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Family Holidays in Mallorca

Taking your family to Mallorca gives you a wide range of options in terms of where to stay and what to do. Being the biggest of the Balaeric islands Mallorca has many different resorts, some more expensive than others. Ultimately it comes down to whether you want to be around a lot of other tourists or you would like to be away from the crowds. It takes under two hours to get from one end of the island to the other and attracts well over 10 million tourists a year. Most of the visitors tend to go to Magaluf and neighbouring resorts which are not great places to take the family.

With most of the resorts at capacity in winter months it is important to book in advance and choose where you stay only after doing some research online. Long time Mallorca goer Linda Black who has a husband and two children recommends Puerto Pollensa and Cala San Vience. Linda says “We love both of these resorts as they are small and manageable for us and the family. We have been to both a few times and always hire a car for day trips. We find the beaches ideal for the children as both are sandy and shallow waters. Another benefit is the amount of cafes and restaurants to enjoy, we can spend a couple of weeks there are not get bored with the same places. We have stayed at both hotels and private villas and we now prefer villas to rent as they offer freedom and can stay with friends as well when we want.”

When it comes to keeping the children occupied with things to do in Mallorca, Linda says there is more than enough to keep the kids happy for weeks. “We like to take the kids exploring on bike rides, there is a lovely national park called Cala Mondrago with nice pine forests and remote beaches. We have been there a few times. We also like to go up into the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, although have only done this since the kids have hit their teenage years. The bike trails are really good and take a camera as the views are unforgettable.”

“There are also a number of markets worth visiting if you fancy a bit of shopping and the main city Palma Mallorca has many boutiques for the ladies to enjoy. The old town is particularly nice with winding lanes and alleyways and lovely little restaurants. Much of the area is pesdetrianised so is generally safe for children although you have to watch out for mopeds. We found a great activity for the children, a visit to one of Europe’s largest mazes at Amaze’n Laberintos, Playa de Muro.”

“You should also try the old train to Soller, the kids loved it when we took them on this antique, the views are fantastic as you wind your way round the mountains. It takes just over an hour and there are some lovely places to eat in Soller as well. It is also worth noting that Port Soller, 5 km on from Soller on a tram is probably Mallorca’s most beautiful setting.”

“Finally I would say that if you want a fun day out there are a number of water parks in Mallorca. We go to Aqualand in Magaluf, which is probably the only reason for a family to go there! It has a Jacuzzi for me and my husband to relax while the kids are off having fun.”

All in all family holidays in Mallorca offer a great range of accommodation, nice places to eat and offer a number of activities for the children. A great choice for a family holiday!

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For Balearic Island holiday advice he Recommends MallorcaCalling.com for Quality Mallorca Villas

Indonesia Holidays, With Some Ideas and Guides to Traveling Around Indonesia

There’s A LOT more to Indonesia holidays than beautiful beaches, water sports and cheap colourful markets — but there doesn’t have to be. If Indonesia holiday-makers look past these tropical treats they’ll find a lush jungle wilderness in Sumatra, the gateway to a rich ancient culture at Borobudur, and communities with thriving traditional lifestyles. And that’s all without having to leave the main island, Java.

Each of Indonesia’s 17,000 smaller island has its own treasures beyond the surf and sand, and most Indonesia holidays allow for some time ‘off shore’, staying on perennial favourite Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Lombok, or one of the Gilis or other small resort islands.

Most international flights land in Jakarta, so most Indonesia holidays begin on Java, an island of still smoking volcanoes rising out of fertile jungles and and ancient culture. Or course the coastline has many likely looking beach resorts if that’s what your Indonesia holiday is about, but Java’s highlights are more for culture vultures than beach bums.

