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Partnerships Beat Recession In Construction Marketing

Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships have always been high on the agenda and form an integral part of any thought through construction marketing plan. Since 2007, when the recession started to take affect, JV’s have become an essential ingredient for survival.

Many Construction Company bosses have side-stepped the idea of a JV for fear of losing their company identity. Activities of the contractor and client organisations can become almost seamless where connected and distinctions easily blurred. JV’s can be expressed in a variety of settings.

For instance, the contractor supplier relationship where sub contractors become virtually part of the contractor’s business and are treated as such.
Framework Agreements are a form of JV where the client guarantees the contractor work over a five year term having gone through a process of pre-qualification. This form of partnership is loose and normally of short term benefit.

Then there are Approved Lists where Local Government or Public Organisations approve a limited number of contractors for future tender opportunities. These are often worked on a strict rotation basis, and can also be frustrating when large numbers of contractors are included in the list.

The best form of JV is where two, or more, companies come together around a common interest offering complimentary services that are mutually beneficial. This form of connection is good for business, because clients these days are looking for a one stop shop that offers a full range of solutions to their business project.

It’s worth spending quality time seeking out partnerships like this. They can be long term and highly beneficial to both parties. For instance, a sub contractor who specialises in mechanical works like plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, could offer a comprehensive service to a main building contractor if they were partnered with an electrical sub contractor. Most builders these days would prefer a complete M & E service.

There are ways of finding good partnerships that I deal with more comprehensively in my Masterclass 24 Video Course and accompanying Worksheets. In short, collaboration is now the preferred method of operation because both contractor and client benefit from the level of co-operation and trust that can be developed and this can genuinely support the development of each other’s interests.

Steve Flashman is a Marketing & Business Development Consultant in the Construction Industry. He is a writer and broadcaster and has produced a groundbreaking Masterclass Video Course for personal and staff training
Construction Marketing

The Rise In Retail Theft Due To The Recession

According to a recent report from the British Retail Consortium, traders have reported a surge in stealing and violent behaviour as a result of the current recession.

The latest crime study by the trade body the British Retail Consortium highlights retail thefts by customers rose by approximately thirty three percent between 2008 and 2009.

It makes outrageous reading that a shop theft takes place almost every minute of the day, twenty four hours a day, and is one reason why business experts are requesting that the police and those others who are in authority take retail theft more seriously.

Not only did this review show an increase in retail theft but more ominously, hostility against employees also rose and as a result shopkeepers are asking the police to do more to look after them and their stock.

The report states that at least 22,000 employees countrywide say they have been on the receiving end of customer violence and a representative from the British Retail Consortium said police and others in the criminal justice system do not take store crime seriously enough.

The extensive survey conducted by the BRC covered sixty major stores, over a million staff members and represents approximately half the market.

Financially the monetary cost to the UK retail market of the half a million thefts equates to just over 1 billion GBP.

And it is even possible that these figures are understated as the belief amongst industry experts is that many crimes go unreported and as a result the figure could be twice as high.

This is not a victimless crime and many in society will try and convince you otherwise but just remember it will be the honest customer who suffers the additional monetary costs, whilst it is left to the unfortunate employee to bear the emotional and psychological cost that comes from suffering an attack in the workplace.

Given the current financial and social climate you may be wondering if this situation like to resolve itself without any positive action being taken by the UK retail industry.

We would say no and our reasons for this are simple, the government is currently implementing the most aggressive spending cuts in history, as a result the police budgets are taking a hammering which in turn means they will have to prioritise their spending, therefore shoplifters will not feature heavily in their plans.

Couple this with those people who may be already suffering from the effects of the budget cuts and are getting increasingly anxious about be able to maintain a decent quality of life.

These people would possibly have an effect on the retail industry as they may be very well the ones committing the thefts or they may have a known shoplifter do it on their behalf, at the end of the day the overall result is the same.

Retailers must realise that this will not sort itself out and the only real course of action open to them is to adopt a proactive approach to store security.

For further information regarding this article or if you have a general query then please contact us via the email or phone details supplied on this site or feel free to visit our website.

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Careers For Felons – No Need To Discriminate Careers For Felons

It is tough to find careers for felons, especially the good paying ones. Almost all employers require a background check to any applicant and with already rigid competition with other job seekers, it is even more difficult to find quality career for felons.

Many people who have had Master’s Degree and had impressive employment history find it impossible to get the trust of employers once their pristine records has already been tarnished.

