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Truck Driver Jobs

Trucks are essential modes of cartage and are used to transport goods from one place to another. The trucking industry is on an upwards trend since a few years. The economic slowdown of 2008 had adversely affected trucking jobs. Businesses were running into losses, millions of people were getting laid off so naturally all affiliated industries too had to take a beating. But all this is a thing of the past now. There is a booming demand for truck driver jobs in the market. The income is rewarding and if you love driving, then to make a career in trucking jobs is a brilliant idea.

There are numerous ways to search for reputable trucking jobs. Going through newspapers and classifieds is traditional way. Many companies advertise in this fashion and you can surely embark upon a good trucking company if you make a serious effort. Another positive way of landing yourself a truck driver job of your choice is by means of referrals and recommendations. In fact companies prefer to hire drivers who have been referred to them by known people. This is because someone they rely upon can take guarantee for the new person being employed in the trucking job. However, all legalities ought to be in place too. Your resume/CV and your commercial driving license (CDL) must be sent along to the company for reviewing. Your experience adds weight to your bio data.

If you are a new contender for a trucking job then the company will check with the driving school about your credentials. The driving schools of repute insist upon six months of job training with them before they can certify you to take on a trucking job. It is after all a job requiring immense skill and alertness. One split second of carelessness could cost a number of lives. Remember that though the trucking jobs are great for making bucks, they are physically demanding and come with a huge sense of responsibility.

You can also contact career hunters or placement companies online for truck driver jobs. The trucking companies have tied up with them and screening the drivers too is the task of the head hunters. This saves you the effort to visit anyone personally at the time of searching for the job of a truck driver. There is no wastage of gas and no additional costs of couriers, etc. Sitting at home you can forward your CV and the scanned copy of the CDL to the placement company. This in fact is the quickest way of finding a trucking job.

trucking jobs

Recession And Its Effects On Employment

Recession is a global phenomenon which has caused a severe blow to the economy of the world. The impact of recession can be seen on almost every corporate and financial business sectors, right from the small scale to the large scale none of the industries have been spared by it.

During the time of recession, everybody who has a business, is working, or is looking for a job, are required to understand the impact caused by recession on general employment patterns.

Recession Is Giving Birth To Unemployment:

According to various research and surveys, it is found that, the aftereffects of recession is threatening to raise the scales of unemployment by approximately two to three percent, depending upon how severe it is going to be. This suggests that almost five million Americans will either loose their jobs, or face unemployment. However, the educated workers are not included in this group, because there are ample job opportunities for them. Recession is mainly said to hit the uneducated low-skilled labours

How Are Companies Reacting To Recession?

Different companies have different strategies to cope with recession. Some are hiring additional workforce, while some are trying to cut down on their total workforce. The companies who are complete dependant on skilled workers, these companies are scared to loose their employees. While there are some companies who are implementing a standstill on recruitments. Some companies are even giving the pink slip to their employees.

The companies cannot be blames for not providing employment to the workers, because they themselves are hard hit by recession. The companies thriving on banks for their business are greatly affected by this financial crunch. But then, there are companies which are not at all affected by recession and they have ample job vacancies lined up for the qualified workers.

The effects of recession are unpredictable, but the worst possible consequence is unemployment. Thus it is upon the government to co ordinate with the private sectors and plan out ways to minimize unemployment. For details refer career guide.


Cheryl Ross is an expert author of various articles on career resources. She gives useful tips and advice on different career option. In this article she has brought to your notice, the impact of recession, it is an important aspect which affects employment and career in a great way. For details visit this blog

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How Auto Dealers Can Avert Recession Woes

News records show that the worldwide economy is gradually recovering. Career prospects are escalating again as firms re-establish their footing and small entrepreneurs start to grow in the market once more.


Vendors and retailers, on the other hand, still operate on unstable ground, and a wrong act can mean the distinction between their companies’ success and death. As a result, business managers need to be considerate in taking the next measure toward their mapped progress. This way, they can avert losing substantial volumes of funds or leading their businesses to a lull. The key to making this happen is certainly through the discovery and operation of the right economic recovery techniques.