If you’re on a tight schedule, hop a plane straight to Yogyakarta, which has temples peeking out from between its more modern Dutch forts and older Muslim architecture. This is the best place to stay when visiting the beautifully preserved, ancient Buddhist temple of Borobudur, and nearby Prambanan, a huge Hindu complex. These two religious monuments deserve at least a day of your Indonesia holiday each, Prambanan, in its prime, was almost a city of smaller temples and religious buildings, and though many of them remain only as ruins there’s still a lot to see. The Telaga Warna Colour Lake and Sikidang Crater are a drive out of town towards Dieng Plateau if you’d be interested in seeing another Hindu temple complex, and one of the best surfing spots in Indonesia, G-Land is also reached by jungle trek out of Yogyakarta.

If you have more time for your Indonesia holiday, travel overland from Jakarta to Yogyakarta via Bandung for the Bogor Botanical Gardens, tea plantations, the Lembang Fruit market and the Tangkuban Perahu Volcano and Ciater Hotspring. From Yogyakarta heading further inland leads into the heavy teak forests and moist rice paddies, and eventually to Mount Penanjakan, which is said to have one of the most beautiful sunrise displays in the world. If you make it up for the sunrise you should continue on, over an unusually placed sand sea, to Bromo Volcano. From there Surabaya Airport is a few hours drive and from there you can catch a flight to Denpasar, Bali.

Indonesia holiday Extras

Indonesia’s Wildlife

If your Indonesia holiday is about seeing the jungles and meeting some of the unique wildlife, and not just the colourful marine life, then Camp Leakey, a rehabilitation facility for orphaned orangutans, built into the Tanjung Puting National Park, or the Komodo Dragon island may be worth factoring into your Indonesia holiday itinerary.

Indonesia’s Traditional Cultures

If stories of the old cultures and lifestyles still thriving in Indonesia’s highlands have beguiled you in National Geographic, then visit the long houses around Lake Toba, or spend some time in one of the communities in the Baliem Valley – also a prime hiking destination, the Mentawai Islands or the Jayawijaya Mountains, during your Indonesia holiday. Some of these communities you can visit for a day by walking in to their villages, but some you can arrange to stay in: a pretty unique experience when compared with the city lifestyle of Jakata’s population.

All these highlights cam be blended with hours or days on the beach for the perfect, individualised Indonesian holiday cocktail — one of those exotic, colourful ones you drink out of a whole piece of fruit like they serve in the beach bars here.

Resource Box: WorldReviewer.com has many independent reviews on Indonesia Holidays and travel guides to get the most out of your trip to Indonesia. Holidays in Indonesia are the most sought after because of the diversity of things to do and see.

French Family Holidays

If you’re looking for the perfect family holiday with something for everyone, have you considered France as a destination? French family holidays offer a truly exciting, fun-filled holiday experience with so many benefits that everyone is bound to enjoy themselves whether you’re travelling with infants, teenagers, or elderly family members. France is a country both vast and rich in culture, history, cuisine, and spectacular countryside. Add to this terrific weather in the Southern regions of France and some excellent facilities, and you’ve got yourself the ingredients for a French family holiday that no-one will ever forget.

Southern France, and in particular the Sur Dordogne region is home to some of France’s most beautiful and popular attractions including the picturesque chateaux, numerous  medieval towns and markets, prehistoric caves, vineyards, and much more. Southern France makes for a wonderful French family holiday and provides the opportunity for children to enjoy both culture, history, and the outdoors in a new and interesting way.

An important consideration to make before booking your French family holiday is the type of accommodation you require. If you’ve never thought about staying in a golf and country club for your holiday, then here are a few benefits that might just persuade you. A stay in a well-reputable country club in the Sur Dordogne region will offer you peace of mind in terms of a wide range of on-site activities – including swimming, tennis, basketball, golf and more, safety and security for the family, generous, well-maintained grounds, and excellent cuisine. In addition to this, you’ll be perfectly located to access a wide range of cultural and historical attractions, with the peace of mind of returning to your secure, welcoming accommodation at the end of the end.

If you’re stuck for an idea this year – don’t forget to consider French family holidays for an experience you’ll never forget.


For French family holidays filled with culture, great facilities and relaxation, try Souillac Golf & Country Country Club.


