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Top Jobs Online

So what are the possibilities over the internet? There are millions of company claiming to give you a job or help you earn money, but you cannot forget that most of those claims are false. In this article I am going to stress (not to much) the top 10 jobs online. Why? Everything you are going to read has been provenly tested and experimented by me. I know how many people today are looking for work (est. 20 million) in the USA alone. Now, results do vary so don’t get frustrated if one of these don’t work out. Always to do your homework and read a lot of e-books before you set your mind.

Top 4 Jobs Online:

1) E-Book business or any other online business. Why? Well, the internet is one of the popular pieces of technology in the world. Now a days people (potential customers) are buying more and more things online. So your job would to find a product. I would start small. Market that product. Use Web 2.0 to get traffic and if you do your homework right you should see sells.

2) Paid Surveys Online is a good but time consuming way to earn money online. This will earn you 10-25 dollars or more a survey. This is good and all but it will take some free time.

3) Game Testing is another. It can take a while to get accepted but once your foot is in the door than you are in for good. This is a fun and creative way to have fun and earn money online. You get a lot of free games and systems just for being a member.

4) Work at home is the more job like company I have found. This is more clerical and administrative type of work. This is great for experienced workers that are good at clerical.

If your looking for more info be sure to visit Top 10 Jobs Online. For more information regarding your own business look for a link “Make Money Online” on Top 10 Jobs Online.

Starting a new business in recession

Owning a business is often a very tempting thought. Going through the same phase of doing job seems to be boring to some people. They often show the willingness to start doing their business but they usually lack the commitment and motivation to get through the complete process. Economy of the entire world goes through the different phases. The two main phases that are most important for the business to consider while starting a new venture are recession and boom. Economic boom is the phase of a country’s economy when the economy is growing. New jobs are generated, development takes place and the general market perspective is good. On the other hand, an economic recession is generally a situation with low confidence in the country’s economy and business. The general market perspective is pessimistic, people become jobless, and the overall market is bearish. It is very difficult to think about doing a business in the later situation. There are certain things that have to be considered before making a decision to start a business in recession. To start with, first see what type of business are you going to start? This is one single factor that would alone decide the fate of your business. Some businesses don’t flourish in recession and they can only be successfully carried out in boom like the construction and similar types of businesses. Next, is the type of product or service you are providing to your customer? Customers usually in recession don’t buy things that are unnecessary or considered luxuries. In days of recession, they only buy products that make sense to them. In these days, they only consider those new products which provide them the said utility but also reduce their cost. Something expensive won’t survive the competition, even when the quality is better. It is therefore necessary to choose the business very carefully. Once the type of business is decided, the next important things to consider are the cost of establishing the business and the market targeted. People usually get carried away with the notion of starting their own business and at times ignore some of the fundamentals of starting a business. It is very necessary to avoid unnecessary costs spent in the earlier days of a business. The business should try to achieve the things in the most economic ways possible. These will not only help the business survive for a long time but it will also help make itself available with the cash it might need during the business operations. Last most important thing to consider while starting a business is to start in a proper market. If the business starts providing its products or services in a place where it has no market, it would eventually fail. Always choose that market in the start where you get the biggest bang of your buck. Taking care of these small steps would help you establish strong footings for your business to prosper in the longer run.

William King is the director of UK Wholesale Suppliers & Free Trade Wholesalers Directory: , China Wholesale Suppliers, Distributors, Dropshippers & Manufacturers: , Australia Wholesale Suppliers, Distributors, Dropshippers & Manufacturers: and American Wholesale & USA Wholesalers Directory: . He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers, entrepreneurs and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.

Alternative Healing Careers

Realize Various Healing Careers in the United States and Canada. Alternative healing careers are good for those that have an empathetic mindset, and willingness to help those in need. People who are drawn to helping folks and who have compassion for the sick will realize that enlisting in one of countless different healing careers may be a perfect option.

Depending on your modus operandi, there are a selection of different healing careers which you’ll pursue. But, it is wise for prospective healing arts practitioners to review academic and coaching needs for the wide assortment of natural health and different medication fields. As with any profession, various healing careers do need a group customary of instructional credentials that has to be met so as to meet basic requisites prior to entry into anyone of the many unique different healing positions.

