Number Of Families On The Streets Without Homes Increases

The number of families on the streets and without homes has increased. The recent recession has driven families into shelters for the homeless in 2009 according to a report by the federal government. In 2008 there were 159,000 shelter seeking families but in 2009 the number went up to 170,000 according to HUD. In all the families comprised of 535,000 individuals.
The number has slightly fallen since the last one year from 1.6 million to 1.56 million. It calculates to 1:200 Americans being without homes.

In 2009 in a single night of January there were more than 643,000 persons across the nation in this plight. But the number actually out under the skies and on the streets is less. Over 60% availed of emergency shelters or temporary housing programmes. 37% were living on the streets or in other locales not meant for human habitation. In 2008 nearly 42% were on the streets.
HUD secretary Shaun Donovan said, “As a nation we appear to doing a better job sheltering those who might otherwise be living on our streets, but clearly homelessness is impacting a greater share of families with children”.
It is the economic fallout that has triggered this swelling of numbers of homeless households. In 2007 the number was a modest 131,000. Increase in job losses have led to increase in loss of homes said assistant secretary of HUD Mercedes Marquez. The figures available right now do not present the total picture as many are camping with friends and relations; but later they will land up in the homeless shelters. 29.4% of the adults in the families living in shelters said that previously they had been living with others. In 2007 the number was 24.2%.

The feds have stepped up help for those on the streets chronically. On one night in January 2009 there were 111,000 habitual homeless wandering the streets. It has gone down by 10% from the previous year and 30% from 2006. Marquez commented that this was because of the building extra permanent housing. About 42,000 beds were increased from 2006 to 2009.

In 2009 more families stayed longer in the shelters. The average number of nights increased to 36 from 30 of the previous year. Most of the heads of the families were women below 31 years of age. Most of the children in the shelters were below 6 years. But a greater number of families comprising of two adults headed by a father only also succumbed to homelessness – all victims of the recession.

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Traveling With Your Favorite Pets

Traveling with an animal should be thought of as similar to traveling with a small child. The worst thing I think I’ve seen to this day was someone who had several dogs loose in her car- all with their bodies half way out the windows (which were rolled all the way down) as well as one dog in her lap while driving! Needless to say, I made sure that I was not anywhere near this woman’s car.

Traveling with pets needs to be taken a little more seriously by pet owners. There are things that you should do to ensure the safety of your furry friends just as you would ensure the safety of yourself or your loved ones while driving. To help put things into perspective, would you travel with your two young children in a car without first strapping them into a seat belt? How many parents do you see with a minivan full of kids who are roaming around and sticking their bodies out the window? Now, let’s take a look at pet owners. Would you drive your car with your newborn baby in your lap? How about your seven year-old daughter? Not only is it distracting, but it is incredibly dangerous. There are enough distractions in a car such as the radio, your cell phone, food and beverages. Throwing animals into the mix further complicates things.

While many pet owners and other pet lovers thing that seeing dogs with their heads and bodies halfway out the window is adorable, nothing could be farther from the truth. At the end of the day, dogs are merely animals, and animals are unpredictable at times. There was one time when I was traveling with someone and their German Shepherd. At the time, the German Shepherd wasn’t full grown, and it was sitting in my lap in the passenger seat. The person who was driving had rolled down my window so that it was three fourths of the way open. Would you know that when we stopped at the next intersection at a light, there was someone who had pulled up along the side of us and they had a couple of dogs in their car…Before I knew it, the dog that had been sitting so pleasantly on my lap suddenly got excited and tried to jump out of the car! We actually had to pull off the road so that we could both reign in this dog to prevent it from falling and injuring itself!

I think part of the issue is that humans treat their animals as if they, too, were humans. In America, people treat their domesticated animals better than they do each other sometimes. We let them sleep in our beds, eat the same food from our tables, etc. However, when it comes to driving, this is where we falter. If we were really treating animals like humans then we would make sure that they are buckled up for their own safety, for our safety as well as for the safety of others.

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An Alternative Stay In Noosa On The Sunshine Coast For Large Families

Perhaps you are one of those people who have a lot of children or perhaps you are planning a holiday getaway for the extended family and want a larger place to stay with a full kitchen and multiple baths and bedrooms. If this sounds like your situation then you may want to check out one of the lovely vacation rentals in Noosa. They can be very easily accessed through many online websites.