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Family Beach Holidays

Family beach holidays are always fun and, with the family tagging along, the fun element doubles. Just imagine what a great time you will have creating sand castles with your children or enjoying water activities with your partner. Family beach trips away are perfect for bonding with your family as you get to spend some great time with your loved ones. Beach breaks should be ideally arranged around the Summer time.

Family beach holidays are really in vogue these days. Many families hit the fashionable or out of the way beaches every summer like any one of the Central Coast beaches. If you really want to make the most of your beach trip, make sure you choose the right beach for your family. Some tips mentioned below will assist you in selecting that ideal beach destination.

If you are planning long strolls dragging your toes in the moist sand then make sure the beach that you select has sand which is made up of tiny, soft particles. Sand made of rough particles can mess up your holiday feel as well as making a mess of your feet and leave long red trails behind you if you drag them a bit too far.

If you would like more than just sun baking for your family beach holiday then watch out for beaches where you can take pleasure in the surf and somewhere with accommodation close at hand. At some family friendly surf beaches, you can also enjoy an array of water activities such as parasailing, paragliding, kayaking and even water skiing although attempting beach starts through the waves can be a bit difficult at times so maybe pick a non surf beach for that particular activity.

Make sure that you check the likely weather of the particular beach destination you are considering to visit as a beach with rain pouring onto it and wind beating up the waves with thunder and lightening along the distant coast, whilst spectacular, is really not all that good for sun baking. Beaches and sun go hand in hand so make sure that it’s going to be bright and sunny where you decide to go to do some sand sitting.

OK, so you have decided on your beach location and got yourself all organised and have arrived there. In summer don’t be stunned if you find it congested. In some parts of the world, if you want a bit of a relaxing time you’ll be advised to make a booking at a beach hotel. These places often their own restricted beaches exclusively for their guests. You get to loosen up fairly easily without the hustle and bustle of too many people around unless you like rubber necking all the good-looking people who also tend to patronize these sorts of places. If your budget does not allow you to go for the beach resorts then don’t worry, join he throng, search for a car spot, run across the hot road and bitumin and sand and then jump on your towel. With a little bit of earlier examination you can always find a beach which is not too over populated – unless you are looking for one on a Saturday or Sunday. If you are looking someplace like on the NSW Central Coast in Australia, you’ll be sure to find the perfect and non-crowded spot on one of the many beautiful beaches.

A beach holiday can be all about being lazy in the daytime and party hard after the sun goes down so be sure that the beach destination you decide on is close enough to night spots offering you some night time entertainment. Many beach destinations provide a great range of restaurants with live music which goes well with exotic trees, cocktails and brown bodies. Ah, those brown bods. A good day at beach and an even better night can make a beach holiday a good break. Hot days as well as hot nights. A great combination.

Don’t forget the fish. Beaches are normally pretty close to water and that tends to be where the fish and other marine type animals like to be. So if you want to explore the marine life then look at choosing beaches which have a place for a bit of skin diving or fishing.

All this beach talk has me looking forward to a few lazy summer nights on the Central Coast NSW in Australia on one of the great Central Coast beaches like Patonga Beach, Macmasters Beach or Avoca Beach. It’s the best place to go to for a weekend or to stay for a whole week with some of the most exquisite beaches in the world. Family seaside holidays are truly enjoyable for some great times with the entire family so head off and organize one this minute. You’ll be pleased that you did.

This travel tip is brought to you by Stuart Hely of BookCentralCoast.com.au, the specialists in Hotels Central Coast style. Check us out for the best Central Coast accommodation deals including Copacabana accommodation, Patonga accommodation and Avoca Beach accommodation.

Islandviewholidays: Isle Of Wight Caravan Holidays – The Ideal Choice For Families

There is little doubt that when it comes to trips away with your family, Isle of Wight caravan breaks are among the most exciting, varied and comfortable holidays you will find.

