Traveling through hell and back

Whoever said that it is better to travel than to arrive should hide his sorry behind lest he suffer from excruciating body pains care of yours truly. You see, traveling overseas is going to hell and back whilst arriving in your destination is reaching nirvana. Seasoned travelers could scoff all they want but I stand my ground, firmly at that.

Being the best-selling author that I am – yes, I have come to terms with my celebrity status – I have the privilege to go through hell and back (see above) often. Regardless, I still fall prey to jetlag. I am so prone to the darned thing that I get it even when I’m not traveling halfway across the globe. I knew I was in for another bout of travel whatnots with the recent international big screen release of my novel-turned-movie.

First country on the list of international movie tours was Canada. I couldn’t get anyone in our group to keep me sedated from the time we board the plane until we get settled in our hired car service in Toronto. I couldn’t convince anyone from my team to shoot me up with some anesthetic and slap me back to life once we get in the SUV limos in Toronto. To think of it, having a half dead passenger might scare the living daylight out of the driver of the limousine service in Toronto.

Believe me I tried just about every trick on the book to get over jetlag. Walk around, get enough sunlight, drink lots of water, get on the local time soon as the plane lands – but still, on our second day in the country, I could barely walk on two feet as I was overcome with the J word. The deafening screams from throngs of teen fans and the blinding flashes from the paparazzi as they snapped away were not of any help. It came to a point wherein I had to be isolated in our Sedan service in Woodbridge as the rest of our party kept the waiting fans amused.

If someone told me that sniffing moose fart could keep me up and about and banish all signs of jetlag, I would’ve obligingly followed the advice. This goes to show how desperate I am to rid my body of all the symptoms of the evil that is jetlag. It isn’t easy being the only one alert as can be when a blanket of deep sleep has covered everyone aboard our convoy of limo buses in Mississauga. The only advantage of having jetlag is I could empty out the food kitty in the dead of night and not bother with snide “not another chocolate bar!” comments.

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The Best Dog Breeds For Families

There’s practically nothing really such as the household canine. It is virtually a slice of Americana.

In ever cheesy fifties graphic of the Ideal American Household we see a nice minor house using a white picket fence, Mom and Dad, two kids (usually a boy and also a girl), and a relatives pooch happily prancing close to the yard. As clichd as that image may properly be, the fact remains that persons really like dogs and some family members members just don’t experience proper without a family members puppy.

When deciding on a dog for a relatives, you can find essential traits to retain in thoughts. Some breeds of puppy are fantastic for young families though others purely do not have the right temperament to offer with family existence. They may good be too rough with little young children, to needy of their very own room to deal with the incessant coming and going of your significant family members, or easily too naturally aggressive to respond well to a relatives setting. Other breeds are just perfect fits for household life. Here are some with the finest dog breeds for loved ones members.

Golden Retrievers

Initially bred being a bird dog (like most retrievers), the Golden retriever is an amazingly loyal and very protective breed. They are great for young families that delight in outdoor activities mainly because they really delight in to operate, jump, and play.

Irish Setters

Irish Setters are known for their pleasant personalities and their eagerness to please humans. They have been also originally bred as hunting dogs and can serve nicely in this capability, but it’s their aptitude for companionship that tends to make them a beloved loved ones breed.


The Collie may properly be one on the breeds most quickly linked with all the qualities of your family members puppy due for the popularity from the Lassie television programs. Collies are characterized by a mixture of intelligence and patience uncommon in other breeds.


Boxers appear huge and scary and possess a deep, resonating bark that creates intruders wary, but they are really gentle, loving, and loyal dogs. Their dimension might make young families with small kids wish to wait a few years just before owning one, but they are a perfect family pet once the kids are a tiny older.


Remember the puppy “Hooch” through the Tom Hanks movie Turner and Hooch? This really is Hooch, a major, friendly, loving pooch. They tend to slobber and drool rather excessively, but the Newfoundland is really a loving and protective pet. Such as boxer, the dog’s sizing could possibly be of some concern, but it’s heading to be difficult to come across a much more loyal dog for the family than this breed.

