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Buying Furniture During A Recession Can Be Painless!

With the global economy in a downturn the way it has been for these last few years it remains more important than ever for the consumer to get the biggest bang for their buck. Regardless if you are purchasing a simple winter jacket or an automobile there is money to be saved in many different ways if you do your homework. This especially holds true for more durable goods such as the Flexsteel Sofa.
When we speak of durable goods we generally mean products that will last a longer amount of time. For instance, a vehicle or a sofa or a refrigerator fit the durable goods category. This is representative of Flexsteel Furniture products as well.
The Flexsteel Sofa and all of the Flexsteel Furniture products have been industry leaders in cost, durability and of course style for many years. Being almost 150 years old, Flexsteel Industries is truly an American success story. They have survived this long through depressions and recessions because of their hard work and their innovative style of marketing a quality product.
Its exactly economic times like we are living in today that this company thrives in. Through the years Flexsteel has gained a wonderful reputation for long-lasting quality, stylish comfort and the most innovative design team in the industry. When consumers buy a Flexsteel Sofa, Flexsteel Chairs, or Flexsteel Recliners they know the quality, style and durability is going to be top of the line.
For two decades now the Flexsteel brand has been available for sale the world over. They have grown to have three divisions. The Hospitality, The Vehicle Seating and The Residential.
For your convenience, you can purchase all of the Flexsteel products on or off line.
The Flexsteel website has a wonderful area that will help you pick the furniture size, color and style of any piece of furniture and place it in your virtual room to see what it would look like.
With this tool people will think you hired an Interior Decorator!
While these pieces are not for the consumer who is looking for cheap, throwaway furniture; they are also not for the trendy mansion dwellers that spend a fortune on furnishings either. Overall, the Flexsteel Sofa and all of the Flexsteel Furniture line are priced for the average consumer looking for stylish, comfortable and durable products to last a couple generations.
You can purchase a Flexsteel Sofa and all Flexsteel Furniture online at there website or from any reputable on or offline furniture distributor. The operative word here is “reputable”. Flexsteel only deals with the top furniture distributors in the industry. 

Michelle Stockman is a writer who specializes in affordable  clothing and home accessories. You can check out her latest website at Flexsteel Sofa, where she provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for a range of Flexsteel Furniture products including Flexsteel Recliners.

Fighting The Recession And Unemployment, By Updating The Image Of

A bad economic climate is not something that should be pressed with. Yes, your company can not be in the best possible conditions, or your job search could be producing less than perfect results. Instead of worrying about it, however, you should try to feel challenged and motivated. These days, if you’re determined to get back on track the path of prosperity that has to be creative and even aggressive in your business.

One of simple ways you can do is to re-imagine yourself and your company image. You can do this by trying to update your card design and print business cards. The printing of business cards is still one of the best tools you engage clients and employers, both in making you look better and more competent. By updating your business cards printing designs on a regular basis, you can increase your competitive advantage in your field of business or labor market.

There are several steps you can take to update your specifications with the pressure and in turn update the image of your company. Most of them can add a few dollars to your overall cost of printing business cards, but they are worth the price to get the success you need.

Throw in that professional sheen – The true mark of a professional is to “shine” in his personality. This also applies, of course, your business cards. A good way to update the color card and re-create the image is to invest in the coatings of glossy paper. Card printing has come a long way in recent years and most companies offer services to card printing card printing with glossy in their work. This is the origin of this brilliant career. This contributes to the character that reflect your business cards look better and are much more expensive. In terms of corporate image, this means that people believe that love enough to promote in depth, and are deep enough in your business ethics to remember even small details, such as printing business cards. This view little can be invaluable in his image, which can give you that extra chance to make a service contract, or even get the job you want.

Rethinking the content – apart from the addition shining career, you should try to rethink the contents of your card. Contents of your card is how you communicate your corporate image. This may take the form of your online business card tag, the images can be printed on the inside and even the style of your content. If you used your standard lines and designs for several years, you need to get rid of them and start fresh with new ideas. The first thing that you can work on is your slogan. Maybe you can use or search for a new Maxim and inspiring to use? You can find something new to say, or you may be able to choose another, but always offers classification.

The only point here is that you must change so that people will not find the same old boring stuff. You can also try to update your content by rephrasing things as your job title and you can also change the font style of your printed content, so they have a different look. In making this major restructuring of your business card message restore your image. Be sure to see this hobby themes and qualities you want in the image of your company.

