Satellite Internet Keeps Families In Touch Across the Country

More than ever, Americans are moving far from home as they grow older, spreading out across the country as they pursue education, jobs and/or careers, romantic partners, and sometimes just good old fashioned lifestyle changes. It is not uncommon for parents of three in suburban Milwaukee to have one kid in Chicago, one kid in Oregon, and the third kid in Boston. They all might have had different reasons for going, and – you would never know it now – but some may eventually decide to return home, and move back to Milwaukee when they consider life steps like having a family. But still – for now, everyone is spread out, and family life can become difficult or strained. It is one thing when the children are in college. This is a time when there are regulated breaks for summer vacation, spring break, the December holidays, and major holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter. The kids might come home on a slightly even schedule, or they might skip a break to go to Cancun with their friends, or to meet their significant other’s parents. But overall, there is still a natural rhythm to the breaks.


But after your kids are out of college, this is no longer true. Jobs with two-week annual vacations, expensive plane tickets, and the family obligations of significant others all make it so that family visits can be down to once, or maybe twice, a year – tops. This can be sad for the parents and children alike. But while high mobility could easily tear families apart, advances in technology that have made services like satellite Internet possible are making them closer than ever.


This is because with satellite Internet, you can stay in touch with your family as if they were living two blocks away. First of all, you can use satellite Internet to send them quick messages throughout the day. When you have some downtime at work, you can send your sister a quick email to see how she is handling the new job. When you are waiting to see the dentists and bored of all of the 4-month-old lame magazine subscriptions, you can access satellite Internet with your cell phone and send an email to your son at college.


You can also use satellite Internet to chat with loved ones across the country. There are independent services like MSN instant messenger or AOL instant messenger (AIM). You can both sign up for accounts and chat that way. Or, many email services now provide free chat abilities between subscribers. That way, when you are casually checking your email, if your mom sees that you are online, she can send you a quick message just to say hello! It is these frequent, mundane interactions that help maintain the feeling of closeness between family members, even across great distances. You can also set up video chat services. Some computers have webcams and microphones built-in, but if yours does not, they are a pittance to buy. You will feel like you are sitting face-to-face.

Get hughesnet to keep in contact with your family today.  With hughes internet service, communicating across great distances has never been easier.

Traveling Through the Town of Machynlleth, Powys

Traveling through the town of Machynlleth, Powys, Wales reveals how central it once was in the history of the country. Though small, with a population of about twenty-two hundred citizens, it makes up for its size with it’s attractiveness. The town itself lies in the Dyfi Valley, which takes its own name from the Dyfi River. That waterway is known for having much in the way of freshwater salmon and trout.

Machynlleth benefits from an intersection of two major roads that lie within the town’s boundaries (the A487 and the A489). It is also known in Wales by its shortened name, “Mach.” The history of this municipality is long, with evidence of humans living in the area going back nearly three-thousand or so years. It was also here where the Welsh patriot Owain Glyndwr formed his parliament, in 1404.

There is reference made to Machynlleth as a town in a charter from 1291, granted by Edward the First, the English ruler. The document itself gave the town a right to hold weekly markets and two fairs in perpetuity. During the civil war in England, Machynlleth was caught in one battle in the area which took place in 1644. A great many buildings ended up burnt to the ground.

Nowadays, the town depends for the most part on tourist activities within and near its boundaries. Mountain bikers find the place of much interest due to the several technical trails nearby. Additionally, there are also other attractions and tourist-centric programs and activities offered. The market, which is held on Wednesdays, also attracts seminars and performances from the Welsh museum of modern art.

Powys, Wales – which is a preserved county – enjoys a population of nearly one-hundred and thirty-two thousand residents. It is a very large region, being the largest such government principal area in the country. For the most part, the county’s residents live in smaller towns or villages, giving Powys a rural charm and beauty. Both the town and the county are emblematic of the beauty and scenic attractiveness of Wales.

Find your next Machynlleth hotel

Relocation Agencies In Satna Serving The Relocating Families

Relocation is tough and tormenting affair. It creates a situation of hustle and bustle in home. Home becomes pile up with goods and complete disorder is created. It is combined process of packing, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking and re-arranging. These tasks are very tough to be handled by ordinary people so relocation agencies of Satna have emerged to help relocating families relocate easily and safely.