No matter how much the government says that they encourage and support for the reintegration of ex felons and protect the right of ex felons to fair job opportunities, this is not the case in most real life situation. People will have that bad impression towards ex felons who are looking for careers. Finding careers for felons; therefore, presents new dilemmas that are difficult to defy.

Careers for felons put forward new and unique problems that require new and unique solutions. Here are some of the suggestions that can help you find careers for felons:

1. Evaluate Your Qualifications and Skills:

Ask yourself for whatever you can bring to the table. What are your qualifications? Are you a professional or has your license been revoked when you do your time? What skills do you have?

List the things that you can do and your strengths, special skills and talents. Evaluate which of them you would want to pursue. Remember the previous jobs that you have had; maybe you can go back in that industry. Is there a way that you can bring back your revoked license? Find out if you can practice your former profession.

2. Actively Look for a Job Opportunity:

Find job opportunities for felons. You should never expect for the jobs to fall down from the sky. Actively look for them. Call your good friends, former professors and previous employers for a job or for a recommendation.

If you have a professional license, check if the law allows you to still practice your profession. If you have a job in mind that you are prohibited from doing because of a law that forbids you to practice (like in some states ex felons are prohibited to maintain health care careers) consider changing your address to another state where you can practice your previous career.

Another good way of finding careers for felons is to check out government job listings for ex felons. Careers for felons are easiest to find in such government listing; the problem is, they are very rare to happen so you really have to keep yourself updated to specific programs of your local government.

3. Be Honest:

Though you need not to mention in your cover letters and resumes about your felony history, it is still good to be straightforward to the interviewer about your past. The secret here is to not to give the details of your case. Try to explain that you have already served your sentence and have already changed. And you’re starting a new life by finding careers for felons like you. Then stress clearly about the skills and talents that you have that can prove to be beneficial to the company.

Try to get good rehabilitation certificate if it is possible as this will help you find good careers for felons. If you are religious, you may also try to ask for a certification of good behavior and endorsement from your church.

Do not be afraid to discuss your past, just reiterate three things. First, tell the interviewer that you have already paid for your mistakes. Secondly, that you have already changed and thirdly, you are qualified for the job and that hiring you is advantageous to the company. Give yourself a second chance and find a new career.

Finding careers for felons is not the easiest thing to do on this planet, but it is not impossible. You can find careers for felons; especially apply the above mentioned tips. So what are you waiting for? Hold your head high and land those careers for felons!

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Start Home Business And Fight The Recession

As we are getting ready to usher in the new year of 2011 many Americans who are still jobless are wondering what this coming year will hold. Unfortunately many people are still hoping and praying that the economy will take a turn and recover. While most are still looking for jobs to survive, Gerardo Flores suggests that you start a home business and fight the recession by becoming an entrepreneur.


Start Home Business

Starting a home business can be exciting yet terrifying at the same time. If you are completely new to the online world it can be intimidating at first glance because there is so much information out there. So much that can make even the smartest person discouraged and paralyzed, because they wouldn’t know where to begin! The first thing you should do when starting out is research the many opportunities available. The best places to get up to the minute information on how to start home business is in forums.


Internet marketing forums such as The Warrior Forum is the best place to start. You will learn what otherwise would take months of research within a short period of time. Don’t fall for any fancy sales letter that promise a one stop shop to start and run a successful home business (there is NO such thing). Many marketers make a living selling rehashed information, in other words, the stuff they sell isn’t tested for themselves rather they sell theories of what “should” work to start home business.


Fight The Recession

As the American economy continues to decline, we no longer have the luxury of procrastinating when it comes to starting s home business. There is no time to waste. It is either today or never. We have been conditioned to look up to government for help, when we should help one another. The people in power want us to depend on them and the problem with that is we are giving them complete power and control over how we live our lives. What people need to realize is that only entrepreneurs can create jobs and jump start the economy. Not Wall Street or the government. The government was never established to be in the business of creating jobs and building business. It was established to protect our rights. Therefore we should not look for help outside of us, rather we should not only help ourselves but one another.


If you start a home business you create jobs. You provide a service. People need what you have to offer. You must realize that you have talents inside of you that you are probably unaware of. It is your God given duty to use those talents in this world. It is time to wake up and rise up America. If we as Americans start to develop leadership and entrepreneurs within our communities we wouldn’t be in the crisis we find ourselves in today. We must be entrepreneurs to fight the recession period!


