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Bank clerical jobs

It was noted the 5.31 lakh candidates passed the Bank Clerk Recruitment last years thus rising questions concerning the numbers that may be able to pass Bank Clerk Recruitment 2012. It is important that the examination council consider making the examination harder as more candidates manage to pass the qualification level.
The elimination round is meant to reduce the numbers of student substantially so as to leave a few that could be thoroughly tested to select only the best. The sudden increase of qualifiers has made the job once again hard for the examination authorities. Last year a substantial number of women were also noted to have passed the exams. Approximated 2 lakh women qualified for bank jobs but it was also noted that vacancies remained fewer thus leading to more elimination rounds.
This has come as a welcome surprise since women had fewer attendance of exams held to recruited candidates for bank jobs in the past. This has led many organizations protection women’s rights to protest but this has been no ones fault except for the women themselves who choose to avoid the exams. With more women graduating from high school and collages, there has been a steady increase in the number of women attending the exams. According to statistics a large percentage on women have confirmed seats for the IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2012 thus meaning there may be more women selected this year.
Reservations have also meant that certain sections of society have better odds of being selected in Bank Clerk Recruitment 2012 based on gender and caste. As the government fights the cast differences and gives SC and OBC a better chance to secure jobs in banks it is important that the numbers be maintained equally to avoid one section of society dominating the other. Attitude at work has also been noted to be a major concern when dealing with the caste issue since some people are not ready to accept other caste in the work place.
To avoid any form of confrontation that could bring negative publicity to the organization or bank, all candidates must be able to pass a training session after the Bank Clerk Recruitment 2012 which would help identify individual’s that may hold grudges with the opposite caste while working in one premises. Failure to pass the test would mean not being recruited for bank jobs. Just passing the IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2012 does not ensure candidates of bank jobs as them still need to prove their qualities of working as a team.


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Exploring Careers With Animals

When most people think of pursing an occupation revolving around animals they think about being a veterinarian or veterinarian assistant.

However, there are other occupations in this industry that you can explore to fulfill your desires. These careers may need less education or certifications then the careers in veterinarian medicine.

Here are some of the other careers to explore.

Animal Trainer

As an animal trainer you will help train animals for riding, obedience, performance, security and to help people with disabilities.

Depending on the particular job you acquire, your educational requirements for the position may vary. Many types of animals may require more specialized education such as training marine mammals like whales.

Some organizations offer certifications for animal training; however, it is not required for all positions.

As an animal trainer you should have a love of animals and have a sensitive and patient nature. Animal trainers may find positions in zoos, aquariums, television and associations for the disabled.

Animal trainers often work with dogs and cats in the various different competitions and shows. Oftentimes animal trainers are responsible for holding educational programs for visitors to the centers, such as teaching children about different animals.

As an animal trainer you will spend your days training animals for many different functions. You will teach animals to be acquainted with humans and their voices as well as condition them to respond to commands.

You will give positive reinforcement and reassurance to the animals. Animal trainers are also often responsible for the daily care of the animals.

Animal Groomer

As an animal groomer you will maintain the appearance of animals.

To pursue a career as an animal groomer, you must complete an apprenticeship program or state licensed program. Certifications are available but are not always necessary. Most animal groomers work with dogs and cats.

Animal groomers are usually employed by animal shelters, pet shops, veterinarian clinics and grooming services.

As an animal groomer you will spend your day working on the appearance of animals. You will bath and brush the animals as well as performing other tasks to improve their hygiene and appearance.

Additionally, many groomers maybe responsible for setting appointments and discuss the animals’ needs with their owners, especially if they have started their own grooming businesses.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solutions – Six Sigma Online ( ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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Bank Jobs in India

Statistics show that 40% of the Indian population is made up of youth, accounting for an incredible 460 million people and 10% of the youth attend IBPS recruitment or bank recruitment exams which are compulsory to secure bank jobs. This results in stiff completion for the few bank jobs available each year; approximately 30,000 bank jobs vacancies are available on a yearly basis. The high number of candidates applying for the bank jobs available thus leads many bank recruitment exams to be even more competitive.