So, changing your business cards appearance and content, you must also (by default) to change the image of your company. When you get these new designs of business cards, to distribute them immediately, then your new image to take effect. This may be the new motivation you need to deliver your business associates, or future employers and convince them that do business with will be a successful investment. So update your image now by printing business cards. This will be the key to your success in business and in the bigger picture will be your contribution in the fight against unemployment and recession.


Yasir Samad is a head marketing and SEO consultant for Hilal Technology. Hilal Technology provides a wide range of SEO and website design services.

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Six Alarming Signs of a New Global Recession

Shipping and oil demands declining, while unemployment and poverty rates increasing seem to be alarming signs of a new global recession.


The Poverty

This year, the amount of people living under the poverty level and having poor access to food has increased considerably. Though global GDP has risen by 60% since 1992, some certain parts of the world have recorded no growth at all.

People in the areas are threatened by drought, flood and food prices. “Rising food prices have driven an estimated 44 million people into poverty in developing countries since last June.” the World Bank reported early this year.

Many of the poorest nations should expand their farming capacity that could be a source for machinery and seed demand elsewhere



Shipping is an important indicator of global financial health because it transports many of the world’s goods from crude oil to autos and agricultural products.

However, industry giant AP Moller-Maersk recently said that earnings and demand decreased deeply. The latest data about dry bulk commodities-shipping costs also showed rates have declined by a third so far this year.

Demand for the movement of goods from nations to nations declined considerably


Oil Demand

OPEC cut forecasts for oil demand and made its prediction that “Concerns over debt levels in Europe and the U.S., and signs of slowing economic growth in China and India, have spooked the market and raised fears in some quarters of a double-dip recession.”

In the Monthly Oil Market Report, the IEA stated, “For the first time since March 2009, China’s monthly apparent demand contracted on an annual basis, falling by 1.5% in June.”

WTI crude has recently dropped from $ 105 a barrel to under $ 80


Stock Markets

The stock indexes in major countries have recently dropped. For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other major indexes in the U.S. have decreased 15%, the Nikkei in Japan was down more than 10% in the past month, and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng declined over 10% in the last month.

The stock markets’ signals show that the slowdown has spread among the developed world



Unemployment problems have been widespread throughout a number of large countries. In the developed world, the economies with the biggest debt problems tend to have the highest unemployment rates. The level is 21% in Spain, 15% in Greece, and 14% in Ireland.

The unemployment has become a common concern of many countries in the world


Government Spending Cuts

Economic expansion mainly depends on the government spending, but many countries have cut their budgets, instead of increasing spending. It is the eurozone financial crisis that makes Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain and the UK have all cut or pledged to considerably cut government spending to carry out austerity programs.

The U.S. has started a similar process as the European countries


USA Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.2% in July 2011


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Jolie Crussel, an economic expert, is keen on analyzing the economic situations in the world. Currently, she often delivers lectures on economic solutions to students and provides advice for many firms.

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Step Up Against Recession through Fixtures and Lights

No one can afford to decrease business revenue especially that the world is still in the midst of economic downturn. This is the exact reason why most business entrepreneurs are thinking twice and investing in materials that could last for a lifetime as well as enhance and beautify their establishments.

There are different things that could be considered essential in a business. For obvious reasons these are investments that some may be perishable, highly costly, and replaceable, but are worth its purpose and price tags. Examples of these are furniture and fixtures, such as tables, desktops, chairs, cabinets, lighting fixtures, and more.

Making the most of these materials in terms of style and design are important to any business. Reinventing and using the best of their purpose as well as saving money in maintenance and fixing them are what most businesses aspire. Doing so could mean as simple as arranging or rearranging a few fixtures or as tough and complicated as remodeling every design.

To make the most of your fixture and furniture you may use the help of experts like interior or exterior designers. They could help you improve your space to create more traffic of customers. Studies show that most customers these days are more particular on any store or establishment’s aesthetic and interior design. It has been proven that most customers have increased urge to shop or dine in places where they feel cozy, comfortable, and welcomed.

One thing is for sure, lighting fixture is one of the most valuable assets of any company. When you go to stores in malls, or conference functions in hotels, the nearest restaurants in your place, try to observe their lighting style and design. Check how they were able to incorporate lighting effects in their spaces and how it changed or affected you mood and feel. Would you agree that lighting fixtures places a big role in any business then?

Lights like gooseneck lights are one of the many great examples of lights that have been used world-wide by many businesses either in food or retail businesses. These are type of commercial lights that are so flexible in use and are very stylish.