Until next time,

Gerardo Flores

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Career Training Possibilities for Acupuncture Careers

Acupuncture schools and colleges are able to help you gain the higher education that is necessary for entrance into a professional career. There are many career training possibilities for acupuncture careers that you can choose from. Accredited schooling will require that you choose a level of education and specific area of study prior to enrollment in order to obtain the training you need. There are many options to choose from will help you obtain the educational training you need to enter the career of your dreams.

Accredited educational facilities that offer training and preparation for acupuncture careers can help you choose the career path that is right for you. Opportunities exist in different areas in order for you to obtain the training that will be necessary for the career you wish to enter. Training can be completed in:

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Five Element Acupuncture

…and other areas that relate to the field. After the specific area of study decision has been made, you will need to decide on the level of education that is best for you. An education can be received in acupuncture at the:


degree levels. Obtaining a degree will prepare you to work with different individuals by inserting fine needles into the skin to help trigger the body’s natural healing ability. Once you have made the choice of what career training path to follow, you can learn about the careers that are available for you to pursue.

The type of careers that will be obtainable by you may vary depending on the level of degree that you choose and area of specialized study. Possibilities for employment can include working as an:

Natural Healer

By choosing to obtain a higher education, you will be able to choose the path that fits your individual needs and goals. You will learn a wide range of skills and knowledge by enrolling in a program and completing all the coursework that is provided to you.

Accredited programs allow you to complete the training and coursework that is best for your desired level career and level of education. Studies will vary but can cover topics like Chinese medicine training, western acupuncture, anatomy, needle insertion, and Herbology. Enrollment in a program will also give you the chance to learn holistic health, five elements, meridians, patterns of disease, and physiology. After gaining an education in these areas you will be ready to seek employment and begin the path to an exciting new career.

Accredited acupuncture programs are designed to offer the quality career preparation that will be needed for a successful future. Different agencies are approved to provide full accreditation to schools and programs that offer the best education and meet all criteria. The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) is one of these agencies. You can begin by researching programs to find the perfect one for you and enroll to begin training.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised on

Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved by

Notice to Publishers: You may use this article on Ezine or on your Website; however, ALL links must remain intact and active. Failure to retain links is expressly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted extensively by law.

David H. Woods is a staff writer for Locate and request information from Schools of Acupuncture, as well as other Colleges and Universities offering Acupuncture Training at, your positive pathway to discovery!

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Flourishing Companies in India During Recession

Recession is official over now and everywhere reports are being generated regarding its impact on companies, and overall economy. Although every sector across the world has been affected by the global recession that lasted for 18 months. But in IKON Marketing Consultants reports it has been mentioned that there are few industries or sectors in India that have shown positive growth in spite of recession.

Across the world there was hullabaloo of economic recession and the down IT market. It has affected the IT job openings, growth and revenue of IT companies and its related sectors. But three cheers to the major Information Technology companies in India which have shown positive growth (although less that last year).

TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL and Cognizant have been listed in the recent Forrester Research report that shows that these IT companies in India are actually showing the signs of profitability despite of tough and receding economy.

In order to survive during tough time, the companies had changed their strategies. Major cost cutting had been done by reducing the salary, by spending less on long-term R&D and overheads expense. Some of the companies had also cut down their number of employees. This was the scene all across the world especially in North America and England but it was expected that Indian IT industry will grow in 2010 and 2011. Check out the top 10 IT companies in India.

After IT it is the food and food processing industry that has shown growth. According to Ministry of Food Processing Industry (MFPI), the food processing industry in India had witnessed a growth even as the world was facing recession.

Railway is another sector that has not been affected by the global recession in India. Air ticket rates were hiked and thus more and more people during that time had shifted towards the cheaper mode of transportation.

After this comes the Telecom department that has not been affected by the recession. Cell phone market became more prominent and cheaper than usual. Along with this PSU Banks, Education, Health care, market for Luxury Products, M&A & Marketing Consultants and Media and Entertainment have shown positive growth signs.

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Translating Careers – Career With Much Potential

There is a great need for those in translating careers in the workplace. As more and more companies become global, there is more and more need for translators. In addition, because there are so many foreign language speakers in the United States combined with the growing needs in health care settings, the need for translators will continue to grow. This can mean that for those who have the skills and the desire, a translating career can be an outstanding choice as a career path.

