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Seven Safety Tips When Traveling With Children

There is a big difference between traveling with an adult and traveling with children. Even if you have toddlers or an infant with you, it is a special specification that adults accompanying their children must observe safety first when traveling. There are numerous ways to make traveling for you and your child safer. Here are seven:

1. Maintain seatbelts or restraints at all times. Naughtiness can become one reason for your child to get hurt and cause one to another. Your child can move all he want as long as his seatbelt or restraint are firmly attached to their bodies. Furthermore, turbulence can go without warning.

2. Keep your child’s essentials inside your hand carry bag. You can survive every ounce of tantrums when you keep in your bag a handful of useful merchandise like diapers, food and medicine. If you have an infant, you can bring in two bottles of milk.

3. Position you child away from the aisle. It would be more appropriate to sit him in between two adults. If you don’t like being seated along the aisle, for your child’s sake, sacrifice. Children love exploring and reaching out things. They can get hurt unknowingly when their little arms and hands get bumped by walking people or by the serving cart. You can also sit him at one corner beside the windows.

4. Bring toys. Make sure these are not deadly ones. Toys can serve as perfect modalities to catch your child’s attention and refrain him or her from making unnecessary noises and activities. Never bring toys that can hurt, easily break or is heavy. Electronic games can only be used while the plane is cruising.

5. Control your child. It is your responsibility to control your child’s behavior while inside the plane. The flight attendant is never responsible for the supervision of your child. You don’t pay them to become baby sitters. As much as possible, don’t fall asleep during the flight. Children take this opportunity to wander around the plane and eventually get lost. You also have to be careful when walking around the plane with your child for he might reach hot cups of coffee or silverware.

6. Upon the deployment of oxygen masks, put yours first. Contrary to what most parents would think, it is much advisable to put an adult’s mask first before their child. Why? for practical reasons. There would be a greater chance of saving both your lives than just your child’s. If the adult puts the oxygen mask on their children first, it will take only few seconds for hypoxia to come over wherein episodes of confusion or passing out will happen. A child, especially smaller ones, will be of no help once you pass out. This is one very good reason why you must put on the mask first.

7. Always be prepared for the possibility of emergencies. Be aware of the procedures that can be appropriate for your child. First, ask the flight attendant if they have emergency equipments that are designed especially for children. Next, be familiar with the preflight briefing. Lastly, if your child has a condition that can be an issue, inform the attendant.

Generally, you have to plan ahead. Ask yourself what are the things that can help you and your child to be safe through hours of being suspended on air. It is your sole responsibility to take good care of your child by practicing these safety first tips when traveling.

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Families With Special Needs Children – You Have To Consider Every Family Member

Families with special needs children will face many challenges while raising your kids. Raising a kid with special needs, along with kids without special needs is a challenge in itself and you have to be sure that every member of your family is considered.

If there are brothers or sisters to your special needs child, you also have to be sure they are considered. It is important that you take time to talk to them and help them understand why a lot of your time has to be spent taking care of their sibling.

You also need to ensure that your other children understand why your special needs kid acts the way they do. Explain what your special needs child has and what it will mean to your whole family.

This will stop your children from having any jealousy or bad feelings towards their sibling. Every kid is special in their own way, but having a sibling that requires most of the parent’s time can be difficult for little ones to understand.

Let your other children get involved in the care for their sibling because this will help them learn to accept it. This will make them feel special also because they get to be involved and help you take care of their sibling.

The more that your whole family understands and is involved in taking care of your special needs child, the more harmony there will be in your home.

Plus, you will have less stress since you won’t have to keep dealing with feelings that are hurt because they just can’t understand. All kids need to feel special, not just your special needs child.

The more you can make your children feel that, the easier they will be able to accept that your special needs kid needs more of your time and attention then they do.

Don’t ever assume that your children are okay with it. You have to talk to them and be there for them to ask questions. This gives them the knowledge that they are seeking to help them accept that there is a special needs kid in the house.

Always take your other child’s age into consideration and then only give them the information they can understand. You will more than likely have to keep talking to them as they grow older because as they grow, their feelings about their special needs sibling will change and grow also.

As you can see, families with special needs children definitely have more challenges to face than other families do. With time, patience and talking your family will be able to achieve understanding and harmony together.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our special needs kids website today. You will find useful information that will help provide you with the resources and knowledge you need for raising special needs kids successfully.

