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Visit Shiraz Atiq Jame’ Mosque during Your Traveling in Iran

Atiq Jame’ Mosque dates back to the reign of Saffarid Amr bin Leys and its grandeur has been described in great detail by Ibn Batuta and Madame Dieulafoy in their writings while traveling in Iran. The Saffarids hailed from the province of Sistan in Iran. They ruled from 867 AD to 903 AD and have been responsible for the construction of many public buildings among which this mosque is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the country.

This structure was built in 894 AD to commemorate the win over Abbassid Caliph al-Movaffaq by Amr Leys. In fact, he was involved in many wars which led to the destruction of the mosque several times. But each time, the structure was rebuilt and its beauty was restored. Some beautiful Saffavid restoration is outstanding with dark blue colors.

The Inside of the Mosque

You will be impressed by the good condition of Atiq Jame’ Mosque even today. The reconstruction work was carried on by the succeeding rulers including the Pahlavi kings. The Department of Archaeology and the local people of Fars province have also contributed to preserving the dignity of this grand building.

When you visit Shiraz, you will see that this mosque had six portals and many huge Shabestans. Most of them are in ruins now. Originally, the courtyard or the Sahn had marble flooring. The vestibules which opened to the courtyard had stone basins where the people washed their feet before entering.

Khuda Khane or House of God is a cubic building situated in the middle of the courtyard. The presence of this element in this mosque in unique as you don’t often see such structure inside the courtyard of the mosques.

The Main Portal of Atiq Jame’ Mosque

The most important portal was on the northern side and was known as The Twelve Imams. While traveling in Iran, you can admire the stone work on the piers and borders of the portal. Brick work has also been done on the structure with the finishing touch being provided by glazed mosaic tiles. When you visit Shiraz, you can read the verses from Quran written on the portal with arabesque designs in the background.

In Atiq Jame’ Mosque, a vestibule connects the portal with the entrance, with numerous blind arches around it. Stalactites cover the ceiling, which is again decorated with verses of Quran on all the sides. Besides this, you can also see many inscriptions belonging to Safavid era.

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Visit Qazvin Atiq Jame’ Mosque during Your traveling in Iran

Atiq Jame’ Mosque in Qazvin is used for large congregations and is one of the best structures to see while traveling in Iran. Located in Qazvin province, it is one of the oldest mosques in the country and still stands tall in the city despite being ravaged by the atrocities of time.

Harun-al-Rashid is said to have started the construction of this mosque in 807CE. The building was reconstructed and many additions were made to it by the succeeding rulers. The last trace of work seems to have been done during the rule of the Safavids.

History of the Building

When you visit Qazvin, you can notice there are 2 layers in the main dome of Atiq Jame’ Mosque. Research shows that this dome was built by the Seljuks. It holds some fine relief calligraphy of the days gone by. Most parts of the building were ruined and efforts are on to reconstruct and conserve as much of the precious architecture and artwork as possible. Studies point to the fact that the mosque has been built on a Zoroastrian fire temple.

Need to Safeguard It

While traveling in Iran, you will hear many anecdotes of the Mongol invasion. But despite attempts to destroy the structure, it is still in a reasonably good condition even today. People who visit Qazvin also make a trip to this beautiful Atiq Jame’ Mosque.

A great part of the building has now been converted into a public library. There is still a Shabestan and Ab anbar (water reservoir) in the mosque, which are protected by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization to maintain the honor and dignity of the structure.

Pride of Qazvin

Like all the grand mosques you will see while traveling in Iran, Atiq Jame’ Mosque also has 2 attractive minarets and you can almost feel that an ivan should have been near it. The style of architecture resembles the Central Asian mosques and it is believed that many people gathered in the building to offer their prayers in the olden days. The building occupies an important place in the history of Qazvin, which served as the capital city of the Safavid dynasty in 1548.

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Traveling Easily During The Holiday Season

When you are going to fly during the holidays you want to make sure that you understand how you are going to avoid the headaches and stress that many associate with traveling during this time. Take the time to prepare for your travels and your vacation will be much more enjoyable.

First, you want to make sure that you are taking the time to understand what day you will travel. When you are flying you want to make sure that you understand the prices of the flights and the traffic that you will have to deal with.

You may only be able to fly on a day that many other people are also able to fly on. If this is the case, you should make sure that you take the time to schedule your travels on the earliest flight that you possibly can.

When you are flying on your early flight you will avoid many of the delays that you would incur otherwise. Throughout the day, many of the delays on an airline are caused by previous flights that have been delayed.