For instance, students who are seeking various healing careers as naturopathic drugs doctors can find that almost all alternative medication colleges providing this explicit field of study need four years of study in medical sciences including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, laboratory diagnosis, cardiology, neurology, radiology, minor surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, clinical and physical diagnostics and alternative clinical sciences.

If you are seeking one among several different healing careers in energy healing, you’ll learn the way to channel energy through clients; and the way to sound or pray silently during energy healing sessions. Tutorial courses could embody strategies in meditation, reiki, color therapy, crystal healing, Chi Kung, visualization, touch therapy, and/or chakra balancing therapies. Various healing careers during this sector could only require certification or a diploma.

Some various healing careers require native or national licensure. As an example, if you are interested in the field of massage therapy, most states need a collection amount of class hours; additionally to passing a national exam to become licensed to observe in the state where you reside. Different healing careers in massage therapy are one in every of the faster growing components within the natural healthcare industry. Students who successfully graduate from one in every of many massage therapy schools will anticipate financially and personally rewarding different healing careers.

Different various healing careers could embrace fields of acupuncture, Oriental medication, life coaching, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, natural and holistic healthcare, and many other diverse choices. Clearly, the choice of accomplishing any range of other healing careers is just about unlimited.

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Careers In Public Administration

There are many different careers in public administration that you can go into. Public administrators are the civil servants who implement policies within the executive framework of the government. If you choose to go into this career field there are many different public service levels to choose from there are jobs at the city, county, state and federal level. Majoring in public administration and pursuing a career in this field can be extremely rewarding because you are helping to shape the future, but this career can also be very challenging.

After completing your degree in public administration you should have an idea of whether you want to go into the governmental or non-governmental side of things. If you choose to steer clear of the government you will likely be working in the non-profit sector, unless you decide to pursue a career that differs from what your degree was preparing you for altogether. You may also switch gears mid-career without straying from the public administration field. Perhaps you start your career in a governmental body that grants awards to nonprofit agencies and then switch to a career of fundraising for a nonprofit agency. One involves reviewing grants and the other involves writing grants, so many of the skills overlap.

Careers in public administration require administrative skills, a solid understanding of accounting and finance, knowledge of government workings and organizational proficiency. There are careers in local government bodies and nonprofit agencies, state government, federal government, public service organizations such as animal welfare and healthcare agencies and large nonprofit organizations at the national level. Nonprofits range from organizations that support the arts to charities that help fight cancer to international relief agencies.

As a public administrator you will be concerned with things like evaluating social programs, providing services to individuals and groups, setting and implementing policies and other intangible factors. There is room for careers in development, financial planning, human resources, marketing, public relations and many other areas within this field. Whether you are better at working directly with the people or behind the scenes, in any capacity, there is a career in public administration for you.

Find top criminal justice schools which offer public administration degree courses and programs in USA at Choose the best public administration program and criminal justice school for you and start your path to a rewarding career.

New Hampshire Jobs

Are you looking for New Hampshire Jobs? If so then here you will find out more about the most popular careers within the State and the sectors that you could potentially get into. While it used to be mainly known for its trade in textiles and machinery, these days there are many different job sectors available to get into. In fact, only around 2% of the business conducted in the state is involved in textiles today!

You will find everything from distribution jobs to clerical jobs in New Hampshire today. There literally is something to suit everyone.

There are quite a few major companies that are constantly on the lookout for employees in New Hampshire and one of these is “Think Energy Group”. They are always on the lookout for engineers around the state for testing and machining. There seems to be a lack of engineers no matter where you go and New Hampshire is certainly no different! So if you are looking for a challenging career that pays well and which there is a high demand for then you may want to consider working for the Think Energy Group.

If you don’t have many advanced skills then you could always search for sales jobs within the state. There are literally hundreds of sales positions within New Hampshire to choose from so no matter what your skills or interests, there will always be something to suit you. Perhaps you could make a good postal worker? If so then the average salary for postal workers in the area is from $ 13-$ 56 per hour depending upon experience. You may even be able to get into the world of acting as “TALENT6” always seem to be looking for extras within the state.

