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Ready For Texas Long Term Care Costs?


Even if Texas is one of states with the most number of insured residents, you’ll barely hear Texans say that they are ready for Texas long term care costs.

Though the rates of Texas long term care (LTC) facilities vary according to city, you won’t find a single place here that offers cheap services. For starters, a semi-private nursing home room is currently $ 43,000 a year while a private room will cost you $ 60,225 per annum.

According to a Texan personnel in one of the nursing homes in Dallas, the average length of stay of an elderly resident in a nursing home is two and a half years, some even stay till three. If that’s the case, elderly folks who are currently residing in Texas nursing homes should have $ 180,675 to $ 200,000 in their nest egg if they don’t have a private insurance to shoulder their expenses.

Meanwhile, if you’re 50 years old and looking at 30 years before requiring health care services, don’t base your LTC plan on the current rates of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home care, as the cost of care is predicted to increase fourfold in 2030. This report is based on the prediction of LTC specialists and financial advisers.

In your LTC plan, you are advised to base your budget intended for health care expenses to the current cost of care then multiply this by the factor of four. For instance, if you are planning to receive home care services in 2040 canvass the rates of home health aides in your area.

Let’s say the current annual rate of a home health aide in Amarillo is $ 41,069, so if you multiply this by four you will get $ 164,276 which is the foreboded annual rate of a home health aide in Texas between 2030 and 2040.

Now, if you think you will need skilled nursing care at some point in your life multiply the current rate of a Texas nursing home by the factor of four. If its present annual rate is $ 60,225, you’ll be forking over an annual rate of $ 240,900 by 2030. That is already equivalent to the present cost of a three-year stay in a nursing home!

Putting Up With Texas Long Term Care Costs

You don’t have to put up with the soaring cost of care in Texas because that will result in misery, anger and regret. Life should be fun and comfortable even as you’ve reached your senior years. This can only be possible if you set your priorities early.

Meaning to say, while you’re young, healthy and earning a stable income think about the future and how you would imagine your life someday when you’ve turned weak and you have no one else to lean on, as your parents and other family members have left this world already.

Are you just going to sit and wait for death to catch you with a leash? Or do you want to remain strong as you face Texas long term care costs? It’s your choice but don’t think too long because the clock is ticking.


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Revealed! Lemon Laws in Texas

If you own a vehicle in the state of Texas; it would do you good to be well versed with the lemon laws in Texas; these are legislative acts designed to protect the consumer’s interest in cases where a faulty vehicle is purchased and even after several attempts the manufacturer or dealer cannot rectify such faults. In other words the law protects your rights to purchase a fully functioning vehicle without any inherent mechanical, structural or component defects.

Lemon laws in Texas cover all types if vehicle including mobile homes and motorcycles; however, the laws only apply if the vehicle has been purchased new from the dealer or the manufacturer. In other words there is no protection offered on the purchase of used or repossessed vehicles. If you have purchased a new car that malfunctions within a short time after purchase, lemon laws in Texas require the manufacturer to address such an issue immediately and take a look at the faulty vehicles and rectify the problem. For serious errors that may cause injury to the owner and others the court only grants two attempts in a period of 24,000 miles or 24 months to rectify the same problem. However, in case of minor issues such manufacturer components, the court allows up to 4 attempts to fix the problem in 24 months or 24,000 miles whichever ends first. If within this period the manufacturer is unable to fix the faults in a vehicle or if the car continues to malfunction with new problems arising even after it has been repaired, the consumer has the right to demand a refund.

However, it is important to be reasonable here, the lemon laws in Texas are designed to safeguard the interests of both the consumer as well as the seller so do not expect undue compensation. You will get what you have lost, but if you have used the car for a certain period of time, the manufacturer can and in all likelihood will charge you for the usage and deduct the amount from the amount t be refunded to you. At the same time, you need to realize that you will be reimbursed for any damages and monetary losses that you may have incurred in the process.