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Helping Moms Helps Their Families

The job market and economy are sharply down, but the number of people going to school is strong. This is sage advice for mothers in particular. The job sectors that are expected to rise will have many positions available that qualified workers can fill.

There are plenty of careers that will open up in the technology sector. You’re reading this article on a computer, aren’t you? Then you know that computers and other tech are crucial in our jobs and society. There are scores of people who work daily to research, develop, install and troubleshoot these technological tools. In the next five years, the field of computer software engineering is expected to grow significantly. Analysts and administrators for IT are just a couple of the areas that are expected to grow.

Health and medicine is another job area that is always in high demand. The careers in healthcare are much more varied than the traditional jobs with which people are familiar. Hospitals and clinics will be seeking therapists and assistants as well as athletic trainers. It may be an unexpected projection, but veterinary medicine may also be in high demand. Many healthcare jobs require advanced education, but there are many opportunities available for careers that don’t.

Although the job outlook appears dark now, there is still reason to be optimistic. A number of industries and service areas could see growth in the rebounding economy. There is at least one similarity among all this professions: education. If you’re a mom reading this, the chance hasn’t passed you by to get the proper education for one of these careers. The Scholarships for Moms agenda can be a major tool for mothers of all kinds. The program is intended to make it easier for moms to obtain the $ 5,000 education award. It’s an important step in helping moms earn the degrees they need.

The Obama scholarships for moms are giving many women the chance to educate themselves and to provide for their families. At the many colleges and universities throughout the nation the world of education is tremendous. If youre a mother who is thinking of going to school, you should look around to see what you can do.

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How Families in Tampa Ensure Home Security

Certain states have crime statistics well above the national averages.  Others have crime rates far below the norm.  It is difficult to say what makes one state more dangerous than another, especially given how much the communities, landscapes and populations can change even within a single state.  The state of Florida, for example, has many zones which are safe and enjoy low crime rates.  Other parts of the state have serious problems with everything from petty crime to home security.  Generally, the bigger cities are the centers of elevated amounts of crime and the city of Tampa is no exception.  Of course, a little danger doesn’t keep people from living, working and playing in the cities, but it can make life a little more challenging.  A person living in a city like Tampa has to put a little more effort into things like protecting his or her home, family and assets.  Knowing of the elevated risk levels, it makes each individual all the more responsible for taking care of his or her property and loved ones.  There are some simple ways to stay safe, especially while at home, that every family can try no matter where they live, whether it is an apartment, home, condo or any manner of other dwelling.


Lock the doors and windows.  Everyone can easily make their home just a little bit safer by going around and locking the doors and windows before leaving the house, while sleeping, or even just while relaxing in the evening.  If a window has to be opened, make sure it is set with a safety latch that prevents anyone from easily sliding the window open and crawling in from the outside.


Get a home alarm system.  This option might not be the least expensive measure, but it is the most effective when it comes to protecting one’s family and possessions.  The signage alone showing that the house is protected by such a system make the incidence of a break in far less likely.  The added risk is an excellent deterrent for criminals, as the majority of residential break ins are crimes of opportunity.  Even if the criminal still breaks into the house, the amount of property damage done is far less, the amount taken is far less, and the chances of catching the offender are far greater.


Make a safety plan.  It is especially important that families have a solid safety plan that everyone is familiar with, and that they go over the details often.  This plan should include where to meet in the event of an emergency (outside the home), and should involve a point of contact that lives in another city or state.  This can give everyone a person to check in with should the family become separated during a disaster.  It is important to practice escaping from the house, and to provide family members with the correct measures to do so like safety ladders to escape from second story windows.  A good home security plan can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

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A Car Seat Cover and Traveling

You spend a lot of time making your car or truck look nice and let’s face it, the car is one of the investments besides a home that people make. Of course, if you have a dog that enjoys going with you in the car, you will want to protect the car from dog hair that your dog may leave behind as well as any accidents that can happen if the dog is in the car for a long distance. Dog seat covers are a perfect solution because you can place them easily in the car right over your seat and then your dog has a place of his own to sit on while in your vehicle.