When you are trying to plan a trip such as this you want all the family to spend time together during the vacation so it might be difficult to stay at a hotel where there can only be about five people to a room, this will cause everyone to be split up. If you choose to rent a home you will have much more room to move with everyone under the same roof along with other benefits.

In a rental home you will have more privacy and you won’t have to worry about making too much noise like you will in a multi-family dwelling where you will have other people all around you and this can be a big plus when you are traveling with children. Keeping them quiet can be a bit of a hassle and in a home you will have little worry about them making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors.

Saying in one of these private homes will present you with a full kitchen which helps to cut back on meal expenses as you can make your own meals. This also gives you much flexibility in your eating schedule and that suits many people well. Most of the rental homes also come with linens and towels in addition to all the plates, cookware, and utensils in the kitchen enabling you to make a good dinner not just using the microwave to warm up something.

As you start the thoughts about your Sunshine Coast vacation look around on some of the travel websites and use their links to find the rental properties. In addition look at the Sunshine Coast newspaper online, you can find some more properties there in the classifieds. If these locations don’t satisfy you then you can contact some area travel agents to advise you as to other properties available in the Noosa area on the Sunshine Coast.

Discover the Sunshine Coast! To find rooms click on soon to locate and reserve Sunshine Coast hotels. There is also information about dining and tourist attractions at If you need assistance finding Sunshine Coast apartments there are specialists available to assist.

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Tips For Americans Traveling Abroad

If you are planning a trip abroad, there are a few things that you should do that will ensure a safe trip and make your traveling safer and easier.

You should be sure to register your travel itinerary with the State Department. This is be done easily through their website. You will be contacted in case of a family emergency in the United States or in the case of other types of crisis. Your information will not be released to others unless you give authorization.
Be sure that you sign your passport and fill in the emergency contact information. This is to ensure that if something should happen to you, your next of kin will be immediately notified. Also, be sure to leave a copy of your passport with someone in the US in the case that you lose the original while traveling. This expedites the replacement.

Be sure that your medical insurance coverage includes traveling overseas. If your plan does not cover you for expenses outside the United States, look into getting an additional policy that does. You certainly do not want to be stuck with a large hospital bill in another country if you should take ill.

When traveling to another country, it is important that you do a bit of homework concerning the various laws and regulations in that country. The US State Department’s website is a great reference to use to find safety and other important information on foreign countries.

When you are traveling in a foreign country it is a good practice to learn where the US Embassy is located or have that phone number handy. The US Embassy is available to help Americans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By taking these few simple steps, your travels abroad should be pleasant and hassle-free. It is always best to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when traveling outside of the country.

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An Alternative Stay In Noosa On The Sunshine Coast For Large Families

You may be part of a large family with a larger number of children, or you may be trying to schedule a vacation escape for the extended family. So you may want to find a larger accommodation that has a full kitchen, many bathrooms and bedrooms. Should this be your experience you might like to investigate one of nice rentals available in Noosa, you can find many of these through several internet sites.

Hotels will sleep four or maybe five people and anything more than that will find you dividing the family up into different rooms and this can be a real hassle when the purpose of a family vacation is to keep the family together. Choosing a rental home can not only offer you more space and a way to keep the entire family under one roof but also holds many other benefits as well.

In a rental home you will have more privacy and you won’t have to worry about making too much noise like you will in a multi-family dwelling where you will have other people all around you and this can be a big plus when you are traveling with children. Keeping them quiet can be a bit of a hassle and in a home you will have little worry about them making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors.

Saying in one of these private homes will present you with a full kitchen which helps to cut back on meal expenses as you can make your own meals. This also gives you much flexibility in your eating schedule and that suits many people well. Most of the rental homes also come with linens and towels in addition to all the plates, cookware, and utensils in the kitchen enabling you to make a good dinner not just using the microwave to warm up something.

To start the consideration for your Sunshine Coast holiday begin by looking on different travel websites to click through on their links to some rental homes. You can also look at the classifieds for some properties in the Sunshine Coast newspaper internet site. If this still doesn’t show you what you want in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast then you can contact some travel agents from the area.

