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Union Budget Has Left Senior Citizens Soaring And Dry

A first look at the budget may indicate that it has done more than needed for the senior citizens. However, as you get deeper into it, the euphoria fades.

DNA takes a closer look at the provisions applicable for senior citizens.

Reduction in age limit to 60 years
The government has reduced the age limit of senior citizens from 65 to 60 years. To be eligible for the senior citizen benefits, one has to complete 60 years of age by March 31, 2012. This has created more number of senior citizens.

However, instead of only lowering the age limit, an increase in the interest rate on the senior citizen scheme, which is still 9%, would have done more good.

This is just a stop gap measure used until DTC (direct tax code) will commence on April 1, 2012. The government just seems to be buying time, said Jayant Pai, vice president of Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd.

If the number of senior citizens increases, the avenues for them should also expand. The interest rate for senior citizen scheme is not on par with the bank rates and remains unlinked to inflation. The holder cannot even break it and deposit it in the bank.

Currently, the fixed deposit rates offered by ICICI and SBI for 8-10 years are 9.25% for senior citizens. This is higher than the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme which gives 9% for a five-year investment.

Since the interest on it is also taxable, they should have increased the 9% to comfortable levels, said Nikhil Naik, managing director of Naik Wealth.

Rate of interest at 9% is not sufficient to meet the daily expenses including the increasing medical expenses. The additional benefit of only 0.5% to 7.5% is not enough, said Renu Pothen, research manager,

I have been deceived by my husband and son thus having no financial support. So obviously for a senior citizen like me the government has not empowered me in anyway. It is difficult to fight the rising medical inflation when investment avenues like the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme are still capped at 9% which is even lower than the FDs offered by banks. said 65-year-old Renuka Sanghavi residing in Andheri (east), Mumbai.

Very senior citizens
The finance minister has introduced the very senior citizen category for 80 years and above. They will have an exemption for upto Rs5 lakh.

The very senior citizen category looks more as a marketing gimmick. According to, for 2011-15, the projected average life expectancy of Indian males is only 67 against 69 of Indian women. So there will be less number of people who can actually avail the benefit.

It is a good move. However, 80 years looks too high considering our life expectancy is so low. Instead, the government should have capped it at 70 or 75 years so that many of them could enjoy its benefits, said Naik.

He also added that the exemption upto Rs5 lakh is high as there will be very few senior citizens earning that much. In addition, most children transfer money from India or abroad to their parents for their living expenses, hence it shows that they are dependent and not on their own.

The very senior citizen section is innovative, but may not be helpful in the long run because 80 years looks too long a life to enjoy those benefits. The gap between senior citizens and very senior citizens is wide, hence, it should have been lowered to a more comfortable age limit. This move will neither be of use to the very senior citizens nor the government. said a 64-year-old senior citizen from Andheri (west), requestinganonymity.

Exemption limit
The basic exemption limit for the senior citizen has been raised from Rs2.4 lakh to Rs2.5 lakh. The increase in no-tax limit by Rs10,000 serves no real purpose.

A mere increase of Rs10,000 is no good. The tax burden should be lessened at least beyond the retirement. The exemption limit should have been raised to Rs5 lakh, said Raunak Roongta, independent financial planner in Mumbai.

The tax exemption limit of Rs2.5 lakh is not sufficient. We feel that the government should do more for this category of citizens, for whom even social security benefits are not available similar to the US, said Pothen at

Source: [dnaindia]

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Hiring Jobs Now

Distinct Kinds of “NOW HIRING” JOBS
In case you do a Google search for now hiring jobs you’ll discover lots of distinct alternatives to tempt you. You can uncover hundreds of thousands of businesses out there which are hiring folks everyday to work from house in varying roles. There’s residence based customer service positions, assist desk roles, advertising, blogging and writing jobs, advertising, proof reading, transcribing and even self employment positions just to name but diverse. The very incredibly greatest component is that they’re all hiring now and there’s a good chance that they’ll take you on suitable now. Hiring Jobs Now

