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Traveling Around Five Spectacular Natural Destinations Worldwide

The global modernization has rolled us into a cycle of busy life that is full of exciting entertainment, modern technology, high-rise buildings and improved living standard but lack of landscapes Mother Nature offers. We may even have no time to enjoy a short trip with our family in one beautiful natural wonder. That’s why the article below will introduce five spectacular destinations worldwide to help you refresh after hard-working days.


The following picture captures an extraordinary natural phenomenon in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania from space. It looks exactly like a human eye mixing different colors in a vast area and is rumored as the result of some meteor impacts or underground nuclear blasts’ motivation.

One part of Sahara Desert (Mauritania)

Mauritania is more spectacular if you see it from a plane


Death Valley of California has witnessed an unexplainable strange phenomenon in the season of short rains that rocks and boulders move from their places and create a slippery walking on the ground.

Death Valley of California in U.S

Many scientists suggest the movement of stones and boulders is a result of furious and high winds, not a hoax


Nine Hells, the popular traveling destinations for Japanese tourists, are actually ponds, in which each contains different colored water thanks to minerals in the outflows.

Nine Hells in Japan

Seven of these ponds are located in the Kannawa area


A number of large and spherical boulders, which are known as Moeraki Boulders, stand on the Koekohe beach, part of the Otago coast of New Zealand. It is an ideal destination for those who love discovering new things in nature.

Moeraki in New Zealand

These boulders are three meters wide and weigh several tones


Turkey is the country that suffers from a number of earthquakes every year and the strange walls formed in Pamukkale are these natural disasters’ result through thousands of years ago. This place is listed in the World Heritage Site.

Pamukkale in Turkey

Many tourists used to come here for bathing and sight-seeing. However, this site is now closed to be preserved



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My favorite is traveling. I love to write about beautiful destinations and tourism events.

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Family Friendly Holiday Destinations

All family members want to have fun on their holiday, finding a destination that suits your family can be a little tricky if you have children of different ages. There are many options so that everyone can have a great fun time. Here are a few suggestions that may suit your family

For a Relaxing Holiday

Go camping in a tent or RV, for a long weekend close by or travel further and explore your state or go interstate. Stay in a cabin at a Caravan Park or Holiday Park. Make sure it’s a family friendly park with many activities to keep you all busy. Some Parks have kids clubs and scheduled activities for the whole family. The beach is always a winner, especially if you don’t live near the beach. That makes it all the more special. All ages can enjoy the waves, the sand, reading a book, checking out the rock pools and the view. Accommodation may have to be booked well ahead as the beach is a very popular destination. Animals are always popular there are many, zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums etc all over Australia.

Try an Adventure Holiday

If you don’t normally go camping consider hiring a campervan or camper trailer. Have an adventure and discover new places, travel your state or territory or go interstate. Go on an organised tour that includes the adventure activities you are interested in eg. rock climbing, scuba diving, cycling, hiking, rafting etc.

Experience the City or Country Holiday

If you live in the country you make choose to stay in a motel in your nearest city within walking distance of the cities attractions. Be amazed by the shopping, cafes, attractions. If you live in the city stay in a country town or in farm stay accommodation, Enjoy the fresh air and country landscapes and everything else country living has to offer.

Have a Blast at Fun and Theme Parks

Everyone loves fun and theme parks, they are very family friendly. The most popular are at the Gold Coast QLD these are Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild Water World and Dreamworld. My family visited these parks in 2002, they are an incredible experience, so much to see, enjoy. Totally Family Friendly – Something For Everyone!

Tina Dean is the founder and editor of the family Friendly Oz Camping Guide. Her site specializes in information about family camping, including tips, checklists and suggestion for how to go travelling Australia. http://www.familyfriendlyozcamping.com.au

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Top 10 List of Consideration When Traveling to Third World Destinations

Because of there are many differences betwen two countries like custom, food, missing your own comforts, so it is not easy to travel to a foreign country. In particular, travelling to a third world country with some limitation  or non- existent in basic human elements such as shelter, water, food, transportation, and security. So what should we do if wanting to travel to the places like this . And the answer is: please prepare well before you travel.


Here is a top 10 list of what to be careful of when traveling to a 3rd world country:

1) Don’t accept food or drinks offered to you: They can be spiked or contain dangerous chemicals. You wouldn’t accept a drink from someone you didn’t know in your own country, so why start now.


2) Never use currency exchange people off the street or at a questionable establishment: These are often scams. Be wary of anyone wanting to offer you a good rate; either the currency is fake or he may be ripping you off. Stick to the airports, although you will be paying more in exchange fees, you know you will be getting the true currency


3) Be careful of fake policemen: This is one of the most common tourist traps. A policeman (dressed in all the attire) will ask to search your luggage or car and force you to pay a fine on the spot for something you probably didn’t do.


4) Avoid crowds: Crowds are targets for pickpockets. Be careful when a group of people surround you or try to “sell” you something. More often then not this is just a distraction to get what they are really after: your wallet or purse


5) Don’t wear expensive clothes or jewelry: If you look like a tourist, you probably are one. Try to blend in as much as possible and don’t wear anything flashy. You become an instant target if you do.


6) Never respond to strangers: If someone comes up and asks for directions or wants to engage in conversation, simply say “I don’t know” and proceed swiftly to your destination. Don’t look like a tourist who is lost, helpless and desperate. If you are lost, don’t pull out the map and start looking at it. Get to a safe area before taking out any of you personal belongings or maps.


7) Bring sanitizing hand products: Water facilities are often inadequate or broken. Hand sanitizers are light, easy, and good to have when water isn’t there or dirty.


8) Use a disposable camera: Do you really want to pull out that flashy $ 300 digital camera? It is much easier to replace a $ 5 disposable one should it be stolen.


9) Pack High Protein Snacks: Again, food can often be an adventure if not downright not your taste. It always helps to pack a snack to tide you over until you get some food you are more accostmend to.


10) Bring your own medication: Pharmacies are virtually non-existent in 3rd world countries. Be sure to have all the supplies you need.


As you can see, if you follow these simple rules of the road you can travel almost anywhere. While they don’t cover every aspect of travel, the old adage of use common sense can go a long way.


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