Lighting gooseneck is commonly used in counter tops, desks, and bars. Gooseneck lights have a unique impact in creating dim or wide lighted spaces. This in turn creates a cool and cozy ambiance that most customers are after for. Also, gooseneck lighting by arm extension lights could be used as highlighters in posters, banners, and signage, which makes them multi-purpose.

Businesses now a day’s should invest in fixtures that would last, less maintained, and could definitely create great customer traffic. 

Noel Almirante is the senior online promotions director and market researcher of architect design lighting and focuses on creative lighting gooseneck. He believes that gooseneck lighting by arm extension can provide distinction. He conducts continued exploration for different types of gooseneck lights available online.

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Spending On Hair Products Not Affected By Recession

The country’s recession has not made any difference to the way women still spend a vast amount of money on hair products.


A well groomed woman will look to her hair and makeup first and a poll of 3,000 females across the UK revealed that about 44% feel attractive if they are having a good hair day, this compares to 16% who felt pleased with their appearance if good teeth gave them that winning smile.


The amount of money women spend on going to the hairdresser and buying hair products and hair treatments every month is not declining despite all the cuts and job losses.  A huge 42% of women admitted to spending £115 to £580 every month visiting the hairdresser and an additional 40% spend around £13 on hair products on top of these costs.


The other side of the coin shows that there seems to a movement in the USA called the ‘no poo’ movement, before this puts unsavory images in your head it simply means forsaking shampoo and conditioners for a three month period, and very surprisingly has been taken up by residents in Manhattan.


The hair products business is huge, worth billions a year, and one or two individuals have taken up the challenge to actually see if, in fact, by not shampooing their hair for some time it will give the results that have been voiced such as hair being glossy and shiny after the ‘no poo’ treatment.


Those who experimented in this habit found hair to be tangled, dull, matted and felt dirty, after all, conditioners are essential if your hair is long and thick, as it smoothes the hair and of course will put a gloss there too.


Most cleaning rituals were developed in the late Stone Age, as populations became denser, this was in a bid to combat disease and infestation, and this ritual of pampering has been around since 4000BC and history shows us in India between 600BC and AD 1600, hair dyes, oils, depilatories and disentangling cream, were used constantly, and where is the most luxuriant, shiny hair found; not in Paris, New York, or London but in Rajasthan, where the women have thick, straight hair that you can almost look at like a mirror, it is so reflective of light.


A spokesman for Fabriah offering professional hair products online said “hair to women is all important and we can vouch for the amount of money spent on good quality hair products, every head of hair is unique and requires different treatment, everyone wants to retain the hair they were born with even if we style, perm, colour, or use hair straighteners, it doesn’t matter as long as the consumer invests in the right product in the first place.  If hair is mistreated it will look shabby and even start to thin, it is said by the professionals that redheads have just 80,000 hairs on their heads, brunettes have 100,000 and blondes have 120,000, and we want to care for every single strand”.


Women will continue to spend money on their hair no matter what the economic climate, to achieve the perfect image.


For further information visit: or visit their Facebook page for 60% off their Spring Sale products. Alternatively follow them on Twitter.



Fabriah is represented by online advertising consultancy, Maxi Media Matters.  Please direct all media enquiries to:


Email: or call 0845 6807389

How Your Recruiting Changes when the Recession Ends

During difficult economic times, its best to exercise caution in everything you do as a business owner or manager. The methodical way in which you make decisions during a recession will change during better times as the recession comes to a close, but your choices will always involve more thought than they did before. It’s a natural consequence of having to weather a storm – a hesitancy that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but could nonetheless stunt your growth. Certain aspects of the way you run your business need to change right away; one of them is your recruiting strategy.

Among the many benefits that small and medium sized businesses can take from a recession is the hard-learned lesson of waste management. We’re not talking about taking the trash out here, but rather the ability of management to cut down on waste. That could be excessive paperwork, extra personnel, or wasted advertising. In no other area is the latter more prevalent than in the recruiting process. Ads that go into daily or weekly newspapers bring in more unqualified applicants than any other form of advertising. Why are you still spending money on those mediums?

Let’s backtrack a bit to the beginning of the recession. As the economic situation in the United States got worse, you as the business owner started to cut back on personnel and spending. The ads went first because you didn’t need any new employees, so you never really tracked their impact. That old applicant tracking system, the one that never really worked the way you needed it to – that got stuffed in a drawer too. It hasn’t been needed for the past thirty-six months, so why think about it? That’s all changed now. You need to evaluate both of these elements of your recruiting strategy.

