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DirectBuy of Barrie holding charity toy drive. Donations from December 11th charity event to help families in need




As part of the event, both members as well as the general public are invited to visit the DirectBuy of Barrie location from 1:00pm to 5:00pm to donate a toy that will most certainly put a smile on the face of a deserving child this holiday season.


“Christmas is a time of giving, and what better way to give than to help a family in need by putting a present under the tree for a child who wouldn’t otherwise receive one,” said Christine Demarsh, owner of DirectBuy of Barrie. “The stimulation, happiness and memories that toys provide are very important to the growth of children, and we’re helping to put toys into the hands of those who would otherwise have never gotten them.”


For 20 years, Rock 95 and Kool FM have been helping the community through their Toy Drive efforts to help give families and their children in central Ontario a more enjoyable Christmas. In fact, more than 10,000 toys are distributed annually and more than 5,000 children and families in the region are assisted by their efforts each year.


If you’re unable to make it to DirectBuy of Barrie during the event but still wish to donate a toy or financial assistance, you may drop off a new, unwrapped toy – or make a monetary donation – at the Rock 95 / Kool FM station or anywhere that you see Rock 95 / Kool FM coin box. All toys and monetary donations stay in the communities where they were donated, meaning that those toys and donations made in Barrie will benefit Barrie families in need.


“It’s important that these toy drives are available for those families in our community who find it very difficult to provide their children with presents and toys during the Holidays,” said Demarsh. “We are proud to be involved in such a needed cause.”


DirectBuy of Barrie, located in Bayfield Mall at 320 Bayfield St., in Barrie, Ontario, offers consumers thousands of items including kitchen cabinets, flat-screen televisions and major appliances from more than 500 manufacturers or their authorized suppliers.


To assist members with their home renovation projects, DirectBuy of Barrie employs product specialists who are specially trained in one of five areas of merchandise: Home Furnishings, Home Improvement, Flooring, Entertainment/Outdoor, and Accessories. Additionally, members benefit from the use of a children’s play area, café and a members’ lounge to relax in while shopping.


About DirectBuy

Consumers who are interested in joining DirectBuy are encouraged to attend an exclusive Open House event, which is designed to educate families about DirectBuy’s unique business model. The Open House also helps consumers better understand how DirectBuy members avoid traditional retail markup when purchasing brand-name merchandise.


Since 1971, DirectBuy has been showing hundreds of thousands of consumers unparalleled ways to save as they shop for virtually everything for in and around their homes –from furnishings, home improvement and flooring, to entertainment and outdoor products, accessories, and much, much more. With more than 145 locations in North America, DirectBuy offers its members access to more than 500 brand-name manufacturers or their authorized suppliers in Canada.


For more information on a DirectBuy membership, visit www.directbuycares.com. Consumers interested in seeing DirectBuy’s savings, service, and selection up close may obtain a Visitor’s Pass to attend an Open House by visiting www.directbuy.com or www.directbuycares.com.

Recession Proof Your Charity With a Talent Show

In a recession the challenges for charities are even greater,as the common methods of fund-raising do not work as effectively as they have in times past.

So what works? and Why? How do you recession proof your charity? Do not despair, my friend! There is an fail-proof, tried-and-true stream of income at your fingertips.

A Talent Show (aka a Variety Show) is just the ticket to creating a valuable source of funds and supporting friends.Yes, it may seem a little “old-fashioned” and “cheesy” at first, but aren’t the current top entertainment reality TV shows the same thing?

And they are most successful of all types of shows!

A local Talent or Variety Show is a great way to bring in a good portion of a nonprofit’s budget. Of course, it needs to be done with excellence, class, and relevance to the times, people and location.

Why not take a serious look at an entertaining Talent Show? You may be asking, “Why entertainment?”

Top Five Reasons Entertainment – a Talent Show or Variety Show, Always Works!

1. History is the best teacher, and Hollywood is the best example. During the Great Depression, people thronged to the movies! People love entertainment and in a time when times are tough, they love it more.

2. People need an escape. Every day people are hit with negativity – all day long! When people get home from work, they turn on the television and get a boatload of more troubles. Whey can they go for relief?

3. People love music, acting and comedy! Why else is it a billion dollar industry?

4. People love the exceptional talent of their family members, friends and community. No one is more proud of “knowing” someone in a show. If a child is an exceptional fiddle player, for example, watch his/her parents tell everyone they know that “Johnny” or “Jenny” is playing at the local Food Shelf fundraiser!

Which leads to…

5. Local entertainers draw the community in like crazy. They are probably one of the most “networked” or “social” people in the community and you can take advantage of that.

Things To Do For A Talent Show

So, how does one go about putting on a talent show and simultaneously make money? Here are the Top Five “Must Do’s” to guarantee success at a Talent fundraiser.

1. Put a step-by-step plan in place. This is prime importance. Your planning will be the foundation of the entire event.

2. Get a strong, diversified leadership team. Find successful, busy people to “make things happen.” You will need to locate:

A. A Project Leader
B. Finance People
C. Talent Finders
D. Marketers
E. Volunteers and Assistants

3. Advertise and market like crazy! Do not be afraid to be creative and current. Keep all options open when it comes to spreading the work and bringing in donations whether it be in show sponsorships, show night contributions, or follow-up solicitations.

4. Treat your talent and guests like GOLD! They have all given of their time and/or talent. If you treat them well and give the time of their life, while telling your compelling mission, they will be back next year. Getting treated like “royalty” is at all time low, and everyone needs to know how critical they are to your mission. It doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective. Just the right words, some sincere handshakes, a good time, a take-away (even very small), will have them talking about the show for weeks!

5. Ask for a generous donation the right way! Tell the story of your mission all event long. If the guests “heart strings aren’t tugged all evening long, how can you “persuade” their purse strings? And you can kill the giving in a minute, if the “asking” isn’t done the right way… by the right person. Talking too little, will leave people thinking it isn’t important and become uninspired. And talking too much will kill the philanthropic spirit of the event.

These five-seven minutes is the high-point of the whole event. The correct script, enthusiasm and personality can open a very wide road of giving and people can’t wait until it’s time to make a difference!

Yes, there are many things to do for a talent show, including some “got-to-knows” that people don’t know. Remember, the focus of this is to invite your community to a few moments of purposeful good times and increase the bottom line of your nonprofit finances. It’s so worth the work.

Successful leaders pay close attention to talent show details and follow them them with fervor.

Teresa Nelson is a philanthropy consultant and has twenty years experience in human service delivery and nonprofit leadership. She currently works as a foundation consultant for a local foundation.
Her fundraising involves several local entertainment venues as well as the typical methods of fund acquisition.