There are many Movers and Packers Satna companies. The good thing is that most of these companies are registered and can be easily relied on to relocate safely and smoothly. Satna based companies are genuine and are good for relocation. The companies provide all types of relocation. They help people in residential relocation, office relocation, shop shifting, industrial moving, corporate moving, etc. They are ready to pack and move all types of items. The staffs of the companies are highly skilled and professionally trained. They can handle the tasks smoothly. The can easily pack all types of items safely. They are even comfortable in packing odd appliances, electronic goods and fragile items. They can pack household items, industrial goods, business products and official appliances. So, packing is not an issue for them.

The shifting companies of Satna use good quality packing material to pack clients valuables safely. They use strong packing boxes/cartons, ample cushioning and padding materials, foam, tissue paper, etc in packing goods properly. They also use modular cartons to pack certain items safely. Some of the commonly used modular boxes are wardrobe box, mattress box, dish packer box, etc. They apply innovating and latest techniques in packing goods.

Most of the relocation agencies have their own designer vehicles to transport goods safely from one place to other. Trucks and trailers of all sizes are available with them to move goods of any size. Satna moving companies provide all types of relocation services. Besides packing and moving, loading and unloading, unpacking and re-arranging, they also provide many other allied services like parcel and courier, car carrier and transportation, storage and warehousing to help people in all their relocation and related needs

Most of the Packers and Movers Satna based companies help people relocate anywhere in India. Some of the movers also provide international relocation facility. They provide both comprehensive relocation and customized relocation according to the need and demand of the people. They render services at very genuine rate and help relocation families of all budgets to shift smoothly.

Ravikant is an eminent analyst and writer in Business and Transportation related topics. For more information on Packers Movers Satna and Movers Packers Satna visit to

HEALTHY Water For Traveling Rigs

For the modern traveler and adventurer using a motorized rig like a car or trailer, motor home or RV, the issue of decent water supply can pose a serious question. How do we provide good healthy drinking water while we’re traveling? Safe water?

Invest in a small water ionizer that can be hooked to your tap or your gravity-fed hose. This important technology can actually improve your health while you’re in travel mode and you can return home from your adventure ready to go again! No recovery time needed. The apparatus can be used while in an RV park or while boondocking freestyle because it operates with a simple diverter attachment to a hose or tap. You’ll have the option to use regular water or ionized water by a flip of the switch on the diverter.

Ionizing water machines are catching on in this country like never before. They’ve already been the rage in Japan for decades where one in every five households has an ionizer. I’m sure you agree that a safe water supply while traveling is just as important as clean healthy water at home.

You may not know this but in Japan, water ionizers are used in major hospitals where they provide alkaline antioxidant waters, and sometimes each patient’s room is equipped with state-of-the-art water ionization technology. Doctors in Japan emphasize their patients’ acidic/alkaline pH balance before considering their blood pressure and temperature! Enagic Inc, is the most prevalent water ionizing manufacturer and has been for 35 years.

Ten years ago, this technology was not available for American households or travel rigs unless you could pay $ 120,000.00 or more and then have your LARGE industrial ionizing equipment exported from Japan. Nowadays, thanks to scientists’ ability to downsize the equipment, you can purchase a top-of-the-line kangen water ionizer for your home or motor home for $ 3,980.00. We generally suggest our starter model for the smaller traveling rig, described at the end of this article.

You may think $ 3980.00 pricey and I did too when I first heard of ionized water. But let’s consider the matter and you’ll come to see as I did, this technology is worth its weight in gold. The “engine” of a stand-alone ionizer is a set of 7 electrolysis plates (each 7″x5″ solid titanium) dipped individually twice in MEDICAL GRADE liquid white gold – platinum. Just recently platinum was being sold for $ 2850.00/ounce! The titanium and platium are absolutely necessary for electrolysis.

I guarantee you that in coming years, it  will increase in value. Am I saying you can sell your machine for a profit years from now? No, I’m saying your new best friend will be so important to your health and even the health of all your family members (and whoever else you decide to share with), that you will never sell it — not even for $ 50,000 or $ 100,000. It will ease your traveling arrangements and can be installed under the counter or on your countertop (then placed in the sink while driving). Alkaline ionized water can keep you healthy as you live your adventure.