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Are We There Yet? Traveling With Small Children

Don’t you just dread the kids shouting out “Are we there yet”? Traveling on long car journeys need not be such a stressful experience.

Keeping kids occupied with games to play in the car on long journeys and in traffic jams is a big challenge. The secret to this is to be organised. When I know I am going traveling with children on long journeys by car I keep an eye out for special offers on snack size items and drinks, colouring books, crayons and activity packs just for this purpose.

Have plenty of small snacks and small drinks to hand – but not left in the boot! Pack each child their own in-car picnic for when they get the munchies. Make sure you have plenty wet wipes or kitchen paper handy. When you are travelling with children you could have a special bag for each child that is ready just to pick up and place in the car so there is no running around at the last minute. When you return from your trip you could get it ready for the next time you will be travelling with children so you are well prepared.

No matter how old your children are make sure you have an adequate supply of picture and reading books, colouring books and their favourite small toys. Even a personal DVD player if your budget will stretch that far. You can also buy activity packs for children in a particular age range. The more choice you have the less likelihood of them getting bored and you losing your concentration and soon you will reach your destination in relative peace. If the kids are happy then you are happy and everyone will be more relaxed instead of getting stressed out. The only problem might be getting them out of the car if their DVD has not finished! In between DVD’s or even if you don’t have the luxury of that technology intersperse their reading by playing other games in the car. There is always the traditional I-Spy game which is always popular when travelling with children but I have listed some more ideas below:-

What Am I?: One person states they are either a person, place or object and the others then ask questions (are you red, can you speak, do you bark, can you be eaten, etc) until they guess what that person is, then they are next.

Colours: Choose a colour and have everyone help name as many different items as possible in that colour.

Nursery Rhyme Changes: Recite nursery rhymes for children and encourage your child to join in. If they are comfortable with the rhyme, change one word and see if they can tell you what’s different. (Example: “Baa, Baa black sheep have you any wool, yes sir yes sir ten socks full”) carry on the rhyme until they notice the changes.

Finish the Story: You start telling a story then everyone takes it in turns adding to the story line. If you have a children’s tape recorder you could even tape it for them to listen to on the return journey and have a laugh.

Opposites: Call out a word and have your child respond with the opposite. (Examples: tall-short, hot-cold, quickly-slowly)

Categories: Choose something your child is familiar with like fruits, colours or shapes, and see how many they can name.

20 Questions: How much do you really know about your children’s likes and dislikes? About what they are thinking? Use this time to get to know them better by asking questions like: – Do you remember your dreams? What are they about? – What is your favourite food? What food would you rather not eat again? – What is your favourite colour? – What makes them happy, what makes them unhappy and what makes them get angry?

Telephone Time: If your child owns a toy telephone, have them call you, dad, grandma, the dog or cat. Encourage them to talk about what they have seen on their trip.

The Quiet Game: If all else fails, try this old standby for a few minutes of peace and quiet. The one who stays quiet the longest should receive a small surprise or their first choice of a snack. A great game for when things are getting stressed when travelling with children – if you are lucky they might even drop off to sleep!!

Hopefully some of the above will help take the stress and boredom out of car journeys for you and your family, travelling with children may not be the headache you thought it would be after all.

Have a safe trip!

David is the Father of one son and has enjoyed many long car journeys with him and his friends without getting too stressed. He has written various articles on parenting and has a website aimed at under 5’s where you can read more articles, recipes, and humour.

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American refrigerators meet increasing demands for extended families

The United States has witnessed another challenging national economic situation and one of the outcomes is that families are joining forces and resources when it comes to living arrangements and have with more people living under one roof, there is a need for more storage space for food. This brings many opportunities ‘to the table’ for American refrigerators to meet the increasing needs that these growing sized families have for keeping foods at the right temperatures. The advantages that American refrigerators offer range from their great looking designs that can be created to blend into existing kitchen cupboards, making them virtually unnoticeable, to stainless steel choices that are sure to stand out and compliment virtually any kitchen design.