The pay from most of these on the web jobs is usually fairly great but is does incredibly between jobs. Foe example, writing jobs only pay just just just a little up front but pay a monthly residual quantity for really several years to come by indicates of google adsense or a percentage of the revenue earned by the write-up. Nonetheless with proof reading and transcribing you get paid upon completion of the jobs you do which suits some folks far greater. Most persons that take on these “Now hiring jobs” uncover that they earn somewhere between $ 12 and $ 30 per hour depending on the kind of work you wind up performing too as your level of commitment.Hiring Jobs Now

Whilst most providers out there offering jobs are 100% legitimate it’s achievable to obtain an ever growing quantity of fraudsters and scammers which are entering the marketplace on a near daily basis. So how can you spot a real jobs from a fake 1? Hiring Jobs Now

You will discover fairly a couple of fundamental methods to spot these operators and their sites but for now we will cover just a couple of the straightforward strategies. One of the easiest approaches to spot now hiring jobs which aren’t real is with the supply itself. These persons manage to lure in their prey by making their give so amazingly really excellent that you just desire to pull out your credit card and join their long list of satisfied users you might see photos of on their web web site. Here may be a rather superb rule of thumb. If the give frequently sounds too really quite good to be true it normally is. If a firm is offering to pay you say $ 1,200 per week for processing emails just 3 hours per day which will want to ring alarm bells. Who in their correct mind could afford that ! Hiring Jobs Now

Secondly, if they’re as substantial and amazing as they say they are then do they’ve a forum where workers meet and chat ? In other words, is there some thing on their web web-site other that the usual testimonials that clearly shows that their workers are happy and making funds. Nearly all decent now hiring jobs web pages have a forum of some description so if they don’t have 1 be weary. Just these 2 practices alone can stop you from wasting several hours of your precious time. Hiring Jobs Now

WORK Tough – AN INCOME On line Does not COME Fundamental
Lastly, like nearly each and each and every thing else in life, these kinds of now hiring jobs really call for your time and dedication. Most persons fail their initial couple of attempts by making the mistake of thinking that the web is just one substantial dollars machine and fairly little effort is required to make big funds. Do your analysis well, work tough also as the rewards will soon be yours. Hiring Jobs Now

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Hiring Jobs Now

Second Hand Savings to Get You Through the Recession

Second hand products get a bad rap – many people think they are likely to be faulty, dirty or deficient in some crucial manner, yet with the internet age upon us many simply like to sell their well-loved possessions for a bit of extra cash. Buying these can save you a great deal of money that you can put towards your savings or the occasional treat – of course, some things are better second hand than other, here are a few things which make great used purchases.

Cars are without a doubt the best thing to buy second hand – when you buy a new car it loses a huge amount of value the second you drive it off the lot, and you will never be able to recoup your investment if you sell it. Used cars on the other hand are so much cheaper and you can often get them for half price. They may not have the new car smell but you are sure to find one that works well, is comfortable and suits your individual needs. These cost savings mean you can invest in a better quality car such as a BMW or an Audi.

Books are another great thing to purchase second hand – this is obviously a much smaller purchase, yet over time it can save you a lot of money. From a practical side there is nothing that separates a well-loved used book from a new one aside from the price. Indeed, you can often find novels and non-fiction titles for a third of the price you would expect a new version – for voracious readers this is a must as otherwise you will end up spending all your money at the bookstore.

Clothes are another great way to save money by buying second hand. These days there are lots of vintage shops that sell used clothing for bargain prices, shirts and trousers can be picked up for next to nothing. Better yet, shopping in these stores is all the rage these days as vintage has captured the imagination of the fashion community – so saving money can actually help you capture the latest trends. This is a win-win if there ever was one.

So if your finances are tight during this tough economic time, why not buy a used Audi, a cheap second hand paperback or some vintage clothes. You can get truly great items that suit you perfectly and save money at the same time – these little savings go a long way, especially if you make a habit of shopping second hand.


Simon Phillips is an experienced writer who specialises in employment news and the consumer market. He is based in London and writes primarily about the British market.