IBPS recruitment is one such examination aimed at reducing the candidates aiming to secure bank jobs. It tests them of different technical and general fields thus helping narrow down the competition to a smaller number of selected individuals. The selected candidates than need to attend further interviews where they are scrutinized thoroughly through a series of interviews to further eliminate individuals that may not have the required skills to qualify for bank jobs.

Bank recruitment plays a major role in India as the number of aspiring candidate is high and each one wants to secure a permanent job with the national and private banks. The job security is what attracts the huge numbers of youth to apply for the few jobs. This works positively for the banks as they get to choose the best candidate from across the nations to fill the vacancies for bank jobs available. For the candidates aspiring to get the jobs it is a different story as they need to consider several factors before attempting to take the exam.
* Language has been noted to be the main cause of concern in recent years as many bank exams require being completed in English. This has been the biggest challenge to most candidates that are unable to meet the required standards due to the poor English fundamentals and grammar.
* Lack of the required skill and general knowledge also leads to many candidates failing the bank exams since many tend to ignore current affairs. IBPS recruitment exams and most other bank recruitment exams have a long list of question that come in the general knowledge. The paper carries current affair questions from both the local and international field. Within these fields there are further categories that require to be filled such as finance, environment, sport and politics among many more.

These are specifically aimed to note if the candidate are keeping in touch with current affairs as the questions could ask any thing. Candidates must to have an idea of current affairs to be able to answer them during IBPS recruitment or bank recruitment exams to be able to be shortlisted for bank jobs.


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Keeping Your Job During a Recession

I struggle to write about keeping your job during a recession as it almost suggests that during the recession there are special strategies to keep your job. I personally believe excellent work ethics helps you keep your job during the economic downturn. Those very strategies will also help you move up the corporate ladder in good times.

Regardless of the economic climate, one should always practice good work ethics. If I have to choose, these will the few things that will help in keeping your job during a recession.

1. Be Nice
It feels funny to even remind people of this common courtesy. But in a recession where jobs are threatened, between two persons of equal caliber we all can guess who will be put on the chopping list. If you have been nasty to colleagues perhaps it is time to reflect and start changing. Smile more often, offer words of encouragement, help and time for others.

2. Be A Competitive Advantage
Ideally, you are already a competitive advantage to your unit. It’s never too late to start if you have never thought about this. What is it that you can uniquely offer to your work group that others cannot? Can you work late? Are you a detailed person who would dot the “Is” and cross the “T’s”? If you are a competitive advantage to your team, you have a better chance of keeping your job during a recession.

3. Work Hard
Really, do more. Doing more implies a few things. It says you are willing to sacrifice. It says you enjoy your job. It also says you add more value to the company but churning out more than your fair share. During a recession when everyone is expected to work with limited resources, the one who can work harder will likely triumph.

4. Do More Talk Less
If your mom has told you this before, “Do more, talk less” heed that advice now. If you are someone who complains, blames, and gossips you had better stop now. No one will tolerate a complainer, someone who pushes blame and spends too much time gossiping in good times – much less during a recession. Take personal responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others. If it can be fixed, stop complaining. If it cannot be fixed, no amount of complaining will fix it. How will all these help in keeping your job?

5. Increase Revenue, Cut Costs
That will be a constant theme amongst companies and you should make that your mantra too. What unit do you belong to? Is yours a profit center? If it is, figure out ways to help more money. If yours is a cost center, think of ways to cut costs. It will all contribute to the company’s bottom line and that will help in keeping your job.

During a recession, be happy that you have a job. In that context, you will naturally do the right thing by doing more and talking less. Genuinely contribute to the company’s vision and direction and be sincerely nice to people. That way you increase your chances of keeping your job during recession.

About The Author
Long Yun Siang or Long, as he is popularly known runs with his wife Dorena as their way of paying it forward. Their website – based on their real life experiences – provides tips, tools and advise for newbies pursuing career success. Download a FREE copy of their mini eBooks titled Career Success Recipe for Newbies and SHINE At Work: Your 30-Minute Guide at the website now.