Ask me what you think MY machine is worth? If someone came to my house and offered me $ 100,000 and part of the deal was:

• I could never buy a replacement machine

• I could never drink ionized water again… I would NEVER sell my new best friend! Why would I give up my alkaline water source and go back to acidosis conditions, being on the verge of a repeat coma and severe electrolyte imbalance. Why would my husband, Dave, go back to feeling stressed and anxious, out of balance, and always on the look-out for serious mood swings, always fearful. Why repeat that trauma? Believe me, the addition of kangen ionized water to our health regimen was so foundational, it made logarithmic differences and continues to do so. Read our personal story at Enjoying Your Health.

That’s why we’re so passionate to share the ionized water technology with all the people we know. We want to reach out into all communities and believe strongly that your community of traveling adventurers can benefit from the technology. If you understand the product, it’s worth many times the asking price! In fact, your machine can prove to be free. It’s a machine that pays you to use it and we can say it’s absolutely free because:

1. All year round, even while you’re traveling in strange and dangerous territory, you can be free from infectious diseases and costly doctor’s visits. The acidic water (de-ionized water that comes from the waste hose into your sink) disinfects surfaces and prevents illness like strep throat. It even kills anthrax spores and MRSA. (You simply place the strong acidic water into a spray bottle and keep it on hand to spray topically or in your throat or eyes, or ears, etc, when symptoms of infectious disease occur.) You can be kept safe from doctor’s visits and related medical expenses as you use the strong acid water to kill germs and the wonderful alkaline water to drink. How much money is this worth over 15-20 years, the life of your new best friend? How valuable is it to leave home in your traveling rig and expect to be protected from germs along the way?

2. You’ll save by not buying bottled water, which is proven harmful and detrimental to your health as well as to the environment. No need to drink expensive bottled water. A family of four, spending $ 2/day on bottled water for 15 years, would be able to cover the cost of 4 machines! [$ 16,000-15 years] Being dependent upon bottled water while you’re traveling can drain your health and your pocketbook…

3. Your new water ionizer is your best healthy insurance. It’s not your traditional sickness insurance that charges high premiums each month. You can be free of disabling and discomfiting illness even on the road!

4. You’ll save on cleaning supplies. It replaces your cleaning supplies at home and while traveling, including laundry additives ($ 15/month for 15 years – the projected lifespan=$ 4500) The machine’s price is $ 3980.00 and will last 15-20 years proven track record.

5. You can recommend and share your healthy water with anyone you want to, especially those people who are sick. Do you know 8 – 11 other people who are sick? Friends of friends who are sick? Fellow travelers? Your machine can become entirely free to you when you refer others, and it can pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by referring others to ionized water.

Ours has proven to be free. We’re sharing it with you because you need it.

Alkalize your body, your brain, your bones, every emotional system you have. It’s important, like never before in this stress-filled world, to alkalize yourself.

Travel with well-founded confidence that you’ll be protected from germs and illness and have a happy trip… 

One closing thought: if you travel in a very small rig or if we haven’t convinced you that the SD501 is FOR YOU, and you absolutely must look for an ionizer that costs less, then get our starter machine, the Sunus model by Enagic. Never, never buy a machine from one of our competitors that claim they provide the same water at half the cost. The other machines never prove up. Never compare our large SD501 work horses to the tiny machines made by competitors!

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Traveling Safety – 16 Tips

Traveling should be fun. Staying safe takes little effort – so follow these 16 tips:

1. Travel with a friend or group. The saying, “there is safety in numbers,” is certainly true.

2. Get good directions and have an excellent map. One of the bigger print ones is my favorite.

3. Make sure your map is new. Old maps carry outdated information.

4. Plan your route and let your friends/family at home know where you are going.

5. Check in frequently by phone. If you don’t have a cell phone – then purchase a pay as you go phone to carry. They are around $ 30 and well worth the money.

6. Do not discuss your route with strangers. And be very cautious around strangers who seem overly friendly.

7. If you feel suspicious (about anyone or anything), then go with your gut instinct – get away from the situation as fast as you.

8. If you get lost, then stop at an open business and get directions. Do not ask just anyone you meet on a street. Do not appear lost.

9. Stay on main streets (when you can) that are well lit.

10. Carry traveler’s checks or credit cards. Try to carry as little cash as possible.

11. Keep important papers at home. Carry only copies when you can. If you must carry these papers, keep them locked up in the hotel/motel safe.

12. After you check into your room, find the most direct escape routes in case of fire (or other major disasters).

13. Always keep your door locked in your motel/hotel room.

14. Take a small tissue and stuff it into the peephole. You can remove it if you wish to see out, and it will keep others from looking in.

