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Take Louis Vuitton Travel Bag For Convenient Traveling

Bring seven Louis Vuitton Travel Bags for visiting African wildlife zoo! Have you seen this sentence? It is the theme advertisement of Louis Vuitton Travel bag. In the 19th century, when the young Mr. Vuitton started his brand, the company only focused on the design of trunks and travel bags, at that time, his trunks were famous for its freshness. Because early trunks were designed to reduce the water logging of top of boxes, and Vuitton is the earliest one to make the travel case in shape of sealed square, in place of the old styles with rounding top, these featured trunks can be snacked up, so this brand earned it a reputation and quickly succeeded.
Of course, the first generations of trunks are classical, and in the modern life with so many choices, Louis Vuitton Monogram Luggage are popular and classic forever, thats all thanks to the past kings and queens of Paris, till to the Hollywood stars today. Besides, people begin to dote on box shaped accessories, and hence they pay attention to them again.
Many brands have their own famous brand trunks, but there is no one so successful like Louis Vuitton travel bag, when you carry LV designs to any airport in the world, the unique patterns will appeal multiple envy and jealous visions for you, and naturally they will become the first choices of the majority of stars.
Now we return to the advertisement subject, this brand never stop to create surprise for us, in the theme advertisement, the main actor is a young model newcomer named Dree Hemingway, we wonder if his grandfather is accompanied by Louis Vuitton travel bag during his journey.
The scene is Dree gets along with the original wildlife world in harmony with modern method, at there, no more hunting and capture, Dree allows the young lions lay on hers shiny Louis Vuitton bags, what a harmonious picture! Tent, young lions, sunset, bonfireThat hints the main theme of LV, connect with nature, simple and perfect concepts.
In its brand advertisings, actors and actresses always bring the suitcases in the picturesque landscape, lights present a quiet and tranquil state, that is want to express whatever the time pass, Louis Vuitton travel bags at http://www.bagsight.com on line store will always be there for you to spend everyday. The cultural implications of brand and classical iconic legend make an important contribution to its powerful elevated status.

Mumbai Bus For Convenient Traveling

Mumbai is the city full of glitz and glamour and is also the major financial hub of India. Travelers travel to Mumbai for various reasons round the year. Some travel for business, some for leisure and some head to Mumbai to try out their luck in Bollywood to be a movie star. For whatever reason you travel to Mumbai, Mumbai bus is always there to make your journey into a journey filled with exhilarating experience to Mumbai. In fact Mumbai bus services have created a whole new different dimension for travelers traveling to Mumbai. Its not only about a smooth journey to Mumbai but also the convenience of traveling according to your travel plan as they offer 24×7 services and the choice of coaches that are suited for luxurious travelers to budget travelers. All the buses are kept in immaculate condition and comply with international safety norms. On top of that you can get all the information related to Mumbai bus services online and can also purchase or book ticket online by logging onto any of the various Meta search engines that provides travel services in India.

Mumbai is the place where you will find lots of events taking place through out the day. There is something happening in Mumbai virtually every week of the year. Festivals and local events are an important part of life in this city. This season Mumbai is proud to host Prithvi Theatre Festival that introduces some of India’s leading theatre groups and is taking place at the Prithvi Theatre, one of the prominent venues for theater in the city. And if you are a party lover then dont miss the event Flying Catsswenjoy the attractions such as Zuhu beach, Haji Mosque, Victoria gate, etc.

Opt for Mumbai bus to make your trip to Mumbai a grand trip filled with fun and joy and a trip to remember. Buses to Mumbai are operating from various parts of India and finding one to suit your travel plan from your location should not be all that difficult.

Book online Mumbai bus today and enjoy a pleasant journey to Mumbai.

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