Target your advertising. Use job boards and referral services that are industry specific. If you’re a recruiter, join networks that are made up of industry professionals in the job niche you’re recruiting for. Invest in some new job recruiting software, preferably web based recruiting software, and keep track of who is applying for what job. You’ll get more applicants than you have openings, so you can’t hire everyone, but you could put the most promising candidates aside for your next expansion. If the economic recovery keeps up at a steady pace, that expansion should come soon.

How does your recruiting change when the recession ends? Your management decisions have already changed, so the philosophy should automatically extend to your human resource department. If not, perhaps you need new management down there. New applicant tracking software will tell you if there are any qualified candidates coming through your door or emailing resumes in. Careful delegation and accountability are two other aspects of your company that have changed in the past three years. If they haven’t – you’re out of business right now, reading this and wondering why you didn’t do some of the things we’re recommending here. That’s okay. Try Again. There’s no reason to make the same mistakes twice.

I write content on a variety of topics including internet marketing, San Francisco SEO, PPC campaigns, recruiting software, applicant tracking, plagiarism detection, junk hauling services, vacation deals and franchise marketing.

Recession has paved the way for the current property Boom in Indian market

When USA economy sneezes, the whole world economy catches cold.This proverb was observed to be so true during the recent recession. It left a disastrous effect on the world economy leading to economic slowdown, fall in demand for goods, and rise in unemployment rate. But the strangest part is that the real estate sector was not hit by the recession. This was the sector that kept booming even during the era of unemployment salary cuts and layoffs.

During the global market recession, the realty market went through slackened demand. Even the high-income group, working population of MNC’s faced a distressed phase of layoffs by the employer firms to stabilize the occurred losses. Salaries were slashed down and the job prospects of various professional qualifications witnessed no or few vacancies. Consequently, it became difficult for the real estate developers and constructors to find buyers.

To handle this problem, the dealers and constructors took a low margin high volume of sale approach. They kept their profit margins low and made large volume of sale.Recession proved to be a boom for the investors who could invest in properties at low cost.It controlled the monopoly of constructors and builders and also the high reaching prices of properties.The sellers had to face hard times during recession but post the recessionary phase it again became the sellers’ market. The investors started selling their properties on high profit margins which were purchased at quite economical rates during the recession.

In addition to this, banks were also giving loans at a lower rate of interest and those who were under the fixed interest rate plans, are still enjoying the benefits out of it.At that point in time, the property market offered many choices at affordable prices and now the prices are reaching the sky.In a nutshell, it can be said that recession has helped to establish equilibrium in the economy by restricting the inflating bargains of economies of the world to give them a fresh beginning.

Devika Rajpali is a well known author and has written articles on real estate and property in Gurgaon,Ready to Move Flats in Gurgaon,commercial office space gurgaon,Commercial Property in Gurgaon, and many other subjects.

Second Hand Savings to Get You Through the Recession

Second hand products get a bad rap – many people think they are likely to be faulty, dirty or deficient in some crucial manner, yet with the internet age upon us many simply like to sell their well-loved possessions for a bit of extra cash. Buying these can save you a great deal of money that you can put towards your savings or the occasional treat – of course, some things are better second hand than other, here are a few things which make great used purchases.

Cars are without a doubt the best thing to buy second hand – when you buy a new car it loses a huge amount of value the second you drive it off the lot, and you will never be able to recoup your investment if you sell it. Used cars on the other hand are so much cheaper and you can often get them for half price. They may not have the new car smell but you are sure to find one that works well, is comfortable and suits your individual needs. These cost savings mean you can invest in a better quality car such as a BMW or an Audi.

Books are another great thing to purchase second hand – this is obviously a much smaller purchase, yet over time it can save you a lot of money. From a practical side there is nothing that separates a well-loved used book from a new one aside from the price. Indeed, you can often find novels and non-fiction titles for a third of the price you would expect a new version – for voracious readers this is a must as otherwise you will end up spending all your money at the bookstore.

Clothes are another great way to save money by buying second hand. These days there are lots of vintage shops that sell used clothing for bargain prices, shirts and trousers can be picked up for next to nothing. Better yet, shopping in these stores is all the rage these days as vintage has captured the imagination of the fashion community – so saving money can actually help you capture the latest trends. This is a win-win if there ever was one.

So if your finances are tight during this tough economic time, why not buy a used Audi, a cheap second hand paperback or some vintage clothes. You can get truly great items that suit you perfectly and save money at the same time – these little savings go a long way, especially if you make a habit of shopping second hand.