For instance not only will you get the purchase price of your car back but also the expenditures that you ay have had to incur to buy the car such as the registration charges, finance charges, repair and towing expenses, incidental expenses etc. You can also recover rental expenses that you may have incurred when the car was out of order. So as you can see, the law does provide a protection to the consumers; however, in order to avail the benefits of the lemon laws in Texas, you need to abide by certain terms and conditions:

At the time of purchase, the vehicle has to be new; lemon laws in Texas do not apply to used cars or repossessed vehicles. Any attempts to repair the defects in a vehicle should only be carries out at a dealer or manufacturer authorized service center. So the laws will be void if you get the car repaired at an unauthorized dealership.

Lemon laws in Texas do not cover defects that arise due to rough usage or owner’s negligence, the laws also do not offer protection if alterations have been carried out on certain parts f the vehicle and the defects are a result of such alterations

In order to prove your case in court, you will need to maintain all documentation, including purchase receipts, bills for repair work, claims, estimates and all other paperwork that is associated with the defective vehicle. Missing documents can severely affect your chances of availing the benefits of the lemon laws in the state.

You need to prove that you have been operating the vehicle in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, if you follow all the conditions; there will be no need to worry, because the lemon laws in Texas will guarantee that you get your just dues.

Seomul evans is a SEO Services consultant for Texas lemon law attorneys specializing in California lemon law attorneys.

Green Buildings and Texas Renewable Energy

The need to mitigate the impacts of climate change, reduce carbon footprint, and reduce dependency on fossil fuel are now some of the top priorities not only in the United States but also by several governments around the world. There is an urgent need to reduce electricity usage in commercial and residential buildings, prompting governments to embrace and support green building initiatives as well as renewable energy.

The State of Texas has always been at the forefront of green building initiatives in the country. In fact, the City of Austin was credited with developing the first ever green building program in the nation way back in 1990 and had several mileage and successes since then. Other cities and areas in the state are also pushing for generating Texas electricity through renewable energy resources, eventually providing green energy that will power these green buildings.

According to the 2011 report from the American Council on Renewable Energy or ACORE, the State of Texas topped renewable energy generation capacity in the country for 2010 together with California and Iowa. While Washington had the most venture capital, Texas enjoyed most of the stimulus and tax credit funding for generating green Texas electricity and green building projects. During the next couple of years, the people of Texas should expect more renewable energy projects to get underway as well as better compliance to green building standards for new and existing buildings in the state.

Texas Green Building Program

Called Austin Energy Green Building or AEGB, the program is one of the country’s most successful initiatives for green and sustainable buildings for both commercial and residential green building initiatives. Throughout the years, better and more comprehensive green building codes are established that will further reduce Texas electricity consumption in these buildings.

Other cities also enacted ordinances that would establish their own Green Building programs such as the 2008 ordinance from the Dallas City Council. The program is divided into two phases with Phase 1 which will end on September 30, 2011. Applicants are required to provide a checklist from approved green building standards such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the Green Built North Texas during this phase. Phase 2 will then be initiated by October 1, 2011 and will require applicants to seek for eligibility to LEED Silver or even higher certification levels.

The highest rating for LEED certification is Platinum and only 5.4% of the total number of LEED-certified green buildings has achieved this level. 3% of the total LEED platinum projects in the country are based in Texas. A good example for this is the LEED Platinum certifications received by leading sustainable real-estate developer Jacob White Development which is based in the City of Houston. Platinum certifications were achieved not only through their high performance green building development but also through their 100% use of green Texas electricity.

Since the 2001 legislation of the statewide energy code, the people of Texas has exercised their power to choose green energy options and achieved great success in these initiatives. During its first year, 700 tons of pollution were prevented and more have been controlled over the years after that. As new renewable programs are taking shape and complemented by the a statewide Green Building and energy efficiency program, the state and its people will soon capture the full benefits of a clean and sustainable future.