When you fly in the morning you will also get the first seat on a flight if your plane is delayed. You will not have to be booted off of your flight because there are other people that are waiting to fly from an earlier flight.

As you are taking the time to book your flight you should also try to avoid any stops. There are some times when you will need a layover but even when you need a layover you have to make sure that you schedule them wisely.

When you are trying to make it somewhere for a specific event you want to make sure that you understand how you are going to get there without a chance of missing the event. Cutting it too close to the date and time of your event may make your traveling very expensive.

When you have a layover you want to make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to get to your next flight. Give yourself at least an hour and a half to make sure that you have the time to get to the next gate.

This way, if there is a minor delay on your first flight you will still be able to make your second. Often times, people will try to schedule their flights much tighter to one another not thinking about the possibility that they will miss the flight.

After you have taken the time to schedule your flight you need to make sure you can pack efficiently. Make sure you understand the security rules that you have to abide by when you are flying through the airport.

Many people do not know that the security rules will differ between airports. As you are packing the bag you are going to carry on and the bag you are going to check you should make sure that you know all of the constraints you need to abide by.

The first constraint for the bag that you are checking will usually be the weight of the bag. Airlines have set a weight that the suitcases must be under so that the airplanes are not too weighed down.

The second constraint will be the size and the number of the bags that you can carry. Your suitcase should be the proper size and you also want to make sure that you are taking the time to pack just the items that you need.

When you are packing what you need you will hopefully be able to stay under the required weight. While you are trying to stay under your weight limit you also have to think about what you are going to bring back from vacation.

Finally, you want to make sure that you understand what can and cannot go in your carry on. Recently, there have been many rules and regulations instituted that put extreme limits on what you are allowed to carry on the plane.

When you get into your security line at the airport you do not want to have to spend any extra time there. Knowing the rules and regulations beforehand will enable you to cruise right on through the security.

You can make flying this season much easier than you have previous holiday seasons. Take the time to figure out what you need to do to make your travels enjoyable rather than stressful and hectic.

Tom Selwick has worked the past 22 years in the air charter industry. He suggests usingair charter for a quality charter service.

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Tom Selwick

Wired For War – Keeping Families Connected During Deployment

“There were two hard things that stuck out the most when Mike was gone: eating dinner with two toddlers and my husband not sitting across the table where he should be; and no one to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be alright.” – Tonia, spouse of deployed soldier

When Mike deployed to Iraq, Tonia’s world was turned upside down. Within months, they were one family living apart who had two different missions in two different worlds. For Tonia, life away from her husband was never part of “the plan” – for her or for her two young children. For Mike, it was about giving back to a country that had provided so much. And in the cross-fire, were their kids.

After eight years of our military being involved in overseas conflicts, this story isn’t so uncommon for our military families: one family, two difference missions in two very different worlds. But unlike wars and deployments of the past, we live in an era of techno-savvy individuals and a techno-friendly military – and its one way families, especially children of deployed parents, are staying connected.

While Mike and Tonia’s children were too young to embrace technology – email, Skype, web-cam, IM – they did draw pictures and write letters to the best of their abilities; pictures and letters that captured their moods that they could then send to their dad in hopes of a letter in reply. Of which he always did reply. Mike managed to write his son six letters, Tonia thirty seven and his six year old daughter…one hundred and thirty nine.

Brian, who served in Afghanistan, left behind his wife, Jody, and their four young children, ranging in age from three to nine years old. Jody and Brian worked their schedules so they could IM (instant message) on a frequent basis and occasionally the kids would be able to say hi to dad via web-cam.

When their boys began to struggle emotionally with dad being gone, which also reflected in their school work, Jody had her sons write letters, of which she would scan and then email, sharing how they were feeling and how they did in school. Brian wanted to remain in the loop and provide direction and advice so he had his oldest scan and email homework of which he would review and provide feedback. Brian had no phone service, so IM and email was his chosen source of communication – conventional snail mail was too slow to respond to the needs of his children.

Over half of our service members today are married, under the age of twenty-five and well over a third have children; most of who are under the age of twelve. While nothing replaces both mom and dad being under the same roof with their children, today’s technology has certainly helped in keeping families connected – despite distance.

© 2009 Mike Schindler – can be distributed with express written permission from the author.

Mike Schindler, a Navy veteran, is a contributing writer for The Washington Times, an author and the founder of Operation Military Family – a company committed to preserving and strengthening military relationships and families. OMF drives funds from book sales and speaking engagements back into military marriage related programs and the Veterans Family Fund. More information can be found at http://www.operationmilitaryfamily.org/

Traveling During The Holiday Season

While you are driving this holiday season you have to make sure that you understand how you are going to get to your destination safely. There are many people that do not understand how to take the time to drive quickly and also safely.