When it comes to choosing seat covers, you definitely want one or more that is specifically designed for dogs, because human seat covers are specifically for normal human wear and tear and not made to collect dog hair, for example. There are several dog seat covers that work well especially when traveling longer distances. Many of the seat covers are padded, which makes it more comfortable for your dog to lay on for several hours and it has the material and fabric that are made for the purpose of collecting and attracting dog hair.

By choosing such a dog seat cover, you can easily vacuum it and then remove it for easy washing since most of them are machine washable, which makes it very convenient for you. You can find seat covers for dogs that lay over the entire bottom portion of the seat and then fasten to the back of the seat so that it stays in place, which makes it convenient to ensure the car seats under the cover do not end up with hair or mud if you and your dog happen to hike out and he or she comes back with dirty feet.

Moreover, the car seat covers for dogs keeps the “dog smell” on the cover and not in your car, that way when the trip is over and your dog is not with you, the cover can easily be removed, washed, and stored until the next time your dog is in the car with you. It is very convenient and people that love traveling with their dogs has made the car seat cover very popular. You can find them in all sorts of colors, textures, and thickness. Dogs are like people, they like having a comfortable place to lay on, so if the car seat has a bit of padding, most dogs are very happy with it.

You love your dog and want him or her to go with you, but you also invested a lot of money in your car, and therefore, you want to keep both happy. The car seat covers for dogs is something that many dog owners do not leave home without because it protects the inside of their cars while providing the dog a nice comfortable place to sit and sleep while in the car.

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Traveling With Your Iphone Dock

Today, the apple era has coming. Electronics world has been changed by the Apple products. From music players to the cellphones, Apple is playing a part as a leader. The Apple Companys merchandise is truly the coolest things among the electronic products in your whole entire world. In any case it however an digital item, furthermore , it bears a similar shortcoming of recharge like the other electrical gadgets. Every Apple item remand for regular charging, regardless ofit’s an iPod or an iPhone cell phone. And so the chargers would be the most essential iPhone accessories anytime you are going out with your iPod or iPhone. If youve been traveled very much you would discover that it is just not easy to use a traditional charger to charge your phone, and so do the iPhone charger. How could we figure out this matter? Maybe the iPhone dock may give us a solution.

The iphone dock can make a resolution for you to your iphones charging problem. It is the best item to adopt with whenever you are hanging out. This power charging mat additionally , the receiver dock for ipod and iphone supply you with the ease of hassle free wireless charging. It doesn’t matter what types of Apple products you have, this item can matches your device wonderfully, it could possibly make your daily life better and convince whenever you charge your ipod or iphone.

I’ll using a simple description on the docks functions in more detail to supply that it’s the proper item for your special Apple products when you want charge it. These functions and added benefits will certainly set up a good shape for your apple item charging demands. The power mat recipient dock for ipod and iphone is really a one-stop charging alternative for all your dock-able Apple gadgets. You’ll be able to charge the receiver dock to fit the Apple gadgets. You only only have to do this modification once, and only demand a single click. After placing your iPod or iPhone onto the dock then press the two buttons at the top of dock. The condition is that you simply must ensure your iPod or iPhone is fitted correctly, or you can recheck it. Now just make sure you do is place this dock on a power mat charging mat. Your iPhone or iPod is getting charged wirelessly. When you finally purchase the dock for your personal ipod or iphone, you might want to make sure that most the characteristics are work correctly and your device can place on it firmly.

Essentially, you can find different Apple products available on the market, and each gadget is unique by its size and shape when it comes to peoples eyes. But when you choose the iPhone dock , you don’t need to concern yourself with the size, since the dock works well with all of the gadgets with its superb flexibility.