A trading division that must regard all these is the vehicle business. In line with media reports, it was the auto production and selling market that was last influenced by the previous economic downturn and it was also this sector which managed to recover from the problem first. However, its total revival can be squandered if the sector fails to establish an optimum technique to stay afloat in times of financial crunches, which involve mapping contingency plans, merging its resources and making the proper investments, and being in the lead on technological advancements.


To keep away from that circumstance, here are several beneficial tips vehicle firms and dealers can utilize. One, they can charge practical prices for cars. They should understand that no matter how sophisticated or unique their advertising strategies may be, they cannot market their products if customers cannot pay for them.


It can also help them if they understand how to handle clients correctly. For instance, dealers of Oakville used cars in Ontario can make buyers appreciate the value and quality of their vehicles by helping these clients care for their vehicles. These strategies may feature special promos and deals, in addition to favorable funding plans that can let consumers to settle their payments with greater ease.


Take the case of Hamilton used cars that effectively picked up Canada’s automotive sector. Although these wheels have already been recognized for fuel efficiency, road dependability, comfort, and safety, reselling them was made simpler given the modifications that local dealers made for their clients. They pegged rates at affordable rates and convenient payment plans were delivered to interested customers.


More choices were also provided to consumers, allowing them to come up with better picks that made them think they got their money’s worth. The vehicles offered were not only suited for individual purchasers and families, but also for business people considering there were also a roster of used trucks Oakville business owners can employ for their businesses. For additional techniques in dodging economic downturn, check out

For detailed information, please visit us at

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Become a Jewelry Designer – A Home Based Recession Proof Business

Do you find yourself being restless or having excess energy that seems to have you at a loss or a feeling that more is expected out of your ‘self being’, but you are not able to identify what is going on within you?

The answer is you are an entrepreneur.

Do you have a passion for making jewelry or to become a jewelry designer? As an entrepreneur, it does not matter if you are an experienced or a novice at making jewelry. You are steps ahead of everyone else when you can identify your passion. Pursuing and being a jewelry designer is a good home based recession proof business.

It is recession proof because you establish your costs and profit margin.
You can develop your growth at your desired speed.
The business is mobile.
There are many retail outlets to support your business.


Are you hesitating and need someone to give you a kick into a starting direction?

Years ago, one of my employers did just that for me. He said to me, “You have reached the maximum salary of your job and you really should consider advancing yourself into a higher position with another company or you need to be your own boss”. His words startled me initially because it was a new experience for an employer to give me a kick to look at my talents.

I took his fatherly advice and became self employed.

Being self employed or owning your own business is very exciting and you will find yourself looking forward to each day with anticipated energy and at the end of the day you feel self fulfilled about your accomplishments.

Making jewelry or being a jewelry designer will open many doors to meeting new interesting people and seeing and traveling to new places as you market your merchandise.

As you Travel attending arts and crafts shows, jewelry shows and the many outlets where your jewelry career will take you will be fun and very enjoyable. All that excess energy that you have will find its home in the jewelry business.

Do not fear going into business for yourself. The jewelry business can be easily started in the privacy of your home and to work it at your convenience.

True, the more you know about business fundamentals the faster you will grow your business and make the financial income you wish. However, there are also advantages for moving slowly.

Slow and methodical thinking allows:

Your mind is open to new information as you do not need to undo obsolete knowledge.

You will be learning advertising and marketing ideas.
You will be making jewelry for fashion, traditional, contemporary, and trends.
You will be controlling your inventory and not overstock.
You will be able to work from your home location.
You will be able to move at your personal pace.


Become a jewelry designer today and own a home based and recession proof business. Visit the home page of Tricia Deed at and review “T


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How to Build Recession Proof Profits From Your Home in 5 Simple Steps

Recession.  Although many people believe we’ve come through the worst part of this latest recession, there are still quite a few people that believe we’re not out of the woods yet.  With many of the largest companies in the world hanging on by a thread, millions of people are still wondering if they’ll have a job next year, next month, or even next week.

However, there are a select few that have chosen to step up and see this recession as an opportunity to create their own source of income that can truly be recession proof.  More and more people are starting their own home-based businesses that require little start up cost and little overhead, but can be extremely profitable.