When it comes to the kitchen and keeping perishable foods cold and fresh, a run of the mill refrigerator simply is not the answer and this is even truer for extended families that often have the greatest refrigeration needs of any type of family. First and foremost, because there are more people accessing food at more times typically that any other family type unit. For this reason, American refrigerator choices are excellent ones because they provide food storage needs of all types. Common food favourites can be put in locations within these spacious refrigerators that allow for quick and easy access without disturbing other delicate foods that may require gentler cooling options.

The same holds true for foods that require frozen temperature storage such as ice lollies, ice cream bars and other frozen treats that families like to keep at the ready for family members of all ages. Whether is it one of the American refrigerators with the pull out freezer compartments that are conveniently located at the bottom of the unit for easy access by any family member at anytime or the side by side design that provides smart space for delicious items in the door, American refrigerators are the preferred designed for all sized families who want modern efficient, good looking style and a refrigerator that can be kept fully stocked to meet food needs in the home.

American refrigerators are not just for extended families but work well for anyone who wants a great looking modern refrigerator that has a smart energy rating and can save you money on your electricity bills. Go online to find great deals on American fridges offered by many of the top names in the industry.

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Sylvanian Families – All time, Unique and a Sweet Toy Collection

Sylvanian Families were first introduced in 1985 in Japan as well as North America with slight modification as per the customer preferences. Being well accepted across these two countries, they were soon available all over Western Europe and an animated series was aired in Spain, UK and even in US.

The prominent characters of Sylvanian Families include families of beavers, hedgehogs, mice and bears. The world “sylvan” means “from the forest and hence by infusing human like qualities of speech, adaptation and movement to these anthropomorphic creatures, a novel way of taking a child’s imagination into the forest land where these animals live a life of their own.

The Sylvanian Families collection comprises of a happy family complete with parents and children. Their lifestyle bears clear resemblance to the lifestyle of human beings which the children can very well co relate to. You can choose from the beaver families, the hedgehog families, the mice families, the bear families and the guinea pig families. Offered along with these character sets, you could also check out the toy houses and the essential furniture and utilities provided within each of them. It becomes an extremely pleasurable sight to see beds, baths, sofa sets, toilets, kitchen and vehicles all well made and polished to finish making them look so very real.

Playing with Sylvanian Family Toys could be a really fascinating experience for the children can play around with almost each and every family member. Popular theme sets available for Sylvanian Toys include “Eating out in Sylvania, Pleasure Boat Theme, Rainbow Nursery, Holidays in Sylvania, Village Square, Food Glorious Food, Village Green and Regency Hotel”.

With an exhaustive list of characters available, choosing a few of them is going to be quite a difficult task. Each one of these characters has a unique and a charming look of their own. The popular ones in the range being Hamster Baby – Neil, Badger Baby – Bubble, Hedgehog Baby – Peaches, Honey Bear Twin Babies, Buttermilk Rabbit Baby – Hannah Girl, Koala Twin Babies. Corresponding to these characters you could go for an entire family as well, choose from Badger Family, Hedgehog Family, Koala Family, and Hamster Family and so on.

On the overall, the depiction of Sylvanian Families, its characters and related accessories puts forth a strong correlation with how we as human beings perform our daily wives and routines. The very real and look alike accessories and set ups which are finished to perfection make each one of aspire to own a Sylvanian Families for adorning the display area in the living rooms or even in children’s rooms. It comes as no surprise that Sylvanian Families are going to remain all time favorites across generations for a long, long time.

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Traveling Through New Forest, Hampshire

Traveling through New Forest, Hampshire shows the tourist ever-rarer unspoiled English pasture and woodlands. Additionally, there are great sections of heath – or dwarf shrub – habitats. Altogether, the region called “the New Forest,” offers plenty of scenic nature appreciation and opportunities for hiking and the like.

Sitting in the southeast of England, which is heavily-populated, New Forest lies in the southwest corner of the county of Hampshire. New Forest itself comprises much of the national park which goes by the same name. Also, it lends its title to the local government district which is a subdivision of the Hampshire county government. The park itself is still part of what’s called “Crown Lands,” meaning they fall under the control of the monarch.