The iphone dock will be the best friend when you wish to travel out for the trip or to do business. It’s a necessary item that you simply can’t miss.

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Why Families Choose Australian Labradoodles

Many people choose the Australian Labradoodles for their family pet. These dogs are nice to look at and they have fantastic personalities. Great with kids and other pets, these animals have lots to offer people of all ages. This particular mix of dog is both a retriever and a poodle, the combination is a dog that is exceptionally good looking and playful. These dogs can be picked up through local breeders and may require waiting lists to get a hold of a puppy.

One of the first things people notice about these dogs is there amazing coats of fur. Some breeds will have a fleece type fur, which is very soft to the touch with a slight curl. Another popular coat type will appear almost like a wool material, with huge curls and lots of layers of fur. There are also some dogs who will have a flatter hair type almost appearing like retriever dogs.

One of the joys that people find with these breeds is that they are known for being a non shedding type dog. They will not shed all over the home, car or belongings in the house. Hair does not need to be cleaned up everyday or wiped off of clothing. It stays on the dog where it belongs.

People also enjoy the idea that these dogs are hypo allergenic. That gives everyone a chance to own a dog and not have to worry about their allergies. When pets can be owned by people with allergies, it gives them the opportunity to own a pet and enjoy the experience.

When a dog like this is needed, it will come in a few different colors. They are found in rich browns and jet black shades. Creamy natural colors and reddish brown. Often the dog will be in a solid color, or the canine may come in a few different shades and mixes.

The personality of these pets will give a family a great and loving dog. These pets enjoy the company of others and are very social dogs. They will greet everyone in a positive manner and always have room to share friends. They have excellent temperaments and are known for being gentle with kids.

These pets are easy to train. Their smart nature makes it easy for them to learn new tricks and follow the commands of the owners they have. They enjoy making their pet owners happy and doing what they are told.

The Australian Labradoodles can be found through breeders all over the world. They can come in three sizes which helps to make them appealing to all kinds of dog owners. People who enjoy small dogs, can pick up a small breed, there are also medium and large dogs in this same breed. Many people enjoy this kind of dog because they are great for allergy sufferers and they do not shed.

Get inside information on the reasons why so many people choose Australian Labradoodles as pets now in our guide to the best Labradoodle Breeders .

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Mumbai Bus For Convenient Traveling

Mumbai is the city full of glitz and glamour and is also the major financial hub of India. Travelers travel to Mumbai for various reasons round the year. Some travel for business, some for leisure and some head to Mumbai to try out their luck in Bollywood to be a movie star. For whatever reason you travel to Mumbai, Mumbai bus is always there to make your journey into a journey filled with exhilarating experience to Mumbai. In fact Mumbai bus services have created a whole new different dimension for travelers traveling to Mumbai. Its not only about a smooth journey to Mumbai but also the convenience of traveling according to your travel plan as they offer 24×7 services and the choice of coaches that are suited for luxurious travelers to budget travelers. All the buses are kept in immaculate condition and comply with international safety norms. On top of that you can get all the information related to Mumbai bus services online and can also purchase or book ticket online by logging onto any of the various Meta search engines that provides travel services in India.

Mumbai is the place where you will find lots of events taking place through out the day. There is something happening in Mumbai virtually every week of the year. Festivals and local events are an important part of life in this city. This season Mumbai is proud to host Prithvi Theatre Festival that introduces some of India’s leading theatre groups and is taking place at the Prithvi Theatre, one of the prominent venues for theater in the city. And if you are a party lover then dont miss the event Flying Catsswenjoy the attractions such as Zuhu beach, Haji Mosque, Victoria gate, etc.

Opt for Mumbai bus to make your trip to Mumbai a grand trip filled with fun and joy and a trip to remember. Buses to Mumbai are operating from various parts of India and finding one to suit your travel plan from your location should not be all that difficult.

Book online Mumbai bus today and enjoy a pleasant journey to Mumbai.