First, you want to make sure that you are actively checking the road conditions where you are driving. There are a lot of people that do not understand when it is time to stay home and when they can make it through bad driving conditions.

When the roads are really bad you may want to make sure that you avoid driving. If you have to get somewhere you can try flying and at times you may notice that if the roads are bad you are not going to be able to fly either.

You should also make sure that you are taking the time to understand how you are going to get to your destination. This may require you driving very slowly and very carefully when you are trying to get somewhere quickly.

Instead of rushing through the bad weather you want to make sure that you are taking your time. The slower that you are going the easier it will be to deal with the problems that can arise as you are in bad weather.

Snow and ice are one of the most common problems that you will encounter when you are driving in the winter season. Making sure that your car is properly equipped to be out on the roads is very important.

You should take the time to understand what your car will need to get through the storm. Often time you will need to make sure that you have snow tires that are able to dig into the ice and grasp the road through the snow.

Snow tires may not be available in your own town but they should be available on the way. While you are planning your trip you want to make sure that you understand where you are going to get the tires that you need.

If you are not able to get snow tires you should instead make sure that you have chains that you can attach to your tires. The tires that you are using may not be snow tires but instead you should take the time to strap on some chains.

The chains that you have attached to your tires will allow your tire to grip the snow. While you are trying to get through the snow with regular tires you may notice that you are sliding all over the road.

You may not be able to avoid this with any equipment but it will definitely help. You can at least make sure that you are taking the time to understand that you will need some tires that are newer rather than older.

The tread on your tires should allow you to control your car with ease. There may be certain situations in which you lose control of your car on the road and you want to be prepared for this and understand how to deal with it.

As you feel your car start to slip on the snow or the ice you want to take your foot off of the gas. Taking your foot of the gas may be counter intuitive because you will want to accelerate so that you can get through the dangerous situation.

Instead of pressing harder on the gas you will want to remove your foot completely. As you remove your foot from the gas you should then make sure that you are able to tap the brake calmly throughout the whole process.

When you are tapping the brake you will be able to slow down your speed. This will ensure that you can gain control of the car before you hit someone else or something else when you are in the road.

Visibility can also be a big problem as you are driving. When you know that you are going to have a hard time seeing you should make sure that you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid to get you through the night.

The windshield wiper fluid that you are using will help you get the dirt and the snow off of your windshield. Taking the time to push through this type of weather is important when you need to get somewhere but you should not sacrifice your safety to reach a specific destination.

Tom Selwick is a public safety representative for 25 years and has authored hundreds of articles relating to public safety and barricades. He has worked in public safety for years promoting safe transportation practices.

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Tom Selwick

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Buying Furniture During A Recession Can Be Painless!

With the global economy in a downturn the way it has been for these last few years it remains more important than ever for the consumer to get the biggest bang for their buck. Regardless if you are purchasing a simple winter jacket or an automobile there is money to be saved in many different ways if you do your homework. This especially holds true for more durable goods such as the Flexsteel Sofa.
When we speak of durable goods we generally mean products that will last a longer amount of time. For instance, a vehicle or a sofa or a refrigerator fit the durable goods category. This is representative of Flexsteel Furniture products as well.
The Flexsteel Sofa and all of the Flexsteel Furniture products have been industry leaders in cost, durability and of course style for many years. Being almost 150 years old, Flexsteel Industries is truly an American success story. They have survived this long through depressions and recessions because of their hard work and their innovative style of marketing a quality product.
Its exactly economic times like we are living in today that this company thrives in. Through the years Flexsteel has gained a wonderful reputation for long-lasting quality, stylish comfort and the most innovative design team in the industry. When consumers buy a Flexsteel Sofa, Flexsteel Chairs, or Flexsteel Recliners they know the quality, style and durability is going to be top of the line.
For two decades now the Flexsteel brand has been available for sale the world over. They have grown to have three divisions. The Hospitality, The Vehicle Seating and The Residential.
For your convenience, you can purchase all of the Flexsteel products on or off line.
The Flexsteel website has a wonderful area that will help you pick the furniture size, color and style of any piece of furniture and place it in your virtual room to see what it would look like.
With this tool people will think you hired an Interior Decorator!
While these pieces are not for the consumer who is looking for cheap, throwaway furniture; they are also not for the trendy mansion dwellers that spend a fortune on furnishings either. Overall, the Flexsteel Sofa and all of the Flexsteel Furniture line are priced for the average consumer looking for stylish, comfortable and durable products to last a couple generations.
You can purchase a Flexsteel Sofa and all Flexsteel Furniture online at there website or from any reputable on or offline furniture distributor. The operative word here is “reputable”. Flexsteel only deals with the top furniture distributors in the industry. 