And you, fearless reader, are one of those people.  You’ve decided that you want to control your own destiny, be your own boss, set your own schedule, and have full control over your financial destiny.  But, you’re not sure where to start on this path.  Fear not, here’s 5 simple steps you can take that will get you on the path to creating recession proof income from your home.

Simple Step #1 – Start Your Business on the Internet.  Forget about the high cost of opening a business in the “real world.”  The Internet has leveled the playing field for every entrepreneur on the planet.  With little overhead and almost zero start up capital needed, anyone can get an internet business up and running in no time.  You’ll need tools and resources like a domain name and web hosting, but we’re talking less than $ 30 a month for everything you’ll need.  Get your new business online, now.

Simple Step #2 – Get in a network marketing company.  Don’t immediately dismiss this point.  Network marketing provides the fastest, easiest way for anyone, prior experience or not, to get into a business system that can be easily followed and marketed.  Network marketing also builds you a residual income, so you’re not just earning from your own work, but from the work of other people in your organization.  And with the tools available to you now, integrating a network marketing business with your new website is not only easy, but highly recommended.

Simple Step #3 – Start blogging.  Blogs are now the driving force of information online.  It’s not just the big companies any more, bloggers from around the world are cranking out information and resources that are accessed by millions of people every day.  Blogs allow you to take full advantage of every tool online, from search engine optimization to social media.  You need a blog for your new network marketing internet business.  It’s your home base online, use it well.

Simple Step #4 – Get a YouTube channel for your business.  Stop being afraid of getting in front of a camera.  If 99% of the people that are on YouTube can produce the garbage they do, you can provide some value to your clients and business partners.  Take advantage of the power of online video for your new business.  You’ll soon have leads beating down your door.

Simple Step #5 – Set up a Facebook Group for your business.  I recommend groups over fan pages because with a group you can send a message to all of the members.  As people join your group, you’ll be able to converse and market to them over and over again, as long as they remain a member of your group.  Get your Facebook group set up and start inviting your contacts to join you.

Now, these 5 simple steps are certainly not the definitive guide to building a recession proof income from home, but they are a good place to start from.  Over time, you’ll learn new techniques to promote your business and grow it from a simple start up to a full time income.  Dedicate yourself to learning, invest back in your business, and you’ll soon reap the rewards of a recession proof income.

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Chicago technology careers

The job disaster is slowly turning wherein you can now days find many people getting employment from time to time. But it is also possible that definitely there are numbers of people who are really moving in the unemployed condition with the passage of time. These people might slowly start feeling in which think they are not capable to get recruit anymore. In actuality it is correct that many people are in fact pulled out of the job criterion because they are presently unemployed with zero working knowledge when compared to the passage of time after completing degrees.

These days each business requires a section that is responsible for installing and maintaining the newest version of technology. These technologies are accessed at the cost of new and young generations. New and latest computer skills are very necessary to adapt new technologies for every business growth and development and these are the need of today’s job market. So to fulfill the job requirements there should be some ways in which these unemployed people must also get working. They can be made trained for sometime before going further. There are many resources accessible for these people on internet which they can absolutely make utilize of it very efficiently while trying to get grip of the best possible profession in the society. Many resources are very fast and reliable to get hold of the right kind of job within very short period of time without any issue. The basic step required to hold up the job opportunities is to build up your mind with the strong determination that you will definitely land in a much secured job. It is advised here to seek for all the job agencies and websites allowing the post of your resume. It will also be good to take up certain career opportunities using internet where you can at least earn some cash along with the career search and of course your unemployed condition will be distorted to employ with no issues. In fact it will explore the career choices and you will be able to even find out many new opportunities in the coming society. is a global outsourcing solution which provides excellent job listing for best career opportunities. This firm is providing us with software development, QA manager jobs US, Part time jobs in Chicago, Business and Accounting Careers in Chicago, Financial Technology Jobs in Chicago and other CIO/CTO recruitment Chicago.

