Need Self Defense for Senior Citizens? Buy Personal Alarms

Human beings are the most dangerous creature ever to walk the Earth. I am not saying all humans are bad; in fact I like to think that the vast majority of us are caring, thoughtful, non-violent creatures that pose a threat to absolutely no one. However, I am not so naive that I don’t realize the fact that there are those of us out there that truly live without a conscience and have no trouble nor lose no sleep over hurting others for their own personal gain. What really concerns me is that these bad people I speak of are not always entirely unintelligent and because of this they are going to choose targets they feel will give the least resistance. These bad guys (and gals) are going to take advantage of people they consider to be of inferior strength when choosing someone to mug and you know who oftentimes fits that bill? Senior citizens.


Time unfortunately slows us all down and as a result our growing senior population is finding themselves the target of more and more wrong doings. This is something that should concern each and every senior citizen and why every senior should have a means of defending themselves in the unfortunate event of an attack. The options for defending one’s self are relatively vast but the one that makes the most sense for senior citizens, in my opinion, is personal alarms. Personal alarms are ideal for seniors because they are completely safe to use, unlike a firearm, self-defense baton, pepper spray, stun gun or any of the other most popular choices available when discussing self-defense.


A personal alarm does not work by incapacitating an attacker but by hopefully scaring them away with the fear of being apprehended. You see a criminal will not have a very successful criminal career if that criminal is not afraid of being caught and a great way for a criminal to be caught is for people to be watching when he or she commits a crime. And what is a great way to draw people’s attention? How about with a 130 decibel shriek from a personal alarm? That will usually do the trick and when an attacker hears that shriek he or she knows darn well that anybody in the nearby vicinity heard it as well and will be looking his way immediately. I think chances are pretty good that the second a senior citizen sets a personal alarm off that the majority of criminals will turn tail and run from the scene.


So if you are a senior citizen or anyone that wants to add a very effective measure of safety please consider buying a personal alarm.


Stay Safe,


Carl Vouer


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Carl Vouer is a proud distributor of non-lethal self defense products and home security systems.

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