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All About CNA Jobs

Due to the aging population in the United States, there has been an increasing demand for certified nursing assistant jobs, along with a variety of other medical profession careers. Many people are interested in CNA jobs because it does not take four years or longer to receive a certification in the field. However, being a certified nurse’s aide is not a job everyone can adapt to, so you should be do some research into the duties and expectations a CNA should aspire to do as successfully as possible.

While CNA jobs are plentiful, the stressful conditions regarding the work a CNA performs daily does not match the income a CNA receives. Nursing homes, hospices, and some hospitals routinely experience shortages of funds due to the high cost of health care and cannot pay as well as the job warrants. Further, staff shortages at these facilities can result in overloading the existing employees with too many patients to care for, which in turn causes a high turnover rate in the field of certified nursing aides. So although your chances of finding employment immediately after successfully passing your nursing exam are almost 100%, you may find the pay lower than what you expect at first. However, as you gain experience and seniority as a certified nursing assistant, employers will be willing to pay you more to work for them.

You may find yourself caring for ten or more patients at one time while working for a clinic, hospital or nursing home. CNA jobs are meant to assist nurses so they are able to do the work that doctors don’t have the time to do. You will be reporting information such as a patient’s overall condition, their vital signs, their food and liquid intake, and anything else you think is medically relevant to licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. You will also find yourself occasionally helping the nursing staff with documentation that concerns the admitting and discharging of patients, along with any necessary lifting of patients while they are being transported.

CNA jobs are known for requiring the potential nurse’s aide to be physically and emotionally strong, since the nursing assistant will be involved with debilitated individuals and sometimes sensitive situations which require compassion and emotional stability. You will also be exposed to communicable diseases while working as a CNA, such as pneumonia or staph, both of which are common illnesses striking the elderly. Also, prepare to occasionally be “on-call” as a certified nursing assistant, which means you will be working any shift on any day of the week. Since the turnover rate for CNA’s is high, there is a demand for employees who are flexible in regards to the hours they are available for work.

Although there appears to be a downside surrounding CNA jobs, people who are working as CNA’s will tell you they would have no other job in the world than the one they have as a certified nursing assistant. It is a difficult job, as any job in the medical profession is, but you should not be alarmed by the work involved with being a CNA if you have a strong urge to help others who are less fortunate than you are.

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Great Hispanic Jobs

Recent economic conditions have made finding a job much more difficult now, than it was in previous years. When considering how to find great Hispanic jobs, it is important to remember that the job itself has requirements. It is also vital to be prepared for the work world, and be appropriately qualified for any job you are applying for. There are other general things that must be taken into consideration:

* Follow the employers’ directions: When a job is advertised, there are usually application instructions. Following all the instructions accurately increases your chances of being selected for an interview.

* The resume itself: The resume and cover letter reflect you, so they should be carefully composed. Little things like spelling and grammatical errors often cause resumes to be discarded. Always use the spell check function, and use a simple font. All your skills and strengths need to be clearly showcased, and concisely outlined, because the employer will be spending only a few minutes reading it- and you want your resume to stand out. A resume should never be sent without a cover letter, and the position you are applying for should always be stated

How to Find Great Hispanic Jobs

* Search for Hispanic jobs online – The Internet is full of Hispanic job sites, and some of them are devoted to networking Hispanics, and have job postings from employers who are looking specifically for Hispanic employees. Good examples of such sites are:
– All Hispanic jobs
– LatPro

* Target industries where being bilingual is a plus – Being bilingual will automatically give you an edge in any field where there is direct communication with Hispanics. Banks, hospitals and just about all major business entities, need bilingual people who can help them to communicate with the growing Hispanic population in America. Including the fact that you are bilingual on your resume is a very good idea.

* Search for jobs by city, or country – The right Hispanic job for you may not be in your city, but in another city. More businesses are now focusing on diversity, and some have only just started. Those companies are more likely to have vacancies for bilingual persons. Vacancies for Spanish teachers, and other skilled persons, in other countries can be found on the Internet.

It will certainly take hard work and preparation, but it is definitely possible to find great Hispanic jobs.

Eric operates All Hispanic Jobs, a comprehensive database of Hispanic jobs in the USA.