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Retirement Communities – What To Look For In A Senior Living Community

At retirement age or after, you may need to find a home that requires less work for maintenance of the yard and home. Or, you might be researching options for an aging parent who needs assistance. Whether you are looking for retirement communities to ease your own stress or to provide needed help for a loved one, there are some specific things to look for when you are shopping. The first thing to consider is what you are looking for. Do you want an apartment that is a base of operations, so you can travel and pursue your interests without having to worry about theft or home upkeep? Are you looking for a community of peers where you can share in group activities, barbecues, and luaus? Perhaps you need a little assistance with personal care or medications because of an injury.

There are retirement communities that service the needs of all kinds of mature adults at whatever stage they are currently in. However, your current needs should not be your only consideration. Let’s say that you find a great facility and move in completely independently. You make friends and grow to love your new home. Then, a little bit down the road, you begin to need more assistance. Some communities do not allow assisted living with independent living. You will need to move, possibly from the entire facility if they do not have room for you in the appropriate area. Then, you are stuck adjusting to a new place and new people, leaving behind those you love.

Some modern retirement communities offer whatever services you need as you age, allowing you to stay in the apartment you started in. How the staff treats its residents is also highly important. Do the residents feel respected and treated like family? Feel free to visit and ask around at the facilities you are considering. What is the food like? Does it have the institutional flavor of mystery meat? Are the fruits and vegetables fresh several times a week? The new senior living homes have almost cruise-like menus in a restaurant style dining experience.

The activities at retirement communities also vary quite widely. Some are imposed upon residents with little consideration for their wishes. Others are derived from the staff getting to know the residents and finding out what their passions are. This allows residents to express their creativity in their own ways. Enriching the lives of seniors and helping them focus on a bright and rewarding future is the goal of modern senior living facilities.

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Searching for Mesothelioma Attorneys, Texas

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that affects the mesothelium, which is the inner lining that provides protection internal organs throughout the body; such as the abdomen, the heart and the lungs. Current research indicates that about 3000 people are annually diagnosed with this type of cancer which has no cure. This type of cancer does not usually develop overnight, but often has a latent, or dormant, period of decades before its symptoms begin to surface. People exposed to asbestos at higher levels are at the greatest risk of developing this disease.

Mesothelioma attorneys, Texas help victims fight lawsuits against manufacturers who often deliberately the possible effects of asbestos poisoning, despite being clearly aware of them. Mesothelioma attorneys, Texas are knowledgeable regarding the asbestos laws in their state as well as the statute of limitations pertaining to filing of asbestos-related lawsuits. Thus, mesothelioma attorneys, Texas can help victims achieve justice and fair compensation for themselves.

How can one find reputed mesothelioma attorneys, Texas? The best way to start the search is by asking for referrals from other victims who have fought lawsuits successfully with the assistance of such attorneys. People will usually only recommend those mesothelioma attorneys, Texas who are skilled and have a proven, successful track record; since no one likes to recommend attorneys who proved a failure. Another convenient place to search is the Internet. Most respected law firms have informative websites through which people can search for the right lawyer for themselves. However, online searches should be backed up with a thorough background check to ensure that the chosen, mesothelioma attorneys, Texas are indeed well qualified and experienced. Direct contact with previous clients of mesothelioma attorneys, Texas can prove immensely helpful in this respect.

It best to hire mesothelioma attorneys, Texas that possess a long and proven track record of bringing asbestos lawsuits to successful resolution, winning fair compensation for their clients. While examining the experience of the attorney, it is important to see whether they have had significant experience in trials, appeals and negotiations; as this is most often the deciding factor regarding their ability to bring a lawsuit to a successful conclusion.

The personality and behavior of the attorney are also important, as these types of lawsuits are most often filed by terminal patients. Experienced mesothelioma attorneys, Texas should have a compassionate nature to appropriately inform and encourage delicate patients suffering from incurable cancer. They should also be aware of the need to fully explain the details of the lawsuit to the client. After all, mesothelioma attorneys, Texas are not just fighting for money. Rather, they are fighting for justice on behalf of mesothelioma victims.