Persons who pursue a translating career will find there are many opportunities available to them. There are many companies who use translators for various documents and other legal papers that they must use in their day to day business. Translators can also be useful in translating books and other printed materials. Many websites are available in more than one language and a translator can be ideal at helping to set up such secondary websites. Translators do not just translate the words, but they also translate the tone and ideas of the words so that the effect is not lost in translation. This can be a bit tricky as each language has its own unique nuances and one must not only know these, but they must understand them very well.

Many who decide to pursue a translating career need to look into some form of formal training. This may be through a certificate course, a bachelor’s degree program or even a master’s degree program. These courses of study can help a translating student learn the principles of translating as well as the ethics they will work under. In addition these programs will teach the practical aspects of using computerized translation equipment in translations. By going to school and earning a certificate or degree, one has something to show a prospective employer in regards to their education. This can be a great benefit when one is seeking a job, especially their first one in the field.

Another valuable resource for one who is pursuing a translating career is internships. Most internships do not pay or if they do it is a small amount, but through such an internship one can gain valuable experience in the field. They can learn the practical uses of the things they have learned in school in a hands-on environment. This can be very helpful to the new translator as well as it will provide experience so that when they do apply for a job they will have that benefit on to add to their resume.

Adriana Tassini’s team runs the #1 translator training and certification program, the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Program. To learn more visit:

Construction DC Jobs

With new buildings coming up every now and then, DC has become a hot spot for offering construction jobs. Jobs in construction generates a lot of employment opportunities like the electrical professionals, the engineers, the cement masons, the menial labors, the plumber, painter, welders, the project managers, the heavy equipment operators etc. can be put to work and paid salaries according to the categories of work and previous experiences.

The major works available at DC are at Washington and DC Metro. An overall idea about DC construction jobs can be got from the following discussion- Jobs in construction entail hourly payments in general. Construction jobs in DC are majorly meant for very experienced workers for particular occupations. Workers of jobs in construction in DC get relatively higher per hour payment than in other states. Self- employed employees is the characteristic feature of construction jobs.

The civil engineers in Washington, DC need 5 years of experience. The electricians of DC construction works need high school diploma, 5 or more years of experience or training at an apprentice program for at least 4 years, quality work, transportation that can be relied on, personal electrical tools etc are required.

Dry wall Installers, Tapers and Ceiling Tile installers are not required to show any college degree as a hard and fast rule. Having a degree always add to the merit point but they generally learn as assistants to other experienced workers in the field and later take it up themselves when their amount of experience starts getting recognized.

Glaziers also learn their work through working with other experienced glaziers first and then move on to being independent when they have acquired proper proficiency. Hazardous Material Removal laborers, however, are required to have a high school degree. Government standards demand some specific kinds of training imbibed on the job.

Washington, DC has hundreds of construction company like- MSS Services Inc, MWH Americas Inc, Parksite Inc, Providus, Anchor Construction Corporation, habitat for humanity, Real Street, Pepco Holdings etc.

The Mergis group in DC Metro is also in DC. All the above mentioned professions are believed to have prospective work in the construction industry in DC since Washington is the Capital of America and important construction work is done their every now and then and are mostly of very high standards so the pay is bound to be very high.

A mechanical engineer in DC construction Jobs can earn up to $ 100K a year, starting from $ 50K. Along with the salary or wage the companies also offer bonuses and compensations. The higher post employees like the project manager, project superintendent etc are offer insurance facilities also.

Interior designers are often sought after the construction has been finished for furnishing the finished building or other constructions. They could bag a salary of $ 60K- $ 100K per annum. Works in Washington require highly experienced designers.

Construction works of high stature are available almost round the year but the construction workers may be in danger when the economy goes in to a dip and constructions are halted and new ones do not crop up.

Silas Reed, Writer for ConstructionCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different construction job profiles.  Please visit and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the construction profession.

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Career Guidance And Careers In Demand

A right choice while choosing a career promises a secure future. There are various career options; some are in great demand while others are still growing with time. One needs to fit in the right area. For example; a career in demand doesnt mean it will prove to be successful for you. One can only succeed if his or her abilities and potential matches with that of the demands of that specific profession, for this very reason, career guidance is very important.

With the growing technological advancements in media, information can be relayed easily and rapidly. Be it, T.V, Internet, Radio or newspapers, all provide answers to ones queries regarding career options. There are various aptitude test conducted by career guidance organizations which help the student to identify his or her strengths or weaknesses and realize the inner potential. There are also yearly surveys which tell one about the careers in demand, based on the growth of different sectors annually.