Chicago Technology Jobs and careers

Chicago IT Jobs

Chicago Information Technology

Six Sigma Jobs

Since Motorola created the Six Sigma system in 1986, more and more companies realized how Six Sigma methodology can benefit their business and help them grow and improve. Because of its increasing popularity and demand, Six Sigma has spread to many different industry segments beyond its original genesis in manufacturing. That is why, nowadays, not only large companies are looking for Six Sigma help, but also smaller companies and government organizations. This makes the job market very attractive as companies all over the world are looking to hire people not only as consultants but even as permanent staff.

Because there are so many Six Sigma jobs, from beginners to experts, the positions usually have unique descriptions and requirements depending on the organization. Though many of the Six Sigma jobs are filled by employees specially trained by companies, there are still many possibilities for someone who has completed a Six Sigma training. Also, if you are a Six Sigma expert, then you should have no problem finding a job in the domain, as many companies are looking for someone outside their organization with lots of Six Sigma experience in order to lead different projects and even train employees.

Six Sigma jobs differ depending on the company you are looking to work for. Even if you are a “Six Sigma Black Belt” or an “Six Sigma Analyst” or “Six Sigma Program manager” or even an “Director of Operational Excellence”, your Six Sigma job will require that you are highly trained in the Six Sigma methodology and that you have experience in working with a team. In order to be considered for a Six Sigma job, you will first need to complete an academic training by following a special training course done by Six Sigma consultants with experience in training and implementation of Six Sigma. Also, it is very important that you have some work experience before trying to obtain such an important position in this domain, as many companies will require you to have experience working in the industry in which the organization is working and even some Six Sigma training and project experience.

If you are looking for a Six Sigma job as a project team leader, than you should know that management experience is a must, being a huge plus and convincing the employer that you are a serious and professional Six Sigma expert. Having this on your resume will surely open you doors which otherwise would be closed, as there are many companies looking to hire people with experience in the domain in order to improve their business and efficiency.

Also, there are some very important personal skills that are essential to a Six Sigma position. Being a good leader and knowing how to make your team follow your instructions and trust you are very important. Also, being able to make others understand your point of view and also demonstrating a good understanding of the processes that take place within the company are essential. This is what makes a Six Sigma job very hard, but also very well paid.

Casey Trillbar is the editor of, which is a website aimed at supplying articles, information and resources to people considering undergoing Six Sigma Certification.

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Allied Health Careers

In the US, the health care industry is the largest industry today. This industry employs over 13 million people. It is believed that more than 20 percent of jobs created in five years from now will be in the healthcare sector. Most of these jobs are going to be in the area of Allied Health. Allied health is a term which is used to identify a group of health professions and includes more than a hundred occupational titles. However, this group excludes nurses, physicians and a handful of others.

In this article, we will look at some of the allied health careers which are high in demand. The very first allied health care professionals on the list are Medical Assistants.

Medical assistants provide a range of services and perform clinical and administrative tasks to ensure that the setting in which they are working is operating smoothly. Medical assistants are usually employed in hospitals, offices of physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists and with other health care professionals. Their duties vary depending on the state they live in and the type of setting they work in.

Generally, they are required to update and file patients’ medical reports, answer phone calls, handle correspondence, schedule appointments, arrange hospital admissions and handle bookkeeping. Another fastest growing allied health career is cardiovascular technicians.

These technicians assist physicians in treating and diagnosing heart and blood vessel ailments. They specialize in any of the three areas which include vascular technology, invasive cardiology and echocardiography. The job duties of cardiovascular technicians include preparing patients for balloon angioplasty and catheterization. Moreover, when the procedure is in place, they have to monitor the blood pressure of patients as well as the heart rate and notify the physicians in case something goes wrong. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers or ultrasound technicians are also allied health professionals who operate special equipment in order to obtain images which can be photographed and interpreted by the physician. The world population is growing rapidly and this is increasing the demand for ultrasound technicians.

Physician assistants are those who practice medicine under the supervision of qualified health care professionals and surgeons. These people get training so they can provide therapeutic, diagnostic and preventative health care services. When they work with physicians, their job duties include examining and treating patients, interpreting X rays and lab reports, taking medical histories of patients and making diagnoses. In some rural settings, physician assistants are the principal health care providers. Some of the other allied health careers include Respiratory Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Surgical Technologists, Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Dieticians among others.