15. If someone is outside your door and you do not know who they are – do not open your door. If they persist outside your door – call motel/hotel security.

16. Do not stay on the ground floor. Especially if you are alone.

Thank you for reading my article.

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9 Secrets to Traveling Pretty

Whether you’re taking a redeye to a Monday morning meeting or a luxurious cruise through the Mediterranean, you want to look your best, even after hours of travel. Believe it or not, it’s possible to look fresh, even when you have to pack light or adhere to the airlines’ strict security policies. We’ve gathered nine beauty secrets for the pretty traveler-so that you can look as fantastic as you feel on your vacation (or fake it during that business trip)!

Get your beauty sleep. This is beauty prep work; after all, the more rested you are when you get on the plane, the more rested you’ll be when you get off-even if you have a hard time sleeping in uncomfortable airplane seats.

Stay hydrated-inside and out. Drink lots of water (altitude is no friend of hydration), and use a hydrating spray every so often to keep your skin feeling fresh. (We recommend the John Masters Rose & Aloe Hydrating mist or Pangea Organics French Rosemary with Sweet Orange Facial Toner. No need to re-apply your makeup; just spritz yourself and go.

Keep it covered. Pack a concealer, even if you don’t normally need one (lucky you!)-it will come in handy for last-minute touch-ups to smudged eye makeup or the dark circles that emerged after that redeye flight. We love the easy-to-blend Dr. Hauschka Concealer.

Go au naturale. When traveling, go light on the foundation to keep pores clear and your makeup from smudging. If you’re blessed with perfect (or close-to-perfect) skin, skip the foundation entirely. If you can’t bear to show your face without a little something, we recommend starting with a primer to act as a protective barrier, to keep skin moisturized and to give your makeup extra staying power. Sophyto has a great, moisturizing formula to try.

Don’t skimp on lips. Ditch the long-lasting lipsticks for travel-they might seem like a good idea, but they’ll just dry out your lips. Instead, try a base color with either a lipliner or lip stain, and top it with a clear or slightly-tinted gloss that you can re-apply throughout your travels for a fresh pout. Try: Suki Pure Cream Stain Lip & Cheek or Dr. Hauschka Lipliner, and top with a sheer Logona Lip Gloss . This is a great tip for workday lip wear, too-no need to save this tip for travel!

Let your lashes go naked. Mascara has a tendency to migrate south onto cheeks and underneath your eyes, so if you’ll be traveling (especially if you’re hoping to get some shuteye while on the go), just leave off the mascara altogether. It’s easy to apply a quick coat once you reach your destination.

Don’t neglect your hands. Make sure to tote your favorite hand cream on your travels-apply liberally throughout your trip to keep hands moisturized and protect your skin from the harsh soaps in public restrooms. Our absolute favorite is the Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream; it’s quickly-absorbed, non-greasy, smells divine, and it’s the perfect size for your purse or carry-on.

Give yourself a boost with aromatherapy. Essential oil is a great way to refresh your sinuses after being stuck on an airplane, breathing in all of that re-circulated air. Dab a little on your temples and neck, and then take deep breaths for an instant mood boost. We like Rain Africa’s “Focus” blend, with peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus and lemongrass. We also love Naturopatch aromatherapy patches, like the Citrus Fusion, which are perfect for energy when you’re on the go.

Pack light; but not too light. You’ll probably want to step up the glamour during your trip, so don’t forget to add some favorites to your makeup bag for when you’ve made it to your destination. An easy way to glam up a muted daytime look is to add a bit of shimmer; mix a shimmery shadow with your everyday color (or layer the shimmery shade on top) for an alluring look that easily transitions from daytime to playtime. Try Afterglow Organics’ Mineral Eye Shadow in Halo, Sage, or Lyric.

Bon voyage!

By Aleigh Acerni

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Choosing the Right Bed Sheet for Your Families – Tips and Ideas

Bed sheet sets not just drape your bedding with a palette of colors and textures but also enliven the space of your bed rooms. Bed sheet sets are available in single, double and family sizes with matching pillow cases. Tag along a few tips to make sure that you are decking up your bed room in style.