Wellness Industry Thrives Despite Recession

At a time when most industrial sectors are reeling under recessionary pressures, the wellness industry in India has successfully managed to buck the trend. Its unorganised segment – including mostly small and regional players who comprise more than 50% of the wellness market – has continued to maintain a steady growth rate despite the challenging times. Going by the present demand for these services in the country, the prospects for smaller wellness and healthcare firms seem bright for the coming years.

The growth drivers

Though the wellness sector in India is still in a nascent stage, it has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the past few years. A joint report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Ernst and Young has projected that this industry will grow at an exceptional rate of 30-35% per annum. This growth is expected to be fuelled by the small and mid-sized wellness centres and spas that are mushrooming across the country.

“The growing demand for wellness therapies, beauty and Health Care Products, fitness, slimming and rejuvenation programmes and cosmetic surgeries among women as well as men in India has prompted several small and mid-sized companies to enter this burgeoning market. In addition, specialisation in the beauty and wellness sector is proving to be a big money-spinner for several doctors and cosmetologists who have set up their own small clinics and salons,” commented A Nandi, Head of Dermatologist Department, Rita Skin Foundation, a small-sized clinic offering specialised skin treatments in Kolkata.

The sector is also drawing the interest of a number of investment firms. These are looking to make huge investments in innovative projects in the sector in order to get rich dividends in the future. Some of the wellness andBeauty Companies are also tying up with hospitality majors, while others are expanding their services portfolios to draw more customers.

Given the positive outlook of the wellness industry due to favourable demand and market dynamics, the SME players in the sector are expected to earn healthy revenues in the next few years.

“Changing lifestyles, encouraging market demographics and rising consumerism are likely to spur the growth of small players in the wellness sector. The ‘looking-good and staying-healthy’ mantra is fast catching the fancy of most Indians. Moreover, the wellness industry is a self-driven sector, fuelled by demand from within the economy rather than external factors,” commented S Malhotra, an executive working at Thai Spa in Kolkata.

Despite the encouraging business prospects predicted for SMEs in the wellness industry, it is recommended that they tread with caution and maintain a competitive price point to withstand the stiff competition posed by big players. Diversifying their product lines and service offerings as well as expanding their networks will also enable SME wellness firms to take hold of a greater share of the booming beauty market.

David Parks is a well known author and has written articles on Home and Garden Supplies B2B Portal, Business Services Directory suppliers, Manufactures and many other subjects.

Top 5 Psychology Careers

Have you always been observing people and trying to understand the reason behind their behavior? Do you feel like helping those people suffering from a traumatic experience? Are you among those people who understand the nature of others well and want to explore the reason behind human temperament and behavior? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you should certainly look out for establishing a career in psychology.

Psychology is a field that provides you variety of tools and methods to gain expertise and proficiency in human behavior management. It is a career that is divided into variety of fields and has been one of the top paying careers. Becoming a psychological or psychiatrist may be your long cherished dream but if you are looking to flourish in your career then it is important that you know what the top five psychology careers are. This knowledge will not only help you in achieving excellent growth in this career, but it will also earn you a higher salary.

Psychology is basically the study of human nature and temperament in variety of ways. All of us know that we react differently in different situations and at different times.

The nature, thinking and behavior of an abnormal person is quite different from a normal individual. In order to understand such differences and gaps between the behaviors of people you should have a good idea about the different career paths you can follow after earning your psychology degree.

There are five top fields in the career arena of Psychology which you can choose from. These are:

Child Psychology

It is one of the most popular and demanded career in psychology that studies the behavior, temperament and the nature of children who have undergone traumatic situations or have been abused during their early years. This field of psychology is basically concerned with children and bringing them out of such situations by talking to them and helping them through the medium of therapy.

Clinical Psychology

In clinical psychology you will be working in a clinic and will be involved in working with alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, schools, healthcare facilities, universities and social service centers.

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology is particularly related to the behavioral psychology. By learning and acquiring a degree in cognitive psychology you can work as a psychiatrist and treat your patients using techniques like visual processing and problem solving.