Originally, much of New Forest was woodland. Since the start of the Stone Age, though, it lost much of the forest to land cultivation. This practice continued up through the Bronze Age. Because of the acidic nature of the soil, though, most farmland did not succeed. The resulting vegetation that took the forest’s place became the dwarf shrub-dominated heathland.

William the Conqueror created the New Forest, designating it a Royal Forest around 1080. It is now England’s oldest surviving wooded area. Today, the region is about 20 miles long and 12 miles wide, making a natural triangle. In the center of the park is the village of Lyndhurst, which is considered its capital. Popular landmarks include the Queen’s House, erected during the reign of Charles II.

The county of Hampshire, in the southeast of England, sits on the coastline. It’s the fifth most-populous region in England, with over 1.7 million people living within its borders. Interestingly, the area was a departure point for many people sailing to the New World and America. The U.S. state of New Hampshire derives its name from this county.

Discover your next hotel in New Forest or select somewhere to stay from these UK hotels.

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The Secret to Safely Traveling With Birds

Traveling with your bird can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your bird. Traveling with your bird can also be easy if you follow the guidelines set out in this article.

Traveling In an Automobile

Who wants to go for a ride? If your bird is anything like mine, she loves to hear that question. Going for a ride can be fun and safe if you follow the guidelines of this article. Without making the process sound too technical, there are three distinct stages of travel that you should consider. Those three stages are the Preparation Stage, Travel Stage, and Arrival Stage.

Preparing to Travel With Your Bird by Automobile

You may have a hundred things to plan for before your journey especially on a long trip. However, adding a couple more considerations to allow your bird to go with you will be well worth your time and your bird will thank you.

There are three simple things to consider when preparing for your journey – Food, Water, and Shelter. Simple enough right?

Taking enough food to last the journey is obviously a major consideration. If you are running down to the grocery store then you can forget about this consideration. For longer trips, it is a good idea to make sure your bird has food PRIOR to your journey because your bird probably will not be interested in eating during any short trip. It most likely won’t be interested in eating because it’ll be distracted and/or afraid because of its new surroundings. Providing nutrition prior to travel will also help the bird’s body cope with any travel related stress.

However, if there is a possibility of the trip being extended or the possibility of being stranded away from home (snow, car malfunction, etc) you will still want to make contingency plans. Just take a couple days supply of food, and place it in a Tupperware bowl, or a sealed baggie depending on how much food will be required. Toss it in the automobile and you’ll have it just in case of emergency. The type of food that you take depends mostly on your bird’s normal diet. If your bird will eat pellet food then your food preparation is very simple. If your bird’s diet consists only of fruit and vegetables then your preparation time may take longer. Fruit will generally last a couple days if you wait until feeding time to cut/chop/dice it and most vegetables will also last a couple days. Taking the time to prepare food for your bird will be very beneficial to your mental well being and your bird’s physical well being just in case something goes wrong.

Water is another important thing to consider when preparing for your journey. Much like food, it may or may not be needed depending on the length of your journey. However, just like preparing food in case of an emergency, carrying in a little water is simple and may be very beneficial if something goes wrong which unexpectedly extends your journey. Usually a small bottle of water is all that is required for most journeys. Adding another bottle for longer journeys or in case of an unexpected emergency is easy and may turn out to be beneficial to you and your bird. Fruits and vegetables high in water content provide another means to keep your bird hydrated during travel. Depending on your bird, sometimes they’re more likely to eat an apple slice, grape, orange slice or other food which will provide them with the water necessary to keep them hydrated.

It is a good idea to make sure your bird has water PRIOR to your journey because most likely, your bird will not be interested in drinking during a short trip anyway. It most likely won’t be interesting in drinking because it will be distracted and/or afraid because of its new surroundings. Providing water prior to travel will also help the bird’s body cope with any travel related stress.

Food and Water preparation usually are very simple because we provide our birds with food and water several times a day. Providing for shelter during travel isn’t as common but it can also be very simple. Commercially available carriers for birds are everywhere (online, local pet stores, etc). It is also very simple to convert a small cat or dog carrier into a bird carrier. These can be found at garage and yard sales and usually at very reasonable prices. It is very simple to add a perch to a dog or cat carrier. For plastic rigid carriers, a wooden dowel can be screwed into the carrier using two screws through the side of the carrier into the wooden dowel. For metal carriers, a perch from the bird’s cage can be attached inside the carrier just like it is attached to the bird’s cage.