For kid’s bedrooms you can choose bed sheet sets of cartoon figurines, TV icons or sports events. There is a bevy of choice to make your pick from in a range of colors and patterns. Bright and flashy colored bed sheets are well suited for kids’ rooms. Interesting while girls tend to have fascination for shades of pink and Barbie dolls and other characters the boys might place their bets on blue or red and for them, you can pick up something bold and brawny for instance racing car designs or superman imprints in their bed sheet sets. Patterns like polka dots, stripes, geometric designs and patchworks are also equally popular among kids.

Apart from the designs and the colors, the textures are also equally important. It is better to go for natural fibers like cotton bed sheets that are easy to maintain and are safe for the sensitive and tender skin of kids. Satin and silk bed sheets add an iota of exuberance to your bedrooms though these could be hot during summer season. It is better to use these more as bed spreads than bed sheet sets. Flannel bed sheets are well suited for winter season as these ensure warmth and comfort. Make sure to pick up shades and patterns that match your other items of décor including rugs, curtains, carpets or furniture to make your room color coordinated and well balanced.

There are round bed sheets, bunk bed sheets and kids’ bed sheets among others. There are bed sheets with elastic fasteners at one end to ensure a snug and tight fitting unlike the conventional sheets that might slip off or crumble when one uses it. More than just functional items, pillows too have become fashionable accessories to notch up the style factor of your interiors.

Bed rooms offer ample scope to show off your decorative style and themes and accessories like bolsters, linen, bed skirts and decorative pillow cases will help you to transform your bedrooms into something extra ordinary.


Online shopping will take you on a quick prance through some of the latest models and trends in  href bed sheet sets and  href cases . Happy shopping!

Traveling From Heathrow Airport to Central London

Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world and, as such, you will probably find yourself arriving into this airport at some point. The airport is on the outskirts of West London and is well connected to the city with plenty of options available for getting into town easily.

Taxis, Minicabs and Car Services Finding a taxi from Heathrow Airport is as simple as following the signs to the taxi rank outside the terminal and waiting your turn. Taxis to central London will cost anywhere between £45 and £70 and will take between 40 and 60 minutes depending on traffic. To save a bit of money you could arrange a pickup either through a minicab company or car service company. Minicabs are generally the cheapest option and you will probably be traveling the cab driver’s personal car. Car services offer more options and you could even book a limousine if you wanted. There are plenty of cars or van types on offer and lots of companies to choose from so prices are hard to pin down but they will be more than a regular taxi.

Underground Heathrow Airport is connected to the London Underground which makes getting to any part of the city easy and affordable. Heathrow Airport is connected to the Piccadilly Line which runs from the airport to London’s north east. Trains start running at 5am and finish at just before midnight. The trip into central London costs and takes about 50 minutes. If you plan on heading from central London to Heathrow using the Underground, try to avoid rush hour as the trains will be packed with commuters looking to get home and finding space to cram yourself onto the train will be hard enough, not to mention your luggage.

Fares on the London Underground will be cheaper if you buy an Oyster Card on arrival. This is a plastic, credit card-like card that you can charge with money and then swipe to gain access to the subway and buses. Having one will reduce your fares for transportation while in London so if you will be in the city for a week or more, or if you plan to do a lot of traveling on public transportation, you should pick one up and start saving from day one.

Trains If you want to travel in style and get into Central London quickly then the Heathrow Express is your best option. At £16.50 for a one-way journey, it is more expensive than the Underground but much cheaper and faster than a taxi. Trains run non-stop between Heathrow and Paddington Station in Central London. Approximately four trains operate per hour and the journey takes 15 to 20 minutes.

The Heathrow Connect is a newer service is a train that runs to Padding Station but with stops in Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Hanwell, Southall and Hayes. If you will be staying anywhere in West London, this train makes more sense than heading all the way in to Paddington. Trains leave every 30 minutes, take 25 minutes to Paddington and a one-way ticket costs £7.40.

Kirsty has spent five years living in London, and has written a guide to help new arrivals into the city find their way from Heathrow Airport to London.

Agra Packers and Movers to Help Relocating Families

Relocation is one of the most troublesome and boring tasks. One has to accomplish lots of works like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and re-arranging. These tasks are very problematic and chaotic. But with the assistance of one of the relocation companies of Agra the tasks can be made easier. Relocating families can take breathe of relaxation after hiring an Agra based moving company. The professional staffs of the relocation agencies are expert in packing and moving jobs. They can handle the situation smoothly.