Forensic Psychology

In this field of psychology you will be dealing with a variety of legal issues. For example, you will be involved in evaluating people who plead insanity in a number of cases. Forensic psychology is actually the application of psychology to the legal justice system.

Sports Psychology

As the name suggests the degree of Sports Psychology is concerned with sports and sportspersons. With this kind of degree you will be assisting people who are involved in playing sports. You would be helping these people to maintain a balanced mental state and keep their body at cool when they play in their various sports events.

In order to follow any of the psychology careers, you will have to complete a post graduation degree or acquire a PhD in that particular field. There are a variety of online and offline colleges that offer you various degrees in psychology that can help you establish your career successfully. provides the opportunity to research and request free information psychology colleges and top psychology schools for potential students looking to start or expand their career in psychology.

Aged care jobs


Studies have shown that in the next 50 years, the number of the senior citizens will almost quadruple and this growth will create many opportunities for those who want to pursue an aged care career. Whether you want to be a Nursing Attendant, PCA, Food Services Assistant or Registered Nurse an aged care job or career is certain to provide you with stability and job security. Salaries vary depending upon qualifications and years of experience but regardless of this, aged care jobs can be very fulfilling especially the caring aspect of looking after physically weak and/or elderly citizens. Indeed an aged care career can prove to be a very handsomely paid job. Many aged care roles do not require the need to be highly educated. In fact many positions only require you to have successfully complete a certificate course with a cert III or cert IV level. Many Australian colleges run these courses as part time and or evening classes making them very accessible to a range of students seeking aged care employment in hospital, nursing homes, or the community health care centers. Free training is also available along with traineeships for job seekers and for those who are eligible.



Aged care employment offers a wide variety of opportunities to work in various fields. The courses can also help you obtain a job in various facilities like the Direct care positions, in community services, health services and home care facilities. The jobs here include helping aged care patients with personal care, social support, meal preparation, housework, nursing, medications, providing respite and many other responsibilities however, these will vary depending upon your qualifications and experience. Today the scene is changing and many new jobs opportunities are become available as healthcare changes and expands. Aged care organisations numbers are grow and many are expanding both the number of facilities they operate and also their physical size. They need a variety of people to work in their organisation who can handle a variety of jobs. Management aged care jobs are also available, which provide career development, responsibilities and higher paid salaries.



There is an explosion of exciting aged care career opportunities in Australia today. The population is aging and job seekers are in demand now. Aged care jobs in Australia are highly rewarding and even the facilities like home, pay, vacations, and many more offer an excellent lift style and work/life balance. The career can be both exciting and rewarding with opportunities that abound. The job can give you real job satisfaction in helping older citizens and the community as a whole. Aged care jobs in Australia can make a real difference to accelerate your career.




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Women Are the Solution to the Recession

The global financial crisis was generated by greed and fear. Women can heal the corporation and the whole financial system with honesty and courage.

Our fear is based on the perception of being independent, having the need to have more and being afraid of the enemy. We are afraid of the boss, of the neighbors, of our partner and most importantly, of ourselves. We are prisoners of this nightmare fear cloud. Fear does not allow us to cooperate, as in fear it is not possible to trust the other. In fact, fear also drives us to dishonesty and fraud. Have you noticed how people lie to meet the target? And how this is an “undiscussable”? In this fear framework, all outcomes tend to end in lose-lose outcomes. Does Enron ring a bell? Leehman Brothers maybe?

In the current context our identity is defined by what we have and what we do. We are our cars, houses, titles, professions, spouses…. No wonder why we buy, buy, buy… No wonder why we work, work, work… No matter why we marry, divorce, marry, divorce, marry, divorce…. We derive our worth as individuals from what we have and what we do. In this context, it is not enough just to be. Greed is the name of the game. In this context, being is not satisfactory. No wonder the high number of suicides around the financial crisis: people who lost their job, their title, their (company) car, feel that they have lost themselves. They lost the reason to live. They lost themselves.

