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Presses Deep Peasant Families On False Invoices Over 80,000 Copies Printed – Printing Press, Sham

Gate containing the probe, open house chamber, the Chamber of Secrets in the machine Lian Zhouzhuan, average daily production of 80 thousand copies of false invoices. 24, Xuanwu Public Security Bureau notified, police destroyed a large group fake invoices, collection of 37 thousand copies of false invoices, arresting 11 suspects.

Clues from last June, police arrested a man selling fake invoices 3 groups, a small detail led investigators to pay attention to? This group of people selling fake invoices cheaper. “Most fake invoices were entered from the field of logistics through the city, more consistent price, this group each false invoice cheap 2-3 yuan is likely to produce in the surrounding city.” After six months of Mo Pai police finally Fengtai District South Garden Township found a suspicious dens.

Suspected hideout located in the rural areas is a sizable area of peasant families. Investigators at a distance of 2 km outside the hideout of a guest house of the Monitor found: a black flag every morning are open to the courtyard door car, which was the weight, not light a few cardboard boxes into the car’s trunk, followed by vehicle Lize Bridge bound for the area. Little courtyard out the people during the day.

Mastered the cases committed by law, the Chenzhaoyese, dozens of police quietly close to the yard. One caught by a special police, over the walls, gently drawing the bars, the police rushed to ambush outside the house, “Freeze!” Eight suspects were immediately controlled by the police.

, However, something wrong with that house them the only two double beds and a cupboard full of debris, and no sign of the invoice. When police opened the bed against the wall, they found a body can only huddle drill into the secret passages. Enter secret passages, is an 8-square-meter chamber, which arrayed Print Machine and paper cutter, there are a bundle of false invoices, false invoices, including Car Repair invoices, construction invoices, invoices and other commercial enterprises, variety, variety, also red paint to write on the wall gang slogan “quality to survive, to plunder and development.” In the corner of the room and there is a monitor, along the line, the police found the door sensor installed in the courtyard of a small hole, to monitor the door about 3 meters away, police heart called “good risks”, but for the fast Let the group found.

Suspects accountable, Lize Bridge, a nearby residential areas is that they store goods in warehouses, printed invoices are placed there, there are 3 people care. Eventually, the police detained 11 suspects and confiscated 370,000 copies of fake invoices, seized printing presses, paper cutter each one, and a variety of invoice templates 164. Mr. Han

suspect confessed to the cost of each false invoice 3 yuan, sold “under the Family” 10 dollars “under the home” and then hands, able to “rise” to 50, one day they will produce almost 8 million fake invoices.

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