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Amusement Parks Are A Perfect Holiday Destination For Children And Their Families

Like children, adults also love to go and spend time in the wonder world of amusement parks. Creative skills and imaginative power of children are of wide range and they use these skills during playing. Usually the theme parks have three-dimensional fantasy settings on any particular themes of literature, films or television. In amusement parks children and adults are fully involved and immersed in thrilling and challenging plays. They enjoy and breathe a fresh and pleasant air of the wonder world of these parks. Both amusement and theme parks are peoples favorite tourist attraction world- wide. The main entertainment aimed at amusement parks are varieties of rides, excursions, animal attractions, beautifully structured and welded theme parks etc.

The recreation and games section has rides like Ferris wheel and roller coaster, game booth that offer prizes and other means of recreation like fun houses and sideshows. These parks ensure that safety standards are strictly observed by having quality equipments designed and manufactured under the quality check and regulations by the safety regulatory authorities. Reputed and standard welding companies are assigned the works of these prestigious parks. The beauty of these riding structures is the result of high class welding technology. Traveling carnivals and fairs conducted in states gave the idea for building amusement parks. The Walt Disney theme park popularly called Disneyland was the first theme park and the all time favorite holiday destination of children all over the world and had marked the building of amusement parks. Today, most of the amusement parks consider this Disneyland built on 1855 as their role model. The Tokyos Disneyland holds the record of maximum number people visiting the theme park.

Another interesting aspects of these theme parks and amusement parks are that now many parents are interested in celebrating their childs birthday at this venue. It provides great fun for the kids as they long for a change form their busy life. They can enjoy a delicious food there together.

Keeping the safety of the guests coming to these parks, its operators and suppliers are seriously concerned about the rides functions. bowling, hi-tech video games etc., which are a good exercise as well Precautions are met to avoid injuries during ride and the safety are strictly observed not to break the enjoyment and fun of the guest during their visit. Apart of business, they are constantly monitoring and updating the facilities using high standard technology to ensure the prime concern in safety.

There is much type of games like miniature golf, batting cages fun for children. Apart from indoor activities water slide parks; go carts etc. are also there in the vast game section. Thus children will definitely cherish the memories of the day they spend in an amusement park with their family for a long time.

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Are We There Yet? Traveling With Small Children

Don’t you just dread the kids shouting out “Are we there yet”? Traveling on long car journeys need not be such a stressful experience.

Keeping kids occupied with games to play in the car on long journeys and in traffic jams is a big challenge. The secret to this is to be organised. When I know I am going traveling with children on long journeys by car I keep an eye out for special offers on snack size items and drinks, colouring books, crayons and activity packs just for this purpose.

Have plenty of small snacks and small drinks to hand – but not left in the boot! Pack each child their own in-car picnic for when they get the munchies. Make sure you have plenty wet wipes or kitchen paper handy. When you are travelling with children you could have a special bag for each child that is ready just to pick up and place in the car so there is no running around at the last minute. When you return from your trip you could get it ready for the next time you will be travelling with children so you are well prepared.

No matter how old your children are make sure you have an adequate supply of picture and reading books, colouring books and their favourite small toys. Even a personal DVD player if your budget will stretch that far. You can also buy activity packs for children in a particular age range. The more choice you have the less likelihood of them getting bored and you losing your concentration and soon you will reach your destination in relative peace. If the kids are happy then you are happy and everyone will be more relaxed instead of getting stressed out. The only problem might be getting them out of the car if their DVD has not finished! In between DVD’s or even if you don’t have the luxury of that technology intersperse their reading by playing other games in the car. There is always the traditional I-Spy game which is always popular when travelling with children but I have listed some more ideas below:-

What Am I?: One person states they are either a person, place or object and the others then ask questions (are you red, can you speak, do you bark, can you be eaten, etc) until they guess what that person is, then they are next.

Colours: Choose a colour and have everyone help name as many different items as possible in that colour.

Nursery Rhyme Changes: Recite nursery rhymes for children and encourage your child to join in. If they are comfortable with the rhyme, change one word and see if they can tell you what’s different. (Example: “Baa, Baa black sheep have you any wool, yes sir yes sir ten socks full”) carry on the rhyme until they notice the changes.

Finish the Story: You start telling a story then everyone takes it in turns adding to the story line. If you have a children’s tape recorder you could even tape it for them to listen to on the return journey and have a laugh.

Opposites: Call out a word and have your child respond with the opposite. (Examples: tall-short, hot-cold, quickly-slowly)

Categories: Choose something your child is familiar with like fruits, colours or shapes, and see how many they can name.

