Taking Your Family on Safari

If you have children who still live at home, it can feel unfair to head out on a holiday without taking them with you.  But luxury safaris are expensive, and you may worry about the safety of your impetuous child, especially if they’re the type to get away from you.  You may also normally tailor your holidays to the kids; how will you ensure that they’ll enjoy the trip as much as you will?  Planning such trips can be tricky.

There are, however, quite a few benefits for planning to take your family on safari instead of going on another trip to Disneyland or the theme park of your choice.  For one thing, safaris can be educational, teaching your children about the varieties of wildlife that they see and the natural order of the world.  Such lessons are a little more difficult to teach in your comfortable home, removed from most of nature’s wonders.  It’s also enjoyable for parents and can provide a far more memorable experience for everyone.  Most of Africa is within 1-3 hours of UK time, so younger children will be more adaptable to the disruption of their schedules, which means the whole family can enjoy more of their holiday together.

It’s important to do your research before planning a family safari holiday.  Make sure the lodges in question won’t just put an extra cot in your room, but will have activities and meals for children, too.  Safaris themselves are very safe, but it’s worth checking with the tour operators to guarantee that the guides and vehicles are child-appropriate, especially if your children are quite small.  It’s worth consulting with a travel agent for the safest destination and those which cater closely to children.

South Africa is one country which often caters to children when it comes to accommodation and safaris.  Because it is so popular with tourists, the companies have had to adapt to suit families.  Safari lodges are often large, with two rooms, which makes it easy to bring even older children with you without invading anyone else’s privacy.

If you do choose to bring your family along on a safari holiday, it can be a great idea to combine that with a typical beach holiday or even a brief theme park break.  Safaris are amazing and your kids will likely remember them fondly, but it can be nice for everyone to have a longer break from the daily grind.  On safari, you’ll likely have to wake up early, you’ll get dirty, and you’ll be tired by the end of the day; these are all great things, but true holiday relaxation can also be yours if you combine your safari with a trip to Mauritius, which is right nearby.  You might also consider staying at a resort like the Sun City, which is situated in the middle of a nature reserve and has a water park, golf courses, and spa for your day’s entertainments.

Bringing your kids on safari doesn’t have to be difficult.  Have the holiday you and your family will remember for years to come by choosing Africa for your next lengthy break.

Meghan Burton is a professional copywriter.  She recommends Mahlatini, the African travel specialists, for luxury safaris.

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