Simon Phillips is an experienced writer who specialises in employment news and the consumer market. He is based in London and writes primarily about the British market.

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Used Equipment and Other Ways to Cut Costs in a Recession

Saving money essentially makes money, especially during times of recession. Maximizing your bottom line means minimizing your costs to deliver the optimum potential of each dollar earned as well as spent. Often, these costs can often be shaved through simple cost-saving methods. Recessions help us make our businesses smarter. Whether that means buying used industrial equipment at an auction or conducting your own in-house check printing, there are literally hundreds of ways your business can save money and maximize its profit sheet. You’d be surprised just how much you can save buying used equipment, rather than buying new.

Buy It Cheap
In recessions, prices naturally drop. It’s a law of supply and demand. Certain raw materials and supplies will hit bottom dollar prices, so stock up now. The market is the law of the land. Consider alternate pricing on any regular supply you use, including used industrial equipment.

Haggle with Vendors
Prices are never written in stone, especially in an economy in the midst of a recession. Talk to all your vendors for a potential bargain. Use the law of competition against them. There is serious demand for the limited customers out there, and you can often get contractors to bid against each other. The dollar is the law of the land. Use it to your advantage. Pretend everything is on the auction block, not just used semiconductor equipment.

Hire Quality
The job market is a hiring market. Far more people need jobs than there are jobs available, which means you should be able to pick the cream of the crop. Be particular in interviews. Don’t worry. The position will be filled in due time, but take time to ensure the right person is picked for the job. In this job market, you have the right to demand excellence.

Customer Worship
In recession, the customer rules with an iron fist. Suck it up and get used to it. Even used industrial equipment sellers need to work with the public, so learn to anticipate and accommodate the needs of your consuming audience. As we all know, used equipment doesn’t sell itself. You still need salesmanship.

Buy Used
Unless you’re buying semiconductors for the Queen, always buy used equipment so you don’t zap your budget. It works just as well, but costs half as much. Be smart. In this recession, every penny counts. You can get quality used industrial equipment for the fraction of a new model.

Cody Ross wrote this fine article on used industrial equipment such as semiconductor equipment.

Has America really lost its Study Charm after recession

The number of Indian students applying to American universities dropped for the first time last year but experts say this is only a temporary phenomenon. If the latest report of the US Council of Graduate Schools is any indication, then the American dream seems to have lost its magnetic charm for Indian students.

The report has recorded a decline of 14 per cent in admission offers to prospective students, in addition to a 16 per cent drop in first-time enrollments and a 12 percent reduction in the number of applications for graduate studies from India. It is based on a survey conducted between February and October last year.

Are Indian students finally beginning to look beyond the US? The jury appears to be out on the issue, as is clear from the views expressed by top educationists and educational consultants interviewed by this writer.

It is a clear trend. The number of Indian students going to the US is on the decline. An important factor responsible for the decline is that the Indians now have a wider choice of Study Abroad. Earlier, Indian students looked only at the US, UK and Australia as higher education destinations but these days, they are casting their net wide and exploring countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore for higher education.

Besides, India is also emerging as a competitor in the international education market because of some very fine management schools in the country. But, despite the decline, the US will always remain the number one destination because of the quality of education its universities offer. It is true that the global economic crisis has dented the image of the US as a higher education destination, but an American degree gives a definite advantage. For example, a person with a Ph.D. from an American university can get a job as faculty member anywhere without any difficulty.

Indian students may just like to join low cost, high quality programmes in India, instead of shelling out up to Rs 30 lakh for an American degree. The global economic recession, which hit the US harder than India, has made Indian students a bit wary of pursuing higher studies in America because job prospects there are drying up.

Some education experts say, It is true that there was a drop in the number of Indian candidates applying in the US last year but this is a short-term phenomenon. American universities continue to ensure qualified international students feel welcome on campus and receive admission and financial aid..

An overwhelming 92 per cent of Indian students, it reported, rated the US as the top higher education destination, followed by the UK and Canada. The study also shows that over the past decade, the number of Indian students in the US had gone up by more than 175 per cent, from under 37,500 in 1998- 99 to over 1,03,000 in 2008- 09. India has been the leading source of international students in the US since 2002, when it surpassed China. Since 2008, Indians have comprised over 15 per cent of all international students in the US. The drop last year may have been a flash in the pan.


Getting more and more information about Study Abroad and Study in USA from leading Online Directory –

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