20 Questions: How much do you really know about your children’s likes and dislikes? About what they are thinking? Use this time to get to know them better by asking questions like: – Do you remember your dreams? What are they about? – What is your favourite food? What food would you rather not eat again? – What is your favourite colour? – What makes them happy, what makes them unhappy and what makes them get angry?

Telephone Time: If your child owns a toy telephone, have them call you, dad, grandma, the dog or cat. Encourage them to talk about what they have seen on their trip.

The Quiet Game: If all else fails, try this old standby for a few minutes of peace and quiet. The one who stays quiet the longest should receive a small surprise or their first choice of a snack. A great game for when things are getting stressed when travelling with children – if you are lucky they might even drop off to sleep!!

Hopefully some of the above will help take the stress and boredom out of car journeys for you and your family, travelling with children may not be the headache you thought it would be after all.

Have a safe trip!

David is the Father of one son and has enjoyed many long car journeys with him and his friends without getting too stressed. He has written various articles on parenting and has a website aimed at under 5’s where you can read more articles, recipes, and humour.

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House to Let – An Ideal Place to Live For Families With Children

Families with children are always searching for good ways to keep the kids entertained. If you are searching for a UK town to settle down in for a short stay or for many years, a Wakefield house to let is a terrific choice. There are many houses to let or rent in suburban, urban, and rural areas. Many of the properties are only a short distance by transportation links or by foot to some very exciting entertainment for your children.

Some Great Entertainment For Your Children

The Wacky Warehouse-The Walnut Tree is a large indoor playing facility for the children. Here, they can run and play for hours while the parents relax. The National Coal Mining Museum will educate your children with facts about the history of coal mining in West Yorkshire as well as provide lots of fun for them. An adventure playground and a miniature railway is built on the outside of the mine. The children can also walk to the stable and take a look at the pit ponies; or they can visit the gift ship where they may find souvenirs. Another astonishing place to visit is Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It is educational, inspirational, and charming. It is an international art centre situated on 500 acres of parkland. It is a great place to visit if your children are engaged in the YSP community program.

Fun With Water

The Lighthouse Leisure Centre has lots of enjoyment for the entire family. There is a relaxing leisure pool and your children will love the waves, water slides, and geysers to cool themselves down. Metrodome Leisure Complex also offers hours of fun at the Metrodome Water Park. They are equipped with two slides for the young people and Space Base and Lunar for little children. There is also the lagoon pool as well as three great White Knuckle rides called Terrorship 300, Space Bullet, and Allen Mountain.

Wakefield is a wonderful place to find a house to let. It is not only a pleasant place to live, but a nice place to enjoy the amusing and entertaining side of life. A property agent can find the perfect Wakefield house to let for your family with easy access to any of life’s pleasures that may spark you or your child’s interest.

Harold Layman has been involved with the letting industry for almost 25 years. He is currently a senior adviser with The Letting Company, one of the fastest growing letting agents in South and West Yorkshire. Our company has significant experience and knowledge of the Lettings industry and we truly believe our combination of low rates and impeccable service is unbeatable.

Families with Children Need Routine to Thrive

Routines are how schools, businesses, and many corporations organize themselves to get things done. The same can also be said for a family. Using a routine, a family can expect to more easily get things done, spend time together, and have fun. Routines also help members of the family to know who will be doing what and at what time.

Family life can already be prone to chaos. The daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities of the parents or children can be extremely overwhelming in today’s fast-paced society. Pair that with unrealistic expectations to be able to do everything (i.e. school clubs, PTA, social obligations, homework, etc.) and you have a recipe for absolute family breakdown. Given a routine, families and their individual lives can be managed effectively and still leave plenty of room for fun time together. When family routines become meaningful, they can provide a sense of strength, a core of values, and a secure sense of belonging to a cooperative family.

Children are first to benefit from a dependable routine. An organized and expected routine helps children feel secure. They know what to expect from their lives and therefore are more apt to deal with the unexpected. The unexpected could be the arrival of a new child in the family, a death, divorce, or illness, or other life stresses. A routine will help keep the child grounded and almost feel like a security blanket when stressful events happen. Their whole lives don’t have to fall apart just because one piece is different or causing anxiety. They can deal with that one thing while comforted by the predictability and reliability of their daily or weekly routine.

Children also benefit from a routine when it is built around family fun. When time together as a family is built into a routine it will strengthen the relationship between family members, especially children to their parents. Studies have proven over and over again that a family routine that includes a scheduled family fun time at least once a week will provide a strong sense of self, a tighter bond between parents and children, and a greater sense of values in those that participate.