Whether you’re purchasing a carrier or converting one, there are a couple things to consider. The traveling container should be;

Large enough for the bird to stretch its wings but it isn’t necessary for it to be large enough to fly inside.
It should have openings in it large enough to provide good ventilation. Having ventilation on at least two (2) sides should be sufficient. Ideally, the holes should be large enough for you to stick your fingers inside the cage to give your bird reassuring neck rubs.
It should have openings in it for you to see inside to periodically check to make sure that your bird is ok.
It should have containers inside it to place food and water.
It should have a perch inside it for the bird to stand on.
It should have a handle on it or another means to carry it and to strap it into your automobile seat belts.

Depending on how familiar your bird is with the carrier, you may need to prepare your bird for the carrier. Ideally, you should start this process a couple weeks prior to your departure date. This will allow sufficient time for your bird to get used to the carrier. You can start by letting your bird explore the outside of the carrier with the door open. Eventually your bird will explore the inside of the carrier. You may entice it with a favorite toy or treat. Eventually and gradually, your bird will feel more at ease around and in the carrier. This procedure should be done as far in advance as possible to your departure date in order to give your bird plenty time to get acquainted with the carrier.

To prepare the carrier for travel, all you have to do to the carrier is to put some bedding in the bottom of it such as paper, paper-towels or other suitable bedding and it’s ready to go. On long flights, a favorite toy may be added to the carrier to help distract and amuse your bird during the trip.

One final consideration for your trip should be to include a basic first-aid kit. Though some might find that this is going too far, it is a simple precaution and it takes very little space but may be very rewarding if it is needed.

Here is a short-list summary of the preparation need to take your bird on a journey with you in your automobile.

Feed & water your bird prior to traveling.
Purchase or make a suitable carrier and place bedding into it.
Take enough food & water with you in case of emergency.
Pack a simple first-aid kit.

It’s that simple. This literally takes minutes to prepare for and your bird will thank you for it in the long run.

Traveling With Your Bird in an Automobile

So you’ve spent the time to prepare for the journey and now it’s time to go. What do you do now? There’s really not much to do at this point. Just place your bird in the carrier and put it in the car. The most important thing to do is to strap the carrier into your seatbelt system. This will be critical in the case of an emergency but more importantly it will stabilize the carrier and create a much smoother ride for your bird. This will prevent the carrier from rolling, slipping, and sliding as you start, turn and stop the automobile. It is critical that you disable the air-bag if strapping the carrier into a seat with an airbag. Most automobiles either automatically disable the airbag or you can do it manually. If disabling the airbag isn’t an option, place the carrier in the back seat where there aren’t airbags.

Arriving at Your Destination in an Automobile

So you’ve spent the time preparing for the journey, you’ve finally finished your journey and you arrive at your destination. Now what? Hopefully you’ve read this article and prepared for your arrival because this part of the process is often overlooked. We are usually so excited and/or worried about preparing and traveling that we forget to think ahead to our actual arrival. Here are some thoughts and tips about your destination that you should consider before arriving.

Does your destination allow birds? You should call ahead to verify.
Can your bird get out of the carrier to stretch when you arrive?
Do you have a larger cage to put it into when you arrive?
Can you ship a cage, supplies, food, toy to your destination?
Do you have a harness to let it safely get out of the carrier?
If visiting a friend, will they allow it to get out of the carrier in their home?
Do special precautions need to be taken for its safety at the destination? Are there birds, dogs, or cats around that may harm it?

Summary & Concluding Remarks

Traveling with your pet bird can be a fun experience for you and your bird if your plan for your trip. Spending the time planning will reduce your stress levels and your bird’s stress levels. So plan your trip, grab your bird, go for a ride or a flight and most importantly have some safe fun.

The Author is the creator of the It’s a web page dedicated to Kibibi a Congo African Grey Parrot with parrot recordings, funny parrot videos, top ten lists, parrot jokes, clicker training info and a large database of parrot articles.

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