Vicky is an aspiring writer whose life has been greatly affected by Mesothelioma. His Mother was recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma and has sought guidance from a leading, Mesothelioma Law Firm. Although he’s not an expert in the legal field, he does try to keep up to date on many issues concerning this disease and is working toward becoming a Mesothelioma lawyer, himself. He prefers to share his findings with the hopes that the information will help another victim of Mesothelioma. Vicky believes that becoming an Asbestos lawyer will enable him to help even more people in the future.

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Find Quality Denver Home Care For Your Beloved Senior

Hiring a home health aide is a great alternative to residential homes for senior citizens. Seniors often prefer to spend their time at home, but may not be able to do so simply because they need some extra help with home care as well as personal care. Although family and even friends do what they can to provide the needed assistance, over time as the senior’s needs become more substantial, it is a good idea to have Denver home care services available to give you needed time off without worrying about the care your aging friend or parent is getting while you are gone.

Health aides bring the skills your senior needs for quality in home care. Denver service providers can give a broad range of services, allowing you to select the Denver home care that is most needed by your elderly loved one.

There are times when seniors undergo medical procedures that require a recuperation period. Although they might be able to function perfectly well on their own under ordinary circumstances, under these more difficult situations they will likely require Denver in home care. Denver home health care providers can offer round the clock assistance and hourly care as needed for appropriate home health care. Denver aides are available for nighttime supervision as well, if this meets the needs of your senior parent or friend.

Mobility help can also be accomplished through the aid of Denver home health care service providers. If your senior needs exercise assistance, he or she can receive that from service providers giving in home care. Denver seniors may also need ambulation assistance to get where they need to go, and Denver home care services can also help in this regard. For seniors who no longer wish to drive, Denver home care can take them to run errands or to keep appointments, and can even complete the errands as needed.

Some elders find cooking meals more difficult as they age. A Denver home health care provider can plan and prepare meals for your senior, and can clean up after the meal. Medication reminders can also be given at this time, so that good care is routinely given throughout the day.

For seniors needing more intensive care, it can be professionally provided with care and consideration by Denver home care aides. Help with dressing and grooming, personal care including hair care, oral hygiene care, skin care and incontinency care can all be provided. Bed positioning is also available.

If you go online you can learn more information about organizations that provide quality Denver home care.

Wayne Hemrick writes about–home health care Denver and home health aide

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Buying Furniture During A Recession Can Be Painless!

With the global economy in a downturn the way it has been for these last few years it remains more important than ever for the consumer to get the biggest bang for their buck. Regardless if you are purchasing a simple winter jacket or an automobile there is money to be saved in many different ways if you do your homework. This especially holds true for more durable goods such as the Flexsteel Sofa.
When we speak of durable goods we generally mean products that will last a longer amount of time. For instance, a vehicle or a sofa or a refrigerator fit the durable goods category. This is representative of Flexsteel Furniture products as well.
The Flexsteel Sofa and all of the Flexsteel Furniture products have been industry leaders in cost, durability and of course style for many years. Being almost 150 years old, Flexsteel Industries is truly an American success story. They have survived this long through depressions and recessions because of their hard work and their innovative style of marketing a quality product.
Its exactly economic times like we are living in today that this company thrives in. Through the years Flexsteel has gained a wonderful reputation for long-lasting quality, stylish comfort and the most innovative design team in the industry. When consumers buy a Flexsteel Sofa, Flexsteel Chairs, or Flexsteel Recliners they know the quality, style and durability is going to be top of the line.
For two decades now the Flexsteel brand has been available for sale the world over. They have grown to have three divisions. The Hospitality, The Vehicle Seating and The Residential.
For your convenience, you can purchase all of the Flexsteel products on or off line.
The Flexsteel website has a wonderful area that will help you pick the furniture size, color and style of any piece of furniture and place it in your virtual room to see what it would look like.
With this tool people will think you hired an Interior Decorator!
While these pieces are not for the consumer who is looking for cheap, throwaway furniture; they are also not for the trendy mansion dwellers that spend a fortune on furnishings either. Overall, the Flexsteel Sofa and all of the Flexsteel Furniture line are priced for the average consumer looking for stylish, comfortable and durable products to last a couple generations.
You can purchase a Flexsteel Sofa and all Flexsteel Furniture online at there website or from any reputable on or offline furniture distributor. The operative word here is “reputable”. Flexsteel only deals with the top furniture distributors in the industry. 