The leadership challenges of this historical moment are paramount and can be better met by women. The best leaders to guide us out of this crisis are women. The age of disregarding female perspectives and feminine success attributes needs to be over. The age of promoting/hiring women because it is politically correct needs to be over. The age of promoting/hiring women through quotas needs to be over.

We need to understand that there is a strong business case behind it. It is a win-win-win deal! The woman benefits, the company benefits, the community benefits, the staff benefits, the customers benefit and yes indeed men benefit as well. Study after study, it has been demonstrated the clear correlation between women in the corporate world and corporate performance: financial performance, corporate governance, staff retention etc. What is the cause of this overwhelming reality? The leadership challenges of this historical moment can be better met by women.

Women’s aspirations are one of the core answers why they are the solution to the crisis and the best leaders of this age. According to the Women on the Verge of the 21st Century, a white paper from Grey Advertising, women’s aspirations that received an importance higher the 80% are:

• Make the world a better place

• See kids become really successful

• Having enough time to do what I want

Women’s aspirations are reflected in their behavior. This way it is very easy to understand their business choices, particularly when they contradict the old power based paradigms. This way it is very easy to understand why a woman would more easily turn down an unethical contract, even if it generates short term profit. Interestingly enough, there are more and more men who are also choosing for these “feminine” aspirations.

The behavior and views of women defer from those of men. Understanding the main differences can help us to appreciate how women do business, how women lead. Empathy, creativity, intuition, connectedness, meaning and play are very strong in women. Women are best suited to deal with living systems. A corporation is a living system. Our financial system is a living system.

Women can become powerful in business (and everywhere actually!) when they learn to appreciate and embrace these innate characteristics that for a long time have not been regarded as world changing. Women need to wake up to the fact that these characteristics are necessary for humanity at this point in history. Building community, carrying culture, healing relationships are by no means unimportant. They are crucial and indeed what we need now the most.

It is easy to blame men for many things: from not helping with the children to the financial collapse. Blaming is not going to take us anywhere. Now women have to take on the challenge and step in the leadership shoes.

Leave your comfort zone to become a “She-Leader”!

Our current challenging business and social environment needs the active contribution of all women. The urgency and importance of this is highlighted in my Special Report “Women Work Wonders, transformational manual for 21st century women”. Moreover, it gives you practical steps to transform your potential into tangible significant growth and contribution.

Rebound of Global Economy Leaving Recession Behind

The recent downfall in the global economy is unforgettable. In many companies older employees were replaced by the new ones. It had to be done in order to cope with the prevailing financial market. It is quite sad to forget those older employees but the reality had to be faced with boldness. The same goes with the online companies as well.

Recession lasted almost for about a year and the canopy above us is completely transparent. Most of the popular newspapers and other well-known media have stated that the global economy is almost back on the track. Many top-notch companies including the micro ones have announced that they are going to hike the salary of their employees. In addition, they also stated that the hikes may not be huge chunks but it will be enough to make their employees gleeful.

Even in the online market entrepreneurs had seen the worst market condition. Many of them told that in the recent recession they witnessed what actually had happened in the Great Depression in 1929 which lasted till 1930s and 1940s for different countries. Anyways the fatal fever is no more running in the blood.

Now any enthusiast who wants to contact a CMS web development company for getting the most extra-ordinary website will certainly be able to get the affordable deal. CMS web development companies also went through the ups and downs in the recent recession and now they are taking a deep sigh of relief. Quite delightfully a web development company, entrepreneurs and customers are tying the knot of aesthetic business bondage.

It is a plea to entrepreneurs that if they are going for a new kind of website then there is no need of hard bargaining because the current rates already went through a strong correction. The rates of web development projects prevailing in the present online market are kept within the affordable range with respect to the pockets of entrepreneurs. Hence, the route ahead is free of impenetrable fog.

Ruby Harrison is writing articles on php application development and web designing for leading companies.

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Finding a Job in a Recession

Today, I am going to tackle the issue of finding a job in a recession. Before we begin exploring options, there are few things you need to believe in.

You are good;
Companies are always looking for good people; and
Companies are hiring.