With its vast array of attractions and some of the most stunning beaches and scenery in the UK, the Isle of Wight is the ideal place for a family holiday. No matter what time of year you decide to visit, the island’s theme parks, museums and other attractions are always on hand to keep you and your children entertained.

Choosing the right family holiday is never an easy task, though, and that job becomes even more challenging if you are a single parent. In a recent interview with The Sun, single mother Olivia Reeves explained how she avoided taking her two young daughters on holiday after splitting from her husband two years ago.

“I’d put off going away but I wanted my kids to have a normal life so I knew I’d have to do it,” Ms Reeves told reporters.

After thinking long and hard about where to take her two young daughters, Ms Reeves decided to book a caravan holiday at one of the Isle of Wight’s many holiday parks. At first, she was worried that the challenge of taking her children away on her own would be too great, but she quickly found that the caravan park had everything they needed for a memorable holiday.

“I chose Rookley Country Park on the Isle of Wight and it was just wonderful. It was such a lovely site with a lovely atmosphere and the staff were so nice that I never felt I stood out,” Ms Reeves explained.

She believes that a caravan holiday on the island is the ideal solution for single parents and their children, thanks to the excellent facilities on offer and a busy programme of activities and entertainment.

“It was a nice entry to taking the children away as a single parent. The girls loved the entertainment and the caravan was brilliant with everything we needed,” the 38-year-old said.

Ms Reeves added that she now finds it hard to believe that she was every nervous about going on holiday, and said that she and her daughters loved their time on the Isle of Wight so much that they have already re-booked.

“All my fears went out of the window and we had such a great time that we went again this year.”

Joseph Jeffries is a self published author and insurance expert. He writes on Isle of wight holiday. To know more visit http://www.islandviewholidays.co.uk/

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Antigua Holidays For Couples and Families

Summer is about to come, and everyone is trying to look for a beautiful place to spend their holiday with their friends or family. Holidays perhaps are the days that are most looked forward to each year.


Engaged with work and household tasks, holidays spots are places where one can take off and be surrounded with enjoyment. Antigua is a holiday spot, which has gained reputation in this regard largely because of the benefits and experiences it has to offer for vacationers and inhabitants.


When the hot summer weather smacks, the first thing that comes to our mind is a white sandy seashore. Beach is the best hangout place in this weather. Antigua has a beach that is amazing and awe inspiring. The white, sandy and exotic beach to be found in Antigua is a perfect hangout spot when visiting this place.


You can simply lie around while getting the wonderful tan and enjoying the surrounding beach breeze. Listening to the waves watching the shore of the island and having deliciously refreshing tropical drinks will raise your levels of contentment.


One can enjoy a range of sport activities when in Antigua. The traditions of this island has endorsed boating for ages. You can hire a boat or a yacht to sail to suit your needs and enjoy the vastness of the water. You can practice wind surfing at Dutchman’s bay, which is an idealistic spot with the perfect mix of climate and favorable wind conditions.


If your interest is leaning towards diving and snorkeling, then at this place you would like to spend your holidays at. The place has hundreds of wrecks, which will be fun and adventurous for you to discover, and it has good shelf diving. You can easily arrange any diving equipments there and have incredible fun exploring.


While your stay in Antigua you are required to to have an around the island eco tour, which will be an experience you will remember forever. The tour will make you aware with the eco system of the island. You will see several adventurous off shore, deserted islands, amazing hidden caves, and eye capturing sceneries. You will also meet up with the amusing wild life and there is a good chance that you get to see a dolphin or even a whale.


If you are not much into water sport fun, you need not to worry; Antigua has many inland, activities to offer. The place has got attractive hiking spots that you can enjoy exploring. You can also spend some time bird watching in Antigua. Numerous bird species can be seen that are rare and simply marvelous to look at. You can also be occupied with activities such as tennis, cricket, golfing, hunting, riding etc. It can be assured that you will never be struck will world-weariness when is Antigua.


Edward Watkinson is a travel consultant. Find out more information about Antigua Holidays and other destinations in the Caribbean at http://www.caribbeanconnection.com