Michelle Stockman is a writer who specializes in affordable  clothing and home accessories. You can check out her latest website at Flexsteel Sofa, where she provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for a range of Flexsteel Furniture products including Flexsteel Recliners.

On The Lookout For The Best Prepaid Cell Phones For Seniors

On The Lookout For the Best Prepaid Cell Phones for Seniors

Cell phones are probably mankind’s greatest invention. With this tool, we are able to connect with anyone where ever they may be. It doesn’t matter if they are half-way around the globe since we can easily contact them and we have the option to either call or send them an SMS.

The High-Tech Gadget

With the advancement in technology, cellular phones are coming in with more and more functions. A couple of years back, cell phones were big and bulky and could only make calls. The screen could only show the names and numbers of our contacts and they were quite expensive as well.
However, nowadays, cell phones are part of a person’s basic needs; you will hardly see anyone without a mobile phone in their hands. Today’s modern cell phones are so technologically advanced that some of them are like laptops or mini computers: they have the capability to connect online using Wi-Fi and can open web pages easily. They can act as an organizer as well since you can store important events in their calendars and set an alarm for them to remind you of an upcoming event. They can now even act as an MP3 player, mini movie player, and as a gaming console. Some even have touch screen capabilities!

The High-tech Problem for Seniors

This is a remarkable thing for the younger generations since they have all the tools they would need in one small item. However, senior citizens find themselves displaced with these hi tech and very complicated gadgets. Using the newer models can be quite a task for the elderly and they find it hard to handle, much more operate these things. That is the reason why the very old cell phone models are the ones that end up as cell phones for senior citizens – simply because these are the only types that they can easily use.

The best cell phones for seniors are those that are straightforward and easy to use and without tons of applications and features. Another concern that seniors have about mobile phones is that the screen is too small and the prints on the buttons are hardly visible. With their poor and oftentimes failing eyesight, cell phones for seniors should be equipped with bigger screens and buttons so that they can easily see what they are dialing or texting.

The High-tech Solution

Fortunately, there are now prepaid cell phones for seniors that address these concerns. These modern but senior friendly phones imitate the usability of older models but have the power of the latest kinds of cell phones. These mobile phones boast of ease of use with big keypads and screens so that even senior citizens or people with poor eyesight will find them easy to use and operate. It also has the basic functions such as calling and sending an SMS and goes away with all the high-tech mumbo-jumbo that the senior will not find any use for.

The Personal Emergency Response System

However, what truly makes the cell phone for seniors really amazing is its personal emergency response system. As we all know, the elderly is more susceptible to falls and other medical emergencies and this is one of the reasons that their loved ones give them mobile phones. These emergency cell phones for seniors, allow the user to immediately notify their loved ones just in case something happens to them. This is perfect for the elderly since they might find themselves in a situation wherein they need urgent help and there is no one nearby who can assist them. This is one feature that most of the high-tech phones do not have, but is extremely useful for senior citizens. It gives them their freedom and independence back!
So if you are on the lookout for cell phones for seniors with no contract, look for one that is easy to use and has the functions that the person does need. High tech does not always mean it’s the best. Founded in 2007, Just5 is one of the fastest grooving European cell phone companies, a global provider of mobile phones that are designed for optimal ease of use, reliability and emergency response, offering basic features that are ideal for people who love things to be simple. Features include large buttons, a high-volume speaker for amplified sound, a long-lasting battery for reliability, and a Personal Emergency Response System.