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Our Exciting and Glorious Traveling

Traveling is very exciting and everybody likes it. However, have you ever run into something unhappy during your traveling? How will you fix it? Now I want to share you with my thrilling and fantastic experience.

The enjoyment and gaining

I majored in fine arts when I was in college and we usually went out of school to collect materials for drawing. Once upon a time, our friends and I organized a traveling to gather sketch materials. We went to the beautiful a province, southeast of China, which is famous for its natural types of scenery.

We prepared very well for this study traveling. Besides our portfolios, I took my single-lens reflex camera so that I could take as many pictures as possible. One of my friends took his brand new Apple computer while another one took his video camera. All those tools would make a perfect combination, which meant that we could take photos by my camera and checked everything through computer. We could even record our life by video camera. All those forecasted that we would have a much more interesting time. One of my friends even said that he would take his wrist watch, which he has set up a spy camera. We just laughed with that.

We began our traveling after we put down our luggage to the hotel. We flew out to a natural world, feeling the nature of light and color, designing the relationship between color and life. We were totally attracted by the regional culture and landscape.

Meanwhile, the travel widened our knowledge of geography, the knowledge of customs, cultures and lifestyles of different places and countries. We also enjoyed various local special foods and saw beautiful scenery. That was a really good way of pastime.

The shocking and confusing

All of us had a great time that day and we fell in deep asleep very quickly. However, what surprised us the next morning was that all of our luggages were disappeared,including my single-lens reflex camera, my friends’ brand new Apple computer and video camera. How great the loss was. Those were our all property at that time and our studying tool. We could not believe that there were thieves at night in a hotel.

We went to reason with the manager. They said they also did know what happened. And they did not see anyone went out of the hotel that night. Then we believed that our luggage were still in the hotel. We required the manger search the hotel for us. However, we were refused. We still asked them to take responsibility for this. They agreed with no result.

At that time, my friend shouted that he knew who the thieves were. We looked him curiously, thinking him joking. He put up his hands and asked us to look his wrist watches. Yes, his watch was set up a spy camera, which was often kept on at night. The spy camera has taken a video of the thief. He gave the picture to the manager. Then the police came to solve the problem. We were told that those thieves were professionals. Thanks to the evidence we provided, the police could catch them. We were prized by them. At that moment, we were so proud of ourselves. It was my friend’s hobby that not only helped us but also helped the police.

How our feel

We stayed there for another three days and had an awesome time there. After we go back, we shared our friends what we learned in at the scenery together with our glorious day. We love travel, especially what it brought and will bring to us.

I like writing, especially write down what happened in my life. I like climbing. If you have the same interest as me, just join me. I like making friends!

Inexpensive Vacations For Families On A Budget

When family budgets get tight one of the first things to go out the door are any yearly trips you might have taken. Just because money is tight (for pretty much everyone these days) doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your trips altogether! This is a great way for you to bond and reconnect. Everyday life is so busy, and disconnecting, making these trips all that much more important. There are affordable options out there, you just need to know where to look for ideas for inexpensive vacations for families on a budget.

Camping trips are always fun and affordable! You can camp near a lake, hiking trails–whatever activities you want to do together.

Plan a tour around your city, or one nearby. You can see your hometown area but do the touristy things that you wouldn’t have done before! End the trip with one of those mystery dinner theaters where you are trying to figure out which guest committed a murder for a fun, unique, experience.

Do you have a boat? Or does your friend/family member that you might be able to borrow one from? Or how much does it cost to rent one in your area? If you have access to a boat there are a lot of fun things you can do spending a day on the lake. One of the most fun ideas out there are towable tubes. These are inflatable tubes that you tow behind your boat that people can ride on. There are ones for one rider, or multiples up to a dozen. There are more expensive, usually bigger, ones that go up to a few thousand dollars, but there are also smaller ones that are under a hundred that are still tons of fun. The rider experiences a thrill similar to a roller coaster ride. All they have to do is hold on and have fun. Anyone not riding on the tube can ride in the boat. This is an exhilarating fun way to spend the day on the water.

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