Agra based relocation companies promise to provide high quality packing and moving services. They understand that safe packing is crucial for safe moving. They take every safety in packing goods properly. They use good quality packing materials and modular cartons to pack clients’ goods safely. The responsible and professionally trained staffs of Agra packers movers are dedicated to their tasks whole-heartedly. They pack all items safely. They take special care in packing fragile items and electronic appliances lie refrigerators washing machines, coolers, air conditioners, oven, mixer, coffee blender, etc. They use ample bubble wrap and other cushioning materials in packing these items. With their good services they let the relocating families stay out of tensions of damage and scratch. They ensure shifting of all goods without making single scratch on them.

The staffs of the Agra based moving companies are very polite and courteous. They patiently listen to the demand of the customers and serve them accordingly. They understand the mental and physical condition of the moving families and treat them accordingly. They ensure them to make the process safe and smooth. They do not hesitate to go against the unreasonable demand of the clients seeing the safety of their valuable goods. The staffs better understand the expected chances of damages and take all measures to reduce the chances.

Packers movers Agra based companies are in the relocation industry since long and are aware of all situations. They help people in relocating from one place to another. They help in all types of relocation –residential, commercial and industrial. They are capable enough to pack all types of goods. They have goods carrying vehicles of all size to transport goods from one point to final destination. In this way, they are very helpful to the relocating families.

If you are looking for a relocation agency for your home move you can easily rely on one of the shifting companies of Agra.

Rakesh Joshi is a relocation expert & amateur writer primarily focusing on relocation & transportation related tips. Currently he is working with Packers and Movers Agra. Know more about packing and moving tips at the Movers and Packers Agra website.

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Mine Families Counting Down Hours to Rescue

Christopher Lyons, Austin’s Miami-based attorney, called it “a very difficult day” for Austin. He also released a statement from his client apologizing for his actions and thanking those who supported him through the investigation.

“I want to apologize to the NCAA and the entire North Carolina Tar Heel community including my teammates, coaches, students and fans,” Austin said. “I have let you all down and I am truly sorry.

“I deeply regret my actions and the embarrassment I brought to the university and to the football program. I will pay a severe price for my poor decisions by not being able to play my entire senior season.”

Butch Williams, a Durham-based attorney representing Little, said they were “reviewing all of the information and the penalty to determine whether he will appeal.”

The NCAA said Quinn, a defensive end widely regarded as a high first-round NFL draft pick, accepted two black diamond watches nfl jersey , a pair of matching earrings and travel accommodations to Miami for benefits worth $ 5,642. Little, a receiver who returned for his senior season, accepted diamond earrings, as well as travel accommodations for the Bahamas, Washington, D.C., and a pair of trips to Miami for benefits worth $ 4,952.

Baddour said those benefits weren’t received during Little’s 10-game stint as a reserve on the men’s basketball team coached by Roy Williams during its Final Four run in 2008.

The NCAA also said the two provided “false information despite multiple opportunities to correct their assertions” and offered more accurate information only when faced with evidence that ran contrary to their claims.

Baddour said the decision to dismiss Austin — who has been suspended for violating team rules since Sept. 1 — came after the NCAA recently determined he had received between $ 10,000 and $ 13,000 in improper benefits.

The investigation began this summer focused on mlb jerseys agent-related benefits, but expanded to include possible academic violations. Baddour said Austin, Quinn and Little weren’t involved in the academic probe, which is running through the school’s student judicial system.

Safety Deunta Williams, who returned last week after a four-game suspension for receiving improper benefits connected to trips, said fans needed to understand that “we’re still people.”

“Me, I don’t judge anybody going through this situation,” Williams said. “People may look at my situation and say, ‘Hey, you did wrong. There’s no big sin, little sin type of thing.’ I just feel for those guys. One choice could mess up what they’ve been wanting to do.”

Since the opener against LSU, the number of players being held out has gradually declined. Tailback Shaun Draughn (one game) and safety Da’Norris Searcy (three) were recently cleared after missing games, while cornerback Kendric Burney — another NFL prospect yet to play — is suspended one more game for improper nfl jersey benefits connected to trips.

The school announced Saturday that reserve safety Jonathan Smith, one of the 13 players sidelined to begin the season, wouldn’t play this year. The university did not specify why.

Baddour said the program should’ve done more to monitor its high-profile players.

“We should’ve been doing something else,” Baddour said. “We should’ve acknowledged the level that these guys are and that there were going to be people coming at them. … I wish we had done more. I’d like to relive that part.”

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