Education forms the bases for stepping into a career. One needs to be educated in the right way from the right place. One needs to make sure that the money invested in education is not going waste. There are various good colleges in India, providing courses for every field, arts, commerce or science. One needs to be updated with the growth in different career options and be informed. Unawareness leads to failure. The initial step is to find your aptitude and realize your area of interest. Choosing a career under pressure of your parents, relatives or friends will always lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment later in life so one needs to believe in his or her own choice and knowing which career suits him or her best, with the help of career guidance. Once the goal is set, its time to look for the right place to do it from. There are many colleges (private or government) and institutes but choose the right college which is in demand and is reputed. The reputation of a college depends on various things like faculty members, course its offering, the toppers and big personalities who have passed out from the college and the whole structure of education followed there. There also might be a possibility that a career is reputed for a particular course, therefore one should always look for a college which has a good faculty of professors for the course one has opted for.

One needs to take right steps with the correct advice from career guidance institutes or organizations; they only mean the goodwill of students. With many new career options budding up and lot of them being in demand one has lot of choices to choose from.

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History of Beyonce’s Career

Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born September 4th, 1981 in Houston, Texas to Matthew and Tina Knowles as the first born of two girls. Before she reached the age of seven she was singing and showing signs of great talent. When she was seven, she was already attending dance school and was a soloist in the church choir.

By the time she reached her teen years, any spare time she could find was spent with her childhood pals, LaTayia Roberson, Kelly Rowland and LeToya Luckett, performing at local functions. The girls, then known as “Girl’s Tyme” tried their luck at Star Search but did not make the cut. Beyonce’s Dad gave up his good paying job in order to devote his time promoting the band. To this day Matthew Knowles manages his daughter’s career.

After trying a few different names, the girls settled on Destiny’s Child. The musical debut for the group was the song “Killing Time”, which appeared on the soundtrack for the “Men in Black” movie, released in 1997. A year later, they had number one single with the song, “No,No,No, Part 2.” The quartet became a trio later on that same year with the departure of LeToya and LaTayia, who decided to pursue individual careers. Destiny’s Child continued onwards and became one of the top R&B/Pop groups in 2000 accumulating four Billboard Hot 100 number one singles and numerous top ten hits, as well as two albums that went to number one.

The group’s second album continued with great success with tracks like “Say My Name,” “Jumpin’ Jumpin,'” and the very successful “Bug A Boo.” In the 2001, two Grammy awards were given to “Say My Name”. They followed up with a third album, “Survivor,” which produced such hits as the title track as well as “Bootylicious”. The group decided to disband by 2005 but had at that time proven themselves as one of the top selling female groups in music history.

Beyonce had proven her worth and skills as a songwriter. She won the 2001 Songwriter of the Year, awarded by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers Pop Music Awards. This made her the first African-American woman to win the award and only the second woman to win. She also spent a bit of time working on solo projects which at first was not as successful as the projects with the trio, but she was not easily discouraged.

When she finally released her solo debut album, “Dangerously in Love”, it went right to the top selling over 300,000 copies in just the first week and went platinum 3 weeks later, in June of 2003. The single from the album,”Crazy in Love” topped the charts and stayed there for over 8 weeks. Later that same year her album and the single topped the charts at the same time which put her on the same level as such musical wonders as The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and Rod Stewart. She was and still is the only female artist to have accomplished this feat. This helped make Beyonce one of the biggest artists in both sales and popularity for 2003.

In 2004 she won five Grammy Awards. On the Destiny’s Child album released in 2005, Beyonce released a song called “Check on It,” which was used on the soundtrack of “The Pink Panther Movie,” released in 2006.

In correspondence with her 25th birthday, she released a second album called “B’day,” which sold more than her first solo album, with 541,000 copies sold in the first week after release. The lead single from the album, “Déjà Vu,” became a number one hit on the US R&B charts.

Not only has Beyonce had success in music, but also on the movie screen. She may be best known for the character Foxy Cleopatra in the 2002 summer movie, “Austin Powers in Goldmember” along side Michael Caine and Mike Myers. In 2003 she appeared beside Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie “The Fighting Temptations”. In 2006, she got chance to pay homage to Diana Ross in a movie based on a Broadway musical depicting the lives of the Supremes. Beyonce showed off her incredible acting skills, playing the part of Ms. Ross in the Movie titled, “Dreamgirls”, which opened with first weekend sales of $ 8 million and has grossed well over $ 100 million to date.

Beyonce’s talent has shown no end in sight and her fans are looking forward to see what is yet to come.

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