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Jobs In Agriculture

Firstly you will need a set of skills and tools in order to get a job in agriculture. Hands-on skills are required. Many farming jobs are usually manual and need persons who are great at performing multiple and complex tasks fast and efficiently with minimal errors. Persons seeking work and jobs in agriculture need to work great with their hands.

Driving skills are also a must. People who want to work in the agriculture business need to have several driving certifications. Tractors and other machinery are common vehicles used in agriculture. Being able to manage, drive and manipulate these vehicles can be very confusing for someone without these skills. There are several lessons and skills you will need in order to drive a large piece of machinery. This is a necessary skill when trying to get jobs in agriculture.

Research and analysis are other components of the agriculture field. Not everyone needs to work on a farm or operate large machinery. Some persons will need to work in the agriculture field from the scientific end. This type of occupation requires persons in a laboratory setting who scientifically research various crops in order to improve farm productivity.

The agriculture and farming industry is a business like any other industry. Skills in business are required. There are many aspects of agriculture that require a keen business eye. For instance, great business skills will come in very handy when purchasing or selling crops and livestock.

Jobs in agriculture require great animal handling skills. Knowing about the various types of animals on a farm and how to care for them is crucial. Say for instance you apply for a position as a Farm Manager, Pig Farmer or Shearer. All these jobs require knowledge and certifications with handling certain or even all farm animals.

These are just some of the requirements necessary in order to get a job in agriculture. There are also several different fields within the agriculture industry that call for different areas of study, technique and skill. The range of occupations within the industry is diverse. If you want to obtain a job in agriculture then there are several skills and schooling you will have to go through first.

Eric operates an Agriculture jobs posting board, where thousands of agricultural jobs are updated daily across the nation.

State Jobs In Buffalo

Common Buffalo jobs have developed to incorporate health care, sciences, finance and health care, along with manufacturing and insurance. The private sector assumes a large role within the Buffalo financial system, adding to many services and high technology centered jobs. Government jobs in Buffalo are also popular, with the State of New York making use of more than 16,000 workers alone.

In this century, Buffalo’s most guaranteeing industries are within the education and health care industries which carry on and produce inspite of the recent downward spiral in the economic climates around the globe. This constant advancement has been made feasible, in some parts, because of the substantial expansions of Buffalo’s Niagara School Of Medicine and the new university. Additionally, Buffalo’s retail business potentials have also prospered as the overall economy receives a hardy boost from Canadian consumers who are rushing to America in hopes of gaining from the presently weak Dollar. In Buffalo, in June of 2010, research unearthed an redundancy rate of 7.7% which arrived under New York and other national percentages. Forbes, a well known business magazine, rewarded Buffalo the 10th most advantageous city to raise loved ones in the usa .

Amongst the other U.S states and their metropolitan areas Buffalo is in 36th place in terms of government work. There are even more than 89,700 government careers accessible in the Niagara and Erie areas which amounts to a near 17% of the regions 535,600 job possibilities. The private sector within Buffalo makes up nearly 450,000 work opportunities. A significant amount of a large amount of people are hired by the government in the metropolis of Buffalo and some other by public entities. This large amount in state employment is due to Buffalo’s abundant state colleges such as the previously mentioned State University of New York, the State University of New York College and also the Eerie Community College all located within Buffalo.

Since 2008, there have been numerous privately run sectors that account for a higher amount of jobs in Buffalo. Kaleida Health has greater than 10,000 full time staff members, the Catholic Health System has more than 8,000 and the HSBC Bank USA N.A provides more than 5,000. These are merely the most notable three private sector jobs in Buffalo city. The assorted dynamics of the city of Buffalo is one that will keep on and promote employment advancement and an enlargement of sectors.