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Tips For Saving More Money During Recession

Money saved is money earned. This saying suits the best during the recession period when even a single penny matters. During an economic crisis, the gap between the income and expenses reduces to a notable extent and may even go in negative.

One of the most important things you can do with your money is to spend it wisely so that your finances never go in minus. If you’re able to shore up your resources carefully, you can save money during recession.

This is an art as well as a science. Not all people can think of making savings during an economic slowdown. If you’re also facing financial difficulties, you can take advantage of professional services. Destiny Solutions Group is a finance group that helps you set your finances in order regardless of the economic conditions prevailing in the market.

All financial gurus talk about how we got into recession and how companies can come out of it. But no one is interested in talking about the common man’s problem and discovering the ways to take him out of this situation.

The Destiny Solutions Financial Group is there to help the common people and show them the ways and means to manage their finances. They will help create strategic saving plans for rainy days so that you never have to face a financial crunch. They can be your financial partner and help you get back to your routine life without any hassles.

Whatever your problems are, they will find a way out. Along with consulting them and taking advantage of their financial services, you can also make efforts to save money on your own.

Here we are providing you with some tips that you may find useful for saving money during the recession:

* Making a budget is very important whether the economy is booming or experiencing a recession. Get your expenses under control. If you’re earning well, it doesn’t mean that you’ll spend lavishly. Plan your budget and spend accordingly. Make sure to save a specific percentage of your monthly income for rainy days. By doing this, you’ll never face any financial problem, whether economy is moving down or you’re out of employment.

* Instead of spending a lavish family vacation in an expensive country, you can opt for city breaks. Those are equally interesting and allow you to discover new places in your own or adjoining city. You may also attend famous cultural events and other exhibitions. Outdoor games like football, golf, or activities like a picnic help you save a great deal of money. The idea is to spend quality time with your family and kids. You can do that by going on city breaks instead of expensive vacations.

* Look for part time jobs or work from home jobs. If you have left your job because your kids are small, you can look for work from home jobs. These days, many companies offer employment opportunities to individuals who can manage to work without coming to the office. They offer a handsome amount. Apart from this, you can also start a home-based business. You can think of taking dance, painting, cooking, or aerobics classes at your home.

In order to have professional guidance, you may seek help from the Destiny Solutions Group. They are experienced finance professionals who are always ready to help people get their finances in order.

The Destiny Solutions Group offers a wide range of services and solutions to help you manage your finances even during the recession period. They answer all your questions and help you get out of your debt.

Marketing Tips To Stay Afloat During Recession

Truth be told, there’s no such thing as a formidable economy. All countries have to go through recession. What’s important is both consumers and businesses can survive.

A lot of businesses don’t, though. Since 2009, millions of businesses, some of them big ones, have already folded and declared themselves bankrupt.

You don’t want this to happen. Make sure that no matter how small your business is, you can still manage to stay afloat during recession.

Begin with the following ideas:

1. Check your marketing plan and revise. A marketing plan ensures the business owners know what they’re going to do with their enterprise. During recession, some revisions have to be made to keep up with the times. For instance, it becomes necessary to look for other possible markets. The plan can also be utilized to identify products and services that would remain suitable during the recession.

2. Improve your marketing strategies. One of the first things businesspeople do when they’re hit by recession is to cut back on marketing costs. This is actually a very ineffective strategy, as you need the money to strengthen your marketing campaigns. You just need to do one important thing: choose your marketing strategy.

Now is the best time to stop all those campaigns that generate poor sales or don’t work at all. This way, you’ll have more budget and time to those that convert to profits.

3. Focus more on online marketing. Between local marketing and online marketing, it’s best to give a lot of your energy to the latter. Online marketing allows you to reach out to thousands of people all over the world at a very cheap cost. You can utilize free tools, including social networking sites, microblogging and blogging platforms, social bookmarks, directories, and article directories to promote your products and services. It’s much easier for you to come up with a website than a sign or a newspaper ad. Web hosting and domain packages cost less and guarantee 24/7 exposure at least for a year.

4. Don’t immediately lower your price. One of the oft-overlooked marketing tips is this. Usually to attract buyers business owners would immediately reduce their price to as much as 50 percent! What you should do, however, is to observe the market. Is it really the price that forces customers to go to your competitors or something else? It could be your competitors’ products are deemed more worth it. Then it’s time for you to innovate or develop a new unique selling proposition for your products.