Routines also help children develop a sense of how to take care of themselves. They learn to brush their teeth before bed, eat healthy meals, exercise and use their time wisely to accomplish goals. Children that have a daily routine for taking care of themselves have shown to be less likely to get sick and be overly stressed.

For Parents, a set routine can be the key to feeling more organized, in control, and less stressed throughout the day. This is because a routine will help you complete your daily tasks efficiently and once a routine is established, it will allow you to do daily tasks almost automatically.

All this effective time and task management will also make you feel like a better parent. If you are satisfied with your daily work and are not overwhelmed by looming tasks, you are more likely to be receptive to your children’s needs and have the time to spend with your family. This, for any parent, is real satisfaction in life.

Routines can be very diverse but all can be effective. Every family operates differently, so it would make sense to create a routine that works for your families needs. If can be very detailed or an as simple as some guidelines for the week. In any case, the importance of a routine is just that, routine. Make sure whatever is implemented is carried out and followed on a regular basis. This will then become a secure, and effective way of life for the whole family.

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Siblings – The Forgotten Children In Autsistc Families

One of the first things a parent is taught upon a child’s diagnosis of autism is how to cope. They will also learn how to manage behavior. Sadly, siblings of autistic children are given very little information about what autism is and how it will affect their family. Below are some helpful tips for helping the brothers and sisters of autistic children to better deal with the situation.

In the grieving process, parents often spend so much time and effort on an autistic child that the other children in the family will often feel forgotten. This may lead to behavioral issues, with the sibling acting out and becoming a “problem child” to receive attention. In some cases, the sibling may even try to hurt the autistic brother or sister in an attempt to remove him from the family environment.

One tip for siblings to cope with their autistic brother or sister is to find a support group. There should be resources available at the local chapter of the Autism Society of America. This is especially important in helping siblings feel that they are not alone and isolated in this unfolding situation-others are dealing with the same sorts of problems. Also, try to increase family interaction. Schedule a regular family day or family night each week, where all children can spend time with parents or other family members and share their day or week experiences and any problems. The best thing to remember is to be open about how you are feeling. If children feel that their parents are neglecting some aspect of their life, simply asking them for a moment of their time is often the best solution. It is important for parents to be understanding towards their children’s needs for attention, whether they are autistic or not. Communication is the key to helping the entire family run smoothly.

Hopefully this will be helpful to you and your family.

There are many more unique articles available here.

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Tips for Traveling with Children

Family vacations can be one of the finest ways to craft memories which will last your kids a lifetime. Except, regardless of how long you stay at your dream destination, when traveling with children the longest part of the trip can be your journey there or back. Long car rides or airplane trips can appear infinite for young kids waiting to get to their vacation goal. By remembering these family travel tips, grownups can make the travel time go quickly for their kids and even themselves.

For kids, leaving on a family vacation might be the best bit of their summer. Small wonder that they are excited but impatient when the minute at last arrives, and they are on their way to a theme park, beach, or other target.  It is a “known known” that children get keyed up about getting to their vacation spot, all the same, parents really can make the trip seem less lengthy by having an assortment of games and activities at hand for keeping the children busy and their minds off of the journey.  

For longer car road trips there are a lot of games that can make the time go by. Children characteristically get bored with playing the same games they play day after day, so try spicing things up by offering them games specially made for long car trips. One of the games involves finding the letters of the alphabet on road signs;maybe you know the one I mean.  For instance, if you pass by a sign that reads “Alvah’s Barbeque Cafe” the letters A, B, and C are found.  When you pass by the next sign, look for a D. If there are two kids in the backseat, it can become it a contest, by only letting them to use signs on their side of the road out the window. Another car game for long trips on interstate highways is the license plate game, where your children try to find cars with license plates from different states – see if they can find all fifty.  

Similar to car rides, keeping kids occupied on airplane trips is the key.  Activities on planes are a bit easier, given that the ride is generally smoother and kids have the use of the pop-down trays to use as a table top for activities such as drawing or coloring.

When traveling with children too young to keep entertained with toys, it can be tougher. Your best option is to keep them comfortable, making sure your baby does not take a nap right before the flight. This will raise the chance that he or she will sleep during the plane ride.  Small babies should be given bottles while the plane is taking off, as feeding them during take-off usually prevents your baby’s ears from popping, which will cause the baby discomfort and an uneasy feeling.