Need Self Defense for Senior Citizens? Buy Personal Alarms

Human beings are the most dangerous creature ever to walk the Earth. I am not saying all humans are bad; in fact I like to think that the vast majority of us are caring, thoughtful, non-violent creatures that pose a threat to absolutely no one. However, I am not so naive that I don’t realize the fact that there are those of us out there that truly live without a conscience and have no trouble nor lose no sleep over hurting others for their own personal gain. What really concerns me is that these bad people I speak of are not always entirely unintelligent and because of this they are going to choose targets they feel will give the least resistance. These bad guys (and gals) are going to take advantage of people they consider to be of inferior strength when choosing someone to mug and you know who oftentimes fits that bill? Senior citizens.


Time unfortunately slows us all down and as a result our growing senior population is finding themselves the target of more and more wrong doings. This is something that should concern each and every senior citizen and why every senior should have a means of defending themselves in the unfortunate event of an attack. The options for defending one’s self are relatively vast but the one that makes the most sense for senior citizens, in my opinion, is personal alarms. Personal alarms are ideal for seniors because they are completely safe to use, unlike a firearm, self-defense baton, pepper spray, stun gun or any of the other most popular choices available when discussing self-defense.


A personal alarm does not work by incapacitating an attacker but by hopefully scaring them away with the fear of being apprehended. You see a criminal will not have a very successful criminal career if that criminal is not afraid of being caught and a great way for a criminal to be caught is for people to be watching when he or she commits a crime. And what is a great way to draw people’s attention? How about with a 130 decibel shriek from a personal alarm? That will usually do the trick and when an attacker hears that shriek he or she knows darn well that anybody in the nearby vicinity heard it as well and will be looking his way immediately. I think chances are pretty good that the second a senior citizen sets a personal alarm off that the majority of criminals will turn tail and run from the scene.


So if you are a senior citizen or anyone that wants to add a very effective measure of safety please consider buying a personal alarm.


Stay Safe,


Carl Vouer


To see more items of self defense for seniors or buy personal alarms please visit us online.

Carl Vouer is a proud distributor of non-lethal self defense products and home security systems.

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Personal Alarms for Seniors Product Review: The Keychain Alarm

In the past I’ve written about several ways that senior citizens can help defend themselves from an attack and the one that will always make the most sense to me is a personal alarm. The reason that personal alarms make so much sense to me and why I have no problem whatsoever in recommending their use to anyone is because they are appropriate for just that, anyone. There are some senior citizens, even the majority I would say, to whom I would have no reservations about  recommending a stun device or defensive spray but not all. Stun guns and pepper spray can be very dangerous and these devices wouldn’t be effective if it weren’t for the fact that they are dangerous. They are supposed to be dangerous for the attacker though and if a senior is not in relatively decent shape they run a much higher risk of having such a device taken from them and potentially used against them! For these reasons I will not recommend stun devices or pepper sprays as a blanket recommendation for all seniors would be foolish and irresponsible on my part. Don’t get me wrong, a reasonably fit and alert senior could definitely benefit from having a can of pepper spray in their purse or pocket but if I’m going to recommend a non-lethal self-defense device for all seniors it will be a personal alarm like the keychain alarm. I suppose the keychain alarm could potentially cause hearing damage with its 130 decibel alarm but that is extremely unlikely and aside from that it is impossible to inflict bodily harm on anyone with a personal alarm. Because of this I feel as though a personal alarm may not be as entirely effective as the more dangerous options you have with pepper spray or a stun gun but they can still be amazingly effective for a simple keychain alarm.

The simple fact of the matter is that criminals do not want to be caught and hence your average criminal (the ones with at least one brain cell still working) are not going to like it when attention is drawn their way when they attempt to mug a senior citizen. Having the senior citizen set off a 130 decibel alarm that can be heard up to a quarter mile away is going to draw a fair amount of this unwanted attention and because of that reason i think the vast majority of muggers will turn tail and run and look for someone else to mug.

So if you are a senior citizen or have a loved one who is a senior citizen that you’d like to help be safe please consider a personal keychain alarm.


Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer


To see more personal alarms for seniors like the keychain alarm please visit us online.

Carl Vouer is a proud distributor of non-lethal self defense products and home security systems.

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