Yes. If you believe in the above three things, your chances of landing a job will be higher than nonbelievers. Let us discuss why:

You are good:I refuse to believe that there is even one person on earth who is good for nothing. It is just not possible. It is possible that you were a right person in a wrong job – but that does not make you useless. For a situation like this, the person who put you in that role should be questioned first. Everybody is good at something. The trick is to find out what you are good at, look for industries where your talent can be gainfully used, articulating your talent in a manner that will get attention and finally making the presentation.
Companies are always looking for good people:One of the fundamental accounting principle is “going concern”. What does “Going Concern” Principal says – “This accounting principle assumes that a company will continue to exist long enough to carry out its objectives and commitments and will not liquidate in the foreseeable future”. Good companies, that are build on solid financial principle by prudent managers, are always looking for good people because they understand people are their biggest asset. If the company is going to stay in business in foreseeable future, it needs to grow and growth means need for more people.
Companies are hiring:Yes, it is true. Companies are hiring. Big boys are in a bit of a pickle but there are enough opportunities available in middle and small sized companies. Under booming economy, small and medium side companies face one very big problem – they are unable to afford good talent. It is only during recessions that they are able to hire good people at affordable levels. This is the reason, why nimble footed smaller companies, which are not hindered or burdened by bureaucracies of big companies and government grants, are picking up right talent.

OK, let us now focus on some practical steps for landing a job.

Step 1: Take a hard look at your resume and answer just one question – Does it sell me well? A resume primary purpose is to sell your skills and if it does not cut the ice in first 8 – 10 seconds you can forget about an interview call. Competition is strong and no one has time to go through the whole resume. Too many candidates, too little time.

Advice 1: If your resume begins with an objective section, replace it with a solid 3 – 4 line summary covering your career, achievements and personality. This is your selling pitch, so begin with it. Make it easier for the recruiter.

Step 2: Am I on the web? Ask yourself this question. With more and more companies going in for cost cutting, direct recruitment is becoming the norm. Private recruitment agencies are getting fewer mandates now than a few months ago. It is not that they are not getting mandates, but it is mainly for specialized talent acquisition.

Advice 2: Register your resume with as many online recruitment/ job portals as possible but do not spend money using resume-blaster services. Reason is simple. Resume blaster services are mainly mass email based and end up in junk mail box. Professional recruiters use advanced data-mining techniques (freely available on most recruitment portals) to search for candidates matching their requirements.

Step 3: Step out of the box. Be ready to travel and look far & wide. If jobs are not available in your usual area of employment, move out. Not all parts of the worlds are equally affected by recession. South East Asia and Middle East are already better and these parts of the world always need good talent.

Advice 3: Move out of your nation and look for jobs globally. Become a world denizen rather than a citizen. A word of caution – be ready for culture change, even culture shock. Though world is unipolar, regional differences remain strong and well entrenched. Not everybody is comfortable working in an foreign environment/ culture. Think carefully before you decide to move out.

Step 4: Get connected and register in professional referencing websites. Getting connected is not as difficult as you might think. There are plenty of social website that can help you getting connected and referenced from a professional point of view. Recruiters often use such sites to check upon candidates profiles and references.

Advice 4: Get connected and collect positive references about your skills, attitudes and career.

Step 5 Be pragmatic. Costs have come down and hence be flexible about your remuneration. Most nations offer companies mechanism to split the remunerations into various heads like basic salary, housing rent allowance, transportation etc. This helps companies to manage costs. If your nation has something similar, use this to your benefit. Be firm on your basic salary but negotiate on elements like housing allowance and transportation because companies generally link these bits to the cost-of-living index and possibilities are there that these components of salary will increase as an when cost-of-living index increases. Using this technique will make you look reasonable and level headed in front of recruiter.

Advice 5 Be flexible and negotiate smartly.

Last but not the least, do not abandon the traditional job search methods.

Sanjay O. Kumar, is founder of – a professional resume writing service that uses an eclectic mix of personality assessment tools and modern writing techniques to craft resume that get attention.