Engineering jobs and sales positions do tend to be the most common vacancies available these days. However there are also many opportunities within the health care sector too. You can find work as a Physical Therapist for example or perhaps you would like to be a nurse practitioner?

If you like driving then the leading company “TruckingPays” may be just what you are looking for. They are constantly hiring new drivers to work for them with the typical salary starting at around $ 37,500 per year.

If you would like to get into the world of electronics then “Westaff” may be able to help. They are always advertising jobs in New Hampshire for electrical staff including Electronics Assemblers and Electrical Assembly Group Leaders.

It doesn’t matter what skills you have or what your interests are, New Hampshire jobs are varied and there will always be something to suit you. Overall you just have to know what it is that you would like to do. Do you have any advanced skills or would you be looking for a trainee role? Typically there will always be a job to suit your skill level. So whether you are looking for clerical jobs, engineering jobs or distribution jobs, New Hampshire has something to suit absolutely everyone. You can easily find New Hampshire jobs online or in local newspapers.

Bill Stevens is a syndicated author and columnist, currently writing for Founded in 1996, it’s the leading Outsourced Job Posting and Job Distribution service. The GO Jobs Job Search lists over 100,000 new job listings, ranging from New Hampshire Jobs and Clerical Jobs to Distribution Jobs.

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Growing your franchise in recession

Franchising or letting your business outlet to someone under your brand name and supervision isn’t an old thing. From McDonalds to educational institutions every one seems to be running in a race to expanding the number of their outlets. In the recessionary times however the growth of franchise has slowed at the best. This has happened due to the fact that the franchise owners haven’t taken enough into account the affect of recession on their ability to expand. This is a very sad thing as the business models need to be changed whenever they are met with new challenges. Let’s get a glimpse of the things that need to be straightened.

First things first, costs are the most important factor. You as a franchiser have to make the whole package of your franchise offer a lot more lucrative if you want to see any hope of an investor being magnetized by your deals. Sometimes it is very difficult to think of things beyond the obvious. Franchisers need to get rid of their tight fisted ness. They need to compare the change in the payback periods (the period in which investor’s investment will be recovered). In recession even large businesses are amputated with cost cuttings and firings of important personnel. This gives the franchisers an opportunity as well as a threat at the same time. It is an opportunity in the sense that all the investors who cannot earn long term gains from investment into real estate and stock exchange are looking elsewhere. You might be thinking that they are not interested in the investments. But you are wrong here. The fact is that when an investor pulls out his investment, the investment sits like an idle duck without laying any eggs or you can say no returns. This means the investor is loosing the value of the money because of the currency translations and inflationary pressures.

What’s then the moral of the story? The moral of the story is that if you can’t get an investor attracted into your franchise that means you aren’t intelligent enough to make a deal that best suits the prevalent investment environment. Think of investors as bacteria. Bacteria stop growing when you don’t provide them an ideal environment. You have to lure in investment through special offers and discounts to new investors. If you are not willing to sacrifice on returns and are trying to put forth the same terms that you made for an economic boom scenario. Then your franchise expansion is doomed. All the franchisers should try to be reasonable and they should understand that the investment lying idle in the market will not only give their business a lot of boost but they will be on the shinier side of affairs once this heavy tide of deep economic depression is over.

William King is the director of UK Wholesale Suppliers & Free Trade Wholesalers Directory: , Wholesale Trade Suppliers Manufacturers & Wholesale Dropshippers: , Australia Wholesalers & Australian Suppliers Directory: and Marketing, Advertising and Branding Directory: . He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers, entrepreneurs and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.

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Careers In Alternative Medicine

Traditional Indian medicine has a 5000-year-old history and has been used by millions, while modern medicine is merely 150 years old.Ayurveda, literally meaning the science of life, aims at healing the individual as a whole, instead of merely at the molecular level. This ancient healing system is based on the theory that everything is composed of panchamahabhutas, or the five basic elements (akaash, jal, vayu, agni, dharti). The main source of our knowledge of Ayurveda is the Atharva Veda, which dates back to around 1200 BC.You can study many different elements of alternative medicine, such as herbalism, aroma therapy, homeopathy, holistic medicine, holistic nutrition, natural childbirth, and stress management and counseling. These are just a few of the very exciting career fields you can enter after earning alternative medicine and health degrees online.