5. Inspire yourself with subliminal messages. Recession brings a lot of questions to business owners. Will I survive this one? How long is this going to be? What will happen to our future? These worries can sometimes lead to high levels of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Take time to de-stress and meditate. While doing so, think of subliminal messages or affirmations to inspire you:

I am prepared to face the challenges head on.
Despite the circumstances, I am still blessed.
I have the ability to make my business grow.
I can attract money and wealth.

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How To Make Money In The Stock Market During A Recession – How to Profit From the Stock Market During a Recession

How To Make Money In The Stock Market During A Recession

People have been trading stocks for a century, hoping to strike it rich. Unfortunately for most people, it often not as easy as it seems. Picking the right stocks to invest in can be very difficult for the average person, and it only becomes more difficult when the economy is in a recession. The sad fact is that most people who are investing during these poor economic times are going to lose money.

How can you be one of the few that profit during this economic recession? Well, one of the keys to profitable stock trading during bad economic times is to identify downward trends which are likely to move up soon, and then get in and out of the position before the stocks heads back down. You must get in and out of the trade quickly, after you’ve identified one which is likely to be profitable. How To Make Money In The Stock Market During A Recession

For most people, accurate stock analysis is nearly impossible. Sure, there are sophisticated mathematical formulas which are able to analyze trends and predict upcoming changes rather accurately, but unless you’re a mathematician or statistician this type of analysis would be far too complex for you to do yourself.

The solution lies in using software programs to analyze stocks for you. Stock analyzing software, also known as a stock trading robot, is able to perform complex trend analysis on hundreds or thousands of stocks and alert you when it finds one which is likely to change, letting you know when you buy and when to sell. This is truly the secret to profiting from the stock market during an economic recession, letting software do the hard work for you. How To Make Money In The Stock Market During A Recession

Always dream of being Rich? Never able to make a Consistent Profit through trading?

Get your How To Make Money In The Stock Market During A Recession and be Successful forever!

Try this Slackers Trading Program and be Financial Free in 6 Months!

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Affordable Postcard Printing during Recession

In today’s fast phased business world and rapidly changing economic times, it is always a must to be concerned of getting the most out of your hard-earned money. This means that it is a must for you to look for cheap postcards that have both quality and low cost. Moreover, it is a must to look for a post card printer that has the lowest rates. Understand that the price is a very crucial factor in a marketing campaign, but more so the quality and service offered by a business. With the different choices available today, it is very difficult to find the best value of postcards.

The good news is most color printers now offer affordable pricing by giving all their clients and customers lower rates as an incentive to get business. But be sure that when availing of color printing, your postcards will stand out so that your clients and customers will hold on to your cards for a long time. A 120lb book stock or a 10pt paper stock usually looks great but is not as reliable or as thick as the 14pt or the 16pt paper stock. These paper stocks usually have the feel of great quality, however, they can also cost some extra. Avoid making the price as a factor in creating your card. Getting a heavier paper stock can usually be more of an advantage and can make your postcards and especially your business stand out from your competitors in the market.

Finding an affordable printing postcard printer can actually be very easy. However, making the right choice among the printing companies available today is the difficult part. Visiting or browsing the internet is a very great and practical way that you can do every time you need to look for an affordable post card printer. With just a click of the mouse, you can now compare prices and especially choices. You know have the power of tell whether the printer is capable of giving you great and quality post cards at very affordable price. At best, these printers carry a lot of printing options. Be sure to choose the one that will suit your budget and the look you want for your cards.

Affordable postcard printing can actually give you ways to economize in printing without sacrificing the quality and reliability of your card. Remember that your main goal as a businessman and as a post card user is to create an affordable card that will make your products and services well known in the market. In this tough economic time, you would want to hire the most affordable printing company. There are several printing services that advertise or promote affordable price to attract clients and customers, especially those who are usually looking for great bargains. There are some printing companies that offer high standard of paper stocks and sometimes free shipping. Be sure to do a research about the printer before going ahead with the print job.

With more and more customers looking for the most affordable products and services these days, you can channel the savings you get from printing cheap post cards to your customers. In this regard, both you and your customers are able to benefit from the post card campaign. Indeed, it does help to create the best postcard at the least possible cost to achieve business growth.

Leah Delaney is specializing in writing articles on a printing company. Try to check out this website for more information and tips about cost effective postcard printing and find the best place to print postcards for successful marketing campaign.

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