Eric writes for Buffalo Jobs .org an online resource for seeking jobs in Buffalo, NY

Jobs In Journalism

Work is worship, is a common quote used, which motivates every human being to wake up in the morning, go to office and give his best at work.
Financial aspects and the money earned through job is also one of the most important factors, which drive an employee to his office. Job in every field needs to be performed with full perfection and accuracy. Whether at a senior level or at the junior most level, the employees are required to give their best in each and every task they perform. This is not only for the companys growth, but for their own growth as well. The future growth of the employees is totally dependent on the output and the benefits company gain from his work. Though the result of every job, in one way or the other affects the common masses, but there are few job fields, which has direct communication and hence connection with the man on the road. One of such job fields is Journalism Jobs.
The first and the most important duty and the priority of a journalist is to be responsible. He needs to make sure that each and every piece of news he is delivering to his audience is accurate and factual. There are a number of jobs in India, in the field of journalism, which provides opportunity to candidates to pursue their career in the field they want. To implement this, the number of media agencies, newspaper organisations and news channels, are growing day by day. The selection of the candidates for the job of a journalist is done on various grounds. Few of which are mentioned below:
7.)The candidate should have excellent communication skills. He should not only be able to communicate, but also express his view point in an explanatory fashion in front of his target audience.
8.)For the job of a journalist, the person should have good knowledge about current affairs. The candidate should keep himself updated about things happening in and around his surroundings and important events happening across the globe.
9.)The candidate should also have good analysing power and a positive approach to look at things. He should be able to decide and take decisions fast.
10.)Journalists hold the power of pen, they have influence over millions of people, and therefore they need to use their power at the right place and in the right way. They should communicate things to the masses at the right time and with an unbiased perspective.
11.)To perform his job at the best, the journalist should be having the efficiency to look out for hidden things and dig out the unheard and unknown information. For this, he needs to make very good relations with people and should have a wide social circle.
12.)The candidates should be comfortable working even at odd hours of the day. A journalist is required to report all the things to the masses, inspite of the timings they occur at.
Other than keeping the above mentioned points in mind, the candidates should have the ability to gather information and present it in a proper fashion. Few of the agencies in India, where a person can find a good job as a journalist, are:
10)Times group
11)Press Trust of India
12)Indo-Asian News Service
13)Hindustan Times
14)Express Group
16)United News of India
17)Aaj tak
There are many other regional newspapers, where one can apply and get a job as a journalist. Online trend of gathering and gaining information has also lead to the advent of online news portals. The number of job opportunities has increased due to this, which makes it easy for a willing candidate to suit himself with the right kind of job in journalism in the beat of his respective interest.

Gurleen kour writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs in India. She writes on topics like India Journalism Jobs, Accounting Jobs and increasing work concentration. is a recruitment platform & provides products and services like resume writing services, Salary Tool.

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Finding Apartments in Austin Texas

Austin Texas is one of the most popular places to live in as the area faces great economic growth and the weather is quite pleasing in this part of Texas. Apart from those who are here for business, there are those who simply seek for a wonderful place to settle in and find Austin to be just what they are looking for.

Austin has plenty of apartments available to meet the demands of the market. Although most of the apartments here are for renting out, it is possible to find an apartment that is put for sale for those looking to permanently relocate to the area. There are plenty of options when it comes to the apartments that it is highly unlikely not to find one that suits all your preferences.

There are people who choose to find the apartments on their own which can be a pretty tedious process especially if you are not well conversant with the region. The fact that there are many apartments available can make it easy to find one but it can also make it very confusing as to which one is the best to go for and within which locality. In such cases, the help of professional locators can be used to help in the easy locating of the preferred apartments.

When finding apartment within Austin and to make the searching process easy both for you and any locator you choose to use, it is important to have in hand all the details for the kind of apartment you are looking for. For instance, evaluate your needs in relation with the number of people to occupy the apartment which will determine the size. The available amenities you expect to find should also be highlighted to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

Providing your apartment locator with essential details is a sure way of locating the kind of property you are looking for within a short period of time. Before settling on one apartment from a listing that is made available by your locator, always take the chance to ensure that all your needs will be taken care of. The location of the north austin apartment should be convenient enough especially for those working in the area and it should also be safe to avoid issues which come about as a result of lack of security.

At Solomon Apartment locating,When you call one of our Austin Apartment Locators, we do our very best to find you the perfect north austin apartment to live.You can also read my other articles on Hadden Clive Articles.