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Recession Proof Income – Can You Really Make Your Income Grow in Tough Times?

Here are the three things you MUST do to “bite the recession” without losing financial ground whether you are male or female, employer or employee:

1.  Reduce costs

Before you can reduce your expenditures you must know what those expenditures are.  Business owners, small or large, usually have spreadsheets and programs within which they keep this data updated on a regular basis.  If you do not, or if you are an individual who doesn’t have such an accounting or lives without a budget, you must account for every dollar you spend.  You must have a balance sheet.  Only then can you step back and get a clear picture of where you are financially.  Can you spend less on supplies, whether they be raw materials provided by vendors or the raw materials from the grocery store?  Do you really need that new software, computer system or big-screen TV?  Are you getting the best deals on services such as telephone, internet or insurance?  Many suppliers and providers have lowered their prices during this recession to attract more new business, but haven’t been aggressive in letting their current customers in on the deals.  Start reviewing all your costs and make sure you are getting the best deals possible.

2.  Increase income

Sound obvious?  Absurd?  Of course it sounds that way.  But if you haven’t examined methods for augmenting your income, then you’re just standing still and letting the recession bite you in the butt.  If you are a business owner, then you must look at ways to create new products &/or services to compliment those you already provide.  As an individual or employee, you need to see if there are ways to increase your productive hours, promote yourself into a better position by providing more value to your employer, or add a ‘stream of income’ to the income you’re already making.  Brainstorm with your family, friends, employer/employees, managers, teachers, coaches, etc.  This is the time to discuss your ideas with those who can provide critical but positive feedback.

3.  Adjust your attitude

Only you can do this.  Regardless of the outside forces acting on you, you can choose your response to them.  Be slightly slower to react to your perceptions of negative forces so you can take the time to think of one or more positive ways to affect your results.  Even though you may think that you maintain a positive attitude, most of us react suddenly to certain emotional triggers, rather than crafting a response that will create the most effective, positive result.  Always try to respond, rather than react.  Don’t let other people or circumstances push your buttons.  You’ll find this will give you much more time to use productively than the ‘cooling off’ time you may have needed before, especially during these stressful times.

Certainly these strategies are very general, but you need to have an understanding of the ‘big picture’ before you work on specific items to help you survive the recession, and even prosper.  Without this understanding, you may miss the potential effects, both positive and negative, that making small changes will have on your bottom line.

RRTeddy is committed to helping you improve your financial situation, regardless of which direction the economy is taking. We are building our site to provide links and other resources for you to use in the quest to bring in more usable income by making changes to the way you do things. I don’t believe you would be reading this, or any of our articles, if that isn’t what you were looking to do.

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Changing Careers ‘

Changing your career can be the smartest thing you ever do if you are like most people and the career path you are currently on was (and is) not your passion.

Life is too short to spend time doing things that do not energize you, especially if those things take up over a third of your daily activities.

Most people’s first job was to make some money to pay off student loans or to put food on the table and to have a table to put the food on. They ended up staying in that job or career type because it was easier to stay than to actually do what they love.

Being laid off, downsized, or fired as it used to be called in the old days can be a blessing.

Yes, if you have no job, hence no income, you will need to find a JOB, but during that process, do work in what you are passionate about. Volunteer or get on the Internet and start your own web business.

Most people will need help to do this so look for a way to work with others to help scaffold you while you are learning the ropes.

Through networking you can find other people who have the skills you need to build your web presence and perhaps they may need your expertise to help them.

If you have the right scaffolding and collaborate with the right people you may not need to start back doing that dreaded JOB you never liked in the first place.

We are entering a New Economy and people need, no they must, be aware of this major paradigm shift or they will be swallowed up by it.

We need to seriously consider 3 things:

1. We must learn to spend less and save more,
2. We must look inward, discover our passion in life and build on that,
3. We must begin a business using our passion to build a secondary income. This may just turn into a full-time business if you have the right scaffolding.

I will discuss more about how to find the right scaffolding for you to uncover your passion and to make money by sharing it with others.

For more information, please visit: target=_blank >