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Home Security For Families With Children

Offering protection for your home and family is not just about security against outside forces such as criminals and thieves.  It is often more about protecting your family from each other and accidents that occur in the household.  Children are especially viable for such occurrences.  It is too often that household accident that lead to severe injury or even possibly death can often by easily prevented.  Rather than take these risks, take the necessary precautions to offer better home security by preventing such household accidents.  

Depending on the age of children in the household, different safety measures should be taken regarding home security.  For small toddlers and infants, it is important to prepare your house even before they are old enough to crawl.  Put in childproof safety plugs in all unused outlets.  Get on your hands and knees, so you can see the world and rooms through your child’s eyes.  You will most likely be able to locate plugs you had previously forgotten were even there.  

Once children start moving around and crawling it’s time to really start upgrading security within the house.  Make sure large objects such as lamps, televisions, pots, and other large and heavy objects are always out of reach of small children.  As soon as toddlers start to crawl, they will also begin to climb.  It’s important to take away all hazardous items out of the reach of toddlers, especially heavy items, objects made of glass, and cooking utensils that are hot on the stove.  

As far as below the counters, it is a good idea to put in childproof latches on all cabinets that have dangerous items inside.  Cleaning supplies, medicines, and areas with knives need to be especially well secured.  Curiosity is said to kill the cat, but it can also kill your child if they become curious about potentially poisonous cleaning supplies or medicines.  Home security is about protecting your family from the dangers of the world, and these include those dangers that exist right in your own home.   

At the end of the day, one of the favorite moments for both parents and children is bath time.  It is a time where parents can spend some one on one time with their kids with out the distractions of the telephone, doorbell, and television.  It is also crucial that parents do not become distracted by these things.  Leaving a child unattended in a bathtub can lead to possible drowning.  Even a bathtub with less than an inch of a water in it should be considered a hazard.  As part of home security, parents need to continually be aware of such dangerous hazards.  All it takes is a few moments for a terrible accident to occur that could destroy your life forever.

Keep doors locked at all time, even when you are in the house.  Small children are wonderfully naïve and don’t often understand the dangers that exist outside your home.  Setting a home alarm is also a good idea for when you have small children playing in the house.  In case they happen to find a way outside, as soon as they open that outside door, you will be alerted to their potential departure.  Taking care of a family is a huge responsibility, so home security should not be taken lightly with regard to the safety of your small children.

ADT offices can offer you tips to give your children a safer environment to grow up in.  Families that have installed home alarm systems not only protect themselves from outside intrusion but possible escape of small children wishing to head outside.

Traveling With Your Children

In a lot of ways, parents today are extremely lucky when they get behind the wheel of a car with children in tow. This is due, in large part, to the fact that there are so many gadgets and distractions available to keep your child/children busy as you drive. Not only do you now have the peace of mind to concentrate on the road before you, but you don’t have to be distracted by your children as much.

When possible, always try to travel with another adult. This is a great idea because it will free you up to fully focus on the road while the secondary adult keeps an eye on the children. Additionally, having another adult in the vehicle will help out if a child needs something or even if there is an emergency. I cannot tell you how many times I have been driving and seen a parent fully turned around in their vehicle to tend to their child’s needs…while they are driving! As a responsible adult and/or a responsible parent, it is up to us to make sure that our children’s lives are safe while we are traveling.

Prior to getting into a vehicle with children, make sure that the children are safely secured in their car seats and/or seat belts. If they are old enough, ask them if they need or want anything. Explain to them beforehand where you are going and how long you expect to be in the car. They may not remember this, but it is still a good idea to let them know anyway. Prior to even stepping foot in the vehicle, explain to slightly older children the safety rules of traveling in a car. You don’t want to scare a child, but let him or her know that there are certain dangerous things that can happen if they touch certain things or do certain things while an adult is driving. Let them know the proper way to address you if they have any needs while on the trip.

If your child doesn’t feel well or if there is a problem while you are driving, don’t panic. Simply pull your car off to the side of the road or exit the roadway in a calm manner. Remember that when you panic (especially if there are other children in the car), you only cause them to panic more, which creates distraction -something you do not want while driving. Traveling with children doesn’t have to be a pain. In fact, it can be very enjoyable. Talk to your child while driving; communication is always a good idea. However, avoid using your cell phone or playing with the radio too much, etc. Having a child in the car is distraction enough, and you don’t want to add any more distractions into the mix. If there is another adult in the car, simply ask them every now and then to check on the kids to make sure that they are ok. You don’t want to ignore your children, but you don’t want them to be your sole focus while you are driving. Remember, your safe driving should be the main focus here!

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