast loans to cover unexpected expenses.

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Homes For Sale In Magnolia Texas | Magnolia Texas

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