There is a resource for Natural Medicine. The database, officially known as the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, is the product of the Therapeutic Research Center in Stockton, Calif., which analyzes prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Like Consumers Union (CU), which publishes the monthly Consumer Reports magazine and does not accept advertising, the center receives no funding from pharmaceutical companies. The center is funded by subscriptions to two newsletters it publishes: the Prescribers Letter and the Pharmacists’ Letter.Acupuncture is truly a very rewarding career. Its effectiveness has been proved in many treatments and today it is practiced at many part of the world. It is thousand years old treatment procedure and has a very good career growth potential. In fact, today it is one of the most requested forms of treatment in the fast-growing field and holds promise as one of the key modalities to be used in current and future integrative medical settings.

An alternative medicine university frequently offers certificate and diploma programs, but also provides degree programs in a variety of alternative medicine practices. Degree programs extended through an alternative medicine university may include elaborate academic programs that have been specifically designed for the future practitioner in mind. Some of these (courses) may include career training opportunities to become licensed acupuncturists, doctors of chiropractic and the like.Currently, a number of alternative medicine colleges provide undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and independent career training programs. Students who are interested in naturopathic medicine or holistic medicine can gain a comprehensive education and skills through accredited alternative medicine colleges, as well as other complementary medicine schools.

Read about study programs and also read about study in new zealand forum and entrance tests forum

About International Jobs

If you are looking for international jobs then you have opened a world of opportunities for your desired pay range as well as expanded your horizons to different cultures. In many places overseas, the value of money is much less than the American dollar, and you can find yourself living luxuriously while you work, traveling in your spare time and enjoying the life outside of America.

International jobs may require you to learn a different language, depending on where you go, and it may be necessary for you to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road also. Outside of these exciting additions to your resume, your skills will be much needed in the field of your choice. Many employment opportunities overseas will pay your expenses while you work and offer you incentives for leisure and travel during your days off.

Another exciting bonus to having an international job is the opportunity to help individuals who can use your training and expertise to improve their company. Also, your specific position may help the company to network with other businesses that are impressed by their ability to have a diverse work force. You will find many doors opening as a result of seeking out employment overseas.

When applying for international jobs, ensure that you have received the education and experience that new job will require of you. You will want to be prepared for the demands of an international job, as those demands may be different from what you are used to in an American job in a different field. Be sure to study the etiquette of the culture that you will be surrounded by to make this experience pleasant and memorable by being respectful of the culture you are visiting.

Many cultures overseas have different business practices in their international jobs, and you will want to learn as much as possible about the way you need to conduct yourself when doing business with individuals from overseas. Depending on where your clients or employers are from, the way you greet them, whether your hands are in your pockets and any gestures that you make with your body will determine if they want to do business with you or not, so be sure that you are aware of this business etiquette.

There are cultures that enjoy negotiating and bargaining, so be sure to brush up on these skills before you settle into your new international job. Depending on the field that you are going into, your bargaining and negotiation skills can be a valuable asset in the company you are employed in, so find out how much you will need to know and exactly how you can brush up on this technique to get you the results you desire. is a source of expert content in the form of short, informative and educational or entertaining articles. We provide experts in hundreds of different niches from around the world. Thousands of new articles are added every month. Uma Ilango is a programmer from profession. Has lots of interest in non-technical writing too. She has written articles in several topics. Her hobbies include reading, surfing, writing and playing chess. She writes regularly at

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Find Jobs on Twitter

Find Jobs on Twitter. That sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The first thing you should know is that you can’t find jobs on Twitter. That’s discouraging isn’t it? But, Twitter can help land you a job. But let’s not start with finding jobs on Twitter. Let’s start with Facebook and Linkedin – and see how they’ll help you on Twitter. Hmm. . .

There’s really three ways to find a job.

1. Make a contact at a company you want to work for and hope he/she hires you.
2. Fill out an application when you see the “Now Hiring” ad or sign.
3. Become an expert in your field and have them come to you.

We’ll concentrate on the first one and the third one. The first one requires you to know what company you’d like to work for. That’s where we start. If you do know what company you want to work for, search Facebook and LinkedIn for that company. Write down the names of the people you find, click on their profile and see what you can learn before you “friend” them. Then search the internet for the company and find ALL the people you can find that work for that company. Write them down and take notes on their positions, ideas, websites, etc. . .

Then go to Twitter. Search for those people on Twitter and “follow” them all. They all won’t be on Twitter – but follow the ones you can find. Then search Twitter and follow anyone talking about that company. That’s the first step. Now you have an audience of people who know about, work for, or like the company you want to work for. So start responding, ask questions, talk about your experience a little – but basically make friends. Then start “friending” people on LinkedIn and Facebook and start the conversations about “hey, I’ve always wanted to work there – who would I talk to.” That’s the first way.

The second way starts the same as the first – except instead of searching for people that work for the company you want to work for – search for people talking about your niche. Build a Twitter audience of people whose companies do what you do, of people whose hobbies are your niche, of people who have an interest in what you do. Then become the expert.

By that I mean write articles on EzineArticles and have notifications sent directly to your Twitter account. Talk about the articles you write. Give away good information, great information in fact. Show people that you are the expert and watch the employers come looking for you. This way doesn’t happen as quickly – but you’ll likely get paid a lot more when they come looking for you.

For more ideas on how to use Twitter, I’d invite you to check out my blog I use YouTube, Facebook, ezineseeker and Twitter to show you that I’m an expert in Social Media. You need to do that, too.

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Medical Field Careers List

Medicine is one of the most respected professions around the world. People in this field mean serious business as they are supposed to save lives. Those who help save lives are honored and trusted with blind faith. Their word is taken as the last word and people are ready to do what they advise. Why? Because they can treat diseases and help people out of their misery. A layman knows just a few medical field careers like becoming a doctor, nurse, technician or a physiotherapist. However, these careers are just a few of the many other medical field careers. The medical field careers list is really long and daunting. Those looking forward for a bright and prospering career in the medical field will get overwhelmed with the options available for them. The following list of medical field careers list will help you find a suitable career option for you.

List of Medical Field Careers

You will learn in the following medical field careers list that some fields require only a biology degree and some medical professions require you to have a post graduate degree. If you are ready to spend the rest of your life serving humanity and become a part of highest paying jobs in America, then continue reading.

Allied Health Professions
Allied health profession is group of more than 200 health care careers. Those who work in the allied health care professions can be directly or indirectly involved with patient care. There are some allied medical field careers that work as a part of a health care team and some are able to provide their services independently. There are two categories of allied health professions; technicians and the therapists or technologists. Technicians are basically assistants to trained technologists or therapists. The following allied medical field careers list will introduce you to some of the professions under this group.
Addiction Services
Paramedic (Paramedic job description)
Anesthesia Technician/Technologist
Anesthesiologist Assistant
Cardiovascular Technologist (Cardiovascular technologist salary)
Child and Youth Worker
Dermatologist (Dermatologist salary)
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist
Exercise Physiologist
Exercise Scientist
Kinesiologist (Kinesiologist salary)
Lactation Consultant
Massage Therapist (Message therapist salary)
Medical Assistant (Medical assistant job description)
Medical Illustrator
Mental Health Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Orthotic and Prosthetic Practitioner
Personal Fitness Trainer (Fitness trainer salary)
Physical Therapist
Polysomnographic Technologist
Radiation Therapist
Recreational Therapist
Rehabilitation Counselor
Respiratory Therapist
Social Worker
Specialist in Blood Bank Technology
Speech Pathologist/Language Pathologist (Speech pathologist salary)
Surgical Assistant (Surgical assistant salary)
Surgical Technician
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is defined as the National Institute for Health as a group of different medical and health care systems, practices and products that are not part of the Western medicine. The list of medical field careers under this group are:
Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine Practitioner
Naturopathy Doctor
Massage Therapist
These are group of doctors who help make patients become comfortable during a surgery procedure. During a minor or major surgery procedure the anesthesiologists monitor patients pulse, heart rate and breathing rate and temperature. You can read about the anesthesiologist job description. The following are the anesthesiologists medical field careers list:
Anesthesia Associate
Anesthesia Director
Attending Anesthesiologist
Obstetrical Anesthesiologist
Staff Anesthesiologist
Communication Sciences
This includes professions that work with patients with hearing and speech disorders. These professionals may work in hospitals, schools, private practices, etc. The professionals under this group are:
Audiologist (Audilogist education requirements)
Speech-language Pathologist
Counseling is a medical field career where professionals work with people who are mentally, emotionally and physically stressed. They help clear the minds of such patients and become more self sufficient and productive. They work in hospitals, industries, offices, factories, schools, colleges, etc. The list of medical field careers under counseling group are as follows :
Rehabilitation Counselors
Genetic Counselors
People today are becoming more and more conscious of what they eat and their weight. With the number of diseases and illness on the rise, people need to consider what they eat and what they avoid. In order to guide such people, dietetics is a fast growing career. The following are some of the careers under dietetics :
Dietetic technician
Dentists are people who are one of the most feared doctors in the world. Not that they are scary, but the thought of a dentist pulling out your tooth is frightening. Dentistry is one of the best paying jobs in the world. You can read more on how to become a dentist. The medical field careers list under dentistry and related fields are:
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Pediatric Dentist (Pediatric dentist salary)
Dental Laboratory Technician
Health Information Specialist
The health information specialists are mostly non-medical professionals who analyze finance, insurance, workload data etc. They help recording the information in a systematic manner and help medical practitioners plan and evaluate the information for their patients. They work in hospitals, private clinics, insurance companies, and other medical setups. The health information specialist medical field careers list is as follows:
Registered Record Administrators
Accredited Record Technicians
Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
Cancer Registrar
Health Information Administrator
Medical Coder (Medical Coding jobs)
Medical Librarian
Medical Transcriptionist (Medical transcriptionist salary)
Laboratory Technicians
Laboratory technicians are referred to as medical laboratory technicians who work in labs. They identify, diagnose and find the possible line of treatment. These technicians work with complex lab equipments and procedures and doctors rely on their reports for treating the patients. They work in hospitals, private labs, research groups, pharmaceuticals, universities, etc. The careers under this field are:
Blood bank technology specialist
Clinical Assistant
Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist
Clinical Laboratory Technician (Lab technician job description)
Cytogenetic Technologist
Diagnostic Molecular Scientist
Pathologists (Pathologist salary range)
Forensic Pathologists (Forensic pathologist salary)
Phlebotomist (Phlebotomist job description)
Medical Imaging
Medical imaging is a diagnostic medical field wherein images of internal organs, cancerous image, fetus, etc are taken and examined. There are medical imaging technicians who specialize in taking images of heart, brain, pelvis, etc. The following are some of the medical imaging careers list:
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
MRI Technician
Medical Dosimetrist
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Radiation Therapist
Radiologic Technologist (Radiologic technologist salary)
Registered Radiologist Assistant (Radiologist assistant salary)
Therapy and Rehabilitation
Therapy and rehabilitation is a field of medicine where professionals help patients learn and develop skills related to daily living and self care. These professionals work with patients and monitor their progress. Most of these patients are children with a genetic disorder that needs therapy, people with disabilities or restriction of movement due to accidents or paralysis, etc. They work in hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics and as well as give home visits. The therapy and rehabilitation medical field careers list is as follows:
Occupational Therapist (Occupational therapist job description)
Occupational Therapy Assistant (Occupational therapy assistant salary range)
Physical Therapist (Physical therapist job description)
Physical Therapist Assistant (Physical therapist assistant salary)
Physiotherapists (Physiotherapist salary)
Psychotherapist (Psychotherapist job description)
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Vision Associated Professions
Eye care is one of the top paying careers of medical field. Those associated with eye care help correct vision problems of patients and help them see well. The vision associated professionals under this group are as follows:
Opthalmologist (Opthalmologist salary range)
Ophthalmic Assistant/Technician/Technologist
Ophthalmic Dispensing Optician
Optometrist (Optometrist job description)
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